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Accessible Elementor popups by Accessibility Zone

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Accessible Elementor popups by Accessibility Zone


Added support for Elementor Pro 3.9
Added new features:
* Ability to disable scroll blocking for the popup / give a "az-skip-scrolltrap" class to your popup or any element in it
* Ability to disable focus trapping for the popup / give a "az-skip-focustrap" class to your popup or any element in it

Accessible Elementor popups by Accessibility Zone

This is a small plugin that serves as an addition to the Elementor plugin. This plugin adds support for accessibility to popups.


Just install and run, that’s it!
The only thing I would like to note is that the accessible popup is the one that contains the close button and the title!

Video guide

How to give a title to a popup

Just add the first heading element (Recommended h2-h4) to your popup flow which will describe the name of the popup! If your design does not meet these requirements, you can simply hide it from displaying and save it to Scree Reader programms, you need for this add the one of the classes: az-sr-only, sr-only, az-popup-hidden-heading. Also, this is not very correct, but you can add the az-popup-heading class to any element, which will be the title of this pop-up

More accessibility?

We are a team of Accessibility Zone aiming to make the internet accessible to everyone, that’s why if you encounter accessibility problems, you can contact us and we will help solve this problem, also if you know any popular plugin that requires accessibility, write to us about it!

Best regards ©Accessibility Zone team

Any questions feel free to contact me: unbywyd.com


2022 年 12 月 13 日
Thanks to the developers of this plugin who solved the huge accessibility problems of Elementor popups. The plugin does an excellent job, works out of the box and does not require special settings. Must be installed on every Elementor site.
2022 年 7 月 18 日
No one thinks about accessibility and all plugins are made for beauty to avoid litigation. Elementor themselves don’t really care about this if they haven’t made popups available yet. But this plugin works with a bang. Tracks the appearance of the popup and makes it possible to close via ESC as it should be. Accessibility Zone really understand the accessibility of sites.


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