Asgaros Forum is the perfect WordPress plugin if you want to extend your website with a lightweight and feature-rich discussion board. It is easy to set up, super fast and perfectly integrated into WordPress.

Support, Demo & Documentation


  • Simple Content Management
  • 简介&会员列表
  • Notifications & Feeds
  • 强大的编辑器
  • 搜索引擎友好
  • 点评
  • 上传
  • 搜索
  • Polls
  • 小工具
  • 统计
  • 访客发表文章
  • Approval, Banning & Reporting
  • Moderators, Permissions & Usergroups
  • Customizable Responsive Theme
  • 多种语言
  • 多个实例
  • 多站点兼容性
  • myCRED Integration


  • A new forum-page is automatically created during the installation
  • Add this page to your menu so your users can access your forum
  • 就这样!


  • The forum overview
  • The topic overview
  • The topic view
  • Creating a new topic
  • Manage forums in the administration area
  • Manage general options


  • Download Asgaros论坛
  • Activate the plugin via the Plugins screen in WordPress
  • A new forum-page is automatically created during the installation
  • You can also add a forum to a page manually by adding the [forum] shortcode to it
  • Add this page to your menu so your users can access your forum
  • On the left side of the administration area you will find a new menu called Forum where you can change the settings and create new categories & forums
  • 就这样!


I cant see content or modifications I made to the forum




Where can I add moderators or ban users?

You can ban users or ad moderators via the user edit screen in the WordPress administration interface.


You can extend the shortcodes with different parameters to show specific content only. For example: [forum post="POSTID"], [forum topic="TOPICID"], [forum forum="FORUMID"], [forum category="CATEGORYID"] or [forum category="CATEGORYID1,CATEGORYID2"].


要使用验证码扩展您的论坛,您必须使用适用于WordPress的第三方验证插件之一,并使用检查逻辑通过您自己的可用钩子和过滤器扩展主题functions.php文件。例如,您可以使用插件真正简单的CAPTCHA 并使用以下代码扩展您的主题functions.php文件:






You can find a list of available hooks and filters on this site:


fits really well within my wordpress + woocommerce. 5 star. keep it up!
An excellent forum software, easy to administrate and also pleasant for inexperienced users, no superfluous functions, visually appealing, self-explanatory.
I have evaluated (installed and used) ALL the reasonable forum tools available for Wordpress, and concluded that Asgaros is the best. WPforo is the runner up, but didn't make the cut due to complexity (un-testability) and incompatibility with sites that don't have forums as their starting page. I highly recommend Asgaros, and hope it is around for many years to come. I supported the author.
Let me start out by saying WOW, this forum plugin has got it all. Skip all the others if you just need a forum. Now for the 1 star - if you have a membership site that controls what viewers see by role - this one isn't for you. Further, support seems to have no interest in helping with it, so you'll be on your own. A coworker asked on their support wall several days ago, and it was ignored. Asgaros has it's own role system which cannot be automated or synced with the core Wordpress role function and to date it has been impossible to tie into the Asgaros role system and automate it to work with membership system. Ultimately one must hire a site admin to sit around all day manually changing Asgaros roles for those whose memberships change on the site. Not ideal, and thus Asgaros is a fail.
It's not clear how to embed a YouTube video into the forum.There is no button where you can enter a link and a video player with video will appear.In addition to YouTube, I would like to embed videos from Rutube, TikTok, and other video platforms Russia / Русский Не понятно как вставить видео из YouTube на форум.Нету кнопки куда можно ввести ссылку и появится видео плеер с видео.Помимо YouTube, хотелось бы вставлять видео из Rutube, TikTok, и других видео площадок


“Asgaros论坛” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“Asgaros论坛”插件已被翻译至32种本地话语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。






  • Added: Option which allows users to only delete own topics without replies
  • Added: Support for forum name in title of notifications
  • Fixed: Malformed meta descriptions when using some special characters
  • Fixed: Deprecated error message in statistics
  • Improved compatibility with WP-Sweep
  • Removed: Themes functionality
  • 性能和代码优化
  • The required minimum PHP version is now 5.3


  • Fixed: Minor display issues
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.3


  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式
  • Fixed: Display issues on mobile navigation
  • Fixed: Potential error in title generation


  • Revised topic view
  • Fixed: Wrong HTML output in forum navigation
  • Added: Option to define minimum time between new posts
  • Changed: Time limit for editing/deleting topics/posts from minutes to seconds
  • Minor design changes
  • Improved mobile design
  • 性能和代码优化
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.2


  • Fixed: Multiple warnings in widgets
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式


  • Fixed: It was not possible to unsubscribe from topics/forums in the subscriptions area
  • Fixed: Don’t remove href-attribute if links are allowed in signatures
  • Fixed: Remove slashes from some outputs
  • Fixed: Show groups in mobile view
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Only show moderators, administrators and topic participants in suggestions for mentioning-functionality
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化
  • Updated: Font Awesome to version 6.3.0


  • Fixed: Broken automatic embedding


  • Fixed: Embedding shortcodes broken under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Rare rendering issues for widgets
  • Fixed: Add missing escaping for output data
  • Fixed: Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerability when moving topics
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Add missing escaping for output data


  • Fixed: Multiple Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerabilities
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.1


  • Added: Functionality to delete forum posts and topics when deleting users
  • Added: asgarosforum_overwrite_is_feed_enabled filter
  • Improved compatibility with Yoast SEO
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.0


  • Revised pagination
  • Added: Option to hide names of online users in statistics
  • Added: Option to define units for maximum file-size of uploads
  • Added: Forum name to notifications
  • Added: asgarosforum_render_custom_forum_element action
  • Added: asgarosforum_overwrite_forum_status filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_overwrite_post_counter_cache filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_overwrite_topic_counter_cache filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_overwrite_lastpost_forum_cache filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_overwrite_get_topics_query filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_overwrite_get_sticky_topics_query filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_render_custom_forum_element_decision filter
  • Fixed: SQL injection vulnerability in the reaction-functionality
  • Fixed: Usergroup icons could not get saved correctly
  • Fixed: Send notifications to forum-subscribers when there is a new blog-post-topic
  • Fixed: Send notification to siteowner when there is a new unapproved blog-post-topic
  • Fixed: HTML from message-templates got removed after saving them
  • Changed: Move settings related to statistics to its own section
  • Changed: Improve instructions in notifications-template
  • Changed: Improved multiple strings for better clarifications
  • 性能和代码优化
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.15.4
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.9
  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1


  • Fixed: Broken links when URLs contain special characters
  • Fixed: Add missing escaping for output data


  • Fixed: Add missing escaping for output data


  • Fixed: Add missing sanitizing for input data
  • Fixed: Add missing escaping for output data
  • Fixed: Warnings related to the currently implemented security-improvements
  • Fixed: Forum-icons could not get saved correctly
  • Fixed: Correctly save allowed html-tags for signatures in forum-settings
  • Removed: Advertising functionality
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Add missing sanitizing for input data
  • Fixed: Broken output due to wrong escape-functions


  • Fixed: Display and calculation-issues related to time and timezones
  • Fixed: Ensure safe local redirects within the forum
  • Fixed: Add missing sanitizing for input data
  • Fixed: Add missing escaping for output data
  • Changed: Added some clarifying comments for translators
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: SQL injection vulnerability in the approval-functionality
  • Fixed: Prevent cross-site request forgery when creating, editing or deleting posts and topics
  • Fixed: Add missing sanitizing for input data
  • Fixed: Use sanitizing instead of escaping functions for input data
  • Fixed: Add missing escaping for output data


  • Fixed: Escape forum-name properly in backend


  • Fixed: Multiple Unauthenticated SQL Injection vulnerabilities in the subscription-logic


  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_before_post_submit filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_before_edit_post_submit filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_before_topic_submit filter
  • Fixed: Warning in permalink-logic when a deleted post contains the forum-shortcode
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Improved compatibility with Sassy Social Share
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.8


  • Added: Option to limit the number of awarded points for likes in MyCred integration
  • Added: title-attribute to spoiler-shortcode
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_username filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_error filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_forum_status_options filter
  • Fixed: Hide empty paragraphs for topics created via WordPress posts
  • Fixed: pre and code-tags were breaking the layout
  • Fixed: Answer-options in polls were ordered randomly on some server-configurations
  • Fixed: Added missing translation strings
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.15.3
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.7


  • Added: Option to show usernames in reactions
  • Added: Option to hide site-admins in memberslist
  • Added: Option to change format for activity-timestamps
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_profile_row filter
  • Fixed: Make it possible to delete empty topics
  • Fixed: Errors when a topic is empty due to problems during post-creation
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Moved post-counter and report-button to the top
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_show_header filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_upload_folder filter
  • Fixed: Show bulk-actions for user-roles/groups to administrators only
  • Fixed: Added missing context for some translation strings
  • 性能和代码优化
  • Improved compatibility with All In One SEO Pack
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.6


  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_meta_post_type filter
  • Fixed: Broken TinyMCE-editor in the administration-area
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: PHP warning during initialization of REST-routes


  • Added: Option to hide “last seen” status from profiles and the members list
  • Added: Links to login/register notification
  • Added: asgarosforum_signature filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_header_menu filter
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Fixed: Minor display issues
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.14.0
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.5


  • Added: Option to change title-separator
  • Added: CSS view-class to body-classes
  • Added: asgarosforum_title_separator filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_profile_header_image filter
  • Fixed: Do not execute a search-query when no categories are accessible
  • Fixed: Minor display issues
  • Changed: Misleading strings
  • Improved compatibility with All In One SEO Pack
  • Improved compatibility with Rank Math SEO
  • Improved compatibility with Yoast SEO


  • Fixed: Fatal error when multibyte-extension is not installed


  • Added: Show number of forum-posts for every user in administration area
  • Fixed: Prevent banned users from reacting to posts
  • Fixed: Allow line-breaks in biographical info of profile
  • Fixed: SQL syntax error when opening a non-existent topic
  • Fixed: Rare string-cutting issues
  • 修复:误导字符串
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修复:手机设备的显示错误
  • Improved compatibility with Rank Math SEO
  • 性能和代码优化
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.4


  • Added: Option to hide newest member
  • Added: Option to let users open their own topics
  • Added: Option to let users close their own topics
  • Fixed: Only show meta-box for creating topics when user can publish a page/post
  • Fixed: Errors in Google Search Console for breadcrumbs
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.11.2
  • Minor design changes
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.3


  • Added: Widget option to filter output by forums
  • Added: Meta box to create topics for WordPress pages and posts
  • Changed: asgarosforum_widget_recent_posts_custom_content is now a filter
  • Changed: asgarosforum_widget_recent_topics_custom_content is now a filter
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.10.2
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: myCRED Integration
  • Added: Reputation system based on amount of posts
  • Added: Option to change login URL
  • Added: Option to change register URL
  • Added: asgarosforum_profile_row action
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_add_reaction action
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_remove_reaction action
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_update_reaction action
  • Fixed: Missing users in suggestions if their display name contains special characters
  • Fixed: Missing users in suggestions if their display name is not equal to their unique name
  • Fixed: Prevent that users react to their own posts
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.10.1
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with certain editor plugins
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Combined approval and closed options into a forum status option
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.10.0
  • Improved compatibility with Enlighter
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to define general forum description
  • Fixed: Dont cut meta-tag description in the middle of a word
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with certain editor plugins
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Problems when saving ads
  • Fixed: Fatal PHP error when processing mentionings
  • Changed: Default editor-buttons
  • Removed: Option for minimalistic editor


  • Added: Options to hide certain filters from memberslist
  • Added: Code editor for custom-css and ad-code
  • Added: Time to elements in unread-view
  • Fixed: Display issues with Font Awesome icons
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化
  • The required minimum WordPress version is now 4.9


  • Fixed: Fatal PHP error in memberslist


  • Added: Suggestions for mentioning-functionality
  • Added: Show uploaded files in notification-mails
  • Added: Option to define if poll-results are visible without vote
  • Added: asgarosforum_enqueue_css_js action
  • Fixed: PHP warnings during mentioning-processing when HTML 5 tags are used in posts
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Fixed: Correctly embed iframe-media
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.9.0
  • Minor design changes
  • Extensive performance improvements in memberslist and online-logic
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to define number of activities per page
  • Added: asgarosforum_reactions filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_execution_check action
  • Fixed: JavaScript ReferenceError when leaving a page which does not contain an instance of the TinyMCE editor
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Use AJAX for reactions to prevent reload of page
  • Improved compatibility with Toolset
  • Improved compatibility with Permalink Manager
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to let users delete their own topics
  • Added: Option to set time limitation for deleting topics
  • Added: Option to let users delete their own posts
  • Added: Option to set time limitation for deleting posts
  • Added: Option to disable post editing
  • Added: Option to change location of subforums
  • Added: Warning when an user leaves a page with unsaved changes in the editor
  • Fixed: Division by zero warning when viewing the results of a poll without votes
  • Fixed: Added missing translation strings
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Select ad randomly if multiple ads are defined for a specific location
  • Changed: Restructuring of settings
  • Updated: Font Awesome version 5.8.2
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Search-engines could not index the forum if profiles were not accessible for guests


  • Added: Option to change the indicator color for read and unread items
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式


  • Added: Options to change URL-slugs for views
  • Added: Option to set icon for usergroup
  • Added: Generate Open Graph image-tag for topics
  • Added: asgarosforum_seo_trailing_slash filter
  • Fixed: Search-engines cannot longer index profiles if they are not accessible for guests
  • Fixed: Display issues with Font Awesome icons
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to define who can use signatures
  • Fixed: Properly escape content of posts
  • Fixed: Strip slashes inside of polls
  • Fixed: Escape HTML inside of polls
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.2


  • Added: Caption titles to topic-icons
  • Fixed: Display issues with Font Awesome icons
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题


  • Fixed: Load Font Awesome v4 compatibility library to fix display-issues with icons


  • Fixed: Database error when creating table for poll-answers


  • Added: Poll functionality
  • Added: Font Awesome icons
  • Added: Option to change URL mode (slug, ID) for SEO-friendly URLs
  • Added: Option to disable spoiler-functionality
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_topic_approve hook
  • Fixed: Dont send notifications to users who got mentioned inside of quotes
  • Fixed: Broken layout with certain links
  • Fixed: Wrong avatar-size in certain configurations
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Improved compatibility with Rank Math SEO
  • Minor design changes
  • Updated design for the administration area
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to disable avatars
  • Added: Show received likes in profiles
  • Added: Functionality to reassign forum posts when deleting users
  • Design changes
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Names of administrators/moderators not highlighted when using custom link-colors


  • Added: Global stickies
  • Added: Option to disable automatic embedding of content in posts
  • Added: Option to show excerpt in recent topics/posts widget
  • Added: asgarosforum_widget_excerpt_length filter
  • Fixed: In some cases usergroup could not get removed from user using bulk-actions
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Moderators have access to reports
  • Changed: Report management has been moved to the frontend
  • Changed: Dont show HTML tags in report preview
  • Changed: Show enabled register-link even when user registration is temporarily disabled
  • Improved RTL support
  • Improved compatibility with Yoast SEO
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.1


  • Added: Approval functionality for topics
  • Added: Spoiler functionality
  • Added: Option to define days of activity to show
  • Added: Option to define receivers of administrative notifications
  • Fixed: Display issues in the administration-area of Asgaros Forum when notices of WordPress or other plugins are shown
  • Fixed: Broken forum if settings could not get loaded from database
  • Fixed: Height of editor to small in certain configurations
  • Fixed: It is not longer possible to quote posts from other topics
  • Fixed: It is not longer possible to quote posts from inaccessible topics
  • Fixed: It is not longer possible for guests to post when topics are inaccessible for guests
  • Fixed: Search-engines cannot longer index inaccessible areas
  • Fixed: Dont leak content via meta-tags in inaccessible areas
  • Fixed: Performance issues in forums which consist of many topics
  • Fixed: PHP-error in notifications-processing when a receiver-mail does not belong to a WordPress-user
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Show all editor-buttons when the minimalistic editor is not used
  • Changed: Dont notify users about a new post or topic when they already receive a mail because they got mentioned
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化
  • The required minimum WordPress version is now 4.8


  • Fixed: Ad code containing JavaScript could not be edited
  • Fixed: Allow activity-feed when using shortcode-parameters for categories
  • Fixed: Only show accessible topics in unread-view
  • Fixed: Only show accessible topics in unread-view when using shortcode-parameters
  • Fixed: Only show accessible topics in post-history when using shortcode-parameters
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Ads Management
  • Added: Option to add custom css
  • Added: Option to hide posts from logged-out users
  • Added: Mark all read-button to unread-view
  • Added: Show location of unread topics
  • Added: asgarosforum_content_top hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_content_header hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_category hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_forum hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_topic hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_post hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_content_bottom hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_add_admin_submenu_page hook
  • Fixed: Rare javascript-errors with some themes
  • Removed: asgarosforum_after_first_post hook
  • Minor design changes
  • Minor design changes in the administration area
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Possible infinite-loop during database-updates
  • Fixed: Prevent creation of indexes if they already exist
  • Fixed: Possible PHP-errors in overview when there are empty forums/subforums


  • Added: Option for recent-posts-widget to group posts by topic
  • Added: asgarosforum_user_replacements filter
  • Fixed: Delayed database-updates after plugin-update
  • Fixed: Performance issues in forums which consist of many topics
  • Fixed: Rare PHP-error in unread-logic
  • Fixed: It was not possible to use HTML-attributes in mail-templates
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Wrong avatar-sizes with certain themes and plugins


  • Added: New view to show unread topics
  • Added: Filter users in memberslist by their role/usergroup
  • Added: Mail-templates for notifications
  • Added: Show groups of user inside the memberslist
  • Added: Bulk-actions to assign roles
  • Added: Filter users in backend by their role
  • Added: Option to change link-color
  • Added: Option to change light text-color
  • Added: Option to change second background-color
  • Added: asgarosforum_prepare hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_usergroup_{ID}_add_user hooks
  • Added: asgarosforum_usergroup_{ID}_remove_user hooks
  • Added: asgarosforum_breadcrumbs_{current_view} hooks
  • Fixed: Only show accessible posts inside post-histories to the current user
  • Fixed: Broken forum-role selector in backend-profile
  • Fixed: Broken banning-functionality in frontend when using plain URL-structure
  • Fixed: Various problems which prevents the application of custom appearance-modifications
  • Fixed: Hidden filters for usergroups in backend user-overview when there were many usergroups
  • Fixed: A couple of display issues
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Dont group posts in “Recent Forum Posts”-widget by topic
  • Changed: Show IDs of usergroups in the backend
  • Changed: Usergroup-tags now link to memberslist showing all users of that group
  • Changed: Show username of notification-receiver in mail
  • Minor design changes
  • Minor design changes in the administration area
  • Improved application of custom appearance-settings
  • Improved mobile design
  • Improve first-time installation-process
  • Screen-reader accessibility improvements
  • 性能和代码优化
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.0


  • Added: Forum administrator role
  • Added: Show forum role in backend user overview
  • Added: Moderators can now ban users
  • Added: Its now possible to ban users from their profile
  • Fixed: Rare PHP-error in rewrite-logic when post-object is not set
  • Fixed: Performance issues in forums which consist of many topics
  • Fixed: Broken links in posts pointing to other forum topics
  • Fixed: Wrong default values for dates in database
  • Changed: Users can no longer be moderators and banned at the same time
  • Minor design changes
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: RSS feeds for topics and forums
  • Added: Option to change main forum title
  • Added: Unread indicator to activity feed
  • Added: Show location of search results
  • Added: asgarosforum_wp_head hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_bottom_navigation hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_editor_buttons filter
  • Fixed: Broken cookies when using SEO-friendly URLs
  • Fixed: Render allowed HTML-tags in signatures inside the profile
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to disable counting of topic views
  • Added: Option to allow HTML tags in signatures
  • Added: Option to define allowed HTML tags for signatures
  • Fixed: Use correct background color in profile when using a custom background color
  • Changed: Remove HTML tags from signatures completely when HTML tags are not allowed


  • Added: asgarosforum_custom_profile_menu hook
  • Fixed: Broken post history view when SEO-friendly URLs are disabled


  • Added: Post history of users
  • Added: Option to change accent color
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 修改:移动主题改进
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Users cannot post in closed topics anymore
  • Fixed: Users cannot create topics in closed forums anymore
  • Changed: Show registration date in last seen-status when user was not online yet


  • 修复:将某些服务器协议配置与搜索引擎友好的URL断开


  • 修复:用户名包含某些特殊字符时资料链接错误
  • 修复:当用户名是数字的时候用户资料链接错误
  • 修复:使用某些自定义永久链接结构时网址无效
  • 修复:当用户在线功能被禁用时,不会显示个人资料/会员列表中最后一次显示的状态
  • 修改:允许在论坛描述中使用HTML
  • 增加:asgarosforum_widget_recent_posts_custom_content 钩子
  • 增加:asgarosforum_widget_recent_topics_custom_content 钩子


  • 增加:搜索引擎优化友好的网址
  • 增加:用户选项禁用@通知
  • 增加:可自动将新用户增加到特定用户组
  • 增加:在小屏幕上显示最新发布的信息
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修复:在小屏幕上的显示问题
  • 修改:按时间分组活动
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 修改:管理区域中的一些小设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:活动订阅功能
  • 增加:可以隐藏公开的特定用户组
  • 增加:可设定编辑帖子的时间限制
  • 增加:在帖子中显示用户的可见用户组
  • 修改:输出用户组时始终使用定义的用户组颜色
  • 修改:改进了订阅概述中的描述
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化
  • 改进了与Autoptimize的兼容性


  • 修复:通知逻辑中的严重性能问题
  • 修复:只有管理员才能访问的类别中的管理员中断订阅功能
  • 修复:编辑器中损坏的订阅复选框
  • 移除: asgarosforum_filter_subscribers_query_new_post 过滤器
  • 移除: asgarosforum_filter_subscribers_query_new_topic 过滤器
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 修改:移动主题改进
  • 修改:当用户订阅所有主题时,不要在编辑器中显示订阅复选框
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:可订阅所有主题和帖子
  • 增加:可以在订阅概览中取消订阅
  • 增加:可在面包屑中隐藏类别名称
  • 修改:将用户订阅设置移至订阅概览
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 修改:移动主题改进
  • 修改:将移动CSS规则移到style.css文件中
  • 修复:在小屏幕上的显示问题
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:用户上次看到个人资料和成员列表时的时间
  • 增加:提到用户通知邮件的人的姓名
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_notify_mentioned_user_message 过滤器
  • 修复:在小屏幕上显示管理区域中的问题
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题


  • 增加:提及功能
  • 增加:移动论坛的功能
  • 修复:某些情况下反应没有正确保存
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:改进的移动导航
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Parse error when using some older versions of PHP


  • 增加:搜索功能也可以搜索主题标题了
  • 增加:统计区域包括在线的游客
  • 修复:当用户不存在时,报告中的用户名错误
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 删除:编辑器中阅读更多的按钮。
  • 修改:新的资料设计
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:点评功能
  • 增加:举报功能
  • 增加:搜索小工具
  • 增加:限制文件上传至版主的选项
  • 增加:选择修改字体的选项
  • 增加:修改字体大小的选项
  • 增加:编辑个人资料链接到个人资料
  • 增加:可以通过点击切换截断的引用
  • 增加:asgarosforum_prepare_{current_view} 钩子
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_get_sticky_topics_order 过滤器
  • 修复:当使用短代码中调用分类论坛时,标记所有已读失败
  • 修复:在某些情况下访问帖子不能设为已读
  • 修复:定时自动创建主题的博客文章出现错误的作者名字
  • 修复:使用某些SEO插件时会显示错误的标题
  • 修复:在使用某些特殊字符时会导致无法搜索
  • 修复:某些字符串无法翻译
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:在保存选项之前应用额外的验证规则
  • 修改:所有的主题和颜色选项现在都迁移到外观区域下
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:修改边框颜色的选项
  • 增加:对游客隐藏会员列表的选项
  • 增加:定义用户列表每页的会员的数量选项
  • 增加:在会员列表中显示用户角色
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_widget_avatar_size 过滤器
  • Fixed: Parse error when using some older versions of PHP
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式
  • 修复:手机设备的显示错误
  • 修改:管理员区域的界面设计修改
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:会员列表
  • 增加: asgarosforum_filter_members_link 过滤器
  • 增加: asgarosforum_filter_automatic_topic_title 过滤器
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_automatic_topic_content 过滤器
  • 修复:仅在有于新的博文时候自动创建帖子而不是所有的文章类型
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 修复:在数据库更新的时候做一些额外的错误检查以避免更新时候发生错误


  • Added: Categories for usergroups
  • Fixed: Administrators didnt get notifications in some cases when using usergroups
  • 修复:当用户无权访问时,隐藏订阅列表中的主题和论坛
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Show number of users for each usergroup in the user overview
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:可自动为新博客文章创建主题的选项
  • 修复:在使用类别参数的短代码时破坏的订阅/配置文件视图
  • 修改:截断长引号
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 修改:将asgarosforum_after_add_thread_submit 钩子更名为asgarosforum_after_add_topic_submit
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:主题概述中的分页
  • 增加:分类名称到面包屑
  • Added: Usergroups to profile
  • 增加:个人资料简介
  • 增加:签名至个人资料
  • 增加: asgarosforum_filter_forum_menu 过滤器
  • 增加: asgarosforum_filter_topic_menu 过滤器
  • 增加: asgarosforum_filter_post_menu 过滤器
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化
  • 兼容WordPress 4.9
  • 增加了官方支持论坛到管理区域的链接


  • 增加:隐藏登录,退出,注册按钮的选项
  • 增加:asgarosforum_custom_header_menu 钩子
  • 修复:使用普通永久链接结构时发生破坏搜索
  • 修复:突出显示用户名的样式问题
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:阻止以下视图的索引:addtopic,movetopic,addpost,editpost,search
  • 修改:在元标题中显示页码
  • 修改:次要设计修改


  • 修复:游客发帖功能错误


  • 增加:个人资料功能
  • 修复:当包含短代码时候订阅视图功能无效
  • 修复:罕见的PHP通知
  • 修改:登录,退出,注册链接全站可用
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:隐藏用户发帖数目的选项
  • 修复:在设置中预防跨站请求


  • 修复:防止非管理员用户修改设置
  • 修复:但更新用户资料的时候出现PHP错误
  • 修改:加载样式表
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:订阅概述
  • 修复:在论坛内显示说明时显示斜线
  • 修改:在编辑器中高亮引用内容的
  • 修改:次要设计修改


  • 修复:结构管理错误
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:可在论坛中显示说明的选项
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_avatar_size 过滤器
  • 修复:当用户无法访问任何类别时,不要显示小部件中的最新帖子/主题
  • 修复:限制几个输入字段中的最大字符数
  • 修复:以小屏幕分辨率显示管理问题
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:注册链接到一些错误消息
  • Fixed: Huge performance drops when the forum has a lot of posts/topics
  • 修复:某些编辑器配置损坏的编辑器
  • 修复:使用自定义颜色时出现错误的样式
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:增加移动设备上的页面导航大小
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:选择修改论坛图标
  • 修复:在使用特定帖子的简码参数时缺少数据
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:设置通知发送者名称的选项
  • 增加:设置通知发件人邮件的选项
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修复:编辑论坛结构时出现JavaScript警告
  • 修改:仅在论坛页面上设置论坛cookie
  • 修改:上传文件时显示可能的错误消息
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化
  • 兼容WordPress 4.8


  • 修复:某些版本的PHP致命的PHP错误


  • Added: Usergroups functionality
  • 增加:在总览中显示最新成员
  • 增加:在总览中显示在线用户的名称
  • 增加:显示谁编辑了一篇文章
  • 增加:asgarosforum_after_first_post 钩子
  • 增加:asgarosforum_custom_forum_column 钩子
  • 增加:asgarosforum_custom_topic_column 钩子
  • 修复:不要删除引号中的段落
  • 修复:某些字符串无法翻译
  • 修改:更新结构时显示可能的错误消息
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Widget option to hide avatars
  • Added: Reply counter to recent forum topics widget
  • Added: Show author in notification mails
  • Added: asgarosforum_before_delete_post hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_before_delete_topic hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_delete_post hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_delete_topic hook
  • Fixed: Huge performance drops when the forum has a lot of posts/topics
  • Fixed: Prevent creation of hidden content
  • Fixed: Broken/missing links when the filename of uploads contains special characters
  • Fixed: Do not try to generate thumbnails for pdf uploads
  • Fixed: Dont show HTML-entities in the subject of notification mails
  • 修改:在论坛中缩进子论坛 – 移动主题时列出
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:增加头像到小工具
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_widget_title_length filter
  • Fixed: Strip slashes of forum names/descriptions in structure-administration
  • Fixed: Warnings on multisite installations
  • Changed: Highlight administrators/moderators in widgets
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:增加og标签
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 手机主题优化
  • 搜索引擎优化
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 修改结构管理
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 移除:asgarosforum_action_add_category_form_fields 钩子
  • 移除:asgarosforum_action_edit_category_form_fields 钩子
  • 移除:asgarosforum_action_save_category_form_fields 过滤器
  • 移除:asgarosforum_filter_manage_columns 过滤器
  • 移除:asgarosforum_filter_manage_custom_columns 过滤器


  • Added: Option to show thumbnails for uploads
  • Fixed: Correct escaping of keywords in search results view
  • Changed: Keep keywords in search input field
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to show who is online
  • Added: Shortcode extension to show a specific post
  • Added: Shortcode extension to show a specific topic
  • Added: Shortcode extension to show a specific forum
  • 增加:简码扩展以显示一个或多个特定类别
  • 增加:可隐藏面包屑的选项
  • 增加:在移动视图中显示统计信息
  • 增加:取消按钮到编辑器
  • 增加:显示管理区域内论坛/类别的ID
  • Fixed: Sort categories correctly in the forum-overview
  • Fixed: Load stylesheets and scripts only on forum page
  • Fixed: Wrong labels in forum configuration
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Hide new post/topic buttons when editor is active
  • Changed: Show pagination under search results
  • Changed: Show full breadcrumbs when moving topics
  • Changed: Structure of the forum configuration
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 搜索引擎优化
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Filter [Forum] shortcodes from posts
  • Fixed: Remove filtered shortcodes from post content only
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Show editor for new posts in the lower area
  • 性能和代码优化
  • The required minimum WordPress version is now 4.7


  • Fixed: Dont show error to logged-out users when the guest-posting functionality is disabled
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Notifications about new topics were sent to all users who subscribed to specific forums
  • Fixed: Status change of topics was not working with some WordPress configurations
  • Fixed: Scroll to the correct editor position when creating new posts
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Small adjustment to the editor location


  • Added: Possibility to add multiple quotes at once
  • Fixed: Private/pending/draft pages can now be set as the forum location
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Changed: Show editor at the same page when adding posts or topics
  • Changed: Show all numbers in a format based on the used locale
  • Changed: Always show all forum options
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Save deactivated options in the administration area correctly
  • 修改:次要设计修改


  • Added: Option to limit number of uploads per post
  • Added: Option to limit file size of uploads
  • Fixed: Broken mark all read-button
  • Fixed: Site administrators could not moderate topics/posts on multisite installations
  • Fixed: Dont let post-footer hide post-content
  • Fixed: PHP notices during creation or editing of content
  • Fixed: Reload scripts and stylesheets in administration after plugin update
  • Minor usability improvements
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 增加:签名功能
  • Fixed: Reload scripts and stylesheets after plugin update
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Parse error when using some older versions of PHP


  • 增加:统计功能
  • Added: asgarosforum_statistics_custom_element hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_statistics_custom_content_bottom hook
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:次要设计修改


  • Added: Subscriptions for specific forums
  • Fixed: Group search results by topic to avoid duplicates
  • Fixed: Sort search results correctly by relevance and date
  • Fixed: Wrong stylings when using custome colors
  • Fixed: Display issues when visiting the forum with a mobile device
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:次要设计修改


  • 增加:搜索功能
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_error_message_require_login filter
  • Changed: Dont shorten topic titles
  • 搜索引擎优化
  • 修改后的设计


  • 修复:小工具设置错误
  • 修复:不发送限制性类目给所有用户
  • 修复:不发送通知给已禁止用户
  • 增加:asgarosforum_{current_view}_custom_content_top 钩子
  • 增加:asgarosforum_{current_view}_custom_content_bottom 钩子
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_subscribers_query_new_topic 过滤器
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_subscribers_query_new_post 过滤器
  • 增加:asgarosforum_subscriber_mails_new_topic 过滤器
  • 增加:asgarosforum_subscriber_mails_new_post 过滤器
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化
  • 兼容WordPress 4.7


  • 修复:一些链接的错误设置


  • 修复:错误的已读/未读逻辑
  • 修复:在将所有论坛标记为已读时,为访客正确删除Cookie
  • 修改:尝试确定论坛位置设置不正确时的小部件链接


  • 修复:只有在论坛配置正确时才显示小部件
  • 修复:仅在必要时才显示过滤的登录信息
  • 修复:罕见的PHP通知
  • 修改:将小部件的位置选择移至论坛设置
  • 初始设置
  • 性能和代码优化
  • 要求的最小WordPress版本为 4.6


  • 修复:永远不要突出客人作为主题作者
  • 增加:跨主题的数据库驱动的读取/未读取逻辑
  • 增加:最近的论坛主题的小工具
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 修复:读/未读逻辑中的各种修复
  • 新增:高亮帖子作者的选项
  • 新增:用户个人资料中的选项可获取有关新主题的通知
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_subject_before_insert过滤器
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_content_before_insert过滤器
  • 修改:读取/未读图标现在可以更好地识别
  • 修改:将 asgarosforum_filter_notify_administrator_message 过滤器重命名为asgarosforum_filter_notify_global_topic_subscribers_message
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 修复:删除论坛描述中的斜杠
  • 修复:在论坛描述中转义HTML
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修改:通知邮件中的链接现在可点击
  • 修改:向asgarosforum_after_post_author挂钩增加了帖子数量


  • 修复:正确删除多站点安装中的表
  • 修复:当没有最近的帖子时,不要隐藏小部件
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 新增:允许来宾上传的选项
  • 增加:asgarosforum_filter_login_message过滤器
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Prevent generation of wrong canonical links
  • Fixed: Rare PHP-warning when using notifications
  • 增加:兼容多站点
  • 修改:在所有页面显示登录链接
  • 搜索引擎优化
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Correct escaping in notification mails
  • Fixed: Display issues in notification mails with some characters
  • Fixed: Resize external iframe-content (e.g. YouTube videos) correctly
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Fixed: Added missing translation strings
  • 修复:误导字符串
  • Added: Option to allow guest postings
  • Added: Option to allow shortcodes in posts
  • Added: Option to hide uploads from guests
  • Added: asgarosforum_editor_custom_content_bottom hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_insert_custom_validation filter
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: HTML is now rendered correctly in notification-mails
  • Fixed: Correct escaping of URLs
  • Fixed: Prevent modification of topic-subject
  • Fixed: Prevent submitting the same form multiple times
  • Fixed: Redirect to the current forum-page after login
  • Added: Post number to the bottom of posts
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_notify_administrator_message filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_notify_topic_subscribers_message filter
  • 修改:修改编辑器
  • Changed: Improved error handling
  • Changed: Post number is linking to the post now instead of the date
  • Changed: Added post ID to asgarosforum_after_post_message hook
  • Changed: Renamed asgarosforum_after_thread_submit hook into asgarosforum_after_add_thread_submit
  • Changed: Renamed asgarosforum_after_post_submit hook into asgarosforum_after_add_post_submit
  • Changed: Renamed asgarosforum_after_edit_submit hook into asgarosforum_after_edit_post_submit
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with some third-party plugins
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Correct filtering of posts inside the widget
  • Fixed: Hide post-counter for deleted users
  • Fixed: The notification-text in mails is now translatable
  • Fixed: Rare PHP-notice in categories-configuration
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Added: Subscribe checkbox in editor for the current topic
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_post_message hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_get_posts filter
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_get_posts_order filter
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: The names of some users were not shown correctly


  • Fixed: Correct sanitizing of URL parameters
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary hyphen from username
  • Added: Option to disable the minimal-configuration of the editor


  • Fixed: PHP parse-error when using a PHP version less than 5.3
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 增加:通知功能
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: PHP-Warning in theme-manager


  • Fixed: Categories were not sorted correctly
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Fixed: Prevent accessing some PHP-files directly
  • Fixed: Added missing translation strings
  • Added: Sub-forum functionality
  • 增加:禁止功能
  • Added: Theme manager functionality (thanks to Hisol)
  • 增加:文本的颜色选择器
  • 增加:背景颜色选择器
  • Changed: Administrators cant be set to forum-moderators anymore
  • Changed: Subject in last-post-view links to the topic
  • Changed: Revised forum management
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • Changed: Provide translation files via WordPress Updater only
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Added: Option to modify allowed filetypes for uploads
  • Changed: Only the following filetypes can be uploaded by default: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, pdf
  • Changed: Hide page-navigation when there is only one page
  • Changed: Provide spanish translation updates via WordPress Updater
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Closed forums were not saved correctly
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Added: asgarosforum_filter_post_username filter
  • Changed: Show moderator buttons only at the beginning of threads
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Broken link of uploaded file when filename contains umlaute
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Added: Option to close forums
  • Changed: Categories are now ordered in the administration area
  • Changed: Use default WordPress icons instead of own icon pack
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • Changed: Provide portuguese (Portugal) translation updates via WordPress Updater
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Missing page titles with some themes
  • Fixed: Display issues when using apostrophes and backslashes
  • Fixed: Wrong HTML escaping
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Added: Portuguese (Portugal) translation (thanks to Sylvie & Bruno)


  • Fixed: PHP errors when using a PHP version less than 5.3
  • Fixed: Display issues with big post images in Internet Explorer
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_thread_submit hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_post_submit hook
  • Added: asgarosforum_after_edit_submit hook
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • Changed: Provide russian translation updates via WordPress Updater
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Broken thread titles when using multi-byte characters
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 增加:类别访问权限
  • Added: Filter asgarosforum_filter_editor_settings
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with some third-party plugins
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Insert forum at the correct shortcode position
  • Fixed: Broken URLs with some third-party plugins
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 增加:版主功能
  • Added: Filter asgarosforum_filter_get_threads
  • Added: Filter asgarosforum_filter_get_threads_order
  • Added: Spanish translation (thanks to QuqurUxcho)


  • Fixed: Prevent the creation of empty content
  • Fixed: Hide widget for guests when access is limited to logged in users
  • Fixed: Some PHP notices
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Added: Option to hide the edit date
  • Added: Filter hook asgarosforum_filter_post_content
  • Changed: Editor error messages are now shown on the editor page
  • 修改:次要设计修改


  • Fixed: Wrong word wrap
  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • Added: “Last edited” info to posts
  • Changed: Provide hungarian translation updates via WordPress Updater
  • Changed: Added author_id to asgarosforum_after_post_author action hook
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Added: Option to easily change the forum color
  • Added: Option to limit access to logged in users
  • Added: Action hook asgarosforum_after_post_author
  • Added: Danish translation (thanks to crusie)
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • Changed: Provide german translation updates via WordPress Updater


  • 修复:在一些主题里面的显示问题
  • 修复:错误信息没有被翻译
  • 增加:高亮管理员名字的选项
  • 增加:当用户没有登陆时候的提示
  • 增加:再错误页面增加【退回】链接
  • 增加:匈牙利翻译(感谢 zsebtyson)
  • 修改:通过日期访问链接而不是图标
  • 更新:英文和德文翻译
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 修复:在一则WordPress主题上图标不可见
  • 修复:摘要内容中图片失效
  • 修复:帖子里面大图的显示问题
  • 修复:禁止直接访问PHP文件
  • 增加:最近论坛帖子小工具
  • 增加:波斯尼亚翻译(感谢 AntiDayton)
  • 移除:图片说明
  • 更新:英文,德语,俄语翻译


  • 修复:不能修改论坛外的页面标题
  • Fixed: Added missing translation strings
  • 增加:编辑器发图按钮
  • 增加:更兼容手机的CSS设计规则
  • 增加:芬兰翻译(感谢 juhani.honkanen)
  • 增加:法语翻译(感谢 thomasroy)
  • 增加:俄语翻译(感谢ironboys)
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 更新:英文和德文翻译
  • 性能和代码优化


  • Fixed: Added missing translation strings
  • 修复:一些默认主题的显示错误
  • 修改:次要设计修改
  • 修改:翻译字符串从asgarosforum修改为asgaros-forum
  • 更新:德语翻译
  • 性能和代码优化


  • 第一次初始版