CDN Enabler


CDN Enabler is a simple and easy to use WordPress plugin that rewrites URLs, such as those for CSS, JavaScript, and images, to be served by a content delivery network (CDN). This helps improve site performance, reliability, and scalability by offloading the majority of traffic to a CDN.


  • Fast and efficient rewrite engine
  • Manual and WP-CLI cache purging (when a KeyCDN account is connected)
  • Include URLs in the rewrite by file extensions
  • Exclude URLs in the rewrite by strings
  • WordPress multisite network support
  • WordPress REST API support
  • Works perfectly with Cache Enabler and the majority of third party plugins

How does the rewriting work?

CDN Enabler captures page contents and rewrites URLs to be served by the designated CDN.


Want to help?



  • CDN启动器 设置页面


2021年6月20日 1 回复
I am impressed, CDN enabler was also able to handle wp-json 100% without any issue. Thanks
2021年2月24日 1 回复
Working perfectly in version 2.0.2. It just changed the link a little bit, but that's okay. You guys are awesome, thank you very much!
2021年2月20日 1 回复
As a software developer myself, I appreciate the work that goes in to making this plugin. It was easy to set up and performs well. When a recent major version update caused problems, attention was given swiftly and the issue was resolved. If you want an all-in-one CDN solution, purchasing the associated KeyCDN would be a simple and effective choice. The free plugin also works with other CDN providers, we are using AWS CloudFront and this is also working well.
2021年2月11日 1 回复
At some point in the last 24 hours, the plugin was updated without my knowledge resulting in a broken website. I have not enabled the auto update for this plugin, as I don't any of that I use. I am in the site on a daily basis and manually update things as needed. This is the reason for it. It took me a while to figure out the problem was your update. You took away the ability to select which directories would be changed to my cdn. And, when I use the hostname, which is an amazon couldfront url, it results in a message: "Invalid CDN Hostname: returned a 403 status code." That issue is resolved by unfortunately deactivating your plugin. You need to give a warning when drastically changing your plugin like that - especially if you're going to ignore auto update settings. Very disappointed after using this plugin for years. I have been considering purchasing the paid version, but if this is the way you operate, no thanks.


“CDN Enabler” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


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  • Add server input sanitization


  • Update configuration validation to include the Site Address (URL) as an HTTP Referer (#42)
  • Update URL matcher in rewriter to match URLs that are in escaped JSON format (#41)
  • Update CDN hostname validation to trim surrounding whitespace characters (#40)


  • Update output buffer handling (#29)
  • Fix purge cache request handling (#31)


  • Update URL matcher in rewriter (#28)
  • Update full URL rewrite (#28)


  • Update URL matcher in rewriter (#25)
  • Update settings conversion (#26)
  • Add cdn_enabler_exclude_admin, cdn_enabler_contents_before_rewrite, and cdn_enabler_contents_after_rewrite filter hooks (#27)
  • Fix configuration validation for installations in a subdirectory (#27)
  • Remove cdn_enabler_page_contents_before_rewrite filter hook in favor of replacement (#27)


  • 更新输出缓冲区的时间,使其更早在 setup_theme 钩子而不是 template_redirect 钩子上开始 (#23)
  • Update settings (#23)
  • Update requirements check (#23)
  • Update purge CDN cache handling (#23)
  • Add new rewrite engine (#23)
  • Add WP-CLI cache purging (#23)
  • Add configuration validation (#23)
  • Add cdn_enabler_user_can_purge_cache, cdn_enabler_page_contents_before_rewrite, cdn_enabler_bypass_rewrite, cdn_enabler_site_hostnames, and cdn_enabler_rewrite_relative_urls filter hooks (#23)
  • Fix requirement notices being shown to all users (#23)
  • Fix rewriting limitations (#23)
  • Deprecate user_can_clear_cache filter hook in favor of replacement (#23)


  • 重写过滤the_content的URL,以便在REST API中呈现的HTML使用CDN


  • 清除CDN重定向到管理控制台,以避免出现错误消息
  • 更好的错误信息
  • 设置 KeyCDN API 凭据时不显示烦人通知


  • 小错误修复(按引用传递)


  • 修正了一些小错误
  • 改进的CDN清除


  • 多协议CDN重写
  • 通过 KeyCDN API 添加清除
  • 如果处于管理员预览模式,请勿重写
  • 如果已启用并且客户端通过HTTP连接,则重写为HTTPS


  • 删除未使用的代码


  • 改进了目录和扩展名的排除


  • 从 siteurl 切换到本地(例如,为基石提供支持)


  • 第一个主要版本
  • 修复警告


  • 初版