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CM WordPress FAQ Plugin – Accordion FAQ Solution

CM WordPress FAQ Plugin – Accordion FAQ Solution


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Our WordPress FAQ plugin enables you to effortlessly create and manage FAQ accordions on your WordPress site, providing seamless access to frequently asked questions for your users.

The Frequently Asked Questions plugin enables you to easily manage and organize your FAQ content, creating an intuitive and user-friendly experience for visitors seeking information on your site.

FAQ Categories and FAQ Posts

You can create as many questions as you need and categorize them for easy navigation, allowing visitors to find the information they need quickly.

Each question page has a unique post, which can enhance your site’s SEO and improve its search engine ranking. This ensures that your FAQ content is easily discoverable for search engines as well.

Accordion FAQ Plugin Premium Edition

The FAQ Plugin Premium editions includes even more powerful features, such as: ChatGPT support to generate answers, support for questions submitted by users, floating faq widget and much more.

Accordion FAQ Plugin Introduction Video

WordPress FAQ Plugin Use-Cases

  • FAQ directory – Support your product site with a FAQ directory
  • Knowledge Base – Build a knowledge base center to support your service or product
  • Support Center – Provide an efficient way to support your users

Basic Features of the WordPress FAQ Plugin

  • Add frequently asked questions (FAQ) in the admin dashboard
  • Place questions and answers in categories
  • Build an index page containing all questions and answers
  • Create a unique post per each question and answer

Pro Version Features of the WordPress FAQ Plugin

Pro Version Detailed Features List | Demo Site

  • Search Widget – Add search widget on pre-selected post types and style FAQ according to your needs
  • Search Bar – Index page includes a search bar showing all relevant questions by keyword.
  • Customize labels – Customize the WordPress FAQ according to your requirements and language.
  • Customize Look & Feel – Customize index page look & feel including colors and font size.
  • Voting – Support voting (vote up and down) for each frequently asked question. Search results show most voted questions first.
  • Related Questions Widget – Show all related questions at the bottom of each question page
  • Multiple lists – Create multiple faq pages with categories
  • Reports and Statistics – Generate a report showing how many times each question was viewed and how many times it was voted on.
  • Accordion FAQ Display – Show only one answer at a time – users will toggle different answers by clicking the questions.
  • Accordion FAQ Shortcode – Create an accordion FAQ containing all Questions and Answers in a category using a Shortcodes.
  • Category Icon and color – Add an icon to each category and set a background color which will be shown on the index page.
  • Sort Question in Categories – Sorting of questions in a category can be defined in the WordPress FAQ plugin settings. Options are by publish date, voting and title in ascending or descending order.
  • All Questions Shortcode – Shortcodes to support showing all questions in one or multiple categories.
  • ChatGPT Support – Let ChatGPT prepare the answers for questions you didn’t answer.


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  • FAQ Index Page.
  • Single Question and answer page.
  • Category page
  • Search result suggestion view (pro version)
  • Search widget (pro version)
  • Setting page (pro version)


Detailed User Guide

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. 通过WordPress的的“Plugins”菜单激活插件
  3. Configure plugin.
  4. Add categories, questions and answers.
  5. Use shortcode to display FAQ.


2016 年 9 月 3 日
It works very well for a newly released plugin. Documentation is good and the free version makes a good basic KB. I may buy the Pro version if I need a more sophisticated KB.
2016 年 9 月 3 日
Plugin has everything you could imagine for a FAQ plugin and more. Support was quick and fast when I had a question too.


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* Update package info


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Release Date: 23 Feb 2023
* Added a code that fixes 404 problems after permalink change automatically


Release Date: 9th Nov 2022
* Replace Internal support links

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