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Compare Ninja: Create Professional Comparison Tables and Easily Add Them to Your Website

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Compare Ninja: Create Professional Comparison Tables and Easily Add Them to Your Website


Compare Ninja is a super powerful tool for adding beautiful comparison tables to your website. Compare Ninja’s comparison tables are responsive and support advanced features such as pagination, search, sorting, floating headers, and more.

You may browse our public gallery to see some examples.

IMPORTANT: In order to add a comparison table to your WordPress website, you will FIRST need to go to Compare Ninja, sign up for FREE, and create a new table in our comparison tables maker.

Got any feedback or question? Contact us via contact{at}commoninja.com.

** It’s really easy. Get started in 2 minutes tops, no training needed! **


  • Compare Ninja shortcode
  • Compare Ninja table example 1
  • Compare Ninja table example 2
  • Compare Ninja table example 3


Creating a comparison table

  1. Create a FREE account at Compare Ninja.
  2. Create a new comparison table by clicking the “Try it now” button on Compare Ninja’s homepage.
  3. Customize the comparison table. Make it beautiful. Import or set data, change color scheme, play with the settings.
  4. Click the “Save Changes” button.

Extracting the table ID

  1. Go to your account’s dashboard.
  2. Find the comparison table you want to add, and click the plugin’s menu (3 dots icon).
  3. Look for the “Add to Site” button and click it.
  4. Under the embeddable code, you’ll see a “Plugin ID” section. Copy the ID, and save it for later.

Attach a comparison table to a WordPress post

  1. Use Compare Ninja’s shortcode directly in the editor: [compareninja tableid=”YOUR_TABLE_ID”].
  2. Make sure you replace YOUR_TABLE_ID with the one from “Extracting the table ID” section above.

Arguments provides by the shortcode:

  • ‘tableid’ Your plugin ID from Common Ninja


Q: What is Compare Ninja?

Compare Ninja is a powerful tool for web designers, developers and site owners to create beautiful comparison tables on the fly.

Q: What can I use Compare Ninja for?

You can use Compare Ninja to create and add beautiful comparison tables to your WordPress website. No prior knowledge needed.

Q: Who can use Compare Ninja

Everyone. Really, it’s that simple. We’re using innovative and intuitive user interfaces so you don’t need any prior knowledge to use it.

Q: How do I start using Compare Ninja?

Sign up to Compare Ninja, create a new comparison table and install the Compare Ninja plugin on your WordPress admin panel.


2019 年 6 月 27 日
This is a really great and nice app, also the support is very quick. I totally recommend.
2016 年 11 月 15 日
Very good idea to propose some comarative tables, but I don’t like the idea to create the tables on Comapre Ninja’s wbesite, because I want all the data on my website. The free version is limited to 10 lines, and you can create (almost) every kind of tables. It’s easy to use and the resultats are nice.
2016 年 9 月 3 日
Like all the other reviews say! Don’t waste your time, it is horrid.


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