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Contract Form 7 可以管理多个联系表单,而且您可以自定义窗体并灵活调整邮件内容。该表单还支持ajax,CAPTCHA验证码,Akismet 垃圾邮件过滤,等等。


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  • 隐身跟踪用户。
  • 将任何用户的个人数据写入数据库。
  • 向外部服务器发送任何数据。
  • 使用 Cookie.



推荐Contact Form7用户使用以下插件:

  • 火烈鸟是由Takayuki Miyoshi开发的插件。该插件您在数据库中保存由联系表单发送的信息。
  • Bogo by Takayuki Miyoshi – Bogo is a straight-forward multilingual plugin that does not cause headaches.

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  • Contact Form 7 Insert a contact form you have created with Contact Form 7.


  1. 上传整个contact-form-7文件夹到/wp-content/plugins/目录下。
  2. 通过插件页面启用插件(插件 > 已安装的插件)。




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2024 年 5 月 18 日
I absolutely love Contact Form 7. As a professional developer with clients at every price point, I still prefer it over the premium plugins because of how simple and versatile it is. It embodies the concept of plugins in that it only provides the functionality you need and if you want more, there’s a plugin for that! Absolutely versatile and I personally love making add-ons for CF7!
2024 年 4 月 17 日
Best contact form plugin for WordPress. The 1 click setup makes things very easy for any level of wordpress user. It automatically captures the admin email id for setting up the form. Insert the short code anywhere and boom! Awesome work.
2024 年 3 月 14 日
No fancy or overfilled user interface, no ads, no shiny bling bling. Just simple slick options and most plain html editable stuff where u can fine tune everything to your desire, when u are a bit aware of HTML and CSS. Don´t need the overfilled other plugins just to create a form. But you are also good to go to install integrations for more options. I also found a good alternative, in house build by develeper: “Really Simple CAPTCHA” plugin, as an alternative to Google or Akismet, which I think could give users from EU better data privacy (works also like a charm). So, I can really recommend this and don´t understand some bad reviews here. I think some people are just overwhelmed by the usage of plain html and code. But for developers this is gold! 🙂


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