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Chater.biz – live chat and call back for websites

该插件尚未通过WordPress的最新3个主要版本进行测试。 当与较新版本的WordPress一起使用时,可能不再受到维护或支持,并且可能会存在兼容性问题。

Chater.biz – live chat and call back for websites


Chater.biz is a free live chat https://www.chater.biz that you can easily and quickly install on your WordPress site. Thanks to this, customers will be able to contact you in real time! You just need to use this plugin. We have already been trusted by 19,000 customers. Join them now!


  • simple installation
  • on-line service, you don’t need to use the app
  • adjusting the appearance to the page
  • works for any website
  • works on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • statistics and user preview on the website
  • e-mail service
  • accepting payments from customers (PayU, PayPal, Dotpay)
  • integration with Google Hangout (notifications on the phone)
  • applications: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • free mode!

How to use?

After installing the plugin in the settings, just paste your individual chat code downloaded from the account settings, after which the chat will be displayed on the page. Now customers will be able to contact us online. We will handle all chats from the consultant’s individual panel at www.chater.biz (after logging in to your account).

How much it costs?

Our offer is transparent and competitive. Basic chat can always be used for free! The functionality can also be expanded by activating one of the variants: standard, premium and ultra. The price list and a detailed description of the functionality can be found here: https://www.chater.biz/site/pricing


Our consultants are available for you in chat on working days from 9 am to 5 pm. At other times, you can write an e-mail to us, and we will certainly reply to you, even on weekends.



  1. What is chater.biz?
    Chater.biz is a service that allows you to create a free live chat on your website, so that customers will be able to chat with you in real time.
  2. Does it cost anything?
    The basic version is free. You can find the prices of additional functions here: https://www.chater.biz/site/pricing
  3. Is it difficult to create a chat?
    Creating a chat on our website is very simple and does not require specialist IT knowledge. All you need to do is create a new chat, decide on its appearance and save the changes, then we will generate an individual HTML code for you, which you just need to put on the website and your on-line messenger is ready to work.
  4. Can I get help if I have problems?
    You will definitely be able to handle our tool. Of course, in case of any problems, we are here to help. You can always send us a message using the contact form or write to us in the chat ? We will surely answer every query sent.
  5. What happens when a client wants to talk to me and I am not available?
    In this case, the customer will receive a message that it is impossible to conduct a chat conversation and will be able to leave a message that we will send you to the e-mail address provided during registration of the account on our website. Thanks to this, even when you are offline, the customer will be able to contact you. When replying to a message, you will also be able to inform the client that you are already online and invite them to a chat.




“Chater.biz – live chat and call back for websites” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。