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eCommerce without limits

We believe that your passion for creating shouldn’t be restricted by your choice of ecommerce software. Easy Digital Downloads gives you unlimited products with no hidden listing fees, unlimited products, unlimited transactions, and provides unlimited possibilities.

Too often, digital creators must choose between powerful and cheap. Not with Easy Digital Downloads. It’s easy to start with limitless possibilities, which is why some of the most popular digital ecommerce businesses trust Easy Digital Downloads with their store.

Sell effortlessly

Whether it is selling software like WordPress plugins or themes, documents and spreadsheets, photography, ebooks, music, graphics or digital artwork, videos, or any other type of media file, Easy Digital Downloads provides a complete ecommerce platform that just works, so you can get back to creating.

Easy Digital Download 是一个无价的工具,你可以通过我们的商业以及客户,我喜欢它的简单,以及强大的功能还有有用的扩展库。EDD 是唯一一个小型商业也能负担的起的并且能够脱颖而出的选项,并且它可以像客户提供客户需要的数字网站。

马克·亨特 – 批准标志

Within minutes of starting the Setup Wizard, you’ll have access to the base features you’ll need to start selling:

  • Complete shopping cart – Customers can browse your products, add items to their cart, and checkout when ready. Or they can bypass the cart using Buy Now buttons from your product page.
  • Flexible payment methods – Your customers can pay by card, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Link by Stripe.
  • Highly customizable and clean checkout – Buyers can easily complete their purchase, directly on your site’s checkout page with the included WordPress Block.
  • 完整的客户管理 – 查看和管理所有客户及其购买历史的详细记录。
  • Detailed eCommerce reports – Keep track of your earnings, refunds, sales, average order value, and more.
  • Secure file protection – Prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing your product files without paying.
  • Discount codes – Boost conversions by offering potential customers a coupon or discount code which can be applied at checkout.
  • 适用于任何主题 – 让您选择的 WordPress 主题处理设计。 Easy Digital Downloads 将非常适合。
  • 以及更多!

Localized for your language

Easy Digital Downloads has been translated into more than two dozen languages and new translations are being added all the time, letting you have a natural, native experience, regardless of where you live. If your language is not available, we welcome translation contributions! See our FAQ.

EDD 给了我一个开箱即用的平台,带有领过的自定义的任何我想需要的事情,两全其美!

Brian Hogg – SellingPlugins.com

Support for many payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal

The internet has made it possible for anyone to sell their products to a world-wide audience. No matter where you live, Easy Digital Downloads can be your e-Commerce solution. We offer integrations for the most common merchant processors.

Offer multiple payment methods, and start selling today:

  • Credit Cards/Bank Cards – Via Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • CashApp
  • Link by Stripe
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit
  • Venmo
  • Sofort

Payment gateways supported through free or paid extensions:

  • Stripe Pro(降低费用和预先批准的付款功能)
  • PayPal Commerce Pro (unbranded card payments and additional payment methods)

What can I say? Stripe is my go-to payment processor, and without this [integration] I don’t know what I would do. Connect EDD to your Stripe account in seconds, and you’re done! Having a simple test mode toggle is also a valuable development tool.

Matt Whiteley – Whiteley Designs

Easy Digital Downloads is a verified member of the Stripe partner program. This program recognizes software that meets Stripe’s strict quality requirements and provides users of Easy Digital Downloads and Stripe with the confidence they need to trust thier business is secure.

Grow revenue with a Pass

With our Passes you can get access to additional features and super-charge your ecommerce business. Some of our most popular features in Pro are:

  • Subscriptions allows store owners to sell recurring subscriptions for digital products using payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  • Reviews allows customers to leave reviews and feedback on the products they have purchased.
  • Content Restriction allows site owners to restrict access to page content to paying customers.
  • Software Licensing provides a complete solution for selling software license keys and distributing software updates to customers. Trusted by some of the most successful WordPress Theme and Plugin developers.
  • Frontend Submissions transforms your store into a full-featured multi-vendor marketplace.
  • Commissions enables store owners to easily track earnings for product vendors.
  • Free Downloads allows you to give free products away as lead magnets.
  • Recommended Products increases revenue by showing customers recommendations on additional products to purchase based on real sales data.
  • Mailchimp connects your store to your Mailchimp account so you can easily subscribe customers to email lists based on which products they purchase.

These are just a few of the features available to help you optimize your digital store and increase revenue. See our complete list of extensions for more.

Powerful yet flexible

Extensible, adaptable, and open source — Easy Digital Downloads is created with designers and developers in mind. Consult our detailed developer documentation to learn how you can extend and customize your Easy Digital Downloads powered eCommerce store.

Easy Digital Downloads API 使开发人员可以进行自定义,例如:

  • 修改结账表单
  • 覆盖默认的插件行为
  • Generating custom e-Commerce reports
  • 扩展本地的功能
  • 创建一个新的产品页面模板
  • 整合了其他的插件和网站应用


作为开发人员,使用 Easy Digital Downloads 非常愉快,因为您绝对可以扩展 EDD 中可用的任何内容。

Yudhistira Mauris – WP House


Easy Digital Downloads is backed by world-class technical support from our globally distributed full-time support team. We also have an extensive documentation site available. If you’re looking for faster support via email, we encourage you to purchase an Easy Digital Downloads pass.

EDD 长期以来一直是 WordPress 坚如磐石的电子商务解决方案。团队生活和呼吸 WordPress,了解平台,并融入社区。

Joe Casabona – 创作者课程

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Looking to change e-Commerce solutions?

Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect digital e-Commerce alternative to Etsy, Gumroad, WooCommerce, Shopfiy, BigCommerce, or Wix.

You can use Easy Digital Downloads to sell your digital products with less fees than Gumroad or Etsy, and create unlimited products, and never pay a listing fee.

If Easy Digital Downloads doesn’t quite fit your needs, we suggest you try WP Simple Pay.

WP Simple Pay is the #1 Stripe Payments Plugin for WordPress.

Branding guideline

Easy Digital Downloads is a product by Sandhills Development, LLC. When writing about the digital eCommerce plugin by Easy Digital Downloads, please make sure to always reference us by full name before you use our short name of EDD.

Easy Digital Downloads (correct)
EDD (correct)
easy digital downloads (incorrect)
Edd (incorrect, this is our mascot’s name!)
edd (incorrect)


  • Detailed and actionable reports
  • Customer Management
  • Order History
  • Order Details
  • Product Grid - Vendd
  • Checkout - Vendd
  • Product Grid - Default Theme
  • Checkout - Default Theme



  • EDD Cart Display a mini or full shopping cart outside of checkout for Easy Digital Downloads.
  • EDD Download Terms Show categories, or tags for Easy Digital Download products.
  • EDD Order History Display the Easy Digital Downloads order history of a logged in user.
  • EDD User Downloads Allows a user to access the Easy Digital Downloads products they have purchased.
  • EDD Receipt Show customers their detailed receipt. Supports guest orders.
  • EDD Registration Form Registration form for Easy Digital Downloads.
  • EDD Products A block to show your Easy Digital Download products based on visual customizations and query parameters.
  • EDD Login Form Login form for Easy Digital Downloads.
  • EDD Checkout Full checkout block for Easy Digital Downloads.
  • EDD Buy Button Quickly add a "buy now" button for any EDD product.
  • EDD Confirmation A brief confirmation screen to show to customers immediately after a successful purchase.


  1. 激活插件
  2. Complete the Onboarding Wizard
  3. Start selling your first product!
  4. For more detailed setup instructions, vist the official Documentation page.



Full searchable docs for Easy Digital Downloads and all our extensions can be found at https://easydigitaldownloads.com/docs

Where can I ask for help with my digital e-Commerce store?

You can submit a support ticket via the support forum at anytime.


任意的文件类型都可以通过Easy Digital Downloads 售卖。你可以售卖 PDF,DOC,MP3,MOV EPUB, PSD,MP4,JPG 或者其他的一些产品创新表格的文件,有一个文件上传字段可以接受任何文件类型.上传到该字段的任何文件都是客户完成购买后立即收到的文件。

How can I increase conversions?

Due to its popularity, many ecommerce tools have built direct integrations with Easy Digital Downloads, such as OptinMonster. With the direct EDD integration, you can optimize your sales funnel using OptinMonster’s display rules based on the customer’s EDD cart contents and conditions.


Easy Digital Downloads can function without an SSL certificate just fine, making it easy to set up in a testing or development environment. We still strongly recommend you have an SSL certificate for your live store, both for security and for the peace of mind of your customers. Documentation here

有那些主题适用于Easy Digital Download?

While nearly any theme will work with Easy Digital Downloads, we’ve worked with industry-leading theme developers to curate a list of themes that are specifically written for Easy Digital Downloads.


是的!你可以简单的去到工具>导入并且安装WordPress Importer,然后导航到wp-content/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/assets/ 并且选择sample-products-import.xml 文件,这会为你创建一些案例产品以及插件页面


Yes! We do have a basic import solution that imports a CSV file, so if you can get your data into the appropriate format then we can import it.

How do I migrate from Gumroad?

Check out our guide on migrating to Easy Digital Downloads from Gumroad.

How do I show the user’s purchase history?

You can display your customer’s purchase history with the EDD Order History Block or if you prefer, you can show users a list of their available downloads with the EDD User Downloads block. Check out our documentation for more information about Easy Digital Download’s Blocks.


Easy Digital Downloads comes with a customizable WordPress Block, giving you the ability to display your products your way.


是的!EDD 直接整合了一些affiliate平台,并且提供了一些affiliate系统你可以用于赚取你网站里面的佣金。这意味着当你在为你的客户推荐商品是,如果这些客户购买了你的商品,这些affiliate会给你一些佣金。

查看 AffiliateWP

Can I give my customers downloadable PDF Invoices?

Yes, with a Personal Pass, you can provide beautiful and downloadable invoices to your customers with the Invoices extension.

Are recurring payments (subscriptions) supported?

Yes, with an Extended Pass you get access to Recurring Payments. Full documentation here. The Recurring Payments extension allows you to create subscriptions so that customers continue paying you over time. This is great for selling memberships, courses, all access passes, software licenses, and other products which require an ongoing payment.


Thanks so much Mihai for taking the time to help debug my code problem. EDD working perfectly now!
I've used Easy Digital Downloads for years for music downloads for several clients with great results. The software is very functional and efficient and the support service has been excellent and prompt - usually within a day or less! Thanks, EDD!
We run an all-access style subscription platform, and while not perfect EDD helps us grow our business. They are responsive to support requests and we are quite happy with the functionality.
J'ai un site de téléchargement de photos qui tourne avec EDD depuis plusieurs années et je n'ai pas rencontré de problème particulier.


“Easy Digital Downloads – Sell Digital Files (eCommerce Store & Payments Made Easy)” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“Easy Digital Downloads – Sell Digital Files (eCommerce Store & Payments Made Easy)”插件已被翻译至19种本地话语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。

将“Easy Digital Downloads – Sell Digital Files (eCommerce Store & Payments Made Easy)”翻译成您的语言。





  • Compatibility: Improved compatibility with servers not configured with mbstring.
  • PayPal: Improved detection of PayPal order session handling and processing.


  • Compatibility: Adds support for PHP 8.2.
  • PayPal: Improve error handling of PayPal API responses.
  • REST API: Download terms now have the featured images in the JSON response.
  • Checkout: Improved the checkout block login and registration handling.
  • Checkout: The legacy shortcode properly handles required fields.
  • Emails: Improved sample data for the purchase confirmation preview.
  • Refunds: Improved refund status handling and validation.
  • Downloads: Bulk editing no longer clears prices.
  • Downloads: Improved the ability to filter the ‘supports buy now’ for a download.
  • Downloads: Reliability of the file download limits was improved.
  • Settings: Encourage store owners to set a country to help prepare for upcoming features.
  • Privacy: Enhanced the integration with the WordPress Privacy tools.
  • Reports: Improved chart sizing to prevent overlap and overflow.
  • Dates: Added a polyfill for servers without mbstring.
  • Support: Made links to support and documentation more accessible.
  • Taxes: Corrected an issue with subscription updates when taxes are enabled.
  • Registration: Fixed an issue with Recaptcha on the registration form.

View the full changelog at https://easydigitaldownloads.com/changelogs/plugin/easy-digital-downloads/


  • Block Editor: The user registration forms and lost password feature have been updated to allow customization via hooks.
  • Stripe: Refunded payments initiated within the Stripe Dashboard now create a refund order in EDD.
  • Cart: Improved product validation when adding an item to the cart.
  • Emails: Admin payment & order notifications have been updated to allow further customization.
  • Block Editor: Improved compatibility with themes and page builders.
  • Payments: Ensure that tax rates are accurately stored when using legacy payment creation processes.
  • Customers: Improved the performance and accuracy of checking if a user has previously made purchases.


  • PayPal: The IPN Backup for PayPal was fixed to prevent a fatal error.
  • PayPal: Improved the Buy Now with PayPal payments to bypass Checkout only when Buy Now is fully supported.
  • PayPal: Improved the reliability of the PayPal IPN listener.
  • Stripe: Improved the Buy Now with Stripe payments to bypass Checkout only when Buy Now is fully supported by the product.
  • Stripe: The State/Region ensures that it is updated when the Country field is changed.
  • Emails: Further improved the reliability of payment emails and admin payment notifications.
  • Customers: Migrating the customer data from EDD 2.x to EDD 3.x is now more reliable.
  • Customers: Existing guest customers can now use the EDD Registration form to create a user.
  • Customers: Improved the customer email address detection and reliability.
  • Payments: Updated the customer recent payments list to use the correct date format.
  • Blocks: Improved the reliability of checkout when EDD Blocks or Gutenberg are disabled.


  • Stripe: We’ve improved the error handling and informational messaging related to the Stripe Payments integration.
  • PayPal: When new features are added to the PayPal integration, a background process attempts to register new payment endpoints automatically.
  • API: Accessing the file download logs via the EDD API now supports querying by both customer ID and customer email address.


  • Important: This release requires PHP 7.4 or higher and WordPress 5.8 or higher.
  • Important: Amazon Pay has been formally deprecated and is no longer available for new installs. Existing stores using Amazon Pay are encouraged to explore other options.
  • Compatibility: PHP 8.1 is now fully supported.
  • Compatibility: To avoid conflicts with other plugins, critical vendor libraries have been moved to the EDD namespace.
  • Compatibility: It was possible for sites with incompatible MySQL versions to not see the appropriate warnings.
  • Compatibility: Attempting to activate a pass with an empty license key could appear to be stuck.
  • Compatibility: Easy Digital Downloads is no longer registering the edd_payment and edd_discount post types.
  • Compatibility: Code for old, unsupported versions of PHP has been removed.
  • Discounts: Discount codes can now be applied to specific price variations.
  • Discounts: A discount code can now be set to include or exclude specific download categories.
  • Discounts: Store owners can now archive discount codes, to make managing their promotions simpler.
  • Discounts: The discount list now has improved visibility for the status and usage of discounts.
  • Discounts: Added hardening around viewing the adjustments list table.
  • Discounts: Flat discount can result in an incorrect rounding total depending on the cart conditions.
  • Discounts: Discount codes resulting in a 100% discount could restrict the cart from allowing the user to complete the purchase.
  • Downloads: A new ‘Service’ product type was added to the Product Type dropdown, to allow for non-downloadable products.
  • Downloads: The bundle product metabox has been improved for performance on sites with many products.
  • Downloads: The query for non-bundled products has been updated to be more performant, specifically when editing a download product.
  • Stripe: The Stripe JavaScript has been improved to be more efficient, remove only error messages, and only run when the Stripe gateway is selected.
  • Stripe: Stripe could attempt to update a property that is not supported by the Stripe API.
  • Stripe: Saved cards were not correctly saving for some users.
  • Stripe: Update Stripe’s non-licensed application fee to 3%.
  • Stripe: The application fee for Stripe payments is removed for pass holders who have access to the Stripe Pro extension even if they do not have Stripe Pro installed.
  • Stripe: Stripe Payment Elements no longer supported a theme of ‘none’, and ‘stripe’ has been defaulted.
  • Stripe: Regional support for Stripe now checks the Stripe account country before checking the store country.
  • Stripe: The Stripe Payment Element now uses the browser’s locale for localization.
  • Stripe: Easy Digital Downloads – Core now holds the Stripe base code, and Stripe Pro 3.0.0 only contains pro features.
  • PayPal: PayPal Commerce orders where not always being completed when using the confirmation page.
  • PayPal: New PayPal Commerce subscriptions might not be correctly marked as complete.
  • Payments: Disputed payments in PayPal and Stripe set the order to a new ‘On Hold’ status, and restrict access to downloads.
  • Payments: When a payment is disputed with PayPal or Stripe, a link to the dispute is added to the view order details in the admin along with order notes.
  • Payments: The date that the completed order actions were run is now stored as part of the order itself, not as metadata, and will be displayed more clearly on the order details screens. Existing meta will be migrated in the background; notifications will be updated to keep store owners advised of progress.
  • Payments: A new edd_after_order_actions hook has been introduced to manage all events which should happen when an order is created. This uses the order object for improved performance and any usage of edd_after_payment_actions should be updated accordingly.
  • Payments: Viewing the order details of a migrated order that had its discount deleted looked incomplete.
  • Emails: Purchase receipts are now sent using deferred actions, to improve the performance of the payment processing.
  • REST API: Site Health and telemetry now check the health of the REST API via a test endpoint.
  • Block Editor: Easy Digital Downloads’ block styles have been updated for non block themes to load only when the block is rendered.
  • Block Editor: The EDD Products block now allows products to be filtered by author.
  • Block Editor: EDD Blocks placeholder styles could interfere with WordPress Core placeholders.
  • Performance: Many filters and hooks that passed EDD_Payment objects now have a complementary hook or filter that uses EDD\Orders\Order objects. Custom code should be updated for improved performance.
  • Performance: Improved performance of checkout and customer lookups by conditionally running legacy hooks and filters that contained payment objects.
  • Import: Using the Import tool could produce a fatal error.
  • Customers: Recalculating a customer’s stats was not always being scheduled correctly.
  • Cart: Malformed add to cart URLs could result in a PHP warning being thrown.
  • Cart: When saving a cart with Stripe as the active gateway, the message stating the cart was saved was removed prematurely.
  • Fees: Additional, not officially supported fee data is now stored as order adjustment metadata.
  • i18n: 141 Additions, 199 Removals/Location Changes, 17 Differences (counts are approximate).


  • Stripe: India Regions were not being properly loaded.
  • Compatibility: Fixed compatibility with PHP 7.1 when adding a new discount.
  • Taxes: Tax settings tab was overriding the base class method for getting the ID.