Easy Image Alternate Text


The Easy Image Alternate Text WordPress plugin automatically generates alternate text for images as they are uploaded to your website. Includes on demand options on the various Media Library screens so alt text can be detected as images are edited and inserted into content. Easy Image Alternate Text uses the Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Computer Vision API to look up alternate text so an API key and endpoint url are required in order to use this plugin. Use of the API requires a Microsoft account with credit card on file to charge for usage. Azure Usage Rates

The Computer Vision API’s algorithms analyze the content found in an image and generates complete sentences of human readable language describing what is found in the image.


The two methods of installing the plugin are:

  1. Search for “Easy Image Alternate Text” in Plugins > Add New and click the Install button.
  2. Unzip the archive and put the easy-image-alternate-text folder into your site’s /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Then activate Easy Image Alternate Text from the Plugins menu.


2020年3月29日 1 回复
I'm a computer engineer and this plugin is a false advertisement. It isn't free, you have to pay for Azure subscription. It's not an easy setup, very complex.


“Easy Image Alternate Text” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。




  1. updated for Wordpres 5.7


  1. added input validation


  1. Pro version features were merged into the free version


  1. removed bug resulting in invalid api key being reset


  1. minor updates


  1. set to return false when alt text can’t be determined
  2. added check for valid api key


  1. security update

1. update multi-site option to remove settings when plugin is uninstalled.


  1. First release.

1. update multi-site option to remove settings when plugin is uninstalled.