GDPR-compliant ReCaptcha for all forms and logins


Protect all your forms and logins against spam and brute-force attacks. The plugin is invisible and compliant to GDPR (RGPD, DSGVO).
It has a lot of options on the one hand and comes with a well balanced default configuration. Thus it starts working very well, as soon as it is activated.

Key features

  • Blocks spam on all(!) public forms, comments and logins
  • Invisible. No user-input required
  • Still receive 100 percent of the real requests
  • Compliant to GDPR (respectively DSGVO, RGPD)
  • The Plugin is for free
  • No tracking, no cookies, no sessions
  • No external ressources
  • Easy to use
  • SEO-friendly
  • Only necessary code
  • Optionally messages can be flagged instead of blocking them

Examples WordPress

  • Login Form
  • Registration Form
  • Password Reset Form
  • Comments Form

Examples WooCommerce

  • Checkout
  • Login Form
  • Registration Form
  • Password Reset Form
  • Comments form
  • Product Evaluation Form

Examples other Plugins

  • WPForms
  • Fluent Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms
  • Formidable Forms
  • Elementor Pro Forms
  • Mailchimp for WordPress Forms
  • BuddyPress Registration Form
  • bbPress Create Topic & Reply Forms
  • Ultimate Member Forms
  • wpDiscuz Custom Comments Form

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy using the plugin! If you are happy with it, I would be glad to get your review and probably a coffee too.


  1. Install and activate the plugin via WordPress Plugins page. Done!
  2. Optionally: After activation, you can adjust precisely how messages shall be blocked, flagged or saved in plugin’s settings menu.


Submissions are incorrectly treated as spam

This may happen if the Javascript of your page doesn’t work properly. Therefore 3 reasons are known:
1. The problem sometimes occures directly after the installation due to caching. Therefore the required JavaScript to do the proof-of-work, isn’t loaded as intended. To fix this, clear the cache on your webserver (WordPress-caching is usually done by plugins which serve an option to clear the cache) and in your browser.
2. JavaScript is crashing because of incompatibility of the plugin with another plugin. If you recognize that, I would be happy if you report it to me. Usually I’ll fix it within the same day.
3. Javascript is crashing even without this plugin. Even without this plugin, you should always ensure that JavaScript is working correctly on all of your pages.
4. In the most browsers you can identify Javascript errors by pressing F12 on your page and navgigating to console. Here you can see what happens on your page.

Parsing error

Appears in Elementor, if your submission was identified as spam. Look at question “The plugin recognizes submissions incorrectly as spam” for further information.

Neither messages, nore spam is shown in the inbox

First of all: Whereas the blocking, should work for every form and login on the one hand, on the other hand there may exist several reasons why the inbox and the flagging of spam doesn’t work.
The spam-check and the respective blocking of spam happens independently of all your plugins and technical settings for every POST-request.
To flag and to save submissions correctly in your inbox requires your form to use WordPress-standards. Many form-builders define an own standard and therefore manipulate post-variables.
Therefore the initially posted parameters either do not achieve the processing of the plugin, or they achieve it in an unknown form that is not treated correctly.
If you recognize this behaviour, I would be glad if you gave me a notice in the support forum and usually I would ad specific support for your form-builder.

Can’t get my problems fixed

  1. Important messages could be shown in browser console (F12) on problematic page
  2. Whenever you post something to the support forum, try to hand over all details
  3. If the recaptcha doesn’t work on any form, give me a notice and I will try to fix that

How to disable this plugin?

  • Use standard WordPress plugins page for deactivation and deletion of the plugin
  • When deactivating the plugin you will be asked for the reason. If you face any problems I would be glad if you report to it me as detailed as possible. Usually I will fix them quickly. If you give me contcat details, I may inform you as soon as it is fixed.


Very useful plugin that blocks spam efficiently without annoying the user.The boxes that can record spam and normal messages is a very good idea And the support is cool and very quick to fix problem. Thanks for this plugin!
Really great plugin which detects spam without bothering the user with an interaction or a cookie banner. No single spam messages reached my customer since I installed it.
2023年2月26日 1 回复
Thank you for this plugin! Easy installation, and the forms still work ;-).
I just installed the plugin and it blocked all incoming spam. I really like the opportunity to still watch the spam and as well the option to just flag spam for mail-forwarding, as we really use it.


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  • Hash-puzzles are saved in the database right now
  • Raised efficiency of the server-side spam-check


  • Better resilience of the plugin
  • Javascript know is directly echoed from PHP, to save loading time


  • Special thanks to the user vptcnt
  • Error 500 which appeard due to empty line reading in the stamp-log-file resolved


  • Spam-check procedure optimized


  • Complete code-rebuild
  • Shopping carts and all other elements from Woocommerce are now working with the plugin
  • Better integration of Elementor
  • Popup-Bug for login-screen solved
  • Plugin performance optimized
  • The proof-of-work-check now happens before form submission via ajax. Thus collision with other plugins is minimized


  • Elementor support added


  • Problems with multiple forms on one page solved
  • DOM-Integrity problem with non-unique IDs solved


Erroneous behaviour of the inbox with renamed WordPress-table-prefixes fixed


Empty JavaScript file deleted and not loaded anymore, to avoid loading the file uneccesary in the admin menu


Settings menu beautified


New: GDPR-compliant ReCaptcha for all forms has been released!