Generate WpGraphql Image DataUrl


This plugin Generates DataUrl of MediaItem in WPGraphQL.

This is an extension to the awsome WPGraphQL plugin ( that Generate DataUrl of MediaItems.

If you are working with Headless WordPress and NextJS you can notice that NextJS don’t offer BlurUp image like GatsbyJS by default. You have to pass a base64 dataUrl in to make it work.
Or you will see a blank space until the image loads. This plugin adds a dataUrl on each media item so you can use it as a placeholder until the image fully loads and NextJS will also create the fade/BlurUp Effect like in GatsbyJS.

Returning DataUrl for:

  • MediaItem


  1. Install & activate WPGraphQL
  2. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

    See GitHub Repo for example queries




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