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WordPress Assets manager, dequeue scripts, dequeue styles

WordPress Assets manager, dequeue scripts, dequeue styles


You should know that, a lot of WordPress plugins developers forget performance when creating plugins. This means that a lot of them load self scripts/styles on every single post and or page of your site. This is not good, because it slows your site down.

That’s why we created the WP Asset manager, with it, you can choose which scripts and styles should be loaded on the page, and which ones do not. One example of this would be with the Contact Form 7 plugin. With two clicks you can disable it everywhere except for on your contact page.


Decreases number of HTTP requests loaded (important for faster load)
Reduces the HTML code of the actual page (that’s even better if GZIP compression is enabled)
Makes source code easier to scan in case you’re a developer and want to search for something
Remove possible conflicts between plugins/theme (e.g. 2 JavaScript files that are loading from different plugins and they interfere one with another)
Better performance score if you test your URL on websites such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Website Speed Test
Google will love your website more as it would be faster and fast page load is nowadays a factor in search ranking
Your server access log files (e.g the Apache ones) will be easier to scan and would take less space on your server

We used some useful functions from plugins Asset Queue Manager, WP Asset CleanUp (Page Speed Optimizer), Clearfy – disable unused features, wp disable, Disabler, Admin Tweaks


  • English – default, always included
  • French – Thank you very much to user (kingteamdunet)
  • Russian

If you want to help with the translation, please contact me through this site or through the contacts inside the plugin.

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  • Control panel
  • Assets manager


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. The plugin settings can be accessed via the ‘Settings’ menu in the administration area (either your site administration for single-site installs).


2023 年 8 月 4 日
It’s useful to remove head scripts/styles that are only needed on a few pages, basically to police stuff plugins really should be doing on their own. My biggest complaint is “assets manager” shows in the admin bar for ALL users even logged out! if the admin bar is visible. I suspect the author keeps that disabled on their site and doesn’t realize it shows. I have to hide the manager (making it impossible to edit) at all times because I do show the admin bar for the Friends plugin and other features.
2022 年 4 月 6 日
At first I started with one star because haven’t found the button on which one get to the assets manager, then three stars because I wasn’t sure how it works, now after using it and dig into the code of the plugin I found it very good so that’s the five stars, works as expected! Great work, thank you!
2022 年 2 月 7 日 1 回复
I need a plugin like this, BUT, like other reviewers, I can’t figure out how to configure and use it. There’s a message in the settings that says to use the link in the Admin Bar. There is nothing related to this plugin that shows up in the Admin Bar. How does one use this? Surely, one of the reviewers that gave 5 starts can chime in? Cheers
2021 年 9 月 17 日 1 回复
Well can’t try this as this is unnecessary coded with an extra panel which is a miracle to be found. No menu in the admin panel like described (which is unnecessary and annoying anyway)
2021 年 8 月 13 日
Intrusive junk. When I try to delete this plugin, I get the following error message: Deletion failed: There has been a critical error on this website. Also, the plugin’s folder is named “gonzales” instead of anything remotely matching “Webcraftic Assets manager.” Really? Just “gonzales”? That makes it impossible to search for. STUPID! The only way to get rid of this junk is to delete the entire folder via FTP.


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2.1.8 (21.03.2024)

  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.5
  • Added: Compatibility with php 8.3

2.1.7 (21.11.2023)

  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.4
  • Added: Compatibility with php 8.2

2.1.6 (22.03.2023)

  • Fixed: Freemius framework conflict
  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2

2.1.4 (27.05.2022)

  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.0

2.1.3 (21.03.2022)

  • Fixed: Compatibility with Disable admin notices plugin

2.1.2 (21.03.2022)

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.2 – 5.9.x
  • Fixed: Minor bug

2.1.0 (21.12.2020)

  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

2.0.7 (21.12.2020)

  • Disabled search by options for a single plugin.
  • Fixed: duplicate templates and scripts error when rendering html views of Assets manager.

2.0.6 (15.12.2020)

  • Added: Subscribe form
  • Fixed: Minor bug

2.0.5 (12.02.2020)

  • Fixed: Minor bug

2.0.4 (10.12.2019)

  • Fixed: Bug “Warning message when open the Customize“.
  • Fixed: Conditional logic in the premium plugin didn’t work in previous version due an error.
  • Added: You can control asset requires. Now if you disabled asset and it required for which other asset, you will get prompt with warning.
  • Added: If you click on the “requires” tag, you will be gone to the asset for which require the current asset.

2.0.3 (13.11.2019)

  • Fixed: Minor bugs. Comment head of mu plugin determined as main.

2.0.2 (13.11.2019)

  • Fixed: Minor bugs. Added an admin notice about great release.

2.0.1 (12.10.2019)

  • Fixed: The bug with save mode.
  • Fixed: Some conditions (entire website) didn’t work. It could be due save mode.
  • Fixed: Critical a php error which related “Call to undefined function wp_scripts_get_suffix”.

2.0.0 (03.10.2019)

  • The interface has become more compact and friendly.
  • The speed and productivity of the editor is increased, it loads faster and does not freeze, as it was before.
  • Extended conditional logic has been added, now you can create complex conditions for disabling assets.
  • An additional mode has appeared to completely disable the plugin (you can disable not only scripts, but also stop executing plugin scripts).
  • Known bugs in the previous version are fixed.


  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 4.2 – 5.x
  • Added: Multisite support
  • Fixed: Minor bugs


  • Fixed: Added compatibility with ithemes sync
  • Fixed: Minor style fixes


  • Fixed: Fixed a bug when the interface did not open on the frontend.


Great update:
* We completely changed the interface design. Now it is more convenient for visual inspection of resource files.
* Fixed: All errors that users have reported about
* Added: Multisite support
* Added: New logic disabled scripts and styles
* Added: You can exclude assets from optimizing for Autoptimize and Clearfy plugins.
* Added: You can exclude resource files for which you do not need to remove the query string.
* Added: You can see which plugin the style file belongs to and the js file.


  • Fixed: Update core
  • Fixed: Compatibility with others plugin


  • Fixed: Compatibility with Clearfy plugin
  • Fixed: The plugin interface did not work and the styles were not loaded due to security settings
  • ADDED: Plugin options caching to reduce database queries for 90%. Clearfy became lighter and faster.
  • ADDED: Compress and cache the plugin core files, to reduce the load on the admin panel


  • Fixed: Core bugs
  • Fixed: Problems with the fonts in the assets manager


  • Plugin release