此插件已于 2022年11月10日 关闭,无法下载。 此关闭是暂时的,有待全面审核。


2022年6月20日 1 回复
There is no plugin just three lines of text advertising you to buy. This violates WP terms of rogue plugins and should be removed. NOTHING BUT SPAM!
WP-Glogin team! I received great support. I received great support. I'm sure this plugin will be useful for many users. If you are struggling, try contacting them before you become pessimistic. You'll probably get support as easily and quickly as I did. I am sure this plugin will be useful for many users. Thank you WP-Glogin team and Mr. Bhavesh Akhade, Lead Solution engineer. このプラグインはとても良いです。Google driveと容易に連結してくれます。これからはいちいちDLとULを繰り返すことも必要ありません。Googldrive内に例えばDropboxのショートカットを作成しておけば、Dropboxのファイルにもアクセスできるでしょう。WP-Gloinに感謝
2021年1月12日 2 回复
They make you go through a lengthy setting up process and only then tell you that you need the premium version for pretty much anything. Among other things, you can't use the free version to embed elements on the website.
2020年5月29日 1 回复
I am more of a content developer than a coder, and I wanted a simple way to share my various Google Drive documents with the world. This plug-in does exactly that and allows you to provide a link to open/download your Google Doc, and by that, I mean most file types that you have stored in your Google Drive, such as PDFs, Sheets presentations, videos, etc. You can choose to embed a custom-sized preview of your document that can even be scrolled before opening it, optionally in a new tab. This plugin has really facilitated my site development.


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