Filterable List


The filterable list is the Elementor Addon that creates the list or gallery with filters. You will find three sections on the style tab of the elementor editor: filters, items, and layouts.

First of all you need to add filters and give it a name and filter id. Than you can add items as cards, that will be filterd by filters.

You can also change the filter “All”, change the word “All” to any term, or even remove it.

In the filter section you can edit the text color, background color of the filters and the active filter, paddings, and margins, border radius, borders, and shadows.

In the items section you can edit the title color, description color, background overlay, borders, border radius, shadows, and others, widths, and height. Every time you make some changes, please click on the apply changes. So, you can see the changes applying.

In the layouts section you can find five different layouts to choose from.

Please, watch the video instruction here (


  • How to link the filter and item screenshot-1.PNG

  • When you change the widht or height of item, please click on the apply changes to see it on the editor screenshot-2.PNG


How can I link the filters and items

First, define the filter name and filter id. You must put the same category filter as the filter id you need. Every item with the category will be filtered by the filter with the same filter id.

Example: you can filter Animals, which has the filter id ‘animals’. You must use this word ‘animals’ in the items in the category filter.

What if I don’t want to use the image

You can remove the default image and use the background color, which you can choose on the tab Styles -> Items.

Is the plugin is responsive

Yes, you can make different changes for desktop, tablet and mobile




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