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2022 年 2 月 5 日 2 回复
This plugin is so simple it confused me, i was trying to work out how to connects to the twitter API. It doesn’t (as it says in the description) it adds metadata to each post and when you post the link in the twitter app it ‘all just works’! Only thing i would like to see added is the ability for twitter:description to be populated from the Excerpt text not the body text. There seems to be an option to do this but it seems it doesn’t work? **update – raising to 5 stars** Developer corrected the way the feature worked within 5 days of me raising the issue. Thanks, and Brilliant!
2020 年 12 月 30 日
Los estractos salen por Twitter como atractivas tarjetas.
2018 年 1 月 11 日
Not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It breaks the website entirely.


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