Launcher: Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode


Launcher is the perfect WordPress plugin for anyone launching a new product, website or service. Stun visitors with one of our beautiful, ready-made templates or create your own. Build anticipation with timers, contact forms and other promotional features.

Live Demos

* 默认模板
* 复古模板
* 火箭模板

Create buzz around your product even before you actually launch it. A well-built launch page ensures you are not wasting any traffic that lands on your website before you are ready to show your website/product to the world.

Our plugin also has a nifty opt-in feature to help visitors enter their contact details. You can setup the plugin to add those email subscribers to any one of your favorite email marketing services. Currently, Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, and Mad Mimi are supported with support for even more services coming soon. This feature alone makes it worth your while to have a launcher page because when you do launch, you already have an audience that is interested in your product and will serve as your “beta testing” sample as well.

With options to change colors and add your own background image – you will be sure that no other launcher page will look like yours.

We have added a simple “enable” button you can use to turn the launch page on or off at any time you like. We know you do not want to keep making the changes every time you disable the plugin, so this small feature will help you retain all the settings for future use.

Launcher plugin is also perfect if you are changing your website’s frontend but do not want visitors to see the changes until your website is done with the redesign. With our plugin, your visitors will see the launch/coming soon page while as the users with administrator access will see the regular front-end. This way, you can see the changes live while everyone else sees a “coming soon” page.

While your website is under construction, you can tell the search engines not to index your website with the click of a button.

You can upload a new favicon while the website has a launch page activated and you can add your own title or description to the launch page too.

It is a very light-weight plugin and doesn’t add any additional load to your website or your server. It comes with three unique pre-defined templates you can use out-of-the-box or as a base to create a new layout of your own.

Launcher plugin for WordPress also comes with a frontend editor to make editing the under-construction page a no-brainer. There is a contact form built-in for helping your visitors get in touch with you while the launcher plugin is enabled.

Why Launcher from MyThemeShop:

  • 轻量级插件
  • 附带3个默认模板
  • 前端编辑器
  • 高级计数器
  • 社交媒体图标
  • 内置联系表单
  • In Built Subscription Form [Supports Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi ]
  • In Built Recent Tweets Support
  • 支持多国语言翻译
  • 开发者友好 – 模板系统,它让你创建自己的模板,如WP主题


所有的支持这个插件是通过我们的论坛。 如果您尚未注册,可以在此处执行免费





Yes, this plugin is developer friendly and supports Custom Templates. You can add templates via the theme or an add-on plugin.
Create a new ‘launcher’ folder in your theme directory, and add your template files there. The new templates will automatically show up on the Settings page of the Launcher plugin. You can also copy templates from the ‘templates’ folder of the plugin into your ‘launcher’ theme folder, but keep in mind that if the file path is the same as that of a default template (e.g. default/default.php), then it will replace the default template instead of adding a new one.




  • 主要设置
  • 模版
  • 倒计时器
  • 订阅表格
  • Twitter Feed
  • Contact Form
  • 社会化媒体链接


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. launcher 文件夹上传到/wp-content/plugins/目录。
  2. 通过WordPress的“插件”菜单激活插件。
  3. 您可以在WordPress设置选项卡中看到“Launcher”选项。
  4. 使用后端选项和前端编辑器配置插件。


Plugin is not working



it works perfect. make sure you are not logged-in at wordpress admin to view the changes at front end. always use another browser or incognito window of your browser to see the live version. this is usually most of the people make mistake.
I based my entire relaunch around this plug in. Unfortunately it did not work AT ALL. And yes, I did set it up correctly. The plug in even said, "Launcher enabled." I uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times and it simply did not work. I was on a tight schedule and this already set me back so I went with a different, nowhere near as nice looking, product. I had tested it and it had worked previously, but when push came to shove... nope. Would not turn on. Not with a private browser, not even with people from across the country trying it. Just.. nothing.
nice design and options..especially the contact form


“Launcher: Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。




  • Patched another XSS vulnerability
    Props to @Metamorfosec


  • Added nonce check
    Props to @Metamorfosec


  • Fixed XSS vulnerability
  • Fixed text-domain in l10n functions
  • Added capability check for the save function
    Props to @Metamorfosec


  • Fixed conflict with WooCommerce


  • Fixed image insert issue in template editor


  • Improved support for HTTPS websites


  • 固定联系表单发送问题


  • 修复文本中的单引号问题(出现斜杠)


  • 固定联系表单发送问题


  • 修复了AWeber订阅表单问题


  • 固定订阅表单问题,包括MailChimp
  • 修复了小的CSS错误


  • 官方插件发布。