WooCommerce 许可证管理器允许您轻松销售和管理所有数字许可证密钥。借助批量导入器、自动交付和数据库加密等功能,您的商店现在将比以往更加轻松运行。

插件 & API 文档

Key features

  • Automatically sell and deliver license keys through WooCommerce.
  • Automatically manage the stock for licensed products.
  • Activate, deactivate, and check your licenses through the REST API.
  • Manually resend license keys.
  • Add and import license keys and assign them to WooCommerce products.
  • All licenses are encrypted to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Administrators can activate or deactivate user accounts.
  • Allows users to add duplicate license keys into the database.
  • The order status tab provides license key delivery settings.
  • Import license keys by file upload.
  • Export license keys as PDF or CSV.
  • Manage the status of your license keys.
  • Create license key generators with custom parameters.
  • Assign a generator to one (or more!) WooCommerce product(s), these products then automatically create a license key whenever they are sold.

License Manager for WooCommerce Pro

License Manager for WooCommerce Pro allows you to enhance the capabilities for your eCommerce website with features like:

  • Download Expires – Download expired products and generates new license keys.
  • Product Download Detail – Enters a change log and product version from the settings.
  • Validate Customer Licenses – Validate customer licenses using their ID.
  • Ping Request – Create a ping request to check the client-server connection.

View License Manager for WooCommerce Pro pricing plans.


The plugin also offers additional endpoints for manipulating licenses and generator resources. These routes are authorized via API keys (generated through the plugin settings) and accessed via the WordPress API. An extensive API documentation is also available.

Need help?

If you have any feature requests, need more hooks, or maybe have even found a bug, please let us know in the support forum or e-mail us at support@wpexperts.io. We look forward to hearing from you!

You can also check out the documentation pages, as they contain the most essential information on what the plugin can do for you.


该插件将在文件夹wp-content/uploads/lmfwc-files中创建两个文件。这些文件 ( defuse.txtsecret.txt ) 包含加密密钥,如果它们不存在,这些密钥会自动生成。这些加密密钥用于加密、解密哈希许可证密钥。一旦他们被生成,请备份他们在安全的地方。如果你失去了这两个文件,你的加密许可证密钥在数据库中将永远丢失!

If you would like to contribute to any of these libraries in these languages (Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, .NET, C, C#, C++, and Golang), please visit our library page for more details.


  • 许可证密钥概述页面。
  • 添加单个许可证密钥。
  • 批量添加多个许可证密钥。
  • WooCommerce简单的产品选项。
  • WooCommerce可变产品选项。
  • 生成器概述页面。
  • 创建新的许可证密钥生成器。
  • REST API(应用程序编程接口)



  1. 将插件文件上传到/wp-content/plugins/license-manager-for-woocommerce目录,或直接通过WordPress插件页面安装插件。
  2. 通过WordPress中的插件页激活插件。
  3. 使用序列号管理器 设置页面配置插件。


  1. 打开 WordPress 仪表板并导航到插件页面。
  2. 点击新增
  3. 在搜索栏中,键入“ License Manager for WooCommerce”
  4. 选择此插件,然后单击立即安装


该插件将在文件夹wp-content/uploads/lmfwc-files中创建两个文件。这些文件 ( defuse.txtsecret.txt ) 包含加密密钥,如果它们不存在,这些密钥会自动生成。这些加密密钥用于加密、解密哈希许可证密钥。一旦他们被生成,请备份他们在安全的地方。如果你失去了这两个文件,你的加密许可证密钥在数据库中将永远丢失!





Again, yes! Here you can find the API Documentation detailing all the new endpoint requests and responses. Have fun!

Does the plugin work with variable products?

Yes, the plugin can assign licenses or generators to individual product variations.

Can I sell my own license keys with this plugin?

Yes, the plugin allows you to import an existing list of license keys via the file upload (CSV or TXT).

Can I use this plugin to provide a licensing system for my own software?

Of course! The plugin comes with REST API routes which allow you to activate, deactivate, and validate license keys.


2023年8月13日 1 回复
You have to add key one by one. It's terrible management
We have been using the plugin of those fellas to resolve difficult requests that came through from our clients. We encountered a conflict of logic in one of our websites, because it is a habit for us to develop custom themes and solutions for our clients. We contacted the plugin support and those people were more than happy to help. They resolved the issue and showed patience and understanding to our queries. Great work! Keep it up.
It simply works 🙂 I especially like the ease of use of the api, that you can check the status of the key with just the key and without transmitting additional data. However i would whish for woocommerce subscription that no new key would be generated but the old one would be renewed. That is the only downside for me. But still 5/5 for the base version!


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