FloatAny – Popups, Notifications & Any Content Floating


FloatAny is a tool that will help you in making engagement and conversion elements for your Website. To be concrete, with FloatAny create floating menus, info bars, popup or slide-in panels. Set them into rotating notification system, introduce them on page’s load or exit intend, offer coupons and much more. It can be used, for example, to:

  • Engage visitors with your products and items
  • Turn over site visitors to consumers, followers or buyers
  • Increase social followers & connect with your social sites
  • Get additional email subscribers
  • Create eminent floating menus
  • Stick necessary announcements
  • Rotate exciting news and messages about your products

Simplicity, Performance and Design

The big chance is you’re going to like this, FloatAny’s interface is the same that WordPress is using for publishing posts and pages. This means that content of the panels are built with native WordPress’ blocks. This creates lightweight outcome, outputting mostly the resources your site is already using. This should produce faster page loading compared to the tools competitors provide.

Therefore, FloatAny allows you to simply extend the functionality of your Website and to create floating content in an easy and a way you should be already familiar with. Multiple styles and functionalities are there which will help you to engage your site’s guests and will enable additional interactions for them on the site. You see, by using WordPress blocks you assemble components to form different site elements, i.e. floating menus, popup boxes, newsletter signup forms, important announcements, rotating messages. As you guess, the way you form the content, is up to you. You can get really creative by yourself or use existing patterns.

Don’t get lost, help is there when you need it

After installing the plugin, the best way to start is to check the documentation on our site. We explain in details all the features the plugin have. To fully understand FloatAny’s features you can visit Demo section. At the end, to get things easier we’ve created the import/export feature. This permits you to quickly move FloatAny content from one Website to a different one or to begin simply with the examples we have prepared for you. Once imported, you’ll be able to test different FloatAny panel types. More information on how to import exemple content is provided on our site.

Note: Some features are part of the Premium addon. Free version allows you to create panels for the site overall, while the Premium addon gives you more flexibility. With free version obtain the general impression regarding the plugin and if the site overall functionallity is all you need, you’re free to use it. However, with Premium version you get more features and options.

Go Premium

Premium Version

  • Conditional appearance
  • Restriction for any page, categories, user logged status, user roles, etc.
  • Appear after event (time, scrolling, page’s element in view), etc.
  • Scheduling campaings
  • Geolocation targeting
  • Trigger a popup “On click” – from the content’s button, link or image
  • Output as a shortcode or through WordPress block interface
  • Exclude individually from showing on each post/page
  • and much more customization options…

For additional information visit our site and see all features and benefits of upgrading to the FloatAny’s Premium version.


  • Add a new panel
  • The simple interface leads you to complete the purpose of the box and it’s location
  • Add content and publish
  • Created FloatAny Panel appears on the site
  • Full width sliding panel from the top
  • Simple call to action example
  • Inline triggered panel (YouTube content)
  • Social links example
  • ...or create more catchy pop-up box or announcement bar



  • FloatAny - Popups, Notifications & Any Content Floating


Automated Installation

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins -> Add New, then search for the “FloatAny”. Activate the plugin.

Manual Alternative

Alternatively, install FloatAny by uploading the files manually to your server. Download the plugin here from wordpress.org, upload the files to the plugin directiory of your WordPress installation. Go to the admin dashboard of your site, now. Navigate to the Plugins section and activate FloatAny.


After activating the plugin, in your WordPress Dashboard find the section “FloatAny”. There you can set its default settings and add your first floating panel.




“FloatAny – Popups, Notifications & Any Content Floating” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。



1.0.0 – 2021-12-23

  • Improved: Added the option to conditionally load the plugin files either site overall or on demand
  • Improved: Small code cleaning

0.1.5 – 2021-12-07

  • Improvment: When alignwide and alignfull classes are used inside the panel, will update its sizes on the screen resize
  • Improvment: Shaving some duplicate css selectors
  • Improvment: Small code cleaning in JS files and making sure all checks are passed by JSHint standards

0.1.4 – 2021-11-30

  • Improved: Role banish code is now processed as js plugable
  • Improved: Some files are renamed to better reflect their purpuse
  • Improved: Cleaning some UI help notices that aren’t complement with the recent plugin changes
  • Fix: Better performance, making sure that duplicate WP queries aren’t executed in some instances
  • Fix: translation strings, in some instances the wrong textdomain was specified
  • Small code tweaking – compliance for the upcoming Pro version
  • New: Introducing Goals. This is the foundation for the setting and tracking goals (Analytics)

0.1.3 – 2021-11-09

  • New: Showing style – Now, you can select between popup bump, popup fading and slide-in vertically or horizontally.
  • New: Toggler/Closer styling – Set rounded, border, etc.
  • Improved: UI an UX, more logical ordering of some options & setting some help notices.
  • Excluded the settings link from the admin bar
  • Small code rectifying and clearer ramification

0.1.2 – 2021-10-29

  • New: Rotator added as a panel role (rotate the panel’s content as notification items on the set time)
  • New: Border options added – shaping is now possible for all panel’s corners
  • Improved: Panel’s overlay is now executed differently, in a plugin way
  • Improved: Change Panel Type classes to better describe their purpose
  • Improved: UI – more spacing for the button set field and similar small adjustments
  • Improved: sanitization of the number fields
  • Improved: Change the Panel Role option for the “Closer” type, from Opened to Hidden – Open is default now, since it’s the more expected behavior, “Hidden” is the option you can utilize
  • Improved: Signup patterns – replace a “shortcode” with a “html” block to better reflect expected behavior

0.1.1 – 2021-09-15

  • New: 15+ patterns added
  • New: Added the in-content “toggler” button option
  • Improved: Closing a panel with “hover-out” as a panel type has more options and flexibility now
  • Improved: “Unset toggler/closer” is a separate option, now. Moved out from the Panel type options
  • Improved: Change the labeling of the “Closer on mouse out” panel type
  • Improved: Small code adjustment to compile with the upcoming Pro version

0.1.0 – 2021-09-01

  • New: Options to pick open and closing icon when toggler/igniter is used
  • New: Set toggler/closer size
  • Improved: Dependency among the options in UI
  • Improved: Small change in how size is handled with toggler/closer button
  • Improved: Renaming some files to better relates to its content
  • Improved: Tiny change to the popup appearance timing
  • Improved: Small code adjustment to compile with the upcoming Pro version