Mondiad Advertising


The Mondiad WordPress Plugin is dedicated to publishers who wish to install their ad codes on their website pages, to get ads running and monetized.

  • It’s quick & easy to install.
  • Possibility to disable the code without having to uninstall or deactivate the plugin
  • Our support team is always available to help.

Why Mondiad?

Mondiad serves multiple ad formats including Classic Push, In-Page Push, Native, Banner, Dynamic and Interstitial ads as well as customizable ad zones to suit every website and maximize ad revenue.

Our global coverage will provide a high traffic rate which you can easily analyze in your real-time reports and make further optimizations to improve monetization, if needed.

We provide quick daily cashouts, via multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies, starting at only 10$.


  • Ad formats: Classic Push, In-Page Push, Native, Banner
  • Customizable Ad Zones
  • Global Coverage
  • Daily Payments
  • Just 10$ minimum cashout
  • Real-Time Reports
  • many more perks to discover


  • Enter below your Mondiad publisher account client ID/secret
  • Search for your desired website from a list of websites available to you
  • Configure your ad zones, which may be In-Page Push, Classic Push, or Native, Banner, Dynamic, Interstitials.



  • Mondiad Advertising Manage your ads with mondiad


1. Authorisation

  • Log into your Mondiad publisher account.
  • Go to Settings -> API integration -> Generate your API Key.
  • Enter your client ID/secret into the authentication form within the plugin.

2. Website selection

Submit your website or make your selection from your list of available websites.

The website URL from which you are searching will be prioritized.

3. Ad Zone configuration

After selecting your website (which will be shown right under our logo), it’s time to configure your ad zones.

The Default Ad Zone:

  • You can use an ad zone as a default for all your website pages via the “Use as default” button, at the end of it.
  • Once you set an ad zone as default, you’ll be able to remove it.
  • You can easily enable or disable ad zones at any time, via one click.




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  • Configuration and readme changes


  • Configuration changes


  • Added support for Banner Ads


  • Initial version.