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2018年5月6日 1 回复
This Note Press plugin looks like it might be the best out of all the notes plugins that I've tried. Unfortunately it doesn't work with WP 4.9.5 and the contact form on their support site is broken. Very disappointing, because I would have considered donating to this plugin
I hate to give a 4 stars to an otherwise nice plugin, but after install on two domains, I began getting 404's as reported by 2 highly rated 404 to 301 type plugins. All were to the /js/ or /css/ DIR of Note Press. LIKES! Like that you have Note Press in Dashboard, add EDIT to each note. Like to Sticky option! VERY Nice touch! Kinda like the Deadline option, though Sticky could substitute Kinda like the Priority option, though Sticky could substitute. Suggestions: Get rid of the fluff .js and .css causing the 404's, who needs dumb icons? Toss the EXCESSIVE Styling! Get rid of Fluff! Have 2 color options ONLY, Yellow, when set to STICKY, and WHITE, when not sticky. I'm subscribed, will use change to 5 stars down road if glaring 404 prob is fixed. I do understand that my "suggestions" are subjective, that some may like what I call FLUFF.
Working very well, keep up your good work!
I was looking for a note plugin and discovered this one. I have used others and this is is the best one yet. You have worked hard at it, well done. It works fine with WordPress 4.5 Beta 4. Have I said I liked it yet? 😉 If I may be so bold to make a suggestion, make a few more enhancements, develop a Pro version with say White Label possibilities and sell it for $20.00 and I will buy it as a way of thanking you for your thoughtfulness because you deserve a return on your effort, which I appreciate. Continue to be awesome. 🙂 Kind regards, Doc


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