Okiano Google Ads


Automated eCommerce Advertisement
This app uses powerful AI to create excellent Google Ads to drive traffic to your e-commerce store

  • Google Search Ads, Longtail Keywords, dynamic search Ads, and Google Shopping designed to scale your sales and profitability
  • Simple user interface with a clear view of your spend and return
  • Effective ongoing Keywords optimization for continuously improving targeting and conversions
  • Large-Scale A/B testing constantly improving conversion results

Important: Our service requires an active Google Ads account. We can help you set it up.

How it works

Okiano App collects your store catalog information including categories, product descriptions, and attributes. Okiano App will start a new Google Ads campaign from scratch or help you augment your existing campaign with fresh Ads and new Keywords.

Install the plugin and enable Okiano to download your catalog information (read-only operation) for processing analysis and creation of Ads and Keywords for your campaigns.


This plugin creates excellent Ads Automatically from your Store products and categories, upload them to Adwords, and update that feed periodically.

  • Creative Magic: Creates effective, great-looking ads without a designer! It’s completely automatic.
  • Smart Keywords: Okiano Smart Keywords is an Artificial Intelligence system that generates a large number of relevant keywords. Now you can have all the – * keywords you need and avoid paying high CPC costs for keywords that are high in demand.
  • Campaign Builder: Builds perfect campaigns in Google Ads (AdWords), maintaining the important relevancy of the Keyword – Ad – Landing page sequence. – Your ads will appear on Google search and Google Shopping.

Increase sales

Okiano will automatically optimize and enhance your Google Ads, Keywords, and Extensions, improving the performance of your campaigns at all times!

Improve profitability

An automatic AI budget control automates campaign management and optimizes Ad spend to yield maximum ROAS. Just set your budget, no need to do anything else!

Case Studies

  • How Okiano Helped Our Business Grow in a Crowded Competitive Landscape
    “After a long and detailed market research comparing different solutions and advertising agencies, we found that Okiano service required no effort to yields the highest overall returns on our advertising spend.”
    “Josh Porter, Romantix, Head of Digital Marketing”
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  • How Chronospride Lowered Sales Costs and Increased Revenue and Profit
    “We were never successful using Google Ads until we found Okiano. Within the first 3 months from starting out, Chronospride revenue grew over 270% with cost going down to yield an overall 180% growth in ROAS compared to other channels.”
    “Fransiscus Setiawan, Owner at Chronospride.”
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  • Livia Drives Down Acquisition Costs using Okiano Google Ads
    “We always struggled with obtaining good results using Google Ads until we were introduced to Okiano. Within less than two months from starting out, Livia reached its target CPA and lowered cost per conversion by 41%. We now begin to see growth in sales driven by Okiano Google Ads with 560%, transactions compared to the previous period, and a 61% increase in conversion rate.
    “Chen Nachum, Owner at CEO at Livia (iPulse Medical Ltd).”
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  • Dashboard screen
  • Categories and Ads preview
  • Settings
  • Plan selection


  1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Next, you will need to complete the sign-up and Onboarding and authorize Okiano access to your product catalog. Please follow the link in the notification box or the “dashboard” link of the Okiano Marketing plugin to complete your Onboarding.
  3. Follow this link for documentation and Detailed Onboarding Instructions





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