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I like to thank Alex Furr, Lisha Chen Wilson and Simon Ward for their nice work in developing the Quiz Tool Lite. Initially I was sceptical about it because after long searching, I couldn't satisfy myself with any app that can address the academic style quiz. Then I decided to install the Quiz Tool Lite. I got frustrated as the apps satisfied most of the needs except one, to enable me to enter long text. I was mistaken as I didn't pay enough attention to the Question Pots, then I found the Reflection question types. It was a joyful time for me. It made me assured that with WordPress there is always an answer. As for the Quiz Tool Lite, I love it very much.
I tried 6 different plugins and this one suite my needs the best because it refreshes the page which allows me to use shortcodes inside the results (which I need). Overall the styling is rough around the edges and there are not enough classes in the markup to make the quizzes look better. With better styling or the ability to customize styling, this plugin would be 5 stars. Will be purchasing the pro version when/if it comes out.
Just great - like every plug in you need to read and try out before you settle on the one that works for you. I tried loads of others and found this the best for a picture / text quiz. Thanks guys for your work and Im looooooking forward to the go pro in the new year !
It is excellent for education purposes and easy to work with. I don't like the table design though, and I had like the option to give different points to each question. Thank you.


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