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Rate My Post – Star Rating Plugin by FeedbackWP

Rate My Post – Star Rating Plugin by FeedbackWP


Rate My Post – Star Rating System by FeedbackWP allows you to easily add rating functionality to your WordPress website. Visitors can rate your posts/pages and send you private feedback after rating.

Functionality to add star rating and result widget to custom post types, use different rating icons, create custom rating widgets that work independently of posts and pages is available in the Premium Version.

What sets Rate My Post apart from other WordPress rating plugins is its simplicity, performance and impact on engagement. It works with any page cache plugin and is probably the most customizable free WordPress rating plugin.


  • Add rating functionality to your website automatically or use shortcodes – no coding required!
  • Option to show ratings visually before the content of each post (so-called results widget)
  • Stats section where you can see how many votes each post/page received and what is its average rating.
  • Analytics section with detailed information about each rating such as time, IP (optionally), username, title, time spent on page before rating etc.
  • Easily change ratings in the admin panel
  • Supports structured data for rich snippets according to the latest Google guidelines
  • GDPR compliant
  • Top rated posts widget
  • Custom templates for complete customization
  • Works with infinite scroll plugins and popups (implementation required)

FeedbackWP Premium
This is the lite version of FeedbackWP Premium rating plugin with structured data for rich snippets. Click here to purchase the best WordPress feedback, star rating and rate my post plugin.




It is also possible to embed a rating of whichever post by passing the id of the post to the shortcode.

[ratemypost id=”1″] – 嵌入ID为1的文章的评分小工具

[ratemypost-result id=”1″] – 为ID为1的文章嵌入结果小工具

FeedbackWP Premium

FeedbackWP Premium comes with advanced schema selector which allows you to select schema type directly in the post editor for each post and supports custom rating widgets. Read more about FeedbackWP Premium.

Features to add rating and feedback result widgets to Custom Post Types (CPT), add rating to existing posts without votes, and support for a different icon other than the Star icon are available in FeedbackWP Premium.


The plugin includes five components; rating widget, results widget, social widget, feedback widget and top rated posts widget.

Rating Widget Features:

Rating widget adds the basic rating functionality to your website

  1. 在不同类型的评分小工具之间进行选择:星,拇指,心形,笑脸和奖杯

  2. 使用简码将评分小工具添加到任何页面/文章: [ratemypost]

  3. Add rating widget to all posts or pages with one click in the settings

  4. Exclude rating widget from certain pages and posts – such as About Us page etc.

  5. All texts and colors can be easily changed in the settings

  6. Option to add structured data for Rich Snippets to be displayed in search engines

  7. Option to get email when a post is rated

  8. Option to prevent accidental votes

  9. Prevent double votes with cookies

  10. Option to hide average rating and vote count

  11. Option to show descriptive ratings while a user hovers over rating icons

  12. Option to enable reCAPTCHA v3 protection

  13. Option to show results (visual rating) on archive pages

  14. Option to allow only logged in users to vote

  15. Option to prevent double votes via IP addresses

Results Widget Features:

Results widget is similar to the rating widget, but is not interactive – it only displays rating visually.

  1. Optional feature – you can enable it or disable it

  2. Add results widget to any page/post with shortcode: [ratemypost-result]

  3. Add results widget to all posts or pages with one click in the settings

Feedback Widget Features:

Feedback widget enables visitors to leave you anonymous feedback

  1. Optional feature – you can enable it or disable it

  2. After a negative rating (you define what is a negative rating in the settings), displays the feedback widget

  3. Users who give you negative rating can help you improve your post

  4. Feedback is not posted publicly – only you can see it

  5. Option to get an email if somebody leaves you feedback

Social Widget Features:

Social widget displays social follow or social share links after the rating has been submitted

You can show social follow/share links after a positive rating (you define what is a positive rating in the settings).

Top Rated Posts Widget:

Displays top rated posts on your website

Display top-rated posts on your website with the “Top Rated Posts” widget. You can specify the number of posts, minimum average rating, and vote count required. Additionally, enable featured images and visual ratings

Why use Rate My Post?

  1. 增加参与度

  2. Get feedback and improve your content

  3. 在社交媒体上获得更多关注者

  4. 响应迅速,轻巧且易于使用

  5. 它可能是最可定制的免费的WordPress评级插件

  6. 它使用AJAX,因此工作速度超快

  7. 与缓存插件兼容

  8. 它支持丰富的摘要的结构化数据

  9. 它适用于多语言网站

  10. AMP compatibility

  11. reCAPTCHA v3 protection

  12. 迁移工具-轻松从kk Star Ratings,YASR或WP-PostRatings迁移


  • Ratings in posts/pages
  • After vote, if feedback is enabled
  • After vote, if social is enabled
  • 插件设置
  • Plugin Customization
  • Plugin Stats
  • Manipulate Votes


From the Dashboard (Recommended):
1. Navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New
2. Search for Rate My Post
3. Click Install
4. Click Activate
5. Click Rate My Post -> Settings in the main menu and configure the plugin
6. Add shortcode [ratemypost] to your posts or embed rating widgets automatically in the Settings

Manual Installation:
1. Unzip downloaded archive and upload rate-my-post folder under your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins
3. Click Activate
4. Click Rate My Post -> Settings in the main menu and configure the plugin
5. Add shortcode [ratemypost] to your posts or embed rating widgets automatically in the Settings



For support use the support forum, but please do read the guidelines and documentation before posting.

Does it work with caching plugins?

Rate My Post works with all caching plugins. If you are using caching plugin other than WP Super Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket or SG Optimizer, you should enable AJAX load results in the advanced settings.

What can be rated?

The plugin allows visitors to rate posts, pages and custom post types. It is not possible to rate archives (categories etc.) as the ratings are stored in the post meta. Nevertheless, custom rating widgets are coming soon.

The rating widget is displayed multiple times

This typically happens with various “page builder” themes. In such cases it’s best to include the rating widget with the shortcode [ratemypost] instead of using the automatic option. If that’s too much work, you can add it directly to the template of your theme. See the procedure in the documentation under Troubleshooting -> The “Add rating widget to all posts” feature is not working.

Can I have more than one rating widget on a single web page?

Yes, it’s possible to have multiple rating widgets on a single web page (posts, pages etc.). Nevertheless, this feature only works if ajax load results is disabled.

Where do I find the documentation

The documentation is available here.

The vote count and average rating are not correct on page load

Such issues typically appear due to caching. If you are encountering such issues enable Ajax load results in the advanced settings.


If you encounter problems with the plugin after the update, first clear the cache (page cache, minify cache, CDN cache such as CloudFlare etc.). Then open an incognito window and see if the problem has been solved. In case it hasn’t don’t hesitate to contact me via the support forum.


如果您在保存设置时遇到问题,请清除浏览器缓存。 此类问题通常在更新后出现,因为浏览器仍在从缓存中获取旧文件。


Yes, the plugin is fully compatible with multilingual websites. If you are using the plugin on a multilingual website enable Multilingual website compatibility mode in the advanced settings and then translate strings through your plugin for translations.


Not necessarily because the plugin allows you to customize all frontend strings in the settings. However, backend strings can only be translated with translation files.

Does this plugin show rich snippets?

The plugin adds structured data for rich snippets, if you choose structured data type in the settings. Note that since September 2019 Google Shows aggregate rating rich snippets only for the following structured data types: Product, Book, Course, CreativeWorkSeason, CreativeWorkSeries, Episode, Game, LocalBusiness, MediaObject, Movie, MusicPlaylist, MusicRecording, Organization, Recipe, HowTo, SoftwareApplication and Event. The plugin supports all these structured data types except HowTo, SoftwareApplication and Event. SoftwareApplication and Event structured data types are available in the Premium version. HowTO is at the moment not supported.

Which structured data type should I choose?

You should choose structured data type that fits your blog posts. If your blog posts are recipes than choose Recipe; if they are courses select Course etc. In case your blog posts don’t fit any structured data type, then you are according to Google Guidelines not eligible for rich snippets. Learn more about this here. If you are in doubt about which structured data type to choose (if any) ask for advice on Google Help Community. They will provide you with better answers than I can.

Optional fields for rich snippets are missing

Optional fields are not required for rich snippets to show. Hence, the plugin in some structured data types (for example product) skips the optional fields. The Premium version of the plugin supports optional fields for all structured data types and provides search engines with a more complete information about pages on your website.

Rich snippets are not showing

If rich snippets are not showing check that the structured data is valid here. If it’s valid than search engines probably don’t trust your website enough to show rich snippets. You can fix that by producing high-quality content.

Where can I see the feedback?

You can see the feedback for each post in the post editor at the bottom (meta box). There you can also manipulate ratings and see to which rating the feedback belongs. You can find more info about the rating in the analytics section.

How to fix invalid WP token error?

The invalid WP token error (refers to WP nonce) appears if a page is cached for more than 24 hours because WordPress nonces are valid for 24 hours. If you get invalid nonce error after rating a post, decrease page cache expiry. Most caching plugins have page cache expiry set to less than 24 hours. Therefore, this problem typically occurs on websites that use multiple page caching solutions. If that’s the case on your website try disabling plugins until the error disappears, so you figure out what is causing the issue. You can read more about how to fix this problem here.


2024 年 6 月 27 日
It does what is says on the box. No fuss, just works as intended.The free version is very well optioned. Thanks to the plugin developer (One small sugestion – ability to add rating on wordpress post backend) Otherwise great plugin, keep up the good work
2024 年 6 月 18 日 1 回复
The customisation options make it easy to fit your needs, and the maintainer is active on the forum to help with any issues.
2024 年 6 月 4 日
I had a mysterious problem on my website that broke the ratings and caused a fatal error, but they gave me support from start to finish and we tested a fix together.Thank you.
2024 年 6 月 3 日
We have tried multiple plugins and this is so far the best free option out there. Highly recommend.


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  • Fixed sorting by rating in Analytics.
  • Removed redundant sorting from stat.


  • Fixed bug where feedbacks didn’t show up in post edit screens.
  • Fixed DB error due to absence of primary key in table.


  • New admin dashboard design.
  • Fixed PHP fatal error triggered in rare rating cases.


  • Fixed bug where ratings not working if recaptcha is enabled.


  • Pro: Bulk-Rating Tool to add rating to posts without votes.
  • Fixed bug where ratings were not recorded in some cases.


  • Fixed partial saving issues.


  • Improved compatibility with latest WP and PHP 8.

See the changelog file for full change log information.