Scoby Analytics


Scoby Analytics: Advanced, Privacy-Focused Web Analytics

Embrace the next era of web analytics with Scoby Analytics, your GDPR-compliant solution for insightful, consent-free website tracking. Our tool is designed to provide deep insights into your website’s traffic while fully respecting user privacy.

Key Features:
Server-Side Measurement: Delivers precise analytics without tracking individual users. Complies with privacy laws while offering data richness.
Consent-Free Tracking: Navigate GDPR and ePrivacy complexities with ease. No need for user consent, simplifying your analytics.
Comprehensive Data Insights: Access metrics like page views, visitor counts, session durations, and more for informed decision-making.
Unparalleled Data Security: Headquartered in Germany, we adhere to European data protection standards for secure data handling.

Use Scoby Analytics for ethical, comprehensive, and hassle-free website performance analysis.

Third Party Services

Scoby Analytics uses its own external servers to capture and store anonymized website usage data.

Service Used: Scoby Analytics Servers

Purpose: To capture and store anonymized page views and other related website traffic data.

Data Handling:

  • All page views are anonymized before being sent to our servers. This ensures the privacy of your website visitors.
  • Our servers only capture aggregated and non-personal website usage metrics. No individual user data or personally identifiable information is stored.

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Terms of Use:
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  • Scoby Analytics Dashboard: Your window to comprehensive metrics.
  • Visitor Engagement: Understand user interaction with time spent analysis.
  • Traffic Insights: Learn where your visitors come from.
  • Navigation Patterns: Visualize how users move through your site.
  • Real-Time Data: Make timely decisions with up-to-the-minute information.
  • Customization: Tailor data views with filters and segments.
  • Easy Setup: Get started with Scoby Analytics effortlessly.
  • Advanced Settings: For the power users, fine-tune your experience.


Why choose Scoby Analytics?

Scoby Analytics is your privacy-friendly alternative to traditional analytics tools. We collect anonymized website usage data without accessing your visitors’ devices, eliminating the need for cookie consent.

Can Scoby Analytics measure conversions?

Yes. You can measure conversions by setting Goals within Scoby. Goals are typically associated with specific URL patterns. All conversions are aggregated into a single metric.

Can Scoby Analytics measure soft conversions?

Scoby’s server-side analytics don’t support rule-based conversions traditionally measured on the client side. However, we’re open to discuss your specific requirements for implementing suitable goals.

Does Scoby Analytics enable visitor segmentation?

Yes, you can segment your visitors based on anonymous traits like “Women”, “35-50 years old”, “Subscribers”, allowing you to filter these groups in your analytics reports.

Can Scoby Analytics measure button clicks or mouse movements?

No. To preserve visitor privacy, Scoby Analytics doesn’t access your visitors’ browsers. Such activities would require visitor consent.

Can I use Scoby data in other reporting tools like Looker Studio or PowerBI?

Yes. As an official Looker Studio Partner, we provide a Connector for integrating Scoby Analytics data into Looker Studio. Additionally, our Reporting Center supports .xlsx exports, making it compatible with PowerBI and Tableau.

What will I see when using Scoby Analytics?

With Scoby, you gain complete visibility of all page views. We guarantee to capture every page view, enabling 100% measurement of your website traffic – all without needing cookie consent.

Do I need multiple tools (e.g., Google Analytics and Scoby) for a comprehensive view?

Scoby Analytics anonymizes and measures all your website traffic, providing insights into overall movement patterns. However, individual user journeys aren’t reported to ensure privacy. Depending on your needs, Scoby could be used as a standalone tool or in conjunction with others.

What does the “Other” dimension in the Dashboard signify?

The “Other” bucket is part of Scoby’s unique privacy-preserving technology. We use a k-Anonymity of 25 for all analytical queries, meaning that results with less than 25 visitors are grouped into the “Other” bucket to ensure visitor privacy.


2024 年 4 月 8 日
I've been using Scoby on my website for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that so far it has been a great experience and one of the better analytics plugins I have tried. The plugin is very lightweight with no measurable impact on site performance, and the dashboard is really extensive with a lot of useful information.


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