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Selling Commander for WooCommerce – connector plugin

该插件尚未通过WordPress的最新3个主要版本进行测试。 当与较新版本的WordPress一起使用时,可能不再受到维护或支持,并且可能会存在兼容性问题。

Selling Commander for WooCommerce – connector plugin


Bulk edit, manage, import, export your products with an ulitmale products managment platform SellingCommander.
This plugin provides the REST connection between your WordPress/WooCommerce site and the SellingCommander SaaS platform. SellingCommander offers a unique GUI that enables you to seamlessly manage your product catalog. You can manage data online and there is also powefull import and import preview feature.


Selling Commander is an ULTIMATE bulk product manager tool. Compared to other solutions Selling Commander comes first, followed by 10 empty places, then come all the others.

SellingCommander is a SaaS platform that is designed to give web sellers a unified command center from which they can manage their product data across multiple e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, VirtueMart, Shopify, Open Cart, Google GCM, Facebook Mini, Amazon, eBay, ETSY … Different from other used tools for publishing product data on Google, Facebook and similar platforms, in this case, you can fine-tune what data goes where and how it is modified for the target platform.

It can be used to fine-manage data on the main site and side selling channels like Google GCM, Facebook Mini, Amazon, eBay, ETSY …
Also, it can be also used to synchronize product data with resalers. It can be also used for site-to-site data transfers or simply you can just use its powerful interface to manage your product catalog.

Selling Commander offers a state-of-the-art user-friendly excel-like spreadsheet interface for all end-points it supports (Product Manager, Order Manager, B2B panel). Once loaded Selling Commander interface is very fast and locating data happens in a blink. For comparison, if you would export data of some massive catalog that glides when you manage it from the Selling Commander interface on-line in popular apps like MS Excel or Open Office it will be slow and maybe even crash because of high memory load.

Each end-point manager has powerful filtering abilities – you can filter by anything, even calculated columns or columns that you connect to data added by other plugins/extensions.

Each end-point manager has powerful data management abilities. You can virtually program your rule for mass price change. You can use mass Find/Replace, Append, and Prepend for any text field.

You can export to CSV/XLSX. You can import from CSV/XSLX/ODS. Import even has a preview changes screen which is a unique feature among such online used tools.

Docs & Support

SellingCommander main website: SellingCommander site
Tech forum: Holest Tech Froum
Direct support: support@holest.com


  • SellingCommander – product management
  • Manage attributes, make each attribute have separate column
  • Find-Replace/Prepend/Append for any text product property
  • Aritmentic operation for any numeric product property
  • Easy drag-n-drop product image upload and setup
  • Import preview – don’t import blind – be sure what will happen on commit
  • Export customized Excel/CSV


  1. Go to wp-admin > Plugins > Add New.
  2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’ button and select sellingcommander.zip. Click on the ‘Install Now’ button.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Access plugin from the WP admin side menu. The menu item name is ‘Selling commander’




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