Sensei LMS(在线教育系统)




Sensei LMS毫不费力地与您的WordPress网站集成,使创建课程,课程和测验变得容易。


我们的 WooCommerce付费课程扩展使您可以使用网络上最受欢迎的电子商务平台-WooCommerce出售课程。


您没有时间花钱聘请开发人员来使您的在线课程看起来很棒,并且您不必这样做。Sensei LMS仅适用于您首选的WordPress主题,样式兼容。




Sensei LMS由Automattic构建,该公司支持,WooCommerce,Jetpack等产品。


  • 课程配置
  • 课程配置
  • 问题配置
  • 课程概述
  • 测验



  1. 登录您的WordPress管理面板,然后转到插件> 添加新的
  2. 在搜索字段中输入“Sensei LMS”。
  3. 找到插件后,单击立即安装
  4. 点击启用
  5. 通过转到以下位置来配置设置 Sensei LMS > 设置


  1. 将插件文件下载到您的计算机并解压缩。
  2. 使用FTP程序或主机控制面板,将解压缩的插件文件夹上传到服务器上WordPress安装的wp-content/plugins/目录。
  3. 登录到您的WordPress管理面板,并从插件菜单启用该插件。
  4. 通过转到以下位置来配置设置 Sensei LMS > 设置


I really want to give a positive review but I can't so long as this error persists. I use up to date WP with Kadence, one of the most common themes. But Sensei is not working right. WordPress - are you actively working on this? It would be terrific if you did maintain it. A native plugin to turn WordPress into an LMS is a worthy thing. My issue: after updating module/lesson content the modules get duplicated multiple times and append the name of the instructor to the name. It makes no sense and looks ridiculous. So your module url goes from "WordPress course" to "WordPress course (instructorname)" to "WordPress course (instructorname, instrcutorname)." It's absolutely unworkable and sucks from an admin or user perspective. Please fix and maintain this plugin. I will have to find something else at the moment.
Just downloaded the stable translation of pt_BR language and when active the course,lesson,quiz page stop working and the site always load the index.php from the theme. It seem something is broke in the translation files that causes the wordpress loop not seeing the template files, and always load the site home/index. I downloaded the .mo and .po from And moved the files to: [wordpress root]/wp-content/languages/plugins/
I know the dark mode in the WordPress default theme is pretty new, but nevertheless it seems that this plugin has some issues with it as text does disappear when dark mode is switched on.
I have a very complex site so I needed certain functionality especially with regards to course progress and grading that I just didnt find anywhere else. I have tried -Learnpress (I really tried to get this to work but in the end it was very buggy, quiz results dont get stored it says the student skipped questions when they didnt, theme conflicts so scrollbars go missing for example and content cant be viewed, gradebook is very good though) -Learndash (too expensive and every feature extra has to to be paid for) -Lifter (can't remember why but I didnt like it, probably grading was part of pro which was too expensive) -Tutor LMS (problems with gradebook) -Masterstudy (great features marketed but couldnt get much to work no shortcodes given and no response from support so I didnt want to buy pro if support is that bad) I also looked at Moodle, Edmodo, Canvas and Forma but I didn't want a complicated install on a server I wanted something that integrated with wordpress without worrying about a seamless interface between UX and backend, auto updates and the other benefits of wordpress that I've come to love over the years. When I first tested Sensei it fell short of my expectations but now it seems much more powerful and I am relieved to have found a system that works more or less how I need. Future feature requests -The gradebook should able to be seen by teachers on the frontend not only school admin on the backend. They should be able to see each class/course and their own students which they enrolled. Students should be able to enroll under a teacher as especially in English the courses are often all the same but each teacher presents the material. -Zoom and Google Meet etc as paid integrations Thanks Devs for a great product please continue working on it, there are a lot of LMS's out there all battling for the next big market, you have something good here!
I've been using Sensei for a one and a half year now and love the how easy it is to use. Especially the structure with courses, lessons and quiz pages that makes it easy to create a learning environment that makes progression fun for the learner.


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