Sports Club Management

Create members, competitions (leagues, ladder, knockout…

Pieter Struik 100+个有效安装 与6.1.4版本兼容 11月前更新

Simple Golf Club

A simple interface to manage a small golf club.

Matthew Linton 30+个有效安装 与6.0.6版本兼容 1年前更新

Wine Club Connection

An easy to set up Woocommerce plugin to give your store…

Godardcreative 10+个有效安装 与6.2.3版本兼容 8月前更新

Dojo (beta)

Manage and grow your Martial Arts school with easy to u…

Dojo Source 10+个有效安装 与5.5.13版本兼容 3年前更新


With this Plugin you can show live table of your soccer…

Bogdan Schreiber 10+个有效安装 与5.2.19版本兼容 3年前更新


Manage clubmembers.

Md. Al-Amin opu 10+个有效安装 与4.4.31版本兼容 8年前更新

The Soccer Stats

Ultimate tool for your football (soccer) team site.

Timo Leppänen 10+个有效安装 与4.6.27版本兼容 7年前更新

Bad Tournament

Tool to embed a tournament on your page with administra…

Laurent Dorier 10+个有效安装 与4.9.24版本兼容 5月前更新

AML League

Tool to manage a badminton league (probably able to man…

Laurent Dorier 不到10个有效安装 与6.3.2版本兼容 1周前更新

Committee history

Easily insert overviews of previous committee members o…

Justin van Steijn 不到10个有效安装 与4.7.27版本兼容 5年前更新

Teams of Tennis

show all games of a tennis team or club from the BTV si…

Volker Riecken 不到10个有效安装 与4.9.24版本兼容 6年前更新

Slider Matches Results

Allows you to create specific sliders for your sports t…

Cédric Chevillard 不到10个有效安装 与4.9.24版本兼容 5年前更新