WordPress Tooltips

Add custom tooltip automatically for post's conten…

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Heroci 词汇表

Heroic Glossary 是最简单的方法去创建并且管理你自己的词汇表条目

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Improve your UX & SEO with Codeat's Glossary: …

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WP Glossary

Create your own glossary of hot-linked terms, inside yo…

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Simple Glossary

This Plugins helps you to create a simple Glossar / Enc…

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LuckyWP Glossary

The plugin implements the glossary/dictionary functiona…

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Terms Dictionary

Create a dictionary to your site in a couple of clicks.

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Glossy allows you to define information text that can b…

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TFD Word of the Day

This is a Wordpress Widget that displays an English Wor…

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Create a library of reusable terms (strings) and displa…

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Personal Dictionary

Allow your students to create personal dictionary, stud…

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Lexicographer creates an alphabetical index of your blo…

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Free Dictionary

Free Dictionary Widget for WordPress provides an Englis…

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This plugin adds a widget that shows random word and it…

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Langtolang Dictionary

Langtolang Dictionary provides a multilingual dictionar…

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WP Smart Tooltip

Easily add Bootstrap tolltip to your site. You can crea…

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