Exif Details

Get detailed Exif information about the media file.

Katsushi Kawamori 200+个有效安装 与6.4.1版本兼容 1月前更新

HTML5 Videos

Easily embed HTML5 videos from the Media Library into p…

Dustin Hayes 200+个有效安装 与3.5.2版本兼容 11年前更新

Upload Media Exif Date

When registering images in the media library, register …

Katsushi Kawamori 200+个有效安装 与6.4.1版本兼容 4周前更新

More Mime Type Filters

Adds to the default Images | Audio | Video filters in t…

Kailey Lampert 200+个有效安装 与3.5.2版本兼容 11年前更新

Bubuku Media Library

Plugin to easily know if an image is large or not, it a…

Bubuku 100+个有效安装 与6.3.2版本兼容 3月前更新

Image Rights

Adds additional fields for setting image credits in the…

WSM – Walter Solbach Metallbau GmbH 90+个有效安装 与6.3.2版本兼容 3月前更新

Media Images Widget

Requieres PHP 5! You can select images from media Libra…

Florian Tobias 70+个有效安装 与3.2.1版本兼容 12年前更新


Add a custom avatar (profile picture) from the Wordpres…

Frametag Media 50+个有效安装 与4.9.24版本兼容 5年前更新