Comment Email Reply

Simply notifies comment-author via email if someone rep…

Jan Eichhorn 1,000+个有效安装 与4.1.37版本兼容 8年前更新

Comment Reply Email

Commenters can receive email notifications of replies t…

WPJohnny 400+个有效安装 与5.9.5版本兼容 2周前更新

WP Support Ticket

User support plugin. Registered users will be able to c… 200+个有效安装 与5.9.5版本兼容 11月前更新

@ Reply

This plugin allows you to add Twitter-like @reply links…

Yus 100+个有效安装 与3.1.4版本兼容 12年前更新


Enhance the threaded comments system of WordPress 2.7. …

冰古 80+个有效安装 与3.0 beta 2版本兼容 13年前更新

bbPress Reply Titles

Add a Title field to bbPress replies.

Boone B Gorges 60+个有效安装 与WP 4.6, bbPress 2.6版本兼容 7年前更新

WP-Reply Notify

When you answer comments, you will konw about that. And…

A2 10+个有效安装 与2.8.6版本兼容 13年前更新