Bulk Media Register

Bulk register files on the server to the Media Library.

Katsushi Kawamori 8,000+个有效安装 与6.4.1版本兼容 1月前更新

KiotViet Sync

Plugin supports data synchronization between KiotViet a…

KiotViet 900+个有效安装 与6.0.6版本兼容 6天前更新


MoySklad (moysklad.ru) and WooCommerce – sync, integrat…

WPCraft 700+个有效安装 与6.4.1版本兼容 3天前更新

CiviCRM Member Sync

Keep WordPress Users in sync with CiviCRM Memberships b…

Christian Wach 700+个有效安装 与6.2.3版本兼容 7月前更新

Database Sync

Sync databases across servers with a single click.

tamlyn 700+个有效安装 与4.0.38版本兼容 8年前更新

HFD ePost Integration

התוסף מאפשר סנכרון בין אתר וורדפרס למערכת המשלוחים HFD.

HFD 500+个有效安装 与6.2.3版本兼容 8月前更新

Evernote Sync

The evernote timing synchronization to wordpress.

Gaowei Tang 300+个有效安装 与6.1.4版本兼容 8月前更新


amoCRM (https://www.amocrm.com/) and WooCommerce – sync…

WPCraft 200+个有效安装 与4.8.23版本兼容 5年前更新


NewsmanApp, you have the power to streamline your email…

Newsman 200+个有效安装 与6.4.1版本兼容 4天前更新

External Videos

Automatically syncs your videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wi…

Silvia Pfeiffer and Andrew Nimmo 100+个有效安装 与6.2.3版本兼容 4月前更新