Ultimate Product Catalog


Product catalog plugin that is a fully responsive and lets you showcase your products in a sleek and modern layout.
Comes with a powerful feature set and is easy to customize.

Product Catalog Demo

This catalog plugin includes Gutenberg blocks as well as shortcodes, so you can display either your whole catalog or just individual products on any page, no matter which page editing system you are using. We also include several patterns, so you can integrate your products and catalog directly into your block-based theme.

Key Features

  • 3 product catalog layouts that can be dynamically viewed and switched by the user with no page reload.
  • Powerful product catalog filtering and sorting system, including for categories, sub-categories, price and product name. All handled in real time with asynchronous requests, so no page reloads.
  • Dynamic product catalog search that works with the filtering, so your customers can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Set sale prices for products, and easily toggle sale prices on and off for the entire catalog or individual products.
  • Organize your product catalog into categories and sub-categories to make searching and filtering products easy.
  • Includes extra blocks (and also widgets for legacy support) to add a product catalog search field as well as to display recent products, a product list or random products anywhere on your site.

The Ultimate Product Catalog is very user friendly and comes with a walk-through that runs automatically when you activate the plugin and will help you create your first products and catalog!

The plugin comes with several features that will help you to offer a great experience for your customers and visitors. These include the ability to set up a product catalog overview page, which shows a thumbnail of each product category and lets people click through to view just those products, a separate block (and shortcode) to display a list of featured products (instead of the whole catalog), a price slider for filtering, different sale modes and much more!

[product-catalogue id="X"] or [product-catalog id="X"]

Simply insert the Display Product Catalog block or either of the shortcodes above (replacing the “X” with the actual ID of your product catalog) to add a product catalog with filters to any page.

It’s easy to modify the styling of your product catalog with custom CSS, which will help it to further fit with the look of your site. We provide a list of the most common classes from our plugin, as well as an exmaple of how to implement custom CSS, in our documentation.

It’s the perfect solution to create a product catalog for your store, agency, art gallery, restaurant and more!

Additional Features

Some other great features included with the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin are:

  • Catalog overview mode, showing category or sub-category images (such as brands, etc.).
  • Choose currency symbol and location.
  • Price slider that lets you filter the catalog for products that match exact price criteria.
  • Easy-to-use block and shortcode attributes that let you set a starting layout, exclude layouts, hide the sidebar, etc.
  • Make use of URL parameters to load the product catalog with a specific category already pre-selected.
  • Thumbnail support option, which displays a smaller version of your product image, to help with catalog page load times.
  • Easy-to-use and comprehensive settings page, which makes it easy to customize product catalog features.
  • Several different breadcrumbs options for your product catalog.
  • Social media sharing options.

The Ultimate Product Catalog is also a great solution for those who are running affiliate stores, in which you link out to products for sale on other sites. With the ability to specify a unique link for each product (using the “Product Link” field), you can insert your affiliate link and then set it up so that, when someone clicks on a product in your catalog, they are brought to that link instead of the product page in the plugin. You get all the benefits and functionality of the Ultimate Product Catalog while being able to sell as an affiliate.

WooCommerce Product Catalog Integration (Requires Premium)

WooCommerce Catalog Demo

The premium version offers full WooCommerce product integration, allowing you to sync all your products between the product catalog and your WooCommerce shop, and also allowing your customers to check out directly from the catalog.

  • WooCoommerce Sync: Ultimate Product Catalog products are exported to WooCommerce and WooCommerce products are imported into the catalog.
  • With WooCommerce Sync enabled, products edited in one plugin are also edited in the other.
  • WooCommerce Checkout: Allow people to add items in your product catalog directly to the WooCommerce shopping cart, and then check out and purchase the items.
  • Choose to display the number of items in the cart directly on all product catalog pages.
  • Choose to have the products in your catalog link directly to the WooCommerce product pages, for ultimate flexibility and customization.

Combining the Ultimate Product Catalog with WooCommerce will allow you to create the perfect ecommerce catalog or e-commerce store to sell products. You will now be able to have advanced WooCommerce products filters in a customizable product catalog, with all the checkout and ecommerce capabilities available in WooCommerce.

The Ultimate Product Catalog is also a great option for those running a mobile shop or mobile store and who are concerned with the responsive aspects of their mobile ecommerce. Our wide array of catalog page and product page styles are all responsive and, by combining the Ultimate Product Catalog with your WooCommerce products, you can have a responsive store that looks great on desktop and as a mobile store.

The flexibility, advanced product filter and features you love from the Ultimate Product Catalog combined with the ease and power of WooCommerce checkout! For more information about WooCommerce integration, please see the video above.


If you’re looking for a more dynamic and feature-packed product catalog, the premium version offers several extras that will take the experience to the next level. These include the ability to add over 100 products, product image galleries, product videos, SEO friendly URLs, product tags and custom fields for sorting within your product catalog, custom product pages, a product inquiry cart, multiple layout options, product export and more!

Choose between several newly-redesigned responsive layouts and styles for your catalog and product pages, and then refine these with hundreds of styling options.

Custom fields allow you to specify additional attributes for your products (like colors, dimensions, availability, etc.) and then include those attributes as filters, giving you the most powerful product catalog possible, and making sure your visitiors/customers find exactly what they’re looking for in no time at all.

Premium features include:

  • Choose from 3 new ultra responsive product catalog styles.
  • Choose from 4 custom-designed product page layouts, including the popular tabbed and shop styles.
  • Product Comparison: Allow people to select multiple products in your catalog to view and compare side by side.
  • Custom fields that can be added to your product catalog and used to include product manuals, additional information, etc., and for product filtering.
  • Choose between checkbox, radio button, dropdown and slider for the front-end control type for your custom fields.
  • Product inquiry form (you can choose to have the form automatically created using either WPForms or Contact Form 7) so people can request more info or a quote for any product in your catalog.
  • Product inquiry cart: Allow people to add multiple products to an inquiry cart and then send one global inquiry about/for all those products.
  • Product reviews (using the Ultimate Reviews plugin).
  • Add FAQs (frequently asked questions) to any or all products in your catalog. Uses the Ultimate FAQs plugin.
  • Display product ratings on main catalog pages.
  • Product tags for better catalog organization.
  • Additional images and videos for better product catalog display and product management.
  • SEO-friendly single product pages.
  • SEO By Yoast Integration for your product catalogs.
  • Product catalog styling options and labelling options for product directory elements.

For further information and purchasing options, please visit our WordPress product catalog homepage.

** We are pleased to offer a free 7-day trial of the premium version of the product catalog, which you can use to test out premium features, such as WooCommerce product sync and custom fields, before buying! **

Customize Your Product Catalog with the Included Template System

The Ultimate Product Catalog is built on a series of templates, such that everything that displays on the front end of the plugin can be customized by creating your own template files (to modify and/or overwrite the existing templates files). This gives you a powerful and non-destructive way to custmoize the look and functionality of the procuct catalog to your exact needs. More info about this can be found in our documentation.

Product Catalog Additional Languages

Thanks to the generous contribution of many of those who use our product catalog plugin, we’re able to include translation files for the following languages:

  • Brazilian Portugese product catalog (Thanks to Tito_Cadallora)
  • Bulgarian product catalog (Thanks to Preslav P.)
  • Canadian French product catalog (Thanks to Pascale DRP)
  • Dutch product catalog (Thanks to Martin S.)
  • France French product catalog (Thanks to Olivier G.)
  • German product catalog (Thanks to Thomas S.)
  • Greek product catalog (Thanks to Christoforos A.)
  • Italian product catalog
  • Lithuanian product catalog (Thanks to AdArt)
  • Romanian product catalog (Thanks to Eszter N.)
  • Russian product catalog
  • Spanish product catalog (Thanks to Irene L.)
  • Turkish product catalog (Thanks to Ayhan)

You can also view the official WordPress.org community translations for the product catalog plugin here: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/

Thanks to James K for a number of excellent product catalog features.

For help and support, please see:


  • Catalog thumbnail view
  • Catalog detail view
  • Catalog list view
  • Catalog with minimalist/hover style applied
  • Default product page
  • Tabbed product page also showing related products
  • Additional information tab on product page
  • Product inquiry form
  • Reviews enabled on product page
  • Ratings enabled on catalog page
  • FAQs enabled on product page
  • Image gallery on product page
  • Video on product page
  • Lightbox image gallery on product page
  • Shop style product page
  • Social sharing options
  • Product comparison
  • WooCommerce integration enabled
  • Catalog overview mode
  • Page edit screen with block added
  • Admin dashboard screen
  • Products overview page
  • Product edit page
  • Catalogs overview page
  • Catalog edit page
  • Basic settings page
  • Styling settings page



  • Display Product Catalog
  • Insert Products
  • Popular Products
  • Recent Products
  • Random Products
  • Product Search


  1. Upload the ‘ultimate-product-catalogue’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. 通过WordPress的“插件”菜单激活插件


  1. Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and click ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Ultimate Product Catalog’ and select ‘Install Now’
  3. Activate the plugin when prompted

Getting Started

After activating the plugin, a walk-through will run automatically, which will help you to create your first products and catalog, and to set a few key options.

For more info on installing and activating the plugin, and on the walk-through, please see here: https://doc.etoilewebdesign.com/plugins/ultimate-product-catalog/user/getting-started/install

For help and support, please see:


Is there a shortcode to display the catalog?

Yes, you can use the [product-catalog] shortcode. For more info, see here.

Is there a Gutenberg block to display the catalog?

Yes, you can search for the Display Product Catalog block. Alternatively, you’ll find it in its own block category/section called Ultimate Product Catalog. For more info, see here.

Can I change the default layout of the catalog?

Yes, you can use the starting_layout shortcode attribute for this. For more info see here. If you’re using the block, there is a dropdown to select the starting layout. For more info, see here.

Can I remove layouts from the catalog?

Yes, you can use the excluded_layouts shortcode attribute for this. For more info see here. If you’re using the block, there is a field to enter the layouts you want to exclude. For more info, see here.

Can I remove the sidebar from my catalog page?

Yes, you can use the sidebar shortcode attribute for this. For more info see here. If you’re using the block, there is a dropdown to select whether or not you want to display the sidebar. For more info, see here.

How do I sort the order of the products in my catalog?

The default order of the items in the catalog can be set directly on the catalog edit screen. For more info, see here. For the categories and products within specific categories, the order is modified in the Categories area of the admin. For more info, see here.

Can I translate my products and catalogs?

Yes, the plugin uses custom post types and all the strings/labels are localized in the code. For more information on plugin translation, please see here.

Is this compatible with WPML?

Yes, the plugin uses custom post types. As such, if you enable our post types in the WPML settings, you’ll be able to create translations of your products (and categories, sub-categories, tags, etc.) and catalogs. As well, all the strings/labels are localized in the code. As such, they will be picked up by WPML’s String Translation tool for easy direct translating.

For more info on translating the plugin, please see here.

Is there a limit on the number of products?

In this free version of the plugin, there is a limit of 100 products.

What is enabled in the premium version?

For more info about the premium version, please see here: https://doc.etoilewebdesign.com/plugins/ultimate-product-catalog/user/premium/benefits

For help and support, please see:


2024 年 4 月 22 日 1 回复
No idea where all the 5 star reviews are coming from, as I have had a whole development team testing this plugin, and the conclusion was easy: “This plugin is NOT ready for commercial use, and should not be offered on a commercial basis until the code base is up to scratch”. Avoid at all costs until further notice!
2024 年 2 月 23 日
What a great plugin. This works like expected and perfectly and is easy to configure with a lot of simply to change options. Also if there are any questions the support is fast and very helpful. So 7 stars from my side… 🙂
2023 年 7 月 7 日
My catalog is quite different from what is a typical product catalog and the plug-in enabled me to fully customize the way I wanted it! Excellent!


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5.2.18 (2024-07-16)

  • Tested with WordPress 6.6.

5.2.17 (2024-04-03)

  • Tested for compatibility with WP 6.5 and PHP 8.2 and eliminated/fixed deprecated notices associated with this.
  • Added Czech translation files provided by a plugin user.

5.2.16 (2024-01-23)

  • Removing old reset settings (4.x) functionality.

5.2.15 (2023-12-21)

  • Fix for product_ids, category_id and subcategory_id attributes in the insert-products shortcode not populating correctly.

5.2.14 (2023-12-12)

  • Update to resolve a conflict causing Gravity Forms admin screens to throw an error in some instances.

5.2.13 (2023-11-07)

  • Fix for the admin styling not being applied on certain screens when using an access role other than admin.
  • Tested for WordPress 6.4 compatibility/support.

5.2.12 (2023-10-12)

  • Fix for “Tabbed Product Page Display?” option not being applied for custom fields.

5.2.11 (2023-09-08)

  • Fixed an issue with categories not syncing with WooCommerce.
  • Tested and declares compatibility with WooCommerce’s High-Performance Order Storage.

5.2.10 (2023-08-08)

  • Fixed custom field dropdown options not hiding when there were no matching results and you had the hide empty filtering options setting enabled.
  • Tested for WordPress 6.3 compatibility/support.

5.2.9 (2023-07-31)

  • Fixed issue with orderby shortcode attribute only applying to the first page of products.
  • Fix for undefined property warning when importing.
  • Updated PHPSpreadsheet version.

5.2.8 (2023-07-07)

  • Fixed issue with reset view count not working.

5.2.7 (2023-06-02)

  • Fixed issue in which custom fields with a dropdown control type were not resetting after clicking the “Clear All” button.

5.2.6 (2023-05-31)

  • Updated the validation for a few fields in the walk-through.

5.2.5 (2023-04-19)

  • Added an option to search without accents (e.g. if you search for rose, it will also return rosé).

5.2.4 (2023-03-30)

  • Updated blocks for compatibility with WordPress 6.2.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering and double results when infinite scroll was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Settings sub-menu wasn’t displaying in the WordPress sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue in which the slider control type for custom fields was only showing results for values that fell on the handles of the slider and not the values in between.
  • Updated the styling of several buttons in the admin.
  • Updated a few navigation links in the admin.

5.2.3 (2023-01-04)

  • Fixes a potential fatal error on the settings page.

5.2.2 (2023-01-03)

  • Update to the settings page to correct an issue that could cause an error to display for checkbox options.

5.2.1 (2022-12-23)

  • Fixes an issue in which custom fields were sometimes not correctly filtering for specific values.

5.2.0 (2022-12-21)

  • Added new tutorial videos to the settings pages that explain and show what each option does.
  • Added quick links to the admin about page to re-run the walk-through, view tutorial videos and suggest a feature.
  • Added new popular products Gutenberg block and shortcode.
  • Added new recent products Gutenberg block and shortcode.
  • Added new random products Gutenberg block and shortcode.
  • Added new product search Gutenberg block and shortcode.
  • Updated the insert-products shortcode with extra logic, so it can be used, for example, to display popular, recent or random products.
  • Fixed an issue in which custom fields were sometimes filtering extra products.
  • Fixed lightbox functionality issues (including background click not working and associated console errors).
  • Fixed issue with alphabetical sort buttons not working on the catalog edit screen after having added items to the catalog.
  • Fixed an issue with failed imports when using the Display column in your spreadsheet.
  • Small styling updates for the admin/dashboard.
  • Tested with PHP 8.1 and corrected for a warning that was appearing when submitting a review on the product page.

See changelog for all versions.