Elementor 无限元素(免费小部件、插件、模板)


  借助 Unlimited Elements for Elementor (无限元素),将您的Elementor页面构建经验提升到一个新的水平。这将是您需要的最后一个组件包。在一个地方找到所有内容,并为您的Elementor网站获得超过100个免费小部件。我们所有的元素都易于使用,并通过我们独特的组件创造者( Widget Creator )框架构建属于您自己的 Elementor 组件库。


  使用任何免费的小部件或升级到我们的专业版,并为Elementor享受+200更多独特的小部件。每个元素都有许多选项来控制每个可能的设置。如果您缺少某些内容,可以使用我们独特的组件创造者( Widget Creator )框架轻松添加 Elementor 组件库(只需要懂HTML CSS JQ即可)。

Dynamic Loop Builder

From now you can create advanced dynamic layouts with our loop widgets.
Stop being frustrated trying to create what you want and get started with our Dynamic Loop Builder.
Loop your custom built templates to create grids, carousels, tabs, accordions or even sliders with a custom skin. You can design a loop item just like a single template by drag and drop and then choose how you want to output the loop. Insert custom fields to add different data types and create advanced flexible layouts.
Check out the different widget demos below:

Template Grid
Template Carousel
Template Tabs
Template Accordion
Template Slider

The dynamic loop builder is easy to use and intuitive. Once you have built your first dynamic loop, you will become addicted and feel the benefits because it speeds up work processes and can be customized to meet any needs.


大多数用于 Elementor 的第三方插件扩展都会导致服务器混乱,并使 Elementor 达到其内存限制。我们独特的解决方案允许您仅安装要使用的小部件,而不会占用服务器空间。现在,您可以完全按照自己的方式安排工作空间。

实时 Elementor 组件库

我们的小部件目录每天都会更新,其中包含新元素和对现有元素的改进。由于我们创建了一个独特的api,可以使您的 Element 目录保持更新,因此无需更新您的插件。

24小时/7天 支持

使用此插件需要Elementor 页面生成器



了解有关 Elementor 组件创作者的更多信息

Elementor 内部的Javascript

使用组件创建器,您可以在几秒钟内创建与 Elementor 完全集成的HTML CSS和Javascript组件。

由 Twig Engine 提供动力

在 Twig脚本引擎 (Twig scripting engine)的支持下,您可以充分使用所有 Twig 功能。↵

了解有关 Twig Engine 的更多信息

Elementor 高级自定义字段

使用高级自定义字段插件通过在帖子中创建自定义字段来完全控制 Elementor 页面。与ACF转发器字段和ACF画廊字段等完全集成。

Pods for Elementor

Unlimited Elements (无限元素) 完全支持使用PODS插件为WordPress创建的自定义文章类型和自定义字段类型。

Elementor Toolset(工具集)



  1. ACF(高级自定义字段)
  2. PODS
  3. Toolset (工具集)
  4. Instagram 订阅
  5. Woocommerce 产品
  6. Post Lists (文章列表)
  7. Authors (作者)


Elementor 创意组件

  1. Lordicon: Animated Icons Widget for Elementor (Free) – The most powerful animated icon library with 1500+ free and premium animated Lottie animations.
  2. Material Bullets Widget for Elementor (Free) – Display feature lists with custom icons and styles. Each list item can have its own icon title and text. Use the bullets widget to display features and highlights on your Elementor website.
  3. Animated Hamburger Icon Widget for Elementor (Free) – Use the animated hamburger icon widget to toggle Elementor pro popus. You can even put a menu in a popup and create a full screen menu.
  4. Blob Shapes Widget for Elementor (Free) – Create Blob Shapes with animated morphing effects. This free Elementor widget will help you make your images into random, unique, and organic-looking blob shapes.
  5. Timeline Bullets Widget for Elementor (Free) – List your features or services using bullet points in a timeline layout to make it easier for users to read the important information.
  6. Image Tooltip Widget for Elementor (Free) – The easiest way to set a tooltip to any Image on the page with a short text description or any HTML code.
  7. SVG Animation Widget for Elementor (Free) – The SVG animation widget for Elementor makes it easy -to create impressive SVG animations for your websitet, without any coding skills just copy paste your SVG code and your animated icon is ready.
  8. Flip Box Widget for Elementor (Free) – Make your content more interesting with the Elementor Flip Box widget. Use the animated Flip Boxes to highlight any content inside your page with a flip effect.
  9. Animated Mouse Scroll Icon Widget for Elementor (Free) – The Animated Mouse Scroll Icon is a small micro animation that indicates to user they needs to scroll the page. You can make the icon an anchor point which scroll down to any section when clicked on.
  10. Number Box Widget for Elementor (Free) – Create stunning number blocks with various styles. The Number Box widget for Elementor helps you display content for step by step diagrams and instructions.
  11. Icon Accordion Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Advanced accordion addon for Elementor page builder offers multiple styles to create interactive collapsable content with multiple layouts on your page.
  12. Image Shapes Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Image Shapes Elementor Widget allows you to make complex shape addons by clipping images using CSS to make various element layouts: circle, ellipse, polygon and more.
  13. Particle Image Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Create a dispersion interactive mouse aware distortion effect for any image using the Particle Image widget for Elementor.
  14. Image Zoom Magnifier Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Image Zoom Magnifier is a Elmentor Widget for creating a direction-aware magnifying glass effect to provide an inner zoom functionality on any given image. Enlarge images on touch, click, or mouseover.
  15. Background Switcher Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The background switcher addon lets you set up cool content boxes. When you hover over a box it will change the background for the whole section.
  16. Before After Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Before After widget is an image comparison addon for Elementor. This widget allows you to create the effect for comparing two before and after images.
  17. Audio Player Widget for Elementor (Pro) – MP3 Music Player is a very easy to use Audio Player for Elementor. It gives you the ability to add unlimited audio tracks to any page using our Elementor addon let users listen to music on your website.
  18. Interactive Circle Infographic Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Circle Infographic widget for Elementor is a simple and engaging way to present data, processes, concepts, structures and more. Helps your audience understand an entire cycle using a circular interactive tab layout.
  19. Hotspots Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Add hotspots to your images with a tooltip an option for opening a built in popup. Each hotspot popup can contain and image and description text.
  20. Icon Tabs Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Tab Widget for Elementor will help you show your text on your page divided into horizontal or vertical tabs. Customize your tabs using icons and make the content on your website interactive and fun to read.
  21. Image Accordion Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Our image accordion addon for Elementor highlights your images with amazing hover effects and interactive layouts.
  22. Shape Bullets Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Shape Bullets Widget for Elementor, creates an easy-to-manage bulleted list of items. Each item can be highlighted by its own icon.
  23. Audio Playlist Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Create MP3 Audio Playlists inside of Elementor. Use this widget to add the ability to create unlimited numbers of playlists, albums, and audio tracks.
  24. Image Reveal On Scroll Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Image Reveal on Scroll widget adds an awesome reveal on scroll effect to your images to spice up your Elementor website design.

Elementor 文章组件

  1. Post Accordion Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Post Pagination Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Post Blocks Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Post List Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Post Ticker Widget for Elementor (Free)
  6. Post Tabs Widget for Elementor (Free)
  7. Card Post Carousel Widget for Elementor (Free)
  8. Post Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  9. Author List Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  10. Masonry Post Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  11. Taxonomy Terms Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  12. Post Tile Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  13. Post Magazine Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  14. Post Timeline Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  15. Post Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  16. Post Card Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  17. Post Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  18. Post Scroll Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  19. Post Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  20. Post Horizontal Timeline Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 营销组件

  1. Unlimited Timeline Widget for Elementor (Free) – Showcase your story or company history in a vertical timeline layout using the powerful Unlimited Timeline addon for Elementor.
  2. Event Box Widget for Elementor (Free) – Showcase events & special occasions on your websites using this unique Elementor addon.
  3. Overlay Product Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Business Hours Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Timer Countdown Widget for Elementor (Free) – Instantly create a beautiful, animated countdown clock addon, to share on your Elementor website. Count down to a date with your own unique timer.
  6. Call To Action Button Widget for Elementor (Free) – The Call to Action Button Widget is a tool for creating beautiful buttons that combine an icon, some text, and message notification.
  7. Counter Widget for Elementor (Free) – Showcasing your business statistics and show fun facts and figures on your Elementor website.
  8. Price List Widget for Elementor (Free) – A powerful addon that allows displaying a list of items, products, services or features for your business with easy styling options.
  9. Product Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  10. Notification Widget for Elementor (Free) – The Notification widget enables you to display a colored alert box and draw attention to important messages on your Elementor website.
  11. Review Box Widget for Elementor (Free) – Simply create and display reviews on your Elementor website to build customers trust and increase SEO.
  12. Product Card Widget for Elementor (Free)
  13. Pricing Table Widget for Elementor (Free) – Present the available pricing plans in an easy to read format. Use the Pricing Table widget to help your customers make purchasing decisions.
  14. Product Bullets Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  15. Product Highlights Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Design a visually attractive product feature lists that will help your potential buyers to make purchase decision and learn more about your products.
  16. Whatsapp Chat Widget for Elementor (Pro) – A floating WhatsApp button that allows your website visitors to start a chat conversation from your website directly to your WhatsApp phone number with just one click.
  17. Icon Mobile Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) – A perfect way to add an icon menu for making your CTA buttons stand out for website visitors using mobile devices.
  18. Step Process Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Showcase process/steps with unique layout variations. Create visual diagrams of step by step instructions to simplify processes to your website visitors.
  19. Price Box Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  20. Product Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  21. Event List Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The event list widget is a way to easily show your recent events like concerts, conferences, parties or special occasions.
  22. Pricing Table Flip Box Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Pricing Table Flip Box allows you to showcase the prices for your products, services, or packages in a beautiful flip box pricing table.
  23. List Marquee Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  24. Review Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro) – The Reviews Carousel increases the visibility reviews you want to highlight to your users by letting you display them throughout your site in an interactive carousel format.
  25. Timer Countdown Banner Widget for Elementor (Pro) – An awesome countdown banner with a a call to action button.
  26. Unlimited Google Maps Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  27. 复制 Elementor (Pro) 的优惠券代码小部件 – 单击以将优惠券代码复制到剪贴板 . 此小部件使用户可以轻松兑换您的促销优惠券代码。
  28. Mobile Conversion Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Floating action buttons that display the primary actions in your Elementor website. Provide quick access to social icons or any important or common actions to increase conversions.

Elementor Woocommerce

  1. Woocommerce Product List Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Woocommerce Product Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  3. Woocommerce Product Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Woocommerce Product Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Woocommerce Category Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Woocommerce Category Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Dynamic Loops for Elementor

  1. Dynamic Template Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  2. Dynamic Template Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  3. Dynamic Template Tabs Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Dynamic Template Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Dynamic Template Accordion Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 推荐/感言

  1. Testimonial Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Testimonial Card Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Testimonial Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Testimonial Card Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 团队成员

  1. Team Member Card Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Team Member Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Team Member Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Team Member Icon Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Team Member Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Team Member Sliding Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 菜单组件

  1. Fullscreen Navigation Menu Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. List Menu Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Side Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Liquid Full Screen Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Code Credit:
  5. One Page Scroll Navigation Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Circle Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Accordion Menu Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 轮播组件

  1. Card Carousel Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Coverflow Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  3. Icon Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Image Card Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Material Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Overlay Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Swipe Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Portfolio Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  9. Justified Image Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 幻灯片组件

  1. Simple Slider Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Image and Video Content Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  3. Thumbnail Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 内容框

  1. Content Box Image Zoom Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Content Box Image Card Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Content Box Hover Text Reveal Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Content Box Icon Image Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Icon Content Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  6. Content Box Zoom Caption Reveal Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Content Box Overlay Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Animated Border Content Box Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  9. Content Box Sliding Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor Instagram组件

  1. Instagram Latest Image Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Instagram Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  3. Instagram Box Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Instagram Card Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Instagram Metro Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor LOGO组件

  1. Logo Grid Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Logo Card Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Logo Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Logo Marquee Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 悬停效果

  1. Link Hover Effects Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Icon Hover Effects Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Creative Button Hovers Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Banner Hover Effects Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Scrolling Screenshot Widget for Elementor (Pro) – Add a long screenshot that will scroll when you hover over it.
  6. iHover Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Caption Hover Effects Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Border Link Hover Effects Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 按钮组件

  1. Video Play Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Toggle Text Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Parallelogram Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Gradient Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Overlay Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  6. Icon Pointer Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  7. Multi Line Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  8. Underline Animated Button Widget for Elementor (Free)
  9. Button Group Widget for Elementor (Free)
  10. Simple Artistic Button Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  11. Neon Glowing Button Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  12. Border Button Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  13. Liquid Button Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  14. Gradient Hover Effect Button Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  15. Glare Button Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  16. Underline Link Hover Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  17. Button Icon Hover Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 排版

  1. Text Rotator Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. 3D Text Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Gradient Underline Text Effect Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Dual Color Heading Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Stroke Text Effect Widget for Elementor (Free)
  6. Gradient Text Effect Widget for Elementor (Free)
  7. Text Marquee Effect Widget for Elementor (Free)
  8. Futuristic Typing Text Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  9. Animated Split Text Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  10. Sideways Vertical Text Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  11. Scroll Reveal Text Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  12. Image Background Text Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  13. Typewriter Text Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  14. Side Line Heading Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 内容组件

  1. Content Tabs Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Content Accordion Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Content Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Content Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Content Ticker Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Content Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Content Toggle Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 图标框

  1. Icon Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Icon Card Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Icon Number Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Twist Hover Icon Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Sliding Icon Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  6. Animated Icon Box Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Icon Box Hover Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Animated Border Icon Box Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  9. Icon Box Content Reveal Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  10. Overlay Icon Box Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 进度栏

  1. Linear Progress Bar Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Circle Progress Bar Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  3. Semi Circle Progress Bar Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Vertical Progress Bar Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 画廊

  1. Tile Grid Image Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Minimalistic Image Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Slider Image Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Justified Columns Image Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Grid Panel Image Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Video and Image Gallery Grid Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Carousel Image Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Basic Image Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 视频画廊

  1. Slider Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Minimalistic Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Play List Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Carousel Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Tile Columns Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Basic Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Grid Panel Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Tiles Grid Video Gallery Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 块引用

  1. Block Quote Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Block Quote Card Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Block Quote Carousel Box Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Block Quote Carousel Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Block Quote Slider Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 社交网络图标

  1. Social Icons Glare Effect Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. 3d Social Icon Buttons Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Square to Circle Social Icons Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Rotating Social Icons Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Social Icons With Label Widget for Elementor (Free)
  6. Shape Social Icons Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Social Icons With Circle Fill Effect Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 分离器和分隔器

  1. Unlimited Separator Divider Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Line Diamond Separator Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Line Text Divider Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Triangle Separator Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Zigzag Wave Seperator Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  6. Three Icons Separator Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Christmas Candy Separator Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Animated Wave Separator Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 谷歌图表

  1. Pie chart Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Line Chart Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Donut Chart Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  4. Comparison Line Chart Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  5. Area Chart Widget for Elementor (Pro)

Elementor 英雄组件

  1. Title Hero Widget for Elementor (Free)
  2. Box Hero Widget for Elementor (Free)
  3. Split Hero Widget for Elementor (Free)
  4. Transparent Split Hero Widget for Elementor (Free)
  5. Border Hero Widget for Elementor (Free)
  6. Video Hero Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  7. Split Video Hero Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  8. Diagonal Hero Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  9. Quote Hero Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  10. Persona Hero Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  11. Service Box Hero Widget for Elementor (Pro)
  12. Solid Color Hero Widget for Elementor (Pro)



注意:此插件与 Elementor 一起使用。确保已安装 Elementor

  1. 将插件文件夹上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,或直接通过WordPress插件库页面安装插件。
  2. 通过WordPress中的“插件”库页面激活插件
  3. 导航到 WordPress 侧菜单中的Unlimited Elements (无限元素),然后将鼠标悬停在其上并单击安装,以安装所需的组件。


我可以在没有 Elementor 页面生成器的情况下使用该插件吗?



当然可以!它可以与 Elementor 工作的任何主题一起使用。


Your existing elements/content will work with the premium version. So you wont lose your any of your hard work.




I needed help with a simple formatting question on a hover button, and within minutes Amit provided a custom solution. This plugin is a game changer, and the customer support is top notch!
a required setting for the card post carousel was immediately added after I contacted the support, I was quite amazed about this superb service


“Elementor 无限元素(免费小部件、插件、模板)” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“Elementor 无限元素(免费小部件、插件、模板)”插件已被翻译至2种本地话语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。

将“Elementor 无限元素(免费小部件、插件、模板)”翻译成您的语言。




version 1.4.85 = 2021-10-13:

-bug fix: small bug fix – headers sent bug

version 1.4.84 = 2021-10-13:

-Feature: added taxonomy terms full query debug option
-Feature: improved full debug type in posts query
-Feature: added items support in editor->background switcher
-Feature: added support for remote controls
-Feature: functionality to posts load more
-Feature: added second condition
-Feature: added tabs functionality to attributes
-Addition: added %,px to slider units
-Fix: fixed avoid duplicates related bug
-Fix: fixed conflicting wordpress codemirror script
-Fix: fixed post selection values init from editor
-Fix: fixed pagination on front page
-Fix: fixed some polylang related bugs

version 1.4.83 = 2021-09-22:

-Fix: fixed styles mishmash inside elementor editor navigator
-Fix: fixed dissapearing carousels after refresh bug
-Fix: fixed dynamic grid pagination not changed

version 1.4.82 = 2021-09-20:

-Feature: added troubleshooting setting – show php error message
-Feature: added px, vh, % options for slider attribute
-Feature: added dynamic group attributes for galleries, including image and video
-Feature: added option to convert one date string to another with ucdate filter
-Feature: added option to use items in background widgets
-Feature: added ucfunc(“set”) and ucfunc(“get”) functions in twig for remember and retrieve variables
-Feature: added include by option: “children of current term” to category selection options
-Feature: added option to pull woo product variations in twig
-Feature: added placeholder: link_withprefix, link_noprefix for link attribute
-Fix: fixed error when exists dynamic link in dynamic loop widgets
-Fix: enabled pagination in a single type in dynamic template grid
-Fix: the “not equal” attributes condition now works
-Fix: fixed not editable empty dropdown attribute in widget editor
-Fix: fixed mb_string absence php bug
-Fix: fixed heading attribute label
-Fix: fixed responsive elementor controls in widget items

版本 1.4.81 = 2021-08-17:

  • 功能:为图像属性类型添加了 json select (lottie)
  • 功能:在具有文章列表属性的小部件中为 ajax 设置选项
  • 功能:使 ajax 分页与分页组件一起工作
  • 功能:添加了数字和滑块属性类型的动态选项
  • 功能:在资源选择器中添加了新的 owl 轮播源
  • 功能:添加标题属性
  • 更改:为分页组件添加了更多类型的调试
  • 更改:更改了元素图标的组件图标选择器,而不是 font awesome 图标
  • 修复:修复了导入时模板按钮在新栏中消失的问题
  • 修复:修复小部件图标

版本 1.4.80 = 2021-08-09:

  • Feature: added option to change items section label
  • Feature: added js snippet with code that works in elementor popup
  • Feature: added option to add {current_user_id} keyword in post meta query
  • Feature: added option for block label inside each attribute
  • Feature: added heading text option for items section
  • Feature: added extra fields to image base gallery options
  • Feature: added php filter option for variable
  • Feature: added twig functions “get_post_term” and “is_post_has_term”. The examples visible when you click on item.posts.putPostTerm placeholder
  • Fix: fixed some test widgets output relate bugs
  • Fix: conditions settings was not affected typography controls
  • Fix: fixed template dynamic background image didn’t displayed bug in dynamic loops
  • 更改:在常规设置中添加了一些api连接测试说明-故障排除

version 1.4.79 = 2021-07-13

  • Fix: fixed scripts output in preview widget page

version 1.4.78 = 2021-07-12

  • Change: added birthday sale promotions
  • Feature: added woo commerce products to dynamic loop items source

version 1.4.77 = 2021-07-07

  • Fix: fixd the is_ajax() error function from the admin area

version 1.4.76 = 2021-07-07

  • Feature: added option to show post last modified date
  • Feature: added function: get_from_sql in widget editor that allow to pull any custom records from DB
  • Feature: added function: run_code_once in widget editor, that allow to run the code only once. Good for many similar widgets on the same page
  • Feature: added option for load widget js as module
  • Fix: fixed no key_thumb field in images inside widget
  • Fix: fixed no condition in image sizes widget setting
  • Fix: fixed javascript based backgrounds
  • Fix: fixed brocken svg icon on catalog widget box in some of the cases
  • Fix: fixed collision with rankmath in ajax actions
  • Change: added some max length for a widget category, now it’s 60

version 1.4.75 = 2021-06-21

  • Feature: added category image to products list
  • Feature: added option to include as module widget js include
  • Feature: added option to write custom handle to widget js and css include
  • Feature: added options – avoid duplicate posts to post query exclude
  • Feature: added option to include or exclude posts by dynamic field to posts selection
  • Feature: added option to include or exclude posts by logged in user, in posts selection
  • Fix: fixed background widget condition functionality
  • Fix: changed template picker to simple select2 list

version 1.4.74 = 2021-06-02

  • Feature: added function put_date_range to twig functions. good for events widgets
  • Feature: added integration with google map
  • Feature: added function: “run_code_once” for twig
  • Feature: added grouped options for the gallery
  • Feature: added option to get posts by date from custom ACF field
  • Feature: added gallery settings options for dynamic settings attribute
  • Feature: added pagination to dynamic loop
  • Change: improved dynamic settings attribute

version 1.4.73 = 2021-05-20

  • Feature: added twig function: “put_attributes_json” that available in js tab in widget editor
  • Feature: added constant – uc_inside_editor – for distinquish between editor and site front
  • Feature: added multiple select attribute
  • Feature: added listing attribute support
  • Fix: fixed “request too long” message on a widget preview – shortened preview url
  • Fix: fixed several bugs with condition field in widgets editor
  • Fix: fixed hidden image size select on item attributes
  • Fix: fixed acf group field output
  • Fix: fixed elementor template in items, changed to specific function

version 1.4.72 = 2021-05-02

  • 功能:为 woocommerce 添加评分星级助手占位符
  • Feature: added option to include js file after elementor-frontend
  • Fix: fixed new typography deprecation message

版本 1.4.71 = 2021-04-22

  • 特性:添加了选项,可以在文章选择中从 PHP 函数获取 post id
  • 功能:由位于当前或不同文章中的 Meta 字段添加选项
  • 功能:添加了 twig 过滤器: wc_price 用于本地价格过滤
  • 功能:将文章项目标题添加到 Post Data Debug
  • 更改:在选择中为Woocommerce类别添加了选项
  • 修复:修复Woocommerce相关网格中的价格问题
  • 修复:修复了包含和排除项目与嵌套分类法查询不匹配的问题
  • 修复:修复在搜索页面上的分页

版本 1.4.70 = 2021-04-14

  • Feature: added show widget data debug options
  • Feature: added option for filter post by post meta
  • Feature: added option for simple condition for attributes
  • Feature: added integration with wordpress popular post plugin for most viewed posts selection
  • 功能:添加了数据调试的文章列表变量
  • 功能:为文章列表添加图像大小选择器
  • 功能:从内容中获取缩略图,以防在文章中丢失
  • 修复:当批量移动属性时,它现在始终会换成一般类别
  • 修复:修复按状态过滤文章
  • 修复:修复 instagram 媒体 albom

version 1.4.69 = 2021-04-04

  • Feature: added extra query debug options for custom post types selector
  • Feature: added choose image size select option to image attribute
  • Feature: added “image_attributes” placeholder for image output in widget editor
  • Change: added default values select to hover animations attribute
  • Change: changed button “add to cart” to “select options” for variable products in woocommerce list widgets
  • Fix: fixed border radius attribute from width to radius
  • Fix: added missing thumb sizes for image select

版本 1.4.68 = 2021-03-22

  • Feature: added include recently viewed products in woocommerce
  • Feature: added option for default max posts in post selector
  • Feature: added attribute type: Border Dimensions
  • 功能:添加属性类型:CSS滤镜
  • 功能:添加属性类型:悬停动画
  • 修复:从存档类型删除Max Posts Post查询选择,因为没有控制分页。
  • 修复:Instagram视频图像未显示时修复了错误

版本 1.4.67 = 2021-03-12

  • 功能:在疑难解答部分添加了api连接
  • 功能:在项目选择字段中添加了选项
  • 功能:通过元键为woo类别选择添加了顺序

  • 修复:修复woo产品价格格式为十进制价格

  • 修复:修复组件管理器中从底部剪切的上下文菜单
  • 修复:修复了小部件项目转发器中的显示项目数据
  • 修复:修复浮动到woocommerce折扣百分比

版本1.4.66 = 2021-02-18

  • 功能:添加了“盒子阴影”属性类型
  • 功能:向用户输出添加了url_posts和num_posts
  • 功能:在多个属性中为选择器2和选择器3添加了选项
  • 功能:在组件编辑器中添加了复制/粘贴属性部分
  • 功能:为getListingItemData函数添加了用于获取默认对象的选项
  • 功能:在组件内增加了对wpml网站语言的支持
  • 功能:将acf图片和缩略图的宽度和高度添加到占位符列表
  • 修复:即使没有js代码,也可以在编辑器中加载js库文件
  • 修复:修复了一些带有排除条款帖子选择的PHP通知
  • 修复:修复了getListingItemData函数中没有返回对象的小错误
  • 修复:修复文章选择手动选择初始化不显示任何文章
  • 修复:修复了手动选择文章时未获取私人文章时的错误
  • 更改:将Codemirror更新为最新版本,添加了代码搜索功能
  • 更改:将freemius SDK更新为2.4.2

版本 1.4.65 = 2021-02-03

  • 功能:添加了用于在用户列表中获取自定义元字段的选项
  • 功能:向树枝添加了功能:getByPHPFunction()
  • 功能:向 twig 添加了功能:getUserMeta()
  • 功能:向树枝添加了功能:getListingItemData()- 在任何插件列表中工作
  • 修复:修复了PHP清理数组错误
  • 修复:修复了相关文章中文章选择的文章类型

版本 1.4.64 = 2021-02-02

  • 更改:将“编辑小部件html”按钮移至“常规”选项卡中的“高级”部分
  • 功能:在组件设置的“产品查询”部分添加了排除销售产品的选项
  • 功能:增加了在文章选择小部件设置中排除特定文章的选项
  • 功能:添加了woocommerce相关产品在文章选择中选择
  • 功能:在组件文章选择中添加了作者的包含/排除文章
  • 功能:在组件文章选择中按日期添加了包含/排除文章
  • 功能:为组件属性类型添加了日期/时间选择器
  • 功能:将文章状态添加到组件文章选择中
  • 功能:为组件文章选择添加了偏移设置
  • 功能:在用户字段中添加了作者网址和作者帖子数
  • 功能:将最大用户数添加到用户选择属性
  • 功能:添加了“Elementor 模板”属性
  • 修复:修复了文章选择控件中的小PHP错误
  • 修复:修复了项目转发器中的js错误
  • 修复:修复了排除角色在用户选择属性中不起作用的问题
  • 修复:修复了在售产品的有变化的选择

版本 1.4.63 = 2021-01-26

  • 特点:增加了 ACF 链接数组和属性
  • 功能:添加了排序功能,以与文章选择相关和手动
  • 功能:添加了仅显示置顶帖子的选项
  • 功能:在组件文章选择中添加了按项目设置排除
  • 更改:将调试数据从进阶移动到elementor 组件设置中的常规文件夹
  • 修复:修复woocommerce价格数字格式
  • 修复:修复了在组件文章设置中打开的“文章查询”部分上的刷新文章
  • 修复:修复了手动文章选择默认顺序

版本 1.4.62 = 2021-01-21

  • 功能:添加了文本阴影字段
  • 功能:在文章查询中添加了“手动选择”
  • 功能:添加了兼容性标签
  • 修复:修复图像大小缩略名称,并在其中加上“-”号
  • 修复:修复了一些发生在php 8中与数组到字符串转换有关的php警告
  • 更改:如果在文章列表属性中选中了“用于woocommerce产品”复选框,则显示woo Commerce占位符
  • 更改:改进了woo类别输出占位符帮助,添加了getTermCustomFields函数

版本 1.4.61 = 2021-01-14

  • 功能:在当前查询文章选择中添加了最大文章数和按选项排序
  • 功能:为 woocommerce 类别选择添加了手动选择
  • 功能:在组件构建器中添加了选择器并响应下拉属性
  • 更改:更改了从目录组件到插件内部的购买专业版链接
  • 修复:修复了将组件添加到不是自动递增的数据库表的问题
  • 修复:修复了来自组件生成器界面的svg预览
  • 修复:修复了注册组件时的手动内存检查

版本 1.4.60 = 2020-12-30

  • 功能:添加了用于woocommerce网格的第三方集成的选项
  • 功能:添加了“advanced labels for woocommerce”插件的集成
  • 功能:在资源管理器中添加了查看文件按钮
  • 功能:为 Elementor 面板组件框添加了 svg 图标选项以及字体图标
  • 功能:在 Elementor 面板组件框内的鼠标悬停时添加了预览图像
  • 功能:添加了用于从组件设置中禁用“编辑组件html”的选项

  • 修复:空设置时,只有画廊项目设置

  • 修复:如果组件中没有属性,则添加“无设置”标题
  • 修复:修复了 php 8.0 的一些php警告

版本 1.4.59 = 2020-12-17

  • 修复:修复了导入模板重定向
  • 功能:添加选项以包括用于文章查询的置顶文章
  • 功能:为单页添加分页
  • 功能:为 instagram组件 增加了项目数量
  • 功能:将背景图像添加到背景属性

版本 1.4.58 – 2020-12-07

  • 功能:使插件在wordpress.org可翻译

版本 1.4.57 – 2020-12-07

  • 功能:用于存档文章的分页完成组件
  • 功能:添加了截断文章列表的选项
  • 修复:修复了在当前文章查询上显示调试查询的问题

版本 1.4.56 – 2020-11-30

  • 更新:已解除网络星期一交易管理员通知

版本 1.4.55 – 2020-11-26

  • 功能:增加了按销售价格排序的选项
  • 功能:添加了调试查询选项
  • 功能:添加了选项调试组件数据
  • 功能:添加了用于过滤带有子类别的文章的选项
  • 功能:增加了只包含特价商品的选项

  • 修复:修复了某些情况下未显示任何组件的问题

  • 修复:修复 woocommerce 价格占位符前缀

版本 1.4.54 – 2020-11-13 =

  • 更新:将 freemius SDK 更新为最新版本
  • 修复:修复逗号分隔的选择器

版本 1.4.53-2020-11-09 =

  • 功能:添加了背景组件和区段背景
  • 更改:从模板导出中删除了全局颜色
  • 修复:修复了woocommerce中常规价格和销售价格的错误

版本 1.4.52-2020-11-06 =


版本 1.4.51-2020-11-04 =

  • 功能:在图标库属性中添加了svg输出
  • 功能:在文章列表中添加了 woocommerce复选框
  • 功能:添加了产品缺货过滤器以进行产品选择
  • 功能:在文章列表属性 woocommerce产品类型中添加了discount_percent字段
  • 功能:按价格选项添加了 woocommerce文章列表顺序
  • 修复:修复了文章列表属性中的 woocommerce类别

版本 1.4.50-2020-10-21 =

  • 修复:删除了显示错误设置

版本 1.4.49-2020-10-12 =

  • 修复:修复了不存在控件的小错误
  • 修复:修复了关闭插件时的常规设置错误

版本 1.4.48-2020-10-12 =


版本 1.4.47-2020-10-08 =

  • 更新:删除俄语翻译
  • 功能:新增功能:树枝(twig)的get_items
  • 修复:修复了开关的内容和样式选项卡
  • 修复:修正了滑条控制平板电脑/手机的默认值
  • 修复:修复了乱序的组件类别

版本 1.4.46-2020-10-04 =

  • 功能:为js项目输出添加了put_items_json函数
  • 修复:从未分类的类别返回组件

版本 1.4.45-2020-10-04 =

  • 修复:修复了使用自定义组件导入模板的问题

版本 1.4.44-2020-10-03 =

  • 功能:添加了灵活的内容类型属性
  • 优化:减少数据库查询数量,显着提高加载速度

版本 1.4.43-2020-09-22 =

  • 特性:添加了将属性分组到菜单项的选项
  • 特点:完成instagram访问令牌自动更新
  • 特性:在颜色选择器属性中添加了“选择器”
  • 修复:改进了合并组件选项保护
  • 修复:修复了选择默认组件图像的问题
  • 修复:修复了图库项目(图像基本字段)中的默认项目
  • 修复:修复图像显示在默认项目选择器中
  • 修复:颜色选择中缺少全局颜色

版本 1.4.42-2020-08-06=

  • 功能:添加了获得分组的woocomerce产品的选项
  • 功能:添加了instagram连接到官方API
  • 功能:添加的功能:getUserData(),添加到“树枝代码示例”面板中
  • 功能:添加了“ printVar”和“ showDebug”功能的“树枝代码示例”面板
  • 功能:在常规设置中完成“使用instagram登录”,并从instgram API获取数据
  • 修复:导入时已排序“覆盖组件”问题
  • 修复:修复了处理html数据时的下拉属性

版本 1.4.41-2020-06-18 =

  • 特性:为“number”属性添加了附加控件
  • 特点:添加了“排除未分类的类别”到woocommerce类别选择
  • 特性:为滑块属性添加了响应控件
  • 修复:修复了elementor集成中的模板类型变量问题
  • 修复:仅在“当前查询”可用时显示分页
  • 修正:修正文章查询中的select2字段最小宽度

版本 1.4.40-2020-06-10 =

  • 更改:隐藏“合并小部件”常规设置
  • 功能:添加了“显示/隐藏包装html注释”到常规设置
  • 修复:修复导出模板文件名

版本 1.4.39-2020-06-02=

  • 修复:修复了编辑器中具有较大配置限制的保存组件。
  • 修复:修复了带有页面设置错误的导出模板。
  • 修复:从项目编辑器中删除了多余的字段,仅保留了受支持的字段
  • 更改:将freemius SDK更新为最新版本

版本 1.4.36-2020-05-21=

  • 功能:增加了对 pods panda repeater的支持
  • 修复:安装模板时针对max_execution_time问题做了一些解决方案
  • 修复:在模板对话框弹出窗口上修复了rtl
  • 修正:更正了“数字”字段附近的命名
  • 修复:从一些不需要的文件中清除了“树枝”库。
  • 更改:从框架中删除了“图像预览”文件。

版本 1.4.35-2020-05-11=

  • 功能:增加了项目自定义字段支持
  • 功能:增加了项目 meta 字段支持
  • 更改:将Composer供应商文件夹移至插件根目录
  • 更改:修复了选中“仅显示已安装的小部件”复选框时空模板列表的错误
  • 修复:整理出一些模板导入错误

版本 1.4.34-2020-05-06 =

  • 修复:从模板部分删除类别
  • 修复:即使没有可用的示例帖子,也显示“ putPostMeta”功能
  • 修复:最终修复了elementor和admin页面上所有未安装的数据库问题

版本 1.4.33-2020-05-03 =

  • 修复:修复了另一个插件造成的双树枝碰撞

版本 1.4.32-2020-05-02 =

  • 更新:更新到最新的树枝1.x版本
  • 修复:修复了PHP 7.4中占位符之间没有空格的错误

版本 1.4.31-2020-04-26 =


版本 1.4.30-2020-04-23 =

  • 修复:修复了一些与模板有关的错误

版本 1.4.29-2020-04-22 =

  • 功能:发布了模板目录

版本 1.4.28-2020-04-10 =

  • 功能:添加了 woocommerce 类别字段
  • 修复:修复导出/导入图像功能
  • 修复:修复了在某些情况下尚未安装db表时在前面出现的错误消息。

version 1.4.27 – 2020-04-01 =

功能:添加了“ getPostMeta,putPostMeta,printPostMeta”功能↵
功能:为acf相关帖子添加了“ getPostData”功能,该功能从相关帖子中获取所有数据,包括自定义字段

版本 1.4.26 – 2020-03-28 =

  • 更改:更改为新的api地址
  • 修复:修复链接不包括在主题生成器帖子错误
  • 修复:修复链接购买专业版
  • 修复:修复免费版本保持激活状态错误
  • 修复:simpleXML 验证使网站瘫痪

版本 1.4.25 – 2020-03-09 =

  • Feature: added “responsive controls” to margin and padding setting
  • Feature: made “refresh catalog” button
  • 功能:将“num_items”变量添加到组件编辑器
  • 更改:从组件默认屏幕中删除“默认字体”
  • 修复:修复了“屏蔽”功能中的一些PHP错误
  • Fix: fixed posts from sub categories in post list

version 1.4.24 – 2020-02-14 =

  • Feature: made “export with images” option in templates
  • Fix: fixed import category widgets
  • Fix: fixed icon html output placeholder

version 1.4.23 – 2020-02-02 =

  • Feature: improved the slider attribute
  • Feature: added “menu” attribute

version 1.4.22 – 2020-01-28 =

  • Feature: added woo currency symbol
  • Feature: added woo add to cart button
  • Feature: added slider attribute
  • Widget: logo grid
  • Widget: logo carousel
  • Widget: logo marquee
  • Widget: image tooltip
  • Widget: content toggle
  • Widget: circle number
  • Widget: post list

version 1.4.21 – 2020-01-22 =

  • Feature: added users attribute
  • Feature: done multiple post type selector
  • Feature: added background attribute
  • Feature: added icon library html output
  • Feature: added woo commerce support in posts list
  • Bug fix: fixed icons not shown bug in widget settings

版本 1.4.20 – 2020-01-15 =

  • Bug fix: fixed font awesome icon output
  • Bug fix: fixed instagram not loading bug
  • Change: updated font awesome css version
  • Change: changed the way that instagram was loaded on the page

version 1.4.19 – 2019-12-31 =

  • Feature: added filter by slug to terms attribute
  • Feature: changed repeater items titles to the ones from “title” field instead of “Item1”, “Item2” etc.
  • Feature: added automated styling for date field, added “ucdate” filter for that.
  • Feature: done functionality for display post author
  • Change: changed the font awesome attribute to fa5
  • Change: added strip html tags from truncate function

version 1.4.18 – 2019-12-31 =

  • Feature: added all image sizes to posts
  • Feature: added “putPostTerms” function to posts
  • Feature: added wpautop filter to twig
  • Feature: added option for custom twig PHP functinoality for PRO version
  • Feature: hide “edit widget html” button for user that don’t have capability to see the plugin
  • Feature: added wpml compatablity
  • Feature: added related posts in posts list
  • Feature: added padding and margin controls (pro)
  • Bug Fix: fixed pagination output

version 1.4.17 – 2019-12-12 =

  • Change: changed to more flexible catalog api

版本 1.4.16 – 2019-08-12 =

  • 功能:添加了查询后关系(和/或)选择器
  • 更改:更新到freemius sdk 2.3.1
  • 功能:添加了“ trancate”过滤器
  • 修复:修复编辑器权限PHP错误

版本 1.4.15 – 2019-19-11 =

  • Change: remove the old deprecated codecanyon activation
  • Fix: fixed bug when both plugins are installed together
  • Fix: fixed empty widget content when put a lot of content in the widget html/js
  • Feature: added option for fonts for post list for intro and content
  • Feature: added custom filter query ID in posts list query (pro)
  • Feature: added labels to typography fields
  • Feature: added description option for elementor controls
  • Feature: added option to add help links to widgets from the widget editor

version 1.4.14 – 2019-24-10 =

  • Fix: fixed js not included bug

version 1.4.13 – 2019-24-10 =

  • 修复:修复了 Elementor 中的项目属性选择器错误
  • 修复:修复文章选择不显示没有分类法的文章类型
  • 修复:修复了管理员中的rtl可见性问题

version 1.4.12 – 2019-15-10 =

  • Feature: added exclude posts by current post
  • Feature: added post category addition custom taxonomy support
  • Fix: fixed some bug in post list selector elementor

version 1.4.11 – 2019-07-10 =

*Feature: added link param html attributes placeholder
*Feature: added category link to post list params
*Fix: fixed post list category not displayed bug

version 1.4.10 – 2019-28-9 =

-bug fix: added some front end protection against db not installed bug
-feature(pro): added do_action for custom wp actions run
-feature(pro): added apply_filters for custom wp actions run
-bug fix: fixed export widget with assets path
-change: added instructions to download pro version.

1.4.7 – 2019-18-9

*Fix: fixed post category selection in post list

1.4.6 – 2019-18-9

*Fix: fixed dynamic items in repeater

1.4.6 – 2019-11-9

*Fix: fixed admin body class external
*Feature: make support for post categories list
*Feature(pro) – made taxonomies list attribute
*Fix: fixed current posts fetch in archive type

1.4.5 – 2019-19-8

*Change: improved widgets manager design

1.4.3 – 2019-25-7

*Change: updated the activation link from plugins
*Change: small UI improvements

1.4.2 – 2019-24-7

*Feature: add post category to dynamic fields
*Feature: added toolset integration

1.4.1 – 2019-8-7

*Feature: added search widget
*Feature: the plugin is now fully translatable, added russian translation

1.4 – 2019-8-7

*Change: moved to new payment system (freemius), changed pricing plans

1.3.39 – 2019-2-7

*Feature: add alt tags to image attribute
*Feature: add automatic name from title on add attribute
*Feature: redesign categories

*Fix: removed autop filter change code from front end
*Fix: allow to import widget when stand on category from catalog
*Fix: fixed instagram widgets typography bug

1.3.38 – 2019-30-6

*Feature: added code examples / js snippets
*Feature: added widget preview

1.3.37 – 2019-23-6

* 功能:添加对存档页面的支持↵
* 功能:添加了存档页面分页↵
* 更改:更改了字体设计控件

1.3.36 – 2019-20-6


1.3.35 – 2019-20-6

* 功能:添加对acf 画廊字段的支持

1.3.34 – 2019-13-6

  • 功能:改进了文章列表过滤和排序

1.3.33 – 2019-12-6

  • Feature: added ordering posts by meta value
  • 修复:修复数据库错误导致的站点崩溃

1.3.32 – 2019-11-6

  • Fix: fixed pods together with acf fileds
  • Fix: added all categories to post list

1.3.31 – 2019-10-6

  • Feature: added link attribute

1.3.30 – 2019-06-6

  • Feature: made PODS integration

1.3.29 – 2019-06-5

  • Feature: added set widget icon functionality, with presence in catalog
  • Feature: added preview widget button from the catalog

1.3.28 – 2019-06-3

  • Feature: made plugin translatable

1.3.27 – 2019-06-2

  • Fix: fixed font override attribute bug

1.3.26 – 2019-05-30

  • Feature: added typography attribute

1.3.25 – 2019-05-29

  • Tweak: added support for dynamic params in image field

1.3.24 – 2019-05-29

  • 修复:修复动态字段
  • 调整:从自定义字段添加空转发器时添加的消息

1.3.23 – 2019-05-01

  • 功能:向所有文本控件添加动态字段
  • 功能:添加了“编辑HTML”按钮到所有组件
  • 修复:修复合并组件渲染错误

1.3.22 – 2019-04-25

  • 功能:集成了所有acf字段,包括中继器和克隆等专业版功能

1.3.21 – 2019-04-20

  • 修复:修复了当前的文章BUG

1.3.20 – 2019-04-15

  • 修复:修复了当前的文章BUG

1.3.19 – 2019-04-10

  • 功能:完成所有acf字段

1.3.18 – 2019-04-05

  • 更改:更改文章时更新文章子变量

1.3.17 – 2019-04-01

  • 更改:将动态字段添加到组件编辑器

1.3.16 – 2019-03-30

  • 修复:修复了开关/切换
  • 修复:修复了上传文件
  • 修复:修复资源选项卡中的复选框

1.3.15 – 2019-03-25

  • 修复:修复了视觉错误
  • 修复:固定的单选框布尔值属性(切换器)

1.3.14 – 2019-03-20

  • 修复:修复组件资源选项卡错误

1.3.13 – 2019-03-15

  • 功能:用插件完成导出/导入模板

1.3.12 – 2019-03-10

  • 特点:增加了反馈的停用选项

1.3.11 – 2019-03-05

  • 修复:修复了导出导入布局的东西

1.3.10 – 2019-03-01

  • 修复:修复资源选项卡问题
  • 修复:修复了文章类别中安装后文章重命名的问题

1.3.09 – 2019-02-28

  • 修复:修复了测试组件jQuery库
  • 更改:将购买链接添加到许可证页面

1.3.08 – 2019-02-25

  • 修复:修复了设置文本输出

1.3.07 – 2019-02-20

  • Fix: Fixed font manager bug

1.3.06 – 2019-02-15

  • Fix: Fixed taxonomy issues

1.3.05 – 2019-02-10

  • Fix: Fixed add addon functionality

1.3.04 – 2019-02-05

  • Improvment: Improved post types category selection

1.3.03 – 2019-02-01

  • Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements

1.3.02 – 2019-01-30

  • Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements

1.3.01 – 2019-01-25

  • Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements

1.2.01 – 2019-01-20

  • Fix: Fixed js in editor when addins widget

1.2.00 – 2019-01-15

  • Feature: Pro version with a catalog

1.0.11 – 2019-01-10

  • Fix: Fixed some wordpress galleries related bug

1.0.10 – 2019-01-05

  • Fix: Fixed export category

1.0.09 – 2019-01-01

  • Change: Made global setting for consolidata addons or not
  • Change: Updated some memory text in general settings

1.0.08 – 2018-12-30

  • Fix: Fixed all notices related bugs

1.0.07 – 2018-12-30

  • Fix: Fixed with default data types

1.0.06 – 2018-12-25

  • Fix: Fixed js includes consolidated

1.0.05 – 2018-12-20

  • 修复:修复JS库

1.0.04 – 2018-12-15

  • 修复:修复JS库

1.0.03 – 2018-12-10

  • 修复:修复了空类别问题

1.0.02 – 2018-12-05

  • Fix: Fixed bug with some unit values in render output

1.0.00 – 2018-12-01

  • Release: First plugin release