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Elementor 无限元素(免费组件、插件、模板)

Elementor 无限元素(免费组件、插件、模板)


Elementor users, elevate your web design experience with Unlimited Elements for Elementor. An all in one plugin that instantly gives you the most advanced widgets and tools to make better Elementor websites faster. Take your WordPress website to the next level.

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Browse our extensive collection of free widgets or upgrade to our pro version for access to over 200 additional unique drag and drop widgets for Elementor. Each widget provides a wide range of options to easily control every aspect. If you can’t find what you need, our Widget Creator Framework empowers you to create any widget you can imagine.

Plugin Features

  • Widget Library Enhance the popular Elementor page builder with our user-friendly and innovative widget library. Simplify your website by finding everything you need in one place, without the need for multiple plugins.

  • Widget Creator Save valuable time by eliminating the need to search for numerous plugins and add-ons. Instead, create customized, professional widgets that perfectly align with your website requirements.

  • Elementor Templates Effortlessly kickstart your web project with pre-designed templates. Say goodbye to endless searches for inspiration or starting from scratch. Get your project up and running in seconds with our collection of template kits.

  • Loop Builder Easily create dynamic Loop Items within the Elementor Theme Builder by utilizing any loop widget layout of your preference. Effortlessly populate the chosen widget with dynamic content to craft versatile and engaging Loop Items.

  • Background Widgets Elevate your web designs instantly with our user-friendly animated backgrounds available in our extensive widget library. Experience seamless integration and unleash your creativity like never before.

  • Post Widgets & Filters Easily create stunning post layouts with real-time filters. Improve the browsing experience for website visitors by helping them find the content they’re looking for. Effortlessly display posts using advanced criteria on your entire website.

  • WooCommerce Widgets & Filters Create stunning product layouts with dynamic real-time filters. Showcase your products and categories in a wide array of interactive formats, such as grids, carousels, sliders, and more.

  • Woo Widgets & Filters Unleash your creativity with advanced and customizable layouts. Take full control of your designs and make them truly unique using the remote controls. Stand out from the crowd with layouts that are both eye-catching and distinctive.

  • Sync Between Widgets Elevate your web designs to new heights by seamlessly synchronizing multiple item-based widgets. This powerful feature empowers you to effortlessly create intricate and personalized layouts, taking your designs to the next level of sophistication.

  • Multi-Source Galleries Empower your gallery showcase by effortlessly featuring Woo products, WordPress posts, Instagram feeds, and a variety of other sources, including various API integrations.

  • Live Copy Paste Copy and paste fully designed sections from the Unlimited Elements website directly to your website, saving you time and ensuring you can finish your web project as soon as possible.

  • Mega Menu Builder Easily craft a distinctive Mega Menu for your website navigation by incorporating images, icons, links, and various Elementor widgets into unique menu layouts.

  • Mega Slider Builder Easily turn any Elementor sections into slider slides. Now you can amaze your website visitors with jaw-dropping slider designs that look amazing on any device.

  • Multi-Source Widgets Add content dynamically to item-based widgets effortlessly with support for ACF repeaters, JSON/CSV files, Woo Products, WordPress posts, users, menus, and a range of API integrations.

  • Dynamic Popup Builder Dynamically create a popup to add a quick view of the post without leaving the page. Use an Elementor single post template to create the layout of the dynamic popup.

  • Elementor Form Builder Build advanced forms effortlessly using the drag-and-drop form builder. Whether it’s a simple or complex form, our straightforward form widgets make it quick and easy to create forms, improving your workflow.

  • Calculator Builder Easily design professional calculators for any type of industry. Whether you need a loan calculator, mortgage calculator or business calculator, our powerful and intuitive drag and drop builder makes it easy to create complex calculators with ease.

  • Elementor Filter Widgets Unlock the potential of the AJAX-based faceted filter system, seamlessly empowering you to craft diverse layouts with ease. Take control by applying multiple filters, ensuring a super-fast and dynamic filtering experience tailored to your website needs.

Widget Library

Find everything you need in one convenient package and supercharge your Elementor website.

Elementor 创意组件

  1. Flip Box (Free)

  2. SVG Animation (Free)

  3. Animated Hamburger Icon (Free)

  4. Timeline Bullets (Free)

  5. Lordicon: Animated Icons (Free)

  6. Blob Shapes (Free)

  7. Number Box (Free)

  8. Icon Bullets (Free)

  9. Image Shapes (Pro)

  10. Scroll Sequence (Pro)

  11. Christmas Icons (Pro)

  12. Icon Box Accordion (Pro)

  13. Morph Slider (Pro)

  14. Scroll Image Reveal (Pro)

  15. Image Accordion (Pro)

  16. Image Zoom Magnifier (Pro)

  17. Particle Image (Pro)

  18. Icon Accordion (Pro)

  19. Background Switcher (Pro)

  20. Icon Tabs (Pro)

  21. Before After (Pro)

  22. Shape Bullets (Pro)

  23. Flip Box Carousel (Pro)

  24. Rhombus Grid (Pro)

  25. Custom Cursor (Pro)

Elementor 工具

  1. Contact Form 7 (Free)

  2. Image Tooltip (Free)

  3. Event Box (Free)

  4. Notification (Free)

  5. Animated Mouse Scroll Icon (Free)

  6. PDF Viewer (Pro)

  7. Calendar (Pro)

  8. Smooth Scroll (Pro)

  9. QR Code (Pro)

  10. 360 Panorama Virtual Tour (Pro)

  11. Layers (Pro)

  12. Hotspots (Pro)

  13. Event List (Pro)

  14. Weather (Pro)

  15. Job Listing (Pro)

  16. Image Scroll (Pro)

  17. Currency Converter (Pro)

  18. 360° Product Viewer (Pro)

  19. Age Verification (Pro)

Elementor 文章组件

  1. Post Tabs (Free)

  2. Post Accordion (Free)

  3. Post Carousel Lite (Free)

  4. Post Blocks (Free)

  5. Post List (Free)

  6. Post Ticker (Free)

  7. Tag Cloud (Pro)

  8. Post Horizontal Timeline (Pro)

  9. Author List (Pro)

  10. Post Tile (Pro)

  11. Post Slider (Pro)

  12. Post Grid (Pro)

  13. Post Card Slider (Pro)

  14. Post Magazine Grid (Pro)

  15. Post Timeline (Pro)

  16. Post Scroll (Pro)

  17. Taxonomy Terms (Pro)

  18. Post Carousel (Pro)

  19. Masonry Post Grid (Pro)

Post Filters & Tools for Elementor

  1. Post Navigation (Free)

  2. Post Pagination (Free)

  3. AJAX Search (Pro)

  4. Dynamic Post Popup (Pro)

  5. Tabs Filter (Pro)

  6. Checkboxes Filter (Pro)

  7. Active Filters (Pro)

  8. Clear Filters (Pro)

  9. Select Dropdown Filter (Pro)

  10. Post Query Summary (Pro)

  11. Search Filter (Pro)

  12. Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro)

  13. Sorting Filter (Pro)

  14. Price Range Filter (Pro)

  15. Off Canvas Filters (Pro)

Form Builder for Elementor

  1. Text Field (Free)

  2. Submit Button (Free)

  3. Textarea Field (Free)

  4. Slider Field (Pro)

  5. Scale Field (Pro)

  6. NPS Field (Pro)

  7. Star Rating Field (Pro)

  8. Multi Step Form (Pro)

  9. Confirm Field (Pro)

  10. Message Field (Pro)

  11. Radio Button Field (Pro)

  12. Phone Field (Pro)

  13. Date Field (Pro)

  14. Number Field (Pro)

  15. Email Field (Pro)

  16. File Field (Pro)

  17. Checkbox Field (Pro)

  18. Dropdown Field (Pro)

  19. Likert Scale (Pro)

Woo Widgets for Elementor

  1. Woo Product List (Free)

  2. Woo Mini Cart (Pro)

  3. Woo Product Grid (Pro)

  4. Woo Product Carousel (Pro)

  5. Woo AJAX Search (Pro)

  6. Woo Product Slider (Pro)

  7. Woo Category Grid (Pro)

  8. Woo Category Carousel (Pro)

  9. Quantity Increment Buttons (Pro)

Elementor 营销组件

  1. Call To Action Button (Free)

  2. Business Hours (Free)

  3. Counter (Free)

  4. Product Card (Free)

  5. Review Box (Free)

  6. Timer Countdown (Free)

  7. List (Free)

  8. Overlay Product Box (Free)

  9. Pricing Table (Free)

  10. Price List (Free)

  11. Product Box (Free)

  12. Copy Coupon Code (Pro)

  13. Telegram Chat (Pro)

  14. Timer Countdown Banner (Pro)

  15. Review Carousel (Pro)

  16. List Marquee (Pro)

  17. Pricing Table Flip Box (Pro)

  18. Unlimited Google Maps (Pro)

  19. Product Bullets (Pro)

  20. Icon Mobile Menu (Pro)

  21. Price Box (Pro)

  22. Product Highlights (Pro)

  23. Memory Game (Pro)

  24. Pricing Plans (Pro)

  25. vCard (Pro)

  26. Floating Chat Buttons (Pro)

  27. WhatsApp Chat (Pro)

  28. Product Carousel (Pro)

Loop Builder for Elementor

  1. Loop Grid (Pro)

  2. Loop Carousel (Pro)

  3. Loop Tabs (Pro)

  4. Loop Accordion (Pro)

  5. Loop Slider (Pro)

  6. Dynamic Popup Button (Pro)

Remote Control Widgets for Elementor

  1. Remote Arrows (Free)

  2. Remote Bullets (Free)

  3. Remote Counter (Free)

  4. Remote Play Pause (Free)

  5. Remote Tabs (Pro)

  6. Remote Dropdown (Pro)

  7. Remote Link (Pro)

  8. Remote Item Navigation (Pro)

  9. Remote Scroll (Pro)

Elementor 菜单组件

  1. WordPress Menu (Free)

  2. Fullscreen Menu (Free)

  3. List Menu (Free)

  4. Mega Menu (Pro)

  5. Mega Menu Inner Links (Pro)

  6. Side Menu (Pro)

  7. Liquid Full Screen Menu (Pro)

  8. One Page Scroll Navigation (Pro)

  9. Circle Menu (Pro)

  10. Accordion Menu (Pro)

Elementor 内容组件

  1. Content Accordion (Free)

  2. Simple Popup (Free)

  3. Content Tabs (Free)

  4. Expanding Content Cards (Pro)

  5. Content Carousel (Pro)

  6. Content Grid (Pro)

  7. Mega Slider (Pro)

  8. Unfold Content (Pro)

  9. Content Slider (Pro)

  10. Content Switcher (Pro)

  11. Unlimited Table (Pro)

  12. Toggle Box (Pro)

  13. Unlimited Grid (Pro)

  14. Content Ticker (Pro)

Elementor 媒体组件

  1. Slider Gallery (Free)

  2. Tile Gallery (Free)

  3. Compact Gallery (Free)

  4. Simple Slider (Free)

  5. Random Image (Free)

  6. Grid Gallery (Pro)

  7. Masonry Gallery (Pro)

  8. Carousel Gallery (Pro)

  9. Thumbnail Gallery (Pro)

  10. Audio Playlist (Pro)

  11. Audio Player (Pro)

  12. Thumbnail Slider (Pro)

  13. Image and Video Slider (Pro)

  14. Video Playlist (Pro)

Elementor 轮播组件

  1. Card Carousel (Free)

  2. Unlimited Carousel (Pro)

  3. Coverflow Carousel (Pro)

  4. Icon Carousel (Pro)

  5. Material Carousel (Pro)

  6. Overlay Carousel (Pro)

  7. Justified Image Carousel (Pro)

  8. Swipe Carousel (Pro)

  9. Portfolio Carousel (Pro)

Infographic Widgets for Elementor

  1. Unlimited Timeline (Free)

  2. Linear Progress Bar (Free)

  3. Pie chart (Free)

  4. Line Chart (Free)

  5. Interactive Circle Infographic (Pro)

  6. Unlimited Charts (Pro)

  7. Funnel & Pyramid (Pro)

  8. Step Process (Pro)

  9. Circle Progress Bar (Pro)

  10. Semi Circle Progress Bar (Pro)

  11. Vertical Progress Bar (Pro)

Elementor 推荐/感言

  1. Testimonial Box (Free)

  2. Testimonial Card (Free)

  3. Testimonial Carousel (Pro)

Elementor 团队成员

  1. Team Member Card (Free)

  2. Team Member Box (Free)

  3. Team Member Carousel (Pro)

  4. Team Member Icon Effect (Pro)

  5. Team Member Grid (Pro)

  6. Team Member Sliding Effect (Pro)

Elementor 内容框

  1. Content Reveal on Hover (Free)

  2. Image Zoom Content Box (Free)

  3. Image Card (Free)

  4. Icon Image Content Box (Free)

  5. Icon Content Box (Free)

  6. Content Box Zoom Caption Reveal (Pro)

  7. Content Box Overlay (Pro)

  8. Animated Border Content Box (Pro)

  9. Content Box Sliding Effect (Pro)

Elementor Instagram组件

  1. Instagram Latest Image (Free)

  2. Instagram Feed (Pro)

  3. Instagram Box (Pro)

  4. Instagram Card (Pro)

  5. Instagram Metro Grid (Pro)

Elementor LOGO组件

  1. Logo Grid (Free)

  2. Logo Card (Free)

  3. Logo Carousel (Pro)

  4. Logo Marquee (Pro)

Hover Effects for Elementor

  1. Rollover Image Effect (Free)

  2. Link Hover Effects (Free)

  3. Icon Hover Effects (Free)

  4. Creative Button Hovers (Free)

  5. Caption Hover Effects (Free)

  6. Banner Hover Effects (Pro)

  7. iHover Effect (Pro)

  8. Border Link Hover Effects (Pro)

Button Widgets for Elementor

  1. Button Group (Free)

  2. Gradient Button (Free)

  3. Video Play Button (Free)

  4. Overlay Button (Free)

  5. Parallelogram Button (Free)

  6. Underline Animated Button (Free)

  7. Multi Line Button (Free)

  8. Toggle Text Button (Free)

  9. Scroll To Top (Free)

  10. Dark Mode (Free)

  11. Button Icon Hover Effect (Pro)

  12. Glare Button Effect (Pro)

  13. Gradient Hover Effect Button (Pro)

  14. Liquid Button (Pro)

  15. Dropdown Button (Pro)

  16. Border Button Effect (Pro)

  17. Icon Pointer Button (Pro)

  18. Simple Artistic Button (Pro)

  19. Underline Link Hover Effect (Pro)

  20. Neon Glowing Button Effect (Pro)

  21. Christmas Button (Pro)

Typography for Elementor

  1. Text Rotator (Free)

  2. 3D Text (Free)

  3. Gradient Underline Text Effect (Free)

  4. Dual Color Heading (Free)

  5. Stroke Text Effect (Free)

  6. Gradient Text Effect (Free)

  7. Text Marquee Effect (Free)

  8. Scroll Text Reveal (Pro)

  9. Futuristic Typing Text Effect (Pro)

  10. Animated Split Text (Pro)

  11. Sideways Vertical Text (Pro)

  12. Image Background Text Effect (Pro)

  13. Typewriter Text Effect (Pro)

  14. Side Line Heading (Pro)

  15. Christmas Text (Pro)

Icon Boxes for Elementor

  1. Icon Box (Free)

  2. Icon Card (Free)

  3. Icon Number Box (Free)

  4. Twist Hover Icon Box (Free)

  5. Sliding Icon Box (Free)

  6. Animated Icon Box (Pro)

  7. Icon Box Hover Effect (Pro)

  8. Animated Border Icon Box (Pro)

  9. Icon Box Content Reveal (Pro)

  10. Overlay Icon Box (Pro)

Block Quotes for Elementor

  1. Block Quote Box (Free)

  2. Block Quote Card (Free)

  3. Block Quote Carousel Box (Free)

  4. Block Quote Carousel (Pro)

  5. Block Quote Slider (Pro)

Social Network Icons for Elementor

  1. Social Icons Glare Effect (Free)

  2. 3d Social Icon Buttons (Free)

  3. Square to Circle Social Icons (Free)

  4. Rotating Social Icons (Free)

  5. Social Icons With Label (Free)

  6. Shape Social Icons (Pro)

  7. Social Icons With Circle Fill Effect (Pro)

Separators and Dividers for Elementor

  1. Unlimited Separator Divider (Free)

  2. Line Diamond Separator (Free)

  3. Line Text Divider (Free)

  4. Triangle Separator (Pro)

  5. Zigzag Wave Seperator (Pro)

  6. Three Icons Separator (Pro)

  7. Animated Wave Separator (Pro)

  8. Christmas Candy Separator (Pro)

  9. Christmas Lights (Pro)

Hero Widgets for Elementor

  1. Title Hero (Free)

  2. Box Hero (Free)

  3. Split Hero (Free)

  4. Transparent Split Hero (Free)

  5. Border Hero (Free)

  6. Video Hero (Pro)

  7. Split Video Hero (Pro)

  8. Diagonal Hero (Pro)

  9. Quote Hero (Pro)

  10. Persona Hero (Pro)

  11. Service Box Hero (Pro)

  12. Solid Color Hero (Pro)

Background Widgets for Elementor

  1. Animated Gradient Background (Free)

  2. Bubble Float (Free)

  3. Diamond Pattern (Free)

  4. Clouds (Free)

  5. Snow Flakes Background (Free)

  6. Alternating Colors (Free)

  7. Retro Blocks (Free)

  8. Moving Stripes (Free)

  9. Wave Animation (Free)

  10. Fireworks Background (Pro)

  11. Confetti Background (Pro)

  12. Parallax Background (Pro)

  13. Blob Animation (Pro)

  14. Animated Squares (Pro)

  15. Background Slider (Pro)

  16. Sliding Diagonals (Pro)

  17. Particles Background (Pro)

  18. Smoke Background Effect (Pro)

  19. Snow Background (Pro)

  20. Masks & Patterns Background (Pro)

  21. Shooting Lights (Pro)

  22. Bokeh (Pro)

  23. Huge Shapes (Pro)

  24. Random Background (Pro)

  25. Morph Background Slider (Pro)

  26. Animated Ripples (Pro)

  27. Stars Background (Pro)


Unlimited Elements empowers you to connect with popular integrations, streamlining your website building process. Use the tools you love by effortlessly incorporating data directly into Elementor widgets.

  • ACF
  • Toolset
  • PODS
  • Woo
  • Instagram
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Reviews
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • ExchangeRate API
  • OpenWeather API




注意:此插件与 Elementor 一起使用。确保已安装 Elementor

  1. 将插件文件夹上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,或直接通过WordPress插件库页面安装插件。
  2. 通过WordPress中的“插件”库页面激活插件
  3. 导航到 WordPress 侧菜单中的Unlimited Elements (无限元素),然后将鼠标悬停在其上并单击安装,以安装所需的组件。


Can I use the plugin without Elementor?

不可以。如果没有 Elementor,您就无法使用该插件,因为它是 Elementor 的插件。

Does the plugin work with any theme?

绝对地!该插件适用于 Elementor 运行的任何主题。


Your existing elements/content will work with the premium version. So you won’t lose your any of your hard work.



Do you offer a renewals discount?

Yes, you get 25% discount for all annual plan automatic renewals. The renewal price will never be increased so long as the subscription is not cancelled.

How do I install and activate the ‘Unlimited Elements for Elementor’ plugin on WordPress?

To install the ‘Unlimited Elements’ plugin on your WordPress site, access your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New. In the search box, enter ‘Unlimited Elements.’ Locate the plugin in the search results and click on the ‘Install Now’ button. Once the installation is finished, click on the ‘Activate’ button, and ‘Unlimited Elements for Elementor’ will be successfully activated on your WordPress site.

Do I need to know code to use Unlimited Elements?

No, you do not need to know code to leverage the widgets and other tools provided by the Unlimited Elements plugin. It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to enhance your Elementor experience without any coding expertise. However, for users familiar with code, the plugin offers the added advantage of a widget creator, enabling the creation of custom Elementor widgets for a more tailored and advanced design experience.

Is my site secure with Unlimited Elements?

Yes, Unlimited Elements is a secure plugin. The plugin is regularly updated to adhere to common security standards, ensuring a secure environment for your website.

What types of filters does Unlimited Elements provide?

Unlimited Elements offers a variety of filter types, including search filters, dropdowns, tabs filters, checkboxes filters, and WooCommerce-related filters, providing a diverse range of options for dynamic and versatile website filtering.

Are the filters compatible with any post type or WooCommerce products?

Yes, all the filters provided by Unlimited Elements are live Ajax filters, ensuring dynamic and seamless filtering experiences. They are compatible with any post type, including custom post types, and WooCommerce products, offering versatile functionality for a wide range of content on your website. Utilize specific WooCommerce filters to enhance the shopping experience for your customers, such as the price range slider filter and color swatches filter for products with different colors.

Can I use Unlimited Elements to display custom post types in my widgets?

Yes, Unlimited Elements supports showcasing custom post types with advanced query selection and seamless connection to any filter from the UE library. This allows for tailored and dynamic content presentation on your website using the plugin’s versatile features.

What are multi-source widgets in Unlimited Elements?

Multi-source widgets in Unlimited Elements enable the population of item-based widgets with various dynamic source types. These widgets can be populated using sources like ACF repeater fields, WooCommerce products, custom post types, Instagram feeds, and various API integrations. This versatility allows for the seamless integration of diverse content into widgets, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of your website elements.

Should I use Remote Control Widgets or the Sync Widgets function in Unlimited Elements?



2024 年 7 月 16 日
Unlimited Elements has always been my go-to plugin for innovative and creative widgets, offering amazing layouts and constant innovation. The service from the team is outstanding; they resolved my issue within hours. Highly recommended!
2024 年 7 月 11 日
I’m thrilled with the Unlimited Elements plugin for WordPress! This plugin offers an impressive range of widgets that make building unique websites a breeze. From stunning sliders to creative carousels, the possibilities are endless. What truly sets this plugin apart is the fantastic support. The team responds super quickly and doesn’t stop until your problem is solved. They even customize their widgets just for you and help with issues that aren’t even related to their plugin. Using Unlimited Elements has made my web design process so much smoother. It’s user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with WordPress. If you’re serious about creating standout websites, I highly recommend Unlimited Elements. It’s a game-changer!
2024 年 7 月 2 日
The support team went over and above to resolve a problem in our installation,. Top Notch !
2024 年 7 月 2 日
I had a conflict with another plugin that was causing issues. I reached out to support and they went on my site and took care of the problem. Everything is back to normal, thank you so much Adarsh for your excellent service and help!
2024 年 6 月 30 日
I am having a very positive experience with Unlimited Elements For Elementor Pro Support team, all individuals have been great, fast responses, very knowledgeable and patients, very clear information and some very fast fixes or custom code, highly recommend


“Elementor 无限元素(免费组件、插件、模板)” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


「Elementor 无限元素(免费组件、插件、模板)」插件已被翻译至 5 种本地化语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。

将“Elementor 无限元素(免费组件、插件、模板)”翻译成您的语言。




version 1.5.114: 2024-07-17

Plugin Changes

  • Feature: implimented "advanced cache" option for "dynamic popup"
  • Feature: improved json/csv api usage in multisrouce, added paths as field names and data key selection
  • Feature: added option for disabled buttons in pagination
  • Change: updated freemius sdk version to the latest
  • Fix: removed "custom remote name" from background widgets style
  • Fix: Galleries – fixed fullscreen button on a slider that contains link
  • Fix: in filters fixed init pagination number after init request
  • Fix: fixed optin "is derect parent" in terms selection
  • Fix: fixed get titles with empty posts for in terms selector
  • Fix: fixed some filters related php bug of empty request on sync with grid.

Widget Changes

  • Feature: Woo Category Carousel (Pro) – Added ‘Navigation Rewind’ option. When disabled, it hides the navigation arrows on the first and last carousel items.
  • Feature: Team Member Carousel (Pro) – Added an Image Link option, allowing users to link images to specified URLs for enhanced navigation and user interaction.
  • Feature: Woo Product Grid (Pro) – Added typography and color styling options for text after prices.
  • Feature: Loop Carousel (Pro) – Added ‘Navigation Rewind’ option. When disabled, it hides the navigation arrows on the first and last carousel items.
  • Feature: Icon Box Accordion (Pro) – Added support for using the widget within the Template Switcher widget.
  • Feature: Dynamic Post Popup (Pro) – Added an "Advanced Cache" option that loads all popups content at once after the page load, improving performance and user experience by reducing subsequent load times and enhancing content delivery.
  • Feature: Unlimited Google Maps (Pro) – Added a "Phone Number As Link" option, allowing phone numbers to be automatically formatted as clickable links for improved user experience and functionality.
  • Feature: Semi Circle Progress Bar (Pro) – Added support for using the widget within the Template Switcher, enhancing functionality and providing more versatile template management options.
  • Feature: Price Range Filter (Pro) – Added ‘Tooltip Thousand Separator’ option to enable formatting of tooltip numbers.
  • Feature: Team Member Carousel (Pro) – Added support for Dynamic Post Popup within the widget, enabling enhanced interactive content display and user engagement.
  • Feature: Loop Grid (Pro) – Added styling options for the active element, allowing for customized appearance and enhanced user interface design for elements in their active state.
  • Feature: Woo Product Carousel (Pro) – Added ‘Navigation Rewind’ option. When disabled, it hides the navigation arrows on the first and last carousel items.
  • Feature: Taxonomy Terms (Pro) – Added an option to disable term links, allowing users to remove hyperlink functionality from term elements as needed.
  • Feature: Loop Grid (Pro) – Added Remote Connection options, enabling enhanced flexibility and functionality for remote integrations and communication between different widgets.
  • Feature: Checkbox Field (Pro) – Added the option to use Item Titles as values, allowing for more flexible and intuitive configuration of item properties based on their titles.
  • Feature: Content Switcher (Pro) – Added the ‘Tab Hash ID’ option in item and functionality, allowing users to open tabs using a hash link (e.g., if the ‘Tab Hash ID’ is set to ‘my-second-tab’ and the user opens the URL example.com/#my-second-tab, the second tab will open automatically).
  • Feature: Post Carousel (Pro) – Added ‘Navigation Rewind’ option. When disabled, it hides the navigation arrows on the first and last carousel items.
  • Change: NPS Field (Pro) – Changed the <form> tag to a <div> tag in the widget’s HTML to improve layout structure and compatibility.
  • Change: Radio Button Field (Pro) – Changed the <form> tag to a <div> tag in the widget’s HTML to improve layout structure and compatibility.
  • Change: Scale Field (Pro) – Changed the <form> tag to a <div> tag in the widget’s HTML to improve layout structure and compatibility.
  • Change: Checkbox Field (Pro) – Changed handling for Checkbox Values with Text as the default values, ensuring consistent and expected behavior for checkbox inputs.
  • Change: Woo Product Grid (Pro) – Organized the pricing layout options into a new section titled ‘Price Layout’ for better usability and navigation.
  • Change: Simple Popup (Free) – Removed empty links from the link elements to ensure clean and functional HTML.
  • Change: Image Accordion (Pro) – Renamed the ‘Transition’ option to ‘Transition Duration’ and added support to select the value in milliseconds (ms).
  • Fix: Image Accordion (Pro) – Resolved the title positioning issue and added a new option, ‘Title Hover Position,’ to allow customization of the title’s position on hover.
  • Fix: Unlimited Google Maps (Pro) – Fixed widgets behavior after applying filters to ensure consistent functionality and proper display of filtered content.
  • Fix: Logo Marquee (Pro) – Fixed the issue where the incorrect number of items was showing when the scrollbar was visible on the page. Previously, the width of the viewport was calculated excluding the scrollbar. Now, the actual viewport width is calculated including the scrollbar.
  • Fix: Team Member Carousel (Pro) – Optimized the HTML code of the widget for improved performance and cleaner structure.
  • Fix: Unlimited Timeline (Free) – Fixed an issue where images with an empty src attribute were still present in the DOM, ensuring that such elements are properly removed or handled to maintain clean and efficient HTML structure.
  • Fix: Post Magazine Grid (Pro) – Fixed an issue where the button hover color was not visible, ensuring proper visual feedback when users interact with buttons.
  • Fix: Toggle Text Button (Free) – Fixed an issue where, in some cases, clicking a button triggered the Elementor Page Transition animation.
  • Fix: One Page Scroll Navigation (Pro) – Fixed an issue where multiple scroll events were required to snap a section, ensuring that a single scroll event now properly snaps the section.
  • Fix: Parallax Background (Pro) – Added proper alt attributes for img elements to improve accessibility and SEO.
  • Fix: Audio Player (Pro) – Fixed an issue where clicking the Download button loaded a default audio file instead of the current one.
  • Fix: Liquid Button (Pro) – Added support for working within the Template Switcher widget, enhancing integration and functionality.
  • Fix: Confirm Field (Pro) – Fixed an issue where labels did not wrap to a second line on small screen widths, ensuring better readability and layout consistency on mobile devices.
  • Fix: Compact Gallery (Free) – Added a fix to address issues caused by early widget initialization, ensuring that widgets initialize at the correct time and function properly even in complex loading scenarios.
  • Fix: Liquid Full Screen Menu (Pro) – Fixed an issue where the fix for sticky containers was not working properly in conjunction with optimization plugins.

version 1.5.113: 2024-07-04

  • Fix: fixed some small security issues found by wordfence
  • Feature: added search fitler to url replace in post widgets filters

version 1.5.112: 2024-07-01

Plugin Changes:

  • Feature: made a small integration with simple author box plugin
  • Feature: added "timezone" for google events api
  • Feature: added "current product gallery" as a gallery source for WooCommerce
  • Feature: added option for dynamic popup advanced cache
  • Feature: added integration for fvplayer
  • Feature: added links to woo minicart title and image
  • Feature: added option to send reply in form to email that set in form field

Widget Changes:

  • Feature: Pricing Table (Free) – Introduced Tooltip functionality, allowing users to add tooltips to each list item.
  • Feature: Post Magazine Grid (Pro) – New values were added to the Show Categories option, including byTaxonomy and by Last level Taxonomy, providing users with more granular control over category display settings.
  • Feature: Blob Shapes (Free) – Enhanced the Shadow options by adding shadow size, shadow blur, shadow color type, and shadow shift settings.
  • Feature: Image Accordion (Pro) – Added the "Link All Items" option to enhance functionality and provide users with the ability to link all items collectively.
  • Feature: Calendar (Pro) – Separated the Locale option into a new tab and introduced an ‘Other’ option in the locale list, enabling users to manually add a locale not listed, thereby extending support for 96 locales.
  • Feature: Calendar (Pro) – Added "Open Event Link in New Tab" option to allow users to open event links in a new tab.
  • Feature: Checkboxes Filter (Pro) – Added functionality to hide the dropdown when no items are found inside.
  • Feature: Icon Accordion (Pro) – A new feature was introduced that includes the addition of an option to adjust the Icon Margin, providing users with more customization options for their interface.
  • Feature: Radio Button Field (Pro) – Added functionality to handle and process values selected from radio buttons in the form, ensuring users’ selections are captured and correctly stored.
  • Change: Woo Mini Cart (Pro) – Improved the widget by adding the product link to the product title and the image in the cart.
  • Change: AJAX Search (Pro) – Added a aria-label attribute for the search button element to enhance form handling and improve accessibility.
  • Change: List Marquee (Pro) – Extended icon option to graphic element and added option for image.
  • Change: AJAX Search (Pro) – Added a name attribute for the search button element to enhance form handling and improve accessibility.
  • Change: Swipe Carousel (Pro) – An improvement was made by adding the aria-label attribute to the item link, enhancing accessibility and ensuring that all links have discernible names for better user experience.
  • Fix: Logo Marquee (Pro) – Fixed the text alignment issue and added new options: Text Align and Text Shadow.
  • Fix: Icon Accordion (Pro) – Fixed a bug where the accordions were not closing when the "Close Others on Open" option was disabled.
  • Fix: Copy Coupon Code (Pro) – Resolved a problem where the copy operation was failing in some cases. This fix ensures that the copy functionality now works reliably across all scenarios.
  • Fix: Quantity Increment Buttons (Pro) – Resolved a problem where the product quantity was not reset to 1 after adding to the cart.
  • Fix: Liquid Full Screen Menu (Pro) – Implemented a fix to address the issue where the widget was not functioning correctly within sticky containers, ensuring consistent behavior and improved user experience.
  • Fix: Before After (Pro) – Added support for carousel widgets, enabling the creation and management of dynamic, rotating content displays within the application.

version 1.5.111: 2024-06-10

Plugin Changes:

  • Feature: added option in general settings: ‘Taxonomy Separator Sign in Ajax Filter’ for backward compatability
  • Fix: fixed getting elementor dynamic item fields in ajax
  • Fix: background widgets didn’t worked with rocket lazy load
  • Changed – changed the default taxonomy saparator to ":" instead of "~"
  • Feature: added option in general settings: ‘Taxonomy Separator Sign in Ajax Filter’ for backward compatability
  • Changed – changed the default taxonomy saparator to ":" instead of "~"
  • Fix: fixed getting elementor dynamic item fields in ajax
  • Fix: background widgets didn’t worked with rocket lazy load
  • Fix: filters checkboxes wasn’t visible in some cases
  • Fix: avoid error messages on very old elementor versions

Widget Changes:

  • Feature: List (Free) – Added Override Color Title/Text options for each item, allowing for individualized customization.
  • Feature: List (Free) – Added an Icon Margin option for enhanced layout control.
  • Feature: Card Carousel (Free) – Added a new value "Above Image" to the Show Title option.
  • Feature: Content Accordion (Free) – Added support for integrating the widget within carousel widgets, enhancing its functionality and allowing for greater flexibility in design layouts.
  • Feature: Calendar (Pro) – Added Italian (it) to the available locales for enhanced language support.
  • Feature: Product Bullets (Pro) – Added "Column" and "Column Reverse" values to the Content Direction option for improved layout flexibility.
  • Change: Content Slider (Pro) – Changed the display CSS property from ‘flex’ to ‘block’ for cases where the Content Source option in an item is set to "template."
  • Change: One Page Scroll Navigation (Pro) – Changed method of calling the wheel event from jQuery to JavaScript.
  • Change: Content Accordion (Free) – Changed heading’s HTML tag from <div> to <a> and added role attribute for accessibility, enabling users to open and close accordions using keyboards and accessibility devices.
  • Change: Event List (Pro) – Added description to Time Zone option.
  • Fix: Mega Menu (Pro) – Resolved an issue where menu items were overlapping each other in iOS device.
  • Fix: Mega Menu (Pro) – Fixed an issue where mobile menu items displayed only a white background color.
  • Fix: Dynamic Post Popup (Pro) – Fixed an issue where the height wasn’t adjusted after the first popup opening when the Adjust Height option was enabled.
  • Fix: Before After (Pro) – Added lazy load protection to images within the widget, ensuring images load properly without delays.
  • Fix: Accordion Menu (Pro) – Fixed an issue where the Accordion Menu was initialized multiple times in popup.
  • Fix: Content Slider (Pro) – Added support for integrating Content Slider within the Toggle Content widget, enhancing its functionality and providing improved content presentation options.
  • Fix: Icon Box Accordion (Pro) – Fixed an issue where the widget was blocking scroll event-oriented functions, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted scrolling behavior.
  • Fix: Post Magazine Grid (Pro) – Fixed an issue where items were not being fully linked, ensuring complete and functional linking of all item components.
  • Fix: Unlimited Timeline (Free) – Resolved a bug that caused the link to not work when the Image Link option was disabled.
  • Fix: Multi Step Form (Pro) – Added a fix for an issue where 1px of the next step was sometimes visible in the current slide.

version 1.5.110: 2024-06-04

Plugin Changes:

  • Fix: remote arrows was sendin next/prev commands twice
  • Fix: fix some password protected content related security issue
  • Fix: fix some sql security small issue

Widgets Changes:

  • Feature: Email Field (Pro) – Added Asterisk Size option, allowing customization of asterisk size for better design flexibility and emphasis.
  • Feature: Phone Field (Pro) – Added Asterisk Size option, allowing customization of asterisk size for better design flexibility and emphasis.
  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Added Timezone option, ensuring that expired and upcoming events are counted according to the specified timezone for accurate event scheduling and display.
  • Feature: Number Field (Pro) – Added "Limit Number of Digits" option, allowing users to restrict the number of digits displayed for better control and readability of numerical data.
  • Feature: Phone Field (Pro) – Added "Limit Number of Digits" option, allowing users to restrict the number of digits displayed for better control and readability of numerical data.
  • Feature: Transparent Split Hero (Free) – Added options to enable or disable widget contents like title, subtitle, etc., and introduced an option to add an image or logo for greater customization and flexibility.
  • Feature: Unlimited Charts (Pro) – Added Line Chart Background Color option, allowing customization of the background color for line charts to enhance visual appeal.
  • Fix: Submit Button (Free) – Added validation function for the phone field to ensure correct email format and improve data accuracy.
  • Fix: Mega Menu (Pro) – Added fix for layout issue that sometimes occurs after page load, ensuring consistent and stable page rendering.
  • Fix: Post Carousel (Pro) – Set padding to 0 in Nav Dots to avoid default CSS overrides, ensuring consistent and desired styling.
  • Fix: Semi Circle Progress Bar (Pro) – Added support for Mega Slider widget, enabling the creation and display of Semi Circle Progress Bar widget in interactive sliders for enhanced content presentation.
  • Fix: Floating Chat Buttons (Pro) – Fixed Pulse Animation Grabber Type issue, ensuring correct animation behavior and improved visual effects.
  • Fix: Content Tabs (Free) – Added a small delay before widget initialization to ensure the Content Tabs widget works properly within other widgets, improving overall functionality and integration.
  • Fix: Remote Tabs (Pro) – Changed selector for padding option to resolve issue where link was not clicked when tab was clicked, improving click response accuracy.

version 1.5.109: 2024-05-29

Plugin Changes:

  • Feature: added option to get page views of some post using WPP plugin
  • Feature: added option for "show db tables" in troubleshooting
  • Fix: fixed form editor form validation, excluded placeholders
  • Fix: fixed get filters based on wpml language with post count
  • Fix: Fixed some remote connection code items click code
  • Fix: Fixed clear all filters button not working bug
  • Fix: fixed multisource acf repeater checkboxes type get

Widgets Changes:

  • Feature: Email Field (Pro) – Added validation function for the email field to ensure correct email format and improve data accuracy.
  • Feature: Number Field (Pro) – ​Introduced the "Disable Calculation in Editor" debug option to prevent the page from crashing or becoming unresponsive when multiple fields are set to calculation mode, enhancing stability during editing.​
  • Feature: AJAX Search (Pro) – Added Show Post Image option to enable or disable the display of images in posts, providing more control over post appearance
  • Feature: Submit Button (Free) – Added validation function for the email field to ensure correct email format and improve data accuracy.
  • Feature: Team Member Card (Free) – Added Icon Size Inner option to adjust the height of the icon itself, providing more precise control over icon dimensions.
  • Feature: Slider Field (Pro) – Added Accent Color option to highlight changing value of Slider Field widget.
  • Feature: Unlimited Carousel (Pro) – Added option to open images in Lightbox, enhancing the viewing experience with a full-screen display of images.
  • Change: Expanding Content Cards (Pro) – Added title as CSS ID for Widgets Items to allow using them as anchors.
  • Fix: Mega Menu (Pro) – Fixed issue where the Clickable Link option was disabled but the link was still added, ensuring links are only added when the option is enabled
  • Fix: Icon Accordion (Pro) – Fixed issue where Override Color Options were not working, ensuring color customizations are applied correctly.
  • Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Fixed issue where menu wasn’t opening, ensuring proper functionality and user access.
  • Fix: Expanding Content Cards (Pro) – Resolved issue where CSS filters were not working in Safari browser, ensuring consistent styling across all browsers.
  • Fix: Block Quote Card (Free) – Fixed issue where reserved space was still taken up even when no icon was selected, ensuring proper layout and space utilization.
  • Fix: Unfold Content (Pro) – Added support for carousel widgets, enabling enhanced content display through interactive sliding elements.
  • Fix: Instagram Feed (Pro) – Added ‘aria-label’ attribute to links to fix the ‘Links do not have a discernible name’ error, improving accessibility and compliance with web standards.
  • Fix: Woo Mini Cart (Pro) – Fixed issue where URL was changed after page load, ensuring stable and consistent URLs for better navigation and user experience.
  • Fix: Age Verification (Pro) – Fixed issue where popup still opened even after cookie was set, ensuring popups respect cookie settings for user preferences.

version 1.5.108: 2024-05-21

Plugin Changes:

  • Feature: update freemius SDK to 2.7.2
  • Fix: fixed bug with select filter and active filters widgets
  • Fix: fixed bug with several main checkbox filters unselecting
  • Fix: Fixed some small security issue

Widget Changes:

  • Feature: AJAX Search (Pro) – Added option to search by meta and by terms.
  • Feature: Dark Mode (Free) – Introduced ‘Do not affect SVG’ option to prevent SVG images from inverting when toggling dark mode, ensuring correct image display.
  • Feature: Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro) – Added Button Hover Animation option to enable animations when hovering over button, enhancing interactivity and visual appeal.
  • Feature: Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro) – Added Icon Position option, allowing users to customize the placement of icons for better design flexibility.
  • Feature: Woo Product Grid (Pro) – Added "Show Only Lowest Variable Price" option to display only the lowest price for variable products, enhancing price visibility and simplicity for users.
  • Fix: Dynamic Post Popup (Pro) – Fixed Navigation Arrows functionality issue when Animation option was enabled, ensuring smooth and consistent navigation experience.
  • Fix: Dynamic Popup Button (Pro) – Added suppot for Loop Carousel widget with enabled Loop option.
  • Fix: Woo Mini Cart (Pro) – Fixed widgets behaviour for Shop pages when page name is different then default.
  • Fix: Icon Tabs (Pro) – Provided a fix that ensures Icon Tabs widget changing Active Tab after click event.
  • Fix: Unlimited Google Maps (Pro) – get it work on the template switcher
  • Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) – Fixed issue where Menu widget wouldn’t open properly when nested within sticky parent containers, ensuring smooth functionality and user experience.

version 1.5.107: 2024-05-16

Plugin Changes:

  • Feature – added elementor dynamic options to api integrations
  • Feature – added option to get images from current product variations for the dynamic gallery.
  • Feature – added preperation for the enhanced ajax search
  • Fix – fixed weird elementor no products on cart page bug
  • Fix – fixed bug with faq schema output
  • Fix – fixed general settings show items at start

Widget Changes:

  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Added "Remove All Upcoming Events Except Next One" functionality, facilitating the removal of all upcoming events except for the next scheduled event for streamlined event management.
  • Feature: Animated Icon Box (Pro) – Added Description Opacity option to customize the opacity level of descriptions for enhanced visual aesthetics and readability.
  • Feature: Underline Animated Button (Free) – Added Animation Move Amount option, enabling users to customize the amount of movement in animations for enhanced visual effects.
  • Feature: Remote Tabs (Pro) – Added Item Min Height option for better customization; users can now set a minimum height for items displayed.
  • Feature: Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro) – Added the "Show Load More Button Icon" option to enhance interface; users can now customize the icon displayed for the load more button.
  • Feature: Mega Menu (Pro) – Added a new functionality enabling "Expand / Collapse Visible On" option, allowing expansion or collapse of visibility based on specific criteria.
  • Feature: Side Menu (Pro) – Added Menu Padding option. This new feature allows to add padding to the container of the Menu items.
  • Feature: Woo Product Grid (Pro) – Made Content Padding, Category Label Spacing, and Title Spacing options responsive for improved adaptability across various screen sizes and devices.
  • Feature: Icon Image Content Box (Free) – Implemented functionality to link Icon and Title to the same destination as the Image.
  • Feature: Hotspots (Pro) – Implemented styling options for images. This new functionality allows users to customize the appearance of images within the widget, including options for adjusting borders, shadows, and other visual attributes.
  • Feature: Team Member Grid (Pro) – Implemented ‘Text Placement’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the placement of text within the widget, providing greater control over the layout and design.
  • Fix: Post Ticker (Free) – Fixed widgets behaviour for RTL websites.
  • Fix: Post Timeline (Pro) – Resolved category name spelling issue in some cases. This fix ensures that category names are spelled correctly throughout the widget, improving accuracy and consistency in the display of category information.
  • Fix: Team Member Grid (Pro) – Optimized HTML code of the widget. This optimization improves the efficiency and performance of the widgets by reducing unnecessary code and streamlining the structure for faster loading and rendering.
  • Fix: Number Field (Pro) – Resolved issue when Min – Max range were violated and no error were shown.
  • Fix: Dropdown Button (Pro) – Optimized widget’s JS code. This fix ensures that widget works properly on mobile devices as well as on desktop.
  • Fix: Expanding Content Cards (Pro) – Addressed CSS filter issue where it was displaying incorrectly on mobile devices, ensuring proper rendering and display consistency across all devices.
  • Fix: Post Grid (Pro) – Fixed issue where Typography option was not functioning as expected, ensuring proper functionality and usability.
  • Fix: Justified Image Carousel (Pro) – Fixed issue where width of images was incorrectly set in certain cases, ensuring proper display and functionality across all scenarios.
  • Fix: Layers (Pro) – Resolved issue with the "Item Shadow" option. This fix ensures that the item shadow is applied correctly within the widget.

version 1.5.106: 2024-05-12

  • Fix – fixed some main/child roles checkbox filter issues
  • Fix – fixed some bug with widget posts debug not showed full info
  • Fix – fixed dissapearing gallery titles since last version.

version 1.5.105: 2024-05-05

Plugin Changes:

  • Fix: fixed some filters and request related issue
  • Fix: fixed specific post and terms select

Widget Changes:

  • Feature: Masonry Gallery (Pro) – Implemented ‘Mute Video’ option. This new functionality allows users to start videos muted within the widget, providing greater control over the audio playback and enhancing the user experience.
  • Feature: Team Member Carousel (Pro) – Introduced ‘Button Text’ option in items, enabling users to set custom button text for each team member for enhanced customization and flexibility.
  • Feature: Mega Menu (Pro) – Implemented ‘Mobile Open Menu Animation’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify the animation type for opening the menu on mobile devices, enhancing the visual presentation and user experience.
  • Feature: Logo Carousel (Pro) – Implemented support for empty links. This new functionality allows items to become not clickable when empty links are specified, providing more control over the behavior and interaction of items within the widget.
  • Feature: Scroll Sequence (Pro) – Introduced ‘Hide Add Action Section’ debug option, enabling users to match accurate configurations in the backend and frontend.
  • Feature: Dropdown Field (Pro) – Added support for ‘Dropdown Value (Numeric Values)’ in multi-source, enabling users to include numeric dropdown values via Multi Source.
  • Feature: Overlay Button (Free) – Introduced ‘Overlay Transition Duration’ option, providing users with more control over the duration of overlay transitions for enhanced customization and user experience.
  • Feature: Checkboxes Filter (Pro) – Introduced ‘Accordion as Dropdown’ option, allowing users to open the accordion as a dropdown when the layout is set to ‘Accordion’, preventing layout shifting and improving user experience.
  • Feature: Overlay Button (Free) – Added ‘Icon’ option, allowing users to easily add an icon to the button for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Feature: Event List (Pro) – Introduced ‘Show End Time’ option, enabling users to show or hide the event end time for enhanced flexibility and customization.
  • Feature: Animated Icon Box (Pro) – Introduced styling options for Icon and Divider, providing users with more customization choices for improved visual design.
  • Feature: Taxonomy Terms (Pro) – Implemented styling options for 1st and 2nd level of Child Term Elements. This new functionality allows users to customize the appearance of Child Term Elements at different hierarchical levels, providing greater design flexibility and control.
  • Feature: Content Carousel (Pro) – Implemented ‘Image Border Radius’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify the border radius for images within the widget, enabling them to create rounded or custom-shaped images for a more visually appealing design.
  • Feature: Coverflow Carousel (Pro) – Implemented ‘Custom Navigation Arrows’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the navigation arrows used within the widget, enabling them to use custom-designed arrows for a more personalized look and feel.
  • Feature: One Page Scroll Navigation (Pro) – Enhanced widget flexibility to support other sections apart from the one with the tag <section>. This improvement expands compatibility with different section types, providing users with more options for integrating the widget into their website layouts.
  • Change: Animated Icon Box (Pro) – Replaced old font edit option with new typography and color options for enhanced customization and design control.
  • Change: Call To Action Button (Free) – Moved ripple ‘Transition Timing’ from Button Icon to Button Icon tab and renamed it to ‘Ripple Timing’ for improved organization and clarity.

version 1.5.104: 2024-04-24

Plugin Changes:

  • Feature: added support for unselect items in sync functionality
  • Feature: added feature – sort terms by parent -> children, and levels number class
  • Fix: fixed some load more issue with dynamic template loop and post lists inside
  • Fix: fixed woo category image not fetched bug
  • Fix: fixed some cases of sticky elementor elements with filters
  • Fix: fixed remote connection with single background parent and remote widget

Widgets Changes:

  • Feature: Neon Glowing Button Effect (Pro) – Implemented ‘Neon Line Width’ option. This new functionality allows users to adjust the width of the neon line effect within the widget, providing finer control over its appearance and visual impact.
  • Feature: Scroll Sequence (Pro) – Introduced ‘Hide Add Action Section’ debug option, enabling users to match accurate configurations in the backend and frontend.
  • Feature: Team Member Carousel (Pro) – Introduced ‘Button Text’ option in items, enabling users to set custom button text for each team member for enhanced customization and flexibility.
  • Feature: Overlay Button (Free) – Added ‘Icon’ option, allowing users to easily add an icon to the button for enhanced visual appeal.
  • Feature: Overlay Button (Free) – Introduced ‘Overlay Transition Duration’ option, providing users with more control over the duration of overlay transitions for enhanced customization and user experience.
  • Feature: Dropdown Field (Pro) – Added support for ‘Dropdown Value (Numeric Values)’ in multi-source, enabling users to include numeric dropdown values via Multi Source.
  • Feature: Neon Glowing Button Effect (Pro) – Implemented ‘Button Shadow’ option. This new functionality allows users to add a shadow effect to buttons within the widget, enhancing their visual appearance and depth.
  • Feature: Mega Menu (Pro) – Implemented ‘Mobile Open Menu Animation’ option. This new functionality allows users to specify the animation type for opening the menu on mobile devices, enhancing the visual presentation and user …