Vendreo Open Banking Gateway


Vendreo are disrupting the payment processing industry, with a suite of class-leading solutions.

With decades of payments experience, the Vendreo team combine their expertise and points their focus exactly where it needs to be for the online world to benefit.

Vendreo’s latest payment solution. Accept Open Banking payments online through your WooCommerce store safely and securely.

This plugin uses third party API requests and will communicate with Vendreo’s secure API to process your payments via the URL

To view the API documentation please visit.

To view our Terms And Conditions please visit.

To view our Privacy Policy please visit.


Why are my orders not being marked as paid?

Ensure that the callback endpoint is working by visiting in your browser.
You should see -1 shown with a 200 response code.

If not, this can be caused by permalinks automatically adding a slash to the end of the url.

Try resolving this by:

  1. In the WordPress admin visit Settings / Permalinks.
  2. Select Day and name under Permalink structure being sure to hit save.




“Vendreo Open Banking Gateway” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。



2024-03-28 – version 2.0.0

  • [Add] – Added in GitHub Action supporting files for code linting checks.
  • [Add] – ReadMe.txt.
  • [Update] – Replaced json_encode calls with wp_json_encode().
  • [Update] – Replaced Curl calls with wp_remote_post().
  • [Update] – Renamed woocommerce-vendreo-ob-gateway.php to vendreo-ob-gateway.php.
  • [Update] – Renamed /includes/php/woocommerce-vendreo-ob-block.php to /includes/php/class-vendreo-ob-gateway-blocks.php.
  • [Update] – Renamed /includes/php/woocommerce-vendreo-ob-gateway.php to /includes/php/class-woocommerce-vendreo-ob-gateway.php.
  • [Tweak] – ReadMe file changes.
  • [Remove] – Removed Update URI: from header.

See changelog for all versions.