VS Link Manager



This is a lightweight plugin to display a set of links from the Link Manager.

The Link Manager is part of WordPress but disabled by default. This plugin will activate it again.

Add shortcode [links] on a page to display your blogroll.

You can personalize your blogroll by adding attributes to the shortcode.

This plugin can also be used to create a link portal.

How to use

After activation you will notice a new menu item called “Links”. Add categories and links here. Links must be put into a category.

Create a page and add shortcode [links] to display your blogroll.

Default settings categories:

  • 4 columns
  • Order by name
  • Ascending order (A-Z)
  • Empty categories are hidden

Default settings links:

  • Order by name
  • Ascending order (A-Z)
  • All links are displayed

Shortcode attributes

You can add attributes to the shortcode mentioned above.

  • Add custom CSS class to blogroll: class="your-class-here"
  • Change number of columns: columns="3"
  • Include certain categories: include="1,3,5"
  • Exclude certain categories: exclude="8,10,12"
  • Display empty categories too: hide_empty="0"
  • Display category description: category_description="true"
  • Change number of links per category: limit="5"
  • Display links in descending order: order="DESC"
  • Display links by ID: orderby="ID"
  • Display links in random order: orderby="rand"
  • Hide link title: hide_title="true"
  • Hide link description: hide_description="true"

About the columns attribute: you can choose between 1-4 columns. In mobile screens 2 columns (except the 1 column blogroll).

You can disable the CSS of the individual columns with columns="0". This can be useful when using your own styling.

About the hide link title attribute: only has effect when link has an image assigned to it.


  • One attribute: [links include="1,3,5"]
  • Multiple attributes: [links include="1,3,5" category_description="true" limit="5"]


This plugin activates the Links widget again, but has no control over it.


Please take a look at the FAQ section.


Not included but plugin supports WordPress language packs.

More translations are very welcome!

The translation folder inside this plugin is redundant but kept for reference.


Without the WordPress codex and help from the WordPress community I was not able to develop this plugin, so: thank you!



  • Link Manager (GeneratePress theme)
  • Link Manager (dashboard)
  • Links page (dashboard)


Please check Description section for installation info.


Where is the settings page?

Plugin has no settings page, use the shortcode with attributes to make it work.

How can I change the layout or colors?

Besides the number of columns, the layout or colors of the blogroll can only be changed by using custom CSS.

You can disable the CSS of the individual columns with columns="0". CSS class “vslm-custom” is added to the blogroll, so you can use that for your custom styling.

Can I order links by date?

No, this is not possible.

But with the orderby and order attribute you can order links by ID and in descending order. That way new links will be displayed first.

Where to find the category ID?

Every category URL contains an unique ID. You will find this ID when hovering the category title in your dashboard or when editing the category.

It’s the number that comes after: tag_ID=

Where to find the link ID?

Every link URL contains an unique ID. You will find this ID when hovering the link title in your dashboard or when editing the link.

It’s the number that comes after: link_ID=

Does this plugin have its own block?

No, plugin doesn’t have its own block in the editor and there are no plans to add this anytime soon.

No Semantic versioning?

Version number doesn’t give you info about the type of update (major, minor, patch). You should check changelog for that.

How can I make a donation?

You like my plugin and you’re willing to make a donation? Thanks, I really appreciate that! There’s a PayPal donate link at my website.

Other question or comment?

Please open a topic in plugin forum.




“VS Link Manager” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“VS Link Manager”插件已被翻译至2种本地话语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。

将“VS Link Manager”翻译成您的语言。




Version 1.7

  • Minor changes in code

Version 1.6

  • Removed function load_plugin_textdomain() because redundant
  • Plugin uses the WP language packs for its translation
  • Kept translation folder for reference
  • Because of this change plugin now requires at least WP 4.6

Version 1.5

  • Plugin has a new name
  • But plugin itself and ownership did not change

Version 1.4

  • Textual changes

Version 1.3

  • Fix: custom CSS class

Version 1.2

  • New: attribute for adding custom CSS class to the blogroll
  • Better validating, sanitizing and escaping

Version 1.1

  • New: extra order and orderby attributes for links

Version 1.0

  • First stable release