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HTML5 Webcam/Screen/Mic Recorder for Video Comments and Forms

该插件尚未通过WordPress的最新3个主要版本进行测试。 当与较新版本的WordPress一起使用时,可能不再受到维护或支持,并且可能会存在兼容性问题。

HTML5 Webcam/Screen/Mic Recorder for Video Comments and Forms


HTML5 Webcam Microphone Recorder Forms enables inserting webcam/microphone recordings into WordPress comment and custom forms, as inline fields. Implements a shortcode that generates a recording field.

Video Comments Integration: The comments form includes a new button to add recordings. Comments integration can be disabled from settings. Recording are listed with the comments as link to open in new page and embed.

Recorder application opens in a dialog on demand and recordings are added to the field after being uploaded to server. Multiple recordings can be added.
User can record video/audio (as enabled from configuration). Application supports Webcam + Microphone Video / Screen + Microphone Video / Microphone Audio.
Recordings are uploaded to server and can be added automatically to Media Library and/or processed/published with Video Share VOD plugin.

This web app implementation is based on HTML5 Videochat / Cam Recoder .

Sample integration: Paid Questions / Messages forms can include recordings in PaidVideochat – Video Services Site plugin.

Warning: Recordings are saved in format provided by HTML5 browser (i.e. mp4 or webm) and may not work in all other browsers.


Display HTML5 Recorder with shortcode [[videowhisper_recorder_inline field=”recordings” add_field=”1″ label=””]].
When a recording is sent to server, application calls window.VideoWhisper.recoderUploadCompleted([filename]). Unless field parameter is blank, the function is also implemented and adds the filename to value of field with provided id. Field is added by default unless disabled with add_field parameter. A field label can be included.
This web app implementation is based on HTML5 Videochat / Cam Recoder .


  • Video comments: include video/audio in WordPress comments
  • HTML5 Recorder: recorder webcam/microphone 100% web based




“HTML5 Webcam/Screen/Mic Recorder for Video Comments and Forms” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。




  • Support for video comments
  • PHP 8 compatibility
  • Screen recording


  • Replaced with HTML5 Recorder


  • Integrates Video Share VOD
  • Integrates BuddyPress: allows inserting videos into activity posts


  • Strobe player
  • Container settings for easy setup on Red5 servers (Wowza recommended)
  • Shortcode updates to work with other filtering plugins


  • Integrates VideoWhisper Video Recorder 1.55
  • HTML5 playback support (if conversion is possible)


  • Shortcodes for code reliability
  • Support for JwPlayer Plugin https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress/
  • More settings
  • Fixed plugin folder name


  • First release
  • Integrates VideoWhisper Video Recorder 1.45
  • Record and embed video when writing post
  • Settings
  • Recordings list to delete recording files (if folder is accessible)