此插件已于 2024 年 6 月 28 日 关闭,无法下载。 此关闭是暂时的,有待全面审核。


2021 年 2 月 1 日 1 回复
I have used the free version of the template for years, it is for a no profit project. Now after update simple functions have been moved to the pro version. I have to spend an afternoon to update the sito or change theme. I do understand that it is a free version. If I needed tha pro I would have bought it from day one.
2020 年 11 月 19 日
This is a companion plugin for my theme. My site doesn’t look right without it. Unfortunately it crashed my site and I wasn’t able to access the login to fix it without several hour of troubleshooting. My site still doesn’t display correctly. Do yourself a favor and skip any theme that needs this.
2020 年 9 月 4 日 4 回复
I used 1.0.2 version, after two years i updated to 1.7.2 and it was big error, whole website and admin doeasnt work. I must delete plugin via ftp. I tryed deactivate all 6 another plugins, update WP and after that update plugin = still error. So now i am still using 1.0.2. edit: fixed
2020 年 7 月 29 日
I dont want and dont like a plugin to make work my home page.
2020 年 7 月 23 日
I use the theme vdperanto. Without this (senseless) PlugIn the Homepage doesn’t work. Sorry, but this is not very reliable.


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