Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce


Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce

If you are wondering how to add custom field in WooCommerce checkout page, you are at the right place. Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin provides an easy way to customise (add, edit, delete and change display order) your fields displayed on WooCommerce checkout page. This plugin requires WooCommerce to be installed, activated, and configured.

Basic Version Features

☞ Add new custom field(s)

Adding custom fields to the WooCommerce checkout page is a breeze now. You can add custom field(s) in Billing, Shipping and Additional fields sections. New field form contains options to provide values for Type, Name, Label, Placeholder, Class, Label Class etc. It also has the option to choose validations rules from a predefined list.

☞ Edit field(s)

You can edit core and custom field(s) in Billing, Shipping and Additional fields sections. In edit form you have the option to provide new values for Name, Type, Label, Placeholder, Class, Label Class, validation rules etc(availability of these options may change based on the field types).

Available field types are:

*   Input Text 
*   Password
*   Email
*   Phone
*   Select
*   Textarea
*   Radio

☞ Display in Order Details page and Email

You can decide on a field whether it need to be displayed in Order Details page and Email using the the checkboxes ‘Display in Order Detail Pages’ and ‘Display in Emails’. These checkboxes are available in both the ‘New Field’ and ‘Edit Field’ forms.

☞ Remove field(s)

You can remove field(s) from displaying in checkout page, order details page and emails. Removing core fields may leads to unexpected results with some plugins. We are not recommending this.

☞ Enable/Disable field(s)

You can enable/disable field(s)(temporarily remove) from displaying in checkout page, order details page and emails. Disabling core fields may leads to unexpected results with some plugins. We are not recommending this.

☞ Change checkout fields order

You can easily manage the display order of checkout fields from admin side by just moving fields up and down.

☞ Reset to default field set

You can reset all your changes back to the original WooCommerce fields set using the button ‘Reset to default fields’.

💎💎 Premium Features

The premium version of Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce plugin offers a wide variety of advanced features that will help you to create the finest checkout page. It is equipped with all demanded options to customize your checkout page.

Upgrade to Premium Now!

You can check out the demo for a more detailed overview of the features.

Live Demo – Front End
Live Demo – Back End

☞ 17 field types are available

In Add New Field form and Edit Field form you can choose field type from a list of 17 including 15 input fields and one field for title/heading and one for label.


1.  Input Text
2.  Hidden
3.  Password
4.  Telephone
5.  Email
6.  Number
7.  Textarea
8.  Radio
9.  Checkbox
10. Checkbox Group              
11. Select
12. Multi-select              
13. Date picker
14. Time picker
15. File Upload
16. Heading – Display a heading/ title
17. Label – Display a label/ text

☞ Conditional Fields

Conditionally display fields & sections based on cart items and other field(s) values.

☞ Custom Validations

Custom validator feature can be used to define custom validation rules using RegEx.

☞ Price Fields

Add an extra cost to the cart total based on field selection.

☞ Add new section

Add new section(s) in predefined positions in checkout page.


1.  Before customer details
2.  After customer details
3.  Before billing form
4.  After billing form
5.  Before shipping form              
6.  After shipping form
7.  Before registration form          
8.  After registration form
9.  Before order notes
10. After order notes
11. Before terms & conditions
12. After terms & conditions
13. Before submit button
14. After submit button

☞ Edit section(s) properties

Edit custom added section(s) label and display position.

☞ Delete section(s)

Delete custom added section(s).

For the complete list of features, Please visit WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) plugin’s official page.

Check how it works (Live Demo): 🔗 Front End | 🔗 Back End

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Frequent updates are made to improve the plugin with a talented group of developers. Moreover, the dedicated support team will help you set up and customize your dream store with all available features and hooks.

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See a few reviews below;

amitaugma (@amitaugma) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The plugin functionally provides all the necessary tools to successfully build a clean checkout form with conditional and easy to use interface. On top of that, their support is amazing and would take the extra mile to help with any inquires. RECOMMENDED

dragoso (@dragoso) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Support is super speedy and the PRO plugin is totally awesome and works like a charm. Very happy with the purchase! Thank you guys!

DCM (@bcreativos) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Great complement in both versions: Free and paid. Excellent support. Thank you very much recommended 100%.

For more info on ThemeHigh and WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin in specific, check out the following:


  • WooCommerce > Checkout Form
  • Add new field
  • New field popup form
  • Edit existing field
  • Edit field popup form
  • Rearrange fields (change field's display order)
  • Reset to default settings
  • Save changes.



  • WooCommerce 3.0 or greater
  • WordPress 4.9或更高


  1. 登录到您的WordPress仪表盘
  2. Navigate to the Plugins menu, and click “Add New”.
  3. Search and locate ‘Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce’ plugin.
  4. Click ‘Install Now’, and WordPress will take it from there.


Manual installation method requires downloading the ‘Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce’ plugin and uploading it to your web server via your FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


Is there a possible way to provide a validation other than the predefined validations provided like email, phone etc?

The free version doesn’t provide the feature to create custom validators, but with the Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce pro version of the plugin, custom validators can be defined based on regular expressions.

How to modify the styling properties of fields created using this plugin?

The plugin provides a feature: Class for modifying the styling properties of the fields.

  1. Define a class in the Additional CSS(Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS).
  2. Enter the name of the created class in the field Class of the Add/Edit pop-up
  3. Save the changes

The style defined in the class will be applied to the default and custom fields for which this class is included.

Can I apply price for the fields created using this plugin?

No, the free version of the plugin doesn’t support the Price feature. With the premium version, you can use 5 different price types.

How to make the no options selected for the Select field by default?

By default, the First value of the Select field will be selected. For making the field selected with no options, enter a Pipe symbol(|) before all the options. Enter all the other options after this pipe separated by each other.

How can the field be made to display only on admin emails and not in the customer emails?

With the Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) Pro for WooCommerce, the fields can be either displayed on all the emails or not. With the premium version of the plugin, the fields can be displayed in emails for customer or admin optionally.

Is it possible to make the State field a select field with drop-down options defined?

Yes. The field must be overridden by creating a field in the same name as the state field(billing_state). Set the field type as Select. Enter the state options for dropdown in the options field pipe separated.

Is it possible to include the custom fields to the My Account page as well?

With the free plugin, the fields can be displayed and edited only from the Checkout page. Upgrading to the premium version lets you display the fields at the Checkout page, My Account page, and User profile. The value once entered by the user will be saved so that the user need not have to enter the value every time while they are placing the order.

Can I go back to WooCommerce default settings at a later point?



Our neighbourhood residents association uses WooCommerce to be able to offer a selection of free trees to residents so they can pre-order, which allows us to place orders on our nursery partner with zero returns. COVID made the pickup process more complex, so we were able to use the plugin to add special fields to our checkout form to remind people to wear masks and observe physical distancing. It also allowed us to create an extra field so residents could have a second option in case the species of tree they wanted was not available from the nursery. As a result, we have over 540 very happy residents who received a free tree to help replenish our tree canopy.
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  • Added backward compatibility with PHP 5.6.


  • Dismissable review request notice added to the admin screens.
  • Added Woocommerce version – 5.2.2 compatibility.


  • Settings screen UI improved.
  • WordPress and WooCommerce compatible version updated.


  • Enhanced Select(Select2) style issues fixed.
  • Settings screen popup button style issues fixed.
  • WordPress and WooCommerce compatible version updated.


  • Fixed the issue for showing red asterisk for optional address fields when overridng with locale.
  • New settings to manage locale overrides.
  • New filter to disable class override with locale.
  • WooCommerce compatible version updated.


  • Improved shipping fields section handling when ‘Force shipping to the customer billing address’ option is selected.
  • WooCommerce compatible version updated.


  • WooCommerce compatible version updated.


  • Fixed the issue of showing option value instead of option text in order details page.
  • WooCommerce compatible version updated.


  • Fixed the issue of displaying option value instead of option text in order details pages.
  • Improved radio button display style.


  • Fixed the issue of not showing save button in field settings popup when more options added to select field after chaged the popup position.


  • Fixed the issue of not showing custom fields in resend emails.
  • Fixed the issue of not loading settings page scripts & styles when translated to Hebrew.”


  • Fixed the issue of not showing placeholder text for select fields.
  • Fixed the warning “Deprecated: Non-static method should not be called statically”


  • New field types added (Textarea, Radio, Email, Phone, Password).


  • WooCommerce compatible version updated.


  • Dynamic fields translation issue resolved.


  • Displaying customer fields in “Order details” section in admin order detail page.
  • Language file(pot) added.


  • WooCommerce version 3.6.1 compatibility added.


  • Fix for the issue of showing warning message when settings data missing.


  • Fix for the issue of showing warning message in checkout page.


  • Fix for the compatibility issues with WooCommerce latest version.
  • WooCommerce tested up to version updated.


  • Fix for the issue of displaying ‘Optional’ text for required fields.


  • WooCommerce tested up to version updated.


  • New filter to allow default field names for new fields.
  • Fix for the issue of not displaying settings popup properly.


  • WooCommerce tested up to version updated.


  • Improvement for checkout fields display ordering.


  • Replaced the hooks those are removed from WooCommerce version 3.2.0.


  • Replaced deprecated hook.


  • Fix for required validation issue with default address fields.
  • Added placeholder for select field.
  • Added confirmation check for reset button.


  • Fix for required validation issue with default address fields.


  • Fix for required validation issue with default address fields.


  • Fix for the issue of showing wrong value for placeholder text.


  • Fix for checkout fields sorting(display order) issue.


  • Multisite support added
  • Removed deprecated function call.


  • Updated plugin to make it compatible with WooCommerce version 3.0.0


  • Fix for unsupported operand types issue.


  • Fix for Address Fields property modification issues.


  • Fix for ‘Invalid argument passed’ warning message.


  • Fix for ‘Undefined index’ warning/error message.


  • Fix for enhanced select pre populate issue in admin settings page.


  • Fix for translation issue with default checkout fields.
  • Fix for additional field(s) display issue in order details page.
  • Fix for additional field(s) disable feature not working issue.


  • Fix for Additional Filed title display issue when Additional Fields are not available.


  • Fix for the issue, custom field(s) value in additional filed section not displaying in order review page.


  • Change checkout field order JavaScript conflict workaround added


  • Display custom fields in order review issue fix


  • Added the reset to default button


  • First Release
  • Add new checkout fields.
  • Edit checkout fields.
  • Remove checkout fields.
  • Change the display order of checkout fields.