CartBounty – Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce plugin saves all activity in the WooCommerce checkout form before it is submitted. The plugin allows to see who abandons your shopping carts and get in touch with them. You can also make use of the new Exit Intent popup technology to capture users email and later remind him about his shopping cart.


If you would like to send automated abandoned cart recovery emails to customers via ActiveCampaign*, GetResponse* or MailChimp, please visit our CartBounty Pro – Save and recover abandoned carts for WooCommerce plugin page.


  • Instantly save WooCommerce checkout field data before submission to save abandoned carts.

  • Save and view ghost shopping carts.

  • 通过电子邮件接收有关新弃置的购物车的通知。 你可以设置通知频率或禁用通知!:)

  • “记住结帐字段”功能将使你的客户在输入信息后刷新结帐页面,并可自由浏览页面,而不会丢失结帐表格中先前输入的数据。 请注意,此功能仅对尚未登录的用户启用-WooCommerce将为授权用户处理该操作。

  • 如果用户已登录,则在商品添加到购物车后将会立即捕获该购物车。此后,如果更改或从购物车中删除商品,购物车将立即更新。

  • You can enable Exit Intent popup to offer saving unregistered user’s shopping cart for later. With the help of Exit Intent Technology you can capture even more abandoned carts by displaying a message including an email field that the customer can fill to save his shopping cart.
    Exit Intent will be triggered as soon as the user tries to leave your shop with a filled shopping cart. If you would like to make it work on mobile devices, please upgrade to our Pro version.
    Please note that Exit Intent popup will only be showed to unregistered users once per hour after they have added an item to their shopping cart.

  • If the user completes the payment and reaches WooCommerce “Thank you” page, he is removed from the abandoned cart table and the Checkout form fields will be cleared.

  • Since we love to make things run smooth, in case if you Uninstall this plugin, it will automatically clean up after itself (delete abandoned cart data, table and options created by this plugin) leaving your project clean.


  1. Uses WordPress private WP_List_Table class
  2. WooCommerce挂钩
  3. WooCommerce页面浏览


  • #billing_first_name
  • #billing_last_name
  • #billing_company
  • #billing_email
  • #billing_phone
  • 等。

如果WordPress更改了“ admin-ajax.php”文件的位置,则必须对其进行更新。

*Please note that this link has been linked under an affiliate marketing program which helps us to support and invest in the future evolution of this plugin since we get a small percentage of earnings for each new ActiveCampaign or GetResponse customer.


  • CartBounty位置-激活后为WooCommerce插件保存并恢复弃置的购物车
  • 电子邮件通知设置选项卡
  • Exit Intent popup settings tab
  • How Exit Intent popup looks like once the user tries to leave the shop


  1. 将插件文件上传到“ / wp-content/plugins/plugin-name”目录,或直接通过WordPress插件屏幕安装插件。
  2. 通过WordPress中的“插件”屏幕激活插件。
  3. 在“ WooCommerce”菜单下查找“ CartBounty弃置购物车”页面-除非用户完成了结帐过程,否则从你的结帐表格中收集的WooCommerce弃置购物车数据将保存在此处。
  4. Optionally setup Exit Intent notice that will be displayed to unregistered users once per hour in case the user has added items to his shopping cart and tries to leave your shop.


When is the cart and checkout form data saved?


  • 输入正确的电子邮件地址
  • 输入电话号码
  • 如果电子邮件或电话号码输入字段已经填写,则会在结算页面中加载
  • 如果输入了有效的电子邮件或电话号码,则将输入或更改任何带有“input-text”类的结帐表单输入字段

If ghost carts have been enabled, the cart will be saved as soon as the user adds an item to his cart. It will remain as a ghost cart until one of the above events has occurred.

In case a user is logged in, the shopping cart will be instantly captured as soon as an item is added to the cart. After this, the cart will be instantly updated if it is altered or an item is removed from the cart.

If a customer completes the checkout process and arrives on the WooCommerce “Thank you” page, the cart is removed from the abandoned cart table and the Checkout form fields are cleared.

When would a cart be considered as abandoned?

Once the cart is saved, it is considered as abandoned after a period of 60 minutes. Email notifications will be sent out only after the cart is abandoned.

What are ghost carts, how do they work and how to use them?

Ghost cart is a cart that can’t be identified since the customer has neither signed in your store nor he has entered his email / phone in your checkout form or Exit intent popup.

Any customer who is unidentifiable and adds anything to his shopping cart instantly appears in CartBounty cart list as a ghost shopping cart. If during his shopping journey he adds his details, his ghost cart automatically is turned into a recoverable cart.

There can be many different reasons why you would like to see ghost cart data, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Monitor live cart activity in your store and have a better overview of what is happening in your store
  • See which products are being placed into shopping carts to know which are products are trending and what your customers are interested in
  • Manually analyze which products are being placed into the cart, but not getting purchased
  • Knowledge about the potential revenue that is missed out

If you would rather not see ghost carts, you can exclude them from being saved in your CartBounty settings tab.

How do the email notifications work?

Once the cart is saved and is considered as abandoned, you will receive a notification about it in your email. You will not be notified about previously abandoned carts.


  • 每10分钟
  • 每20分钟
  • 每30分钟
  • 每1小时
  • 每2小时
  • 每3小时
  • 每4小时
  • 每5小时
  • 每6小时
  • 每天两次
  • 每天一次
  • 每两天一次
  • 禁用通知

默认通知间隔为“每小时”。 你还可以选择禁用通知,如果你不想收到任何通知 😉

Please also note how WordPress handles Cron job that is responsible for sending out email notifications. Scheduled actions can only be triggered when a visitor arrives on a WordPress site. Therefore, if you are not getting any traffic on your website you will not receive any email notifications until a visitor lands on your website.

By default, notifications will be sent to WordPress registered admin email. But you can also set a different email address.


The free version of CartBounty does all the hard work of saving abandoned shopping carts and presenting them to you, it is simple and efficient.
If you would like to send your visitors automated abandoned cart recovery emails via ActiveCampaign, GetResponse or MailChimp please consider supporting our efforts and purchase our Pro version.

ActiveCampaign* offers exceptional ways to automate your abandoned carts using If/Else statements to create different actions and triggers when to send out emails.
GetResponse* is a beautifully designed email marketing platform to save and recover online abandoned shopping carts.
And MailChimp offers a forever Free plan that you can use to send abandoned cart recovery emails.

How does Exit Intent Technology work?

If a user tries to leave your shop with an abandoned cart, just before leaving, he will be presented with an additional form that will ask for his email address. Once it is entered (no need to submit the form), user’s cart will be automatically captured and labeled as recoverable.

Exit Intent form will be displayed only to unregistered users once per hour. If the user enters his email address either in Exit Intent form or in the Checkout form – popup will no longer be displayed upon leaving your shop.

If you would like to test the visual appearance of Exit Intent, please check the “Enable Test Mode” checkbox. Please note that only users with Admin rights will be able to see Exit Intent during this stage and appearance limits will be removed. This means that it will be showed to the Admin each time he tries to leave the shop.

如果你想在手机和平板电脑上启用退出意图技术,请升级CartBounty保存并恢复弃置购物车专业版-为WooCommerce版本保存和恢复弃置购物车。 页面快速向上滚动或使用“后退”按钮时,将在移动设备上触发“移动退出意图”。

How to change the contents of Exit Intent popup?

If you would like to make adjustments to the default contents of Exit Intent, you can use either actions and filters that we have provided for you or use our Exit Intent template file to make the necessary adjustments.

You can find the Exit Intent template file inside “/plugins/woo-save-abandoned-carts/templates/cartbounty-exit-intent.php”. This template file contains markup required to display the popup and to capture the Abandoned cart prior the user leaves your shop. Please copy this template to your shops theme to keep your customization intact after plugin updates.


  • yourtheme/templates/cartbounty-exit-intent.php
  • yourtheme/cartbounty-exit-intent.php

When modifying our template, please do not change the ID #cartbounty-exit-intent-email of the email input field. If changed, the plugin will not be able to capture abandoned carts using Exit Intent form.

What hooks are available for additional customization?

CartBounty comes with different hooks that make it possible to change some parts or extend the existing functionality of the plugin without modifying core files.

General hooks


  • cartbounty_from_email

Here is an example how to change the From email that sends out notification emails using “cartbounty_from_email” filter. Please add it to your theme’s functions.php file:

function change_from_email( $html ){
    return '';
add_filter( 'cartbounty_from_email', 'change_from_email' );

Exit Intent hooks

Exit Intent template contains different actions and filters that allow you to create new, edit, replace or remove existing content including the main image in Exit Intent window.


  • cartbounty_exit_intent_start
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_before_form_fields
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_end


  • cartbounty_exit_intent_close_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_image_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_title_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_description_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_email_label_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_email_field_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_button_html

这是一个如何使用我们的“ cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title”操作钩在主标题后添加其他字幕的示例。 请将其添加到主题的functions.php文件中:

function add_extra_html_after_title() {
    echo "<p>Additional subtitle here...</p>";
add_action('cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title', 'add_extra_html_after_title' );


function modify_image( $html ){
    return '<img src=""/>';
add_filter( 'cartbounty_exit_intent_image_html', 'modify_image' );


function modify_title( $html ) {
    $custom_title = 'Your text here...';
    return preg_replace('#(<h2[^>]*>).*?(</h2>)#', "$1 $custom_title $2", $html);
add_filter( 'cartbounty_exit_intent_title_html', 'modify_title' );

How to prevent bots from leaving ghost carts?

If you have noticed unusual amounts of multiple new ghost carts being left almost in the same time, from one country and consisting of a single product, it might be that they are left by bots who are visiting your store.

Bots can be divided into two groups – good ones and bad ones.

  • Good bots. The most common example of a good bot could be a web crawler. It is a bot that is sent via a search engine like Google to index your shop. Online store owners generally welcome these bots, because it keeps their content and products visible in the search engine results and hopefully will attract new visitors
  • Harmful bots. These bots are visiting your store for malicious purposes. Their actions range from mildly harmful to potentially critical. Bad bots are scanning your store for weak spots, security holes, ways to take over your store, steal your visitor credit card data etc. Besides that, they are also increasing stress on your server thus slowing down your store

Harmful bots are the ones that might be responsible for leaving new ghost carts on your website. While this is not dangerous, it can be frustrating and annoying. Here are three solutions that will help you to deal to with them:

  1. The quick solution is to simply disable ghost carts from being saved by CartBounty. You can do this in the CartBounty Settings tab. As easy as this solution is, it only deals with consequences and does not stop these harmful bots from visiting your store, continuously searching for new vulnerabilities and slowing down your shop
  2. A better solution would be to install a WordPress plugin that helps to prevent bots from visiting your store. You could try out a couple of different plugins, but this might be a good starting point: Blackhole for Bad Bots. This way you will block harmful bots from wandering around your store and keep ghost carts enabled to see what your customers are shopping for
  3. If you would not like to install a new plugin and you have a developer who is able to help, you could try this solution. At first you will have to find your server access logs and find which of these entries have been left by bots. After that you can use .htaccess file to block these bots from further visits. Here is a good article Block bad bots which will provide in depth steps on doing this

WooCommerce order “Failed”, but no abandoned cart saved?

Once a user reaches WooCommerce “Thank you” page – the abandoned cart is automatically removed from the table since the cart is no longer considered as abandoned (regardless of the order status). In this case you can see all of the submitted user data under WooCommerce > Orders.


I loved how the free version worked and was ready to upgrade to paid, but there is no integration with Mailerlite. I would like to know when this functionality is added so I can consider the Pro version again. Thanks.
This plugin is awesome! Also this setting Send notifications about abandoned carts to this email is essential and very useful.
Классный плагин! Не думал, что такое может быть. Полезный и легко использовать.

Contributors & Developers

“CartBounty-为WooCommerce保存和恢复弃置购物车” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Code cleanup


  • Added individual product prices in the Cart contents column
  • Improved “Remember user input” function for authorized users who edit their account details


  • Added filter “cartbounty_from_email” to change the From email address that sends out notifications about abandoned carts
  • Added country name to country code in Location column. Hover over country code to view its name
  • Added link to user’s profile page for registered abandoned cart users in the “Name, Surname” column
  • Fixed issue with adding a manual WooCommerce order
  • Code cleanup


  • CartBounty database table name renamed from “captured_wc_fields” to “cartbounty”


  • Added option to save and view ghost carts
  • Added option to filter between ghost and recoverable carts
  • Added screen options tab


  • Added option to replace the default Exit Intent image via admin panel
  • Minor visual design updates
  • Other minor fixes


  • Fixed conflict issue with WP Cron schedules


  • Introduced Compact abandoned Cart contents with product thumbnails
  • Added Postcode to location output
  • Fixed abandoned cart sorting by Name and added sorting by Email and Phone number
  • Improved Time column output in a more user friendly way (hover to see get the exact time)


  • Improved abandoned cart removal after order completion
  • Abandoned cart time calculations changed to local time
  • Removed link to product in the Cart contents column in case the product no longer exists


  • 添加了在结帐表单中将电子邮件字段上移的选项
  • 将脚本加载挂钩从”woocommerce_after_checkout_form” 更改为 “woocommerce_before_checkout_form”


  • 翻译文件已更新


  • 解决了用户登录后仍剩余弃置购物车的问题
  • 添加了删除注册用户重复弃置购物车的功能


  • 修复了为登录用户还原状态字段时的问题


  • 添加了有关新弃置购物车的电子邮件通知
  • 添加了设置通知频率或禁用通知的选项
  • 添加了用于设置通知的自定义电子邮件地址的选项


  • 改进了用户登录后恢复结帐字段的功能


  • 修复了如果产品标题包含HTML标签则可以节省购物车内容的问题


  • 新名称-请欢迎CartCarunty :)(例如WooCommerce 即时结帐字段捕获)
  • 所有类名和挂钩均已更改