Accept Credit Cards, WeChat Pay, and Alipay with a checkout flow optimized for Chinese customers.

Supported Payment Methods

  • Credit cards (free)
  • WeChat Pay (pro)
  • Alipay (pro)

Please note: All payment methods require a account.

Supported payment flows

  • Embeddable Payment Buttons anywhere on your site (free)
  • WooCommerce (pro)
  • MemberPress (pro)

Please read more about free and pro features below.


  • eCommerce stores selling to China
  • English teachers working with Chinese students
  • Selling Memberships to Chinese customers
  • Anybody who wants to accept WeChat Pay or Alipay and can register for a Stripe account in a Stripe supported country.


We’ve adapted the checkout flow for Chinese customers by including currency conversion, full Chinese translation, animated graphics, and the option to include customizable text that guides customers to complete payment seamlessly.


Offering local payment methods is vital to a successful China-focused business, so we’ve made it easy to accept Credit Cards, WeChat Pay, and Alipay with the power of the Stripe API. WeChat Official Account integration is coming soon!


Credit cards support any currency and subscription frequency. WeChat Pay and Alipay support your Stripe account currency and display the CNY equivalent on checkout. Alipay offers recurring payments.


We’ve given you easy options to adapt and customize your payment flow based on your unique needs, whether you’re tutoring or a Chinese student, offering web design services to a Chinese client, or selling products to Chinese consumers.


Stripe integration ensures payment details are processed securely and privately no matter where you’re located. The plugin also prevents payment if you don’t have SSL enabled on your site.


Get red-carpet support from the Gaucho Plugins team. Just submit a ticket.


  • Embed Payment Buttons using shortcode
  • One-time credit card payments
  • Extensive shortcode customization for the payment form
  • Payment buttons display a simple modal payment form
  • Payment confirmation (“Thank You”) page
  • Predefined payment amounts set by admin
  • Custom payment amounts entered by customer
  • Display photo, title, and description of the product/service
  • Optional name/email/billing/zip fields
  • Stripe Connect for easily connecting your Stripe account w/o API keys


  • WeChat Pay payments
  • Alipay payments
  • WooCommerce integration
  • MemberPress integration
  • Subscription payments for Credit Cards





Are you selling to Chinese customers?

This is the perfect plugin for business owners or entrepreneurs who want to accept WeChat Pay or Alipay payments from Chinese customers. supports WeChat Pay and Alipay payments, meaning you don’t have to set up a WeChat Official Account or register your business in China in order to accept WeChat Pay. Now, you can easily charge Chinese consumers using a payment method familiar to them and then have the funds deposited into your domestic bank account associated with Stripe. Simple and easy!

WeChat Pay, Alipay & Credit Card Payments Work Seamlessly

Desktop UX:

  • WeChat Pay generates a QR code for the end-user to scan using their mobile device
  • Alipay payments redirect the user to Alipay’s website, which displays a QR code for the same mobile payment process or to login to the user’s Alipay account, then automatically redirects the end-user back to your selected thank you page upon payment completion
  • Users are redirected to the Thank You page

Mobile UX:

  • WeChat users must generate the code on another device and scan it with their WeChat app. A notification pops up on the form notifying them to do this.
  • Alipay users are redirected to the corresponding payment website on their mobile browsers to complete payment.
  • Users are redirected to the Thank You page

Please note

  • 您必须在Stripe支持的国家注册Stripe账户并通过验证方可使用该插件。

  • 支付宝和微信支付只适用于经过身份验证的支付宝和微信账户。Stripe目前不能接受未经验证支付宝和微信账户的支付,但此种情况有可能会发生转变。

  • 信用卡和支付宝支持定期重复性、订阅和一次性付款。

  • 微信支付支持中国消费者进行一次性付款

  • 通过短代码,您可自定义每项表单以锁定支付金额或允许自定义支付金额、订阅频率、货币、计费明细及其他事项。请阅读 文件以获取详情。

  • 该插件目前只支持一种支付页面模板,但我们仍在努力改进之中。

  • 中国支付方式插件设置需要您连接自己的Stripe帐户或使用已验证Stripe帐户的应用程序接口密钥,以便在测试和/或实时支付模式下正常运行。

  • If you have any problems or need installation support, we kindly request you please contact us for support BEFORE leaving negative feedback. We will do our best to resolve your issue or use your feedback to improve future releases.


  • WeChat Pay UX Desktop
  • WeChat Pay UX Mobile
  • Alipay UX Desktop
  • Alipay UX Mobile
  • Add the Author on WeChat


  1. Upload ‘’ to your WordPress site’s /wp-content/plugins/ folder or upload through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  2. 通过WordPress系统中的“插件”菜单栏激活该插件。
  3. 设置 >中国支付方式插件设置包含设置插件的所有选项。
  4. 使用短代码 [wpstripeglobal]将支付表单置于您网站上的任何地方。
  5. 查阅我们的文件資料以进行短代码自定义。





Credit Cards in the free version. WeChat Pay and Alipay in the PRO version.


绝无限制!使用我们的 短代码 以自定义每项表单。

Is WooCommerce supported?

Absolutely! You can offer WeChat Pay and Alipay on your WooCommerce checkout.

Is MemberPress supported?

Absolutely! You can offer WeChat Pay and Alipay on your MemberPress checkout.

Does Alipay support recurring payments?

Alipay is supported in the PRO version of China Payments Plugin. Additionally, you must request Alipay recurring payments to be activated by Stripe. Contact their support to enable Alipay payments, then contact us at, and we’ll help you get them activated in the plugin too.


We provide German online lessons and teaching material for students worldwide. For a while we were searching for a way to make it easier for our Chinese student to book our lessons. After trying multiple plugins the China Payments Plugin was the best and easiest solution. It allows us to accept payments from China via Stripe, which is a very convenient solution. The software is easy to set up and mostly self-explanatory but whenever we needed help, support was on hand. And with at hand, I mean within minutes. I never had to wait more than 3 minutes for the support chat to answer and it was ALWAYS a competent person. No head-banging with first level, no back and forth emails with copy/paste messages. This was the main reason, why we decided for this plugin. Especially everything related to selling/payment, you need to have someone competent on your side and I can truly promise that this plugins has the best support I have encountered in some time. 10 stars!
The support and attention I've received deserves 5 stars. When I send them emails, they respond quickly and thoroughly, and going above and beyond to resolve issues.
I've been teaching English to Chinese students for years, and since COVID, my business has tripled. It has always been a struggle getting paid through WeChat Pay, but now I can do it super easily with China Payments Plugin! I had a bit of a challenge setting it up because of some Stripe account settings, but the Gaucho Plugins team responded immediately and had me set up within minutes.
I recommend using this plugin widely. This plugin offers multiple features at once and this team has a great spirit of service. Everybody can believe this plugin and this support team. I want to give 10 stars.
I left a review somewhere and I can't find it to respond to it. I had a problem with the installation of this plugin. I received direct help and figured out what the problem was. Once made aware of the problem, the company was immediately responsive! I now recommend this team!


“中国支付方式插件” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“中国支付方式插件”插件已被翻译至2种本地话语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。






  • Handling some Stripe console errors in certain situations.


  • Fixed bug for one-time WeChat Pay and Alipay payments not checking for a customer properly in Stripe.


  • Upgrades to meet Stripe Partners Program requirements
  • Fixed bug for one-time credit card payments not checking for a customer properly in Stripe.


  • Added notification to reconnect Stripe based on latest Stripe API upgrades.


  • Upgraded to Payment Intents API for all payment methods for Payment Buttons and WooCommerce (MemberPress coming next)
  • Added activation options for Email functionality (beta)
  • Created an option to delete all DB entries on plugin deactivation
  • Small change to Freemius SDK


  • Fixed credit card payment form redirect issue
  • Fixed currency conversion API bug showing all the time
  • Fixed Alipay checkout icon size
  • Added improved freemium upgrade flow options


  • Updated Settings UI
  • Currency conversion API now supports WooCommerce checkout
  • Bug fixes
  • Freemius SDK Update


Modernized the WP Admin upgrade page, MemberPress integration

1.5.7 and earlier

1.5.7 – Minor updates.
1.5.6 – Fixed an issue with expiring WeChat QR codes
1.5.5 – Improving security and Freemius SDK version updated
1.5.4 – Adapted for WordPress 5.5
1.5.3 – Minor updates and security improvements.
1.5.2 – Fixing Alipay logo size for custom checkouts and minor fixes.
1.5.1 – Alipay for WooCommerce, WeChat thank you page for the payment form, improving security and minor fixes.
1.5.0 – Minor fixes
1.4.9 – Minor fixes
1.4.8 – Translations, fixed amounts for all payments methods, new logos and minor fixes
1.4.7 – WooCommerce integration, minors fixes, AliPay Pay and WeChat logos upgrade.
1.4.6 – Minor update
1.4.5 – All JS files are now minified. This means that all JS files are now at half size of how they were and the payment page will load faster. Stripe.js now will be called in the payment page only and not in another page. All console errors were removed. General bug fixing.
1.4.4 – Fixing issues related to customer creation, webhooks and console warnings.
1.4.3 – Major bug fixes for webhooks, saving customer data in Stripe, and more
1.4.2 – Mobile UX improvements, shortcode modifications and Stripe Connect upgrades
1.4.1 – Fixing webhook issues
1.4.0 – Improvements in the Payment method forms
1.3.9 – Minor upgrades regarding payments forms
1.3.8 – Upgrade with minor changes
1.3.7 – Minor fix and log updates
1.3.6 – Minor updates and bug fixes
1.3.4 – Log improvements and Bug fixes
1.3.3 – BIG update! – Stripe Connect, currency conversion, UI checkout text, phone number field, creating a Customer in Stripe for payments, error logging, and bug fixes.
1.3.2 – Adding readme info and updating plans
1.3.1 – Bug fixing and improved mobile experience
1.2.1 – Minor updates
1.1.2 – Readme.txt update
1.1.1 – Our first version!