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Academy LMS – eLearning and online course solution for WordPress

Academy LMS – eLearning and online course solution for WordPress


Best LMS Plugin for WordPress with Academic features

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Academy LMS, the ultimate next-generation, fastest WordPress LMS plugin, will improve your online learning experience. Its seamless integration with any WordPress site allows you to easily create and sell engaging online courses. With a user-friendly interface and lightning-fast performance, you can transform your website into a professional e-learning platform in no time.

Academy LMS Version 2.0 Teaser 👇

Academy LMS, the ultimate next-generation WordPress LMS plugin designed to enhance your online learning experience effortlessly.The user-friendly interface lets you transform your website into a polished e-learning hub. With seamless integration into any WordPress site, it’s never been easier to create and sell engaging courses.

What makes Academy LMS stand out? It’s packed with features like a user-friendly SPA interface, advanced quiz and course building tools, multi-instructor support, and lightning-fast performance—all for free. Also, the comprehensive overviews, course creation, quiz management, and tracking student progress is by far the simplest.

Even if you lack technical expertise, Academy LMS makes it simple to add online learning to your website. Whether using the free version to create and offer personalized courses or integrating with WooCommerce to sell premium courses and revenue generation, Academy LMS lets you achieve your e-learning ambitions effortlessly.

Overview on Academy LMS 📚

  • Create a course in the shortest possible time using the Academy LMS plugin.
  • A step-by-step YouTube video tutorial of the course setup process on your site.
  • Check our overview video of Academy LMS 👇

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✨ 🌟 Searching for the perfect WordPress LMS plugin for your website?

Look no further than Academy LMS, the ultimate solution for building online courses efficiently and reliably. Elevate your website into a dynamic e-learning platform, where you can effortlessly create, personalize, and monetize premium courses. With Academy LMS, you’re unlocking the future of learning management systems.

Features 🔥

  • Admin SPA interface (build with reactjs)
  • LMS Analytics/Report
  • Frontend Course builder
  • Frontend dashboard
  • Video lessons
  • Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, embedded video, external server video)
  • Teacher registration form
  • Student registration form
  • Course review and rating system
  • Video Poster (trailer/teaser)
  • Tracking course progress
  • Course Difficulty Level
  • Define Course Duration
  • Add course requirement and instruction
  • Content Security
  • Course wishlist
  • Question and Answer
  • WooCommerce Integration (paid course selling)
  • Multi Instructors
  • Multi Instructors Revenue Sharing option
  • Earning Management
  • Withdrawal Management
  • RTL Ready
  • Student & Instructor Dashboards
  • Public Profiles
  • Certificates
  • Elementor Page Builder Integration
  • Divi Page Builder Integration
  • Quiz Builder
  • Global Announcement
  • Lessons Import/Export Option From CSV Files
  • Academy LMS Migration Tools
  • Webhook
  • Form Builder (Student & Instructor)
  • Advanced Quiz Builder [PRO]
  • Email Notification [PRO]
  • Content Drip [PRO]
  • Manual Enrolment [PRO]
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions [PRO]
  • Zoom Integration [PRO]
  • Advanced Analytics [PRO]
  • Assignments [PRO]
  • Public Course [PRO]
  • Auto WooCommerce Product Creation [PRO]
  • Tutor Booking [PRO]
  • Paid Memberships Pro Integration [PRO]
  • Course Prerequisites [PRO]
  • Google reCAPTCHA [PRO]
  • Lesson, quiz and assignment auto complete [PRO]
  • 2-Step Email Verification [PRO]
  • Duplicate Course, Lesson and Quizzes [PRO]
  • Bulk Enroll Students from CSV [PRO]
  • Bulk Import Students/Instructor from CSV [PRO]
  • Quiz Export/Import from CSV [PRO]
  • White Label [PRO]
  • Course Bundle [PRO]
  • Gradebook [PRO]
  • Notification [PRO]
  • Google Meet Integration Integration [PRO]
  • SureCart Integration [PRO]
  • SureMembers Integration [PRO]
  • FluentCRM Integration [PRO]
  • MailChimp Integration [PRO]
  • Google Classroom Integration [PRO]
  • GamiPress Integration [PRO]
  • WishList Member Integration [PRO]
  • Social Login [PRO]

Exploring Academy LMS Features 🔎

💻 Experience the Admin SPA Interface: Academy LMS boasts a lightning-fast interface designed with React.js, ensuring instant loading of all features and settings. With a click, users can access components without any delay, making course creation and editing a breeze.

📊 Dive into LMS Analytics/Report: Gain insights with comprehensive course statistics, including details on courses, lessons, questions, instructors, and students. Keep track of student data and utilize reports to make informed decisions.

🛠️ Build Courses with Frontend Course Builder: Craft engaging courses effortlessly on your existing website. With Academy LMS, easily add videos, attachments, authors, benefits, prerequisites, and more. Create an exceptional learning environment with a user-friendly interface and essential features.

🪟 Explore Frontend Dashboard: Each user role gets a personalized dashboard upon logging in, displaying all relevant information in one place—profile, courses, lessons, reviews, and payment details—for a seamless user experience.

🎦 Enhance Learning with Video Lessons: Elevate course content with video lessons using the Academy LMS course builder. Experience higher engagement and success rates compared to text-based instruction.

🎬 Utilize Multiple Video Sources: Academy LMS supports various video sources, including self-hosted, YouTube, or embedded videos, providing flexibility in course content creation.

📑 Simplify Instructor Registration: Instructors can register easily through intuitive forms, with data forwarded to the backend for admin approval before enrollment.

📑 Streamline Student Registration: Students can conveniently register through an easy form, gaining access to enhanced benefits compared to regular subscribers upon admin approval.

⭐ Engage with Course Reviews and Ratings: Enrolled students can provide course reviews and ratings, fostering a supportive learning community.

🎴 Showcase Video Posters: Add intro videos to courses effortlessly through the Course Settings section, enhancing course appeal and engagement.

📈 Track Course Progress: Monitor overall activities and course progress with extensive statistics and an easy-to-use interface, ensuring commitment to course completion.

🔺 Define Course Difficulty Levels: Specify course difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert) to help users gauge course complexity easily.

⏲️ Set Course Durations: Determine precise course durations, specifying total hours, minutes, and seconds from the course settings tab.

📋 Add Course Requirements & Instructions: Include course prerequisites, benefits, target audience, and other essential information to enhance course clarity and effectiveness.

🔒 Ensure Content Security: Maintain control over media folder content and ensure privacy and security with Academy LMS’s robust content security features.

💫 Create Course Wishlists: Enable users to bookmark favorite courses for future reference, enhancing user experience and engagement.

📝 Foster Q&A Interactions: Facilitate course-related discussions with a dedicated Q&A tab for enrolled students, promoting interaction and engagement.

💪 Harness WooCommerce Integration: Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce to sell paid courses and unlock revenue opportunities effortlessly.

⏫ Embrace Multi-Instructor Functionality: Expand learning opportunities by assigning multiple instructors to courses, ensuring expert guidance and support.

💱 Enable Revenue Sharing: Set up commission structures and profit-sharing mechanisms to incentivize instructors and foster collaboration.

💵 Manage Earnings Efficiently: Easily manage course revenues, distribute earnings, and track profits and commissions with Academy LMS’s robust earning management tools.

💁‍♂️ Streamline Withdrawals: Allow instructors to withdraw earnings securely from the frontend dashboard, ensuring smooth and reliable earnings management.

⬅️ Support RTL Languages: Ensure compatibility with RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew, enhancing accessibility for global users.

🖥️ Access User-Friendly Dashboards: Provide students and instructors with intuitive dashboards for seamless navigation and access to essential features and settings.

👥 Explore Public Profiles: Discover instructor profiles to access relevant information such as courses taught, reviews, and student enrollment, fostering transparency and trust.

📜 Award Certificates: Enhance course completion recognition with a robust certificate system, enabling easy creation and distribution of certificates to students.

🌐 Seamlessly Integrate with Elementor: Combine Academy LMS with Elementor for effortless design customization and enhanced e-learning experiences.

🌎 Enjoy Divi Builder Integration: Experience the synergy of Academy LMS and Divi Builder for dynamic course creation and website design on a single platform.

🔧 Build Engaging Quizzes: Create interactive quizzes in various formats to make learning enjoyable and effective, with support for multiple quiz types for diverse assessment options.

📢 Stay Informed with Global Announcements: Keep all users informed with prominent announcements throughout the platform, ensuring effective communication of important updates and information.

📋 Streamline Lessons Import/Export: Efficiently manage course content with bulk import/export options for lessons from CSV files, simplifying content management tasks.

🌉 Seamlessly Migrate Data: Transfer data seamlessly from other LMS platforms to Academy LMS with the Migration Tool, ensuring a smooth transition and hassle-free experience.

🌐 Integrate with Webhooks: Seamlessly integrate with external systems and services using Webhooks to keep data synchronized and workflows streamlined.

📋 Customize Registration Forms: Create custom registration forms for instructors and students with a drag-and-drop Form Builder, tailored to your specific requirements.

📧 Stay Connected with Email Notifications: Academy LMS automatically sends out emails to all users, with administrators and instructors having control over the frequency and content. These emails can be tailored to specific user groups or sent to all users, providing important details such as course names, assignment descriptions, and due dates.

📅 Manage Course Content Drip: The Content Drip tool in Academy LMS Pro is essential for effective course management. Teachers can gradually release lessons, tests, and assignments, ensuring students can absorb and retain material effectively in an online learning environment.

📋 Customize Manual Enrolment: Academy LMS’s manual enrolment feature gives administrators greater control over the enrolment process. With this flexible method, administrators can individually add students to courses or programs, tailoring the enrolment process to specific needs.

🛒 Sell Subscriptions with WooCommerce: Integrate Academy LMS seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions to sell subscriptions to online courses directly from your WordPress website. This integration streamlines course management and sales processes, providing a comprehensive e-learning experience for users.

📷 Enhance Collaboration with Zoom Integration: Academy LMS now integrates seamlessly with Zoom, offering features like live video calling, screen sharing, and video recording to facilitate collaboration between instructors and students. Conduct live online classrooms and virtual meetings effortlessly for an enhanced learning experience.

📊 Access Advanced Analytics: Gain insights into course performance with comprehensive statistics provided by Academy LMS. Track course details, instructor performance, student engagement, earnings, and more, empowering informed decision-making and effective course management.

✍🏼 Assign Tasks with Assignment Add-on: Instructors can assign tasks to students based on course topics using the Assignments add-on. Create and manage assignments easily, ensuring learners engage with course material effectively.

👩‍🏫 Share Knowledge with Public Courses: Expand your reach by creating public courses on Academy LMS, offering high-quality educational content to learners worldwide. Share your expertise on a range of topics within your LMS platform.

🛍️ Streamline E-commerce with Auto WooCommerce Product Creation: Save time and effort by creating and managing products on your WooCommerce store directly from Academy LMS. This powerful feature streamlines your e-learning business, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

🔧 Create Engaging Quizzes with Quiz Builder: With Academy LMS’s versatile quiz builder, instructors can create interactive quizzes in various formats to make learning enjoyable. From True/False to Image Select, engage students with diverse assessment options for a dynamic learning experience.

👨‍🏫 Connect with Tutors with Tutor Bookings: The Tutor Booking addon in Academy LMS connects students with expert tutors for personalized one-on-one learning experiences. Tailored instruction, flexible scheduling, and progress feedback ensure students unlock their full potential.

👨‍👦‍👦 Enhance Learning Journeys with Paid Memberships Pro: Integrate Academy LMS with Paid Memberships Pro to create a comprehensive e-learning platform. Sell memberships, courses, and subscriptions effortlessly, providing an immersive learning journey for students.

🔒 Guide Learners with Course Prerequisites: Set course prerequisites in Academy LMS to ensure learners meet requirements before enrolling. Facilitate structured learning paths and seamless progression for enhanced learning outcomes.

ℂ Ensure Security with Google reCAPTCHA: Protect your website’s login and registration forms against spam and abuse with seamless integration of Google reCAPTCHA v2 and v3. Safeguard user experience while enhancing security measures.

✓ Simplify Learning with Lesson, Quiz, and Assignment Auto-Complete: Academy LMS offers a user-friendly learning experience with auto-complete functionality for lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Learners can seamlessly resume where they left off, eliminating interruptions and ensuring a smooth learning journey.

🛡️ Strengthen Security with 2-Step Email Verification [PRO]: Enhance platform security with Academy LMS’s 2-Step Verification feature, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access and potential breaches. Safeguard user data and ensure a secure learning environment.

🔁 Save Time with Duplicate Course, Lesson, Quiz: Duplicate existing content effortlessly with the “Duplicate Courses, Lessons, and Quiz” feature in Academy LMS, saving time and streamlining content creation processes.

📚 Bulk Enroll Students with CSV [PRO]: Efficiently enroll a large number of students into courses using CSV files with the “Bulk Enroll Students from CSV” feature in Academy LMS. Simplify the enrolment process, especially for institutions or organizations with numerous learners.

📤 Import Users from CSV [PRO]: Add multiple students and teachers to the learning platform quickly and easily with the “Bulk Import Students/Teachers from CSV” feature in Academy LMS. Streamline user onboarding processes, particularly for large user bases.

💾 Export/Import Quizzes: Save time and reuse content with Academy LMS’s Quiz Export/Import functionality. Easily import quizzes to your site or share them with others, streamlining content management processes.

📢 Keep Users Informed with Global Announcements: Prominently display important announcements throughout the platform to ensure all users are well-informed. Foster transparency, engagement, and a cohesive learning environment.

🏷️ Customize Your Branding with White Label: Personalize your website and reinforce your branding with White Label add-ons. Incorporate your logo, customize appearance, and introduce additional features to distinguish your site uniquely.

🏆 Import SCORM Courses: Import, manage, and track SCORM courses effortlessly with Academy LMS SCORM. Utilize SCORM-compliant courses in your learning platform, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

🌐 Seamlessly Integrate with Webhooks: Effortlessly send data to any URL upon specific LMS events with Academy LMS Webhook Addon. Integrate with external systems and services, keeping data synchronized and workflows streamlined.

📚 Create Course Bundles: Combine related courses into structured learning programs with Academy LMS course bundles. Tailor offerings to diverse learning goals and provide affordable options for students.

🌐 Enhance Design with Elementor Integration: Craft and personalize your course sites with the versatile Elementor Page Builder seamlessly integrated with Academy LMS. Unlock professional design capabilities and elevate e-learning experiences.

🌎 Design Stunning Websites with Divi Integration: Leverage the robust features of Divi Builder to design visually stunning websites seamlessly integrated with Academy LMS. Deliver dynamic e-learning experiences while maintaining a professional online presence.

➕ Free add-ons for Academy LMS WordPress Plugin

  • Academy Elementor Addons – Academy LMS Elementor Addons provides 23+ widgets to create an entire eLearning site.
  • Academy Starter Templates – Academy Starter Templates is a one-click demo Importer addon for Academy LMS. Currently, there are three templates that you can choose from and create your e-Learning site with …


  • Academy Analytics/Report
  • Course Page
  • Course Details Page
  • Course Details Page (Topics list & Review)
  • Course Lessons Page
  • User Frontend Dashboard Page
  • Instructor Public Profile Page


What is Academy LMS?

Academy LMS is a WordPress plugin designed for creating and selling online courses directly from your WordPress website. It offers a comprehensive e-learning solution with a user-friendly interface and high-speed performance.

Is the Academy LMS plugin free?

Yes, Academy LMS offers a free version that enables you to create and deliver courses on your WordPress site. Additionally, there’s a Pro version available with enhanced features and integration options.

What are the differences between the free and Pro versions of Academy LMS?

The free version provides essential features for course creation and delivery, while the Pro version offers advanced functionalities like Zoom Integration, in-depth analytics, and integration with WooCommerce for selling membership-based courses.

Can I use Academy LMS with any WordPress site?

Absolutely, Academy LMS seamlessly integrates with any WordPress website, making it convenient to utilize with your existing site.

Can I use Academy LMS to sell courses on my WordPress site?

Yes, Academy LMS allows you to integrate with WooCommerce, enabling you to sell courses and generate revenue directly from your WordPress site.

Does Academy LMS provide analytics and reporting on student progress?

Yes, Academy LMS offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features to track and evaluate student progress effectively throughout your courses.

Can I easily modify quizzes and courses with Academy LMS?

Certainly, thanks to its intuitive course builder and frontend SPA interface, Academy LMS facilitates easy creation, modification, and management of quizzes and courses.

Does Academy LMS have a frontend interface?

Yes, Academy LMS boasts a frontend SPA interface, making it one of the most advanced free WordPress LMS plugins available. You can effortlessly build, modify, and administer courses, while also monitoring student progress with detailed overviews.


2024 年 7 月 17 日
I am absolutely delighted with the Academy LMS Pro plugin. It has exceeded all my expectations and has become an indispensable tool for my educational needs. Here are the reasons why I consider it the best LMS plugin I’ve ever used: Seamless Functionality: The plugin operates flawlessly, with every feature working exactly as advertised. From course creation to student tracking and quizzes, everything is smooth and reliable. This consistency has made managing my online courses a breeze. Intuitive User Interface: The user interface is modern, clean, and incredibly easy to navigate. It’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into the design to ensure that users of all levels can operate it without any confusion. This has significantly enhanced my productivity. Outstanding Support: The support team is exceptional. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to help resolve any issues. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident, and I’ve always received timely and effective solutions to my queries. Rich Feature Set: The Academy LMS Pro plugin offers a wealth of features that cover all aspects of online learning. Course creation, student tracking, quizzes, assignments, and reporting are all included and function perfectly. These features have enriched the learning experience for my students and simplified administrative tasks for me. Superior Performance: The plugin is optimized for performance, ensuring that my website runs efficiently without any noticeable lag. Pages load quickly, providing a smooth experience for both me and my students. Excellent Compatibility: The plugin integrates seamlessly with popular themes and other plugins, eliminating any compatibility issues. This flexibility has allowed me to enhance my site with additional functionalities without any hassles. Robust Security: I have full confidence in the security of the Academy LMS Pro plugin. It incorporates numerous safeguards to protect my site and user data, giving me peace of mind knowing that everything is secure. In summary, the Academy LMS Pro plugin is an outstanding solution for anyone looking to manage and deliver online courses. Its reliability, ease of use, comprehensive features, and excellent support make it worth every penny. I highly recommend it to educators, trainers, and organizations seeking a top-tier LMS plugin.
2024 年 7 月 16 日
Unfortunately I can’t say that everything is easy and well. I have had many problems, but then again – it is always something that comes along with programmes and plugins and building up systems. What I can say, is that, the support team has been always helping me. I have never had such a helping support team. They always help and find solutions. Thank you!
2024 年 6 月 19 日 1 回复
I have had to small glitches with the LMS Pro and the problems were sorted out with in 24h outstanding customer service and support would highly recommend this plugin


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2.0.8 – 17/07/2024

  • Fixed – WooCommerce addon not keep active for old user
  • Removed – Temporary Disable Isolated Block Editor Due to a compatibility issue with WordPress 6.6
  • Added – New Quill Editor

2.0.7 – 16/07/2024

  • Fixed – Some ajax request permission issue
  • Fixed – Enrolled Course analytic not showing issue
  • Fixed – PHP Render Learn Page Responsive issues
  • Fixed – Remove Default eCommerce engine
  • Added – Complete topic checkbox will be disable by default

2.0.6 – 15/07/2024

  • Fixed – UI Notice issue fixed
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Tabs UI issue
  • Fixed – List Table Multiple time data fetch issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Table Header Issue
  • Fixed – Total Lesson count issue
  • Fixed – Withdraw Payment option not showing in frontend dashboard
  • Fixed – Complete Course Button Error message not showing
  • Added – New Easy Digital Download Addon

2.0.5 – 10/07/2024

  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard UI issues
  • Fixed – Get Help Components UI issues
  • Fixed – React Console ESLint error issues
  • Fixed – Category & Tags UI
  • Fixed – Public Course Quiz Loading issues
  • Fixed – Vulnerability Issue fixed for capabilities issues

2.0.4 – 04/07/2024

  • Fixed – Fix PHP Render Course Share not worked issues
  • Fixed – Paid Membership Pro addon enroll conflict
  • Fixed – Setup Page UI Break issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Question error message delay issues
  • Fixed – Instructor publish course not not saved issues
  • Fixed – Multi Instructions Modal Close issues
  • Fixed – Instructor Course Trash issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Attempt manual review not worked
  • Fixed – Admin Panel Notification UI Improved
  • Improvement – Update Modal UI
  • Improvement – Lesson Preview Checkbox components update
  • Improvement – Show info for lesson shortcode support
  • Improvement – Update Academy Select Component

2.0.3 – 27/06/2024

  • Fixed – Course Archive page conflicts with WooCommerce Shop page
  • Fixed – Attachment Component UI issues
  • Fixed – Button Component UI issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Builder questions Sortable not worked issue
  • Fixed – Course Duration UI issue
  • Fixed – Course Term UI issue
  • Fixed – Register Form Responsive issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Question correct answer notification issues
  • Fixed – Addons Docs Missing link
  • Fixed – Setup Screen UI issues
  • Fixed – Course Editor UI improved
  • Fixed – Webhook Table UI
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard UI issues
  • Fixed – Complete Course UI issues
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Total Student count issues

2.0.2 – 16/06/2024

  • Fixed – Course archive per page not worked
  • Fixed – Student Role assign issues
  • Fixed – After register student didn’t redirect to course single page.
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard multi instructor withdraw & withdrawal page not worked properly issue.

2.0.1 – 13/06/2024

  • Added – Quiz Types Delete button color
  • Added – All input has hover and focus color
  • Update – Tutor Booking Frontend Dashboard UI.
  • Update – Table border bottom.
  • Fixed – Learn Page PHP Render Permalink issue
  • Fixed – Learn Page template conflict with Academy Elementor addon
  • Fixed – Quiz List scrolling.
  • Fixed – Quiz builder true/false page blank issue
  • Fixed – Course Taxonomy Add Item width
  • Fixed – Course Taxonomy Add Item width
  • Fixed – Tutor booking trash issue fixing
  • Fixed – Empty Q&A submit issue fixing
  • Fixed – Lot’s of minor bug fixing

2.0 – 11/06/2024

  • Added – Brand new UI
  • Added – New Fronted Dashboard For Students & Instructors
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Revamped by PHP Rendering
  • Added – New Learn Page Builder
  • Added – One-click switcher from Legacy to Gutenberg Learn Page
  • Added – Full control over the frontend dashboard and Learn Page
  • Added – New settings save option to reduce server load
  • Added – Lesson comes with more default Gutenberg blocks support
  • Added – Added new shortcode for course curriculum
  • Added – Table column Sorting
  • Added – Table column hide/show
  • Added – Modal Expandable option
  • Revamped – Table Ui
  • Revamped – Notification UI
  • Revamped – Dashboard Analytics
  • Revamped – Add new course
  • Revamped – Lesson modal
  • Revamped – Quiz modal
  • Revamped – Announcement Modal
  • Revamped – Add new student modal
  • Revamped – Add new instructor modal
  • Revamped – Bulk import modal
  • Revamped – Tools page
  • Revamped – Settings page
  • Revamped – Dashboard Admin menu
  • Revamped – Topbar
  • Revamped – Setup page
  • Fixed – A lot of UI Glitches has been fixed
  • Fixed – Performance issue has been fixed
  • Fixed – Question / Answer role bases issues has been fixed
  • Fixed – Improved overall security
  • Fixed – Form builder Checkbox & Radio button issue has been fixed
  • Fixed- Required plugins’ fatal error issue has been fixed

1.9.27 – 08/04/2024

  • Fixed – Order auto complete not working issue

1.9.27 – 08/04/2024

  • Fixed – Intro Video validation issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Answer endpoint Vulnerability issue

1.9.25 – 03/04/2024

  • Fixed – Course Filter Accessibility Issue
  • Fixed – Notification Icon Wrong Position Issue
  • Fixed – If any student has deleted, admin can add them using same email
  • Fixed – After registration users can’t redirect (Issue Fixed)
  • Fixed – Wrong data shows on Quiz Result Issue
  • Added – New Eye Button on Password & Confirm Password field.

1.9.24 – 19/03/2024

  • Fixed – Reset Password confirmation msg ‘undefined’ issue
  • Fixed – Link validation for course intro video issue
  • Fixed – Quiz answer, Frontend instructor, Enrolled courses title Special character issue
  • Fixed – WooCommerce Payment On Hold Enroll Issue
  • Fixed – Minor Spelling Mistake Issue

1.9.23 – 11/03/2024

  • Fixed – HTTP Referer issues

1.9.22 – 07/03/2024

  • Added – Student enrolled course details analytics option
  • Added – Analytics card clickable
  • Fixed – Lesson Content Duplicate not worked
  • Fixed – Pagination not worked properly
  • Fixed – WooCommerce purchase issue
  • Fixed – Revamped QA Rest API
  • Removed – QA Create, Update and Delete endpoint
  • Removed – Registration Form Redirect

1.9.21 – 22/02/2024

  • Fixed – Registration form template before submit hook not worked

1.9.20 – 19/02/2024

  • Fixed – Assignment time conflict with Translation
  • Fixed – Vulnerability issue

1.9.19 – 15/02/2024

  • Fixed – Quiz attempt pagination not worked properly
  • Added – Quiz attempt rest end point for students

1.9.18 – 13/02/2024

  • Added – Course Intro video deselect option
  • Fixed – Category, Tag special character issue
  • Fixed – Lesson delete issue
  • Fixed – Topic Select lesson, Quiz, Assignment, Zoom, Tutor booking pagination issue
  • Fixed – Topic Select lesson, Quiz, Assignment, Zoom, Tutor booking search issue
  • Updated – Academy help document list

1.9.17 – 07/02/2024

  • Fixed – Lesson Double Notification issue
  • Fixed – Lesson update status conflicts with lesson content
  • Fixed – Lesson Restore issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Duplicate issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Attempt Answer not worked properly
  • Fixed – Paid Course Enroll issue
  • Fixed – Student Search not worked properly

1.9.16 – 04/02/2024

  • Fixed – Lesson Content Update not worked

1.9.15 – 01/02/2024

  • Fixed – Course trash status issue
  • Fixed – Instructor submit button infinite loading issue
  • Fixed – Student submit button infinite loading issue
  • Fixed – Instructor ‘Removed’ status deleted
  • Fixed – Instructor status update glitch
  • Fixed – Bulk import (Instructor & Student) file choosing infinite loading issue
  • Fixed – Course Bundle, Zoom, QA, Lesson, Webhook, Assignment minor glitch issue
  • Fixed – Lesson trash notification issue
  • Fixed – Quiz blank trash status issue
  • Fixed – Quiz notification issue

1.9.14 – 30/01/2024

  • Added – Table Filter Options for all list table
  • Added – Form Builder Settings
  • Added – If enable Earning button then withdraw option will be show on Instructor Dashboard, otherwise it will be hide from Instructor Dashboard
  • Added – Customizer Options Updated (Enroll Information Color Control, Share Button Text Control)
  • Added – SiteGround Cache Plugin Compatibility
  • Fixed – Course Bundle Menu Showing on Free Version issue
  • Fixed – Login Popup Responsive Issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Bypass Issue
  • Fixed – Select Items List Responsive Issue
  • Fixed – Course Rating Start Icon Color Issue
  • Fixed – Frontend dashboard mobile responsive issue
  • Fixed – When there is no lesson and quiz data then export you will get empty csv file
  • Fixed – Review comments do not stay sequentially on the course page
  • Fixed – When trying to remove options from Multiple Questions, it not removing
  • Fixed – Rest API delete method not worked issue

1.9.13 – 04/01/2024

  • Added – 16 New Webhook Events(Total 27 Events)
  • Fixed – Course Builder Topic title overflow issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Question title HTML tag Support issues

1.9.12 – 21/12/2023

  • Fixed – Course Archive Filter issue
  • Fixed – Course settings issue
  • Fixed – Migration tab UI issue
  • Fixed – Student/Instructor create issue
  • Fixed – Booking schedules issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Question answer select issue
  • Fixed – List table UI issue
  • Fixed – Course Details Sub-curriculum UI issue

1.9.11 – 12/12/2023

  • Added – MasterStudy LMS Migration
  • Added – Quiz Question description inside learn page
  • Fixed – Review Form Icon issues
  • Fixed – Embedded Video Height Issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Multi Type Question not worked
  • Fixed – Course Archive page conflicts with other archive page
  • Fixed – Academy Youtube Player Icon Issues
  • Fixed – Wrong Course Earning issues

1.9.10 – 11/12/2023

  • Added – Course Details Sub-curriculum support
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Extra spacing issues
  • Fixed – Youtube Player Progress bar realtime saving issues
  • Fixed – Purchase History List table issues
  • Fixed – Student Dashboard Menu not showing
  • Fixed – Webhook Payload data improved
  • Fixed – WooCommerce High performance order table compatibility issues

1.9.9 – 06/12/2023

  • Added – Academy PRO Course Bundle compatibility
  • Added – Button block for editor
  • Added – 7 New Webhook Event
  • Added – New option for enable/disable Academy Youtube Player
  • Fixed – Large quiz attempt data inserting issue
  • Fixed – Large quiz attempt data inserting issue
  • Fixed – Learn Page lesson title break issue
  • Fixed – Sub curriculum conflicts issue

1.9.8 – 24/11/2023

  • Fixed – Webhook addon file naming case issue

1.9.7 – 24/11/2023

  • Fixed – Sub curriculum topic complete not worked

1.9.6 – 23/11/2023

  • Added – New Webhook Addon
  • Added – New Sub curriculum option inside course builder
  • Added – Course complete date in course details
  • Added – Learn Page Exit Link Filter options
  • Fixed – Quiz Attempt Title Length issue

1.9.5 – 21/11/2023

  • Added – Lifter LMS to Academy LMS Migration tools
  • Added – Block theme default header footer show/hide filter hook
  • Fixed – Instructor Search not working

1.9.4 – 16/11/2023

  • Added – Academy PRO 2 Step Email Template compatibility
  • Added – New Lost Password Page
  • Fixed – Course Tag creating issues
  • Fixed – Bulk Action dropdown overlap issues
  • Fixed – Vimeo Video ratio issues
  • Fixed – Student and Instructor Register mail not sending issues

1.9.3 – 08/11/2023

  • Added – WP 6.4 Compatibility

1.9.2 – 22/10/2023

  • Fixed – Tutor LMS to Academy LMS Migration issue
  • Fixed – Migration UI reset issue

1.9.1 – 17/10/2023

  • Fixed – Decimal price not updating issues
  • Fixed – FSE Theme Header issues
  • Added – New Migration Tool addon
  • Improved – Academy Youtube Player UI & Functionality

1.9.0 – 12/10/2023

  • Added – Global Color Settings option
  • Added – Cache Plugin Compatibility
  • Added – New Settings for course and learn page
  • Added – Academy Youtube Player
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard secure login issue
  • Removed – Customizer Settings for course archive, course single pages
  • Improved – Main Settings UI
  • Improved – Addons auto loading

1.8.9 – 21/09/2023

  • Fixed – SCORM Addon compatibility issues

1.8.8 – 21/09/2023

  • Added – New SCORM Addon Compatibility
  • Removed – List Table Zoom unused icon

1.8.7 – 12/09/2023

  • Fixed – Quiz Question Order Issues
  • Fixed – Translation issue fixed
  • Fixed – Setup Page Form UI issue Fixed
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard curriculum Form UI issue fixed
  • Fixed – Image answer correct answer not showing issues
  • Fixed – Course Details styling option not worked issues
  • Fixed – Quiz attempt details wrong information showing
  • Fixed – Purchase History Time issues.
  • Fixed – Unused Zoom details icon showing inside list table
  • Fixed – Multiple Quiz Short Answer content not showing properly
  • Added – New White label addon compatibility
  • Added – Get Help UI Added inside Admin panel
  • Added – Public Course Filter option inside course archive
  • Added – Admin Menu Icon
  • Added – Added popup login inside learn page
  • Update – Public Course Type UI

1.8.6 – 28/08/2023

  • Fixed – Improved Learn Page Responsive
  • Fixed – Course Archive Permalink & Query issues
  • Fixed – Course Details Responsive issues
  • Fixed – Embedded video parse issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Multiple option select issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Image height broken issues
  • Fixed – Quiz Image Upload UI Broken Issues
  • Fixed – Course Archive Filter checkbox UI
  • Fixed – Profile Update dispatch issues
  • Fixed – Addons Search not working for white space
  • Fixed – Public course quiz answer not inserted
  • Update – Optimize query for questions
  • Update – Increase Lesson modal UI
  • Update – Unused course shortcode template
  • Update – Purchase on-hold Status UI Update
  • Added – Course Grid Shortcode Pagination
  • Added – New Course Filter Shortcode
  • Added – New Enroll Form Shortcode
  • Added – Course List Table Filter and Status change option
  • Added – New Helper method for update enroll status
  • Added – Learn Page Customizer styling options

1.8.5 – 10/08/2023

  • Fixed – Login Redirect Cache issue
  • Fixed – Product data search not working issue
  • Fixed – Dashboard Scroll issue
  • Fixed – Instructor Course Edit button not working
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard top bar menu hide if dashboard page not saved

1.8.4 – 09/08/2023

  • Fixed – Quiz Multi Choose answer page blank issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Attempt Not work properly issue
  • Fixed – After Refund Course user not able to repurchase
  • Fixed – Translation Issue
  • Fixed – Student Dashboard Analytics Wrong data showing
  • Fixed – Course Builder Add new zoom meeting not working
  • Fixed – Login Redirect Issue
  • Updated – Ajax Nonce Checking function

1.8.3 – 02/08/2023

  • Fixed – Category & Tag List Table not found message not showing
  • Fixed – Learn Page show extra space if video have no url
  • Fixed – Lesson Blank data showing issue
  • Fixed – Showing Unnecessary card from student analytic
  • Fixed – Undefined error issue from my enrolled courses
  • Fixed – Paid course order success issue
  • Added – Student Remove option
  • Updated – Call Rest API with Context Param
  • Updated – Course Instructor UI Improved

1.8.2 – 27/07/2023

  • Fixed – List Table data item update issue
  • Fixed – Bulk Action delete confirm alert not working
  • Fixed – Addon Search Not Working
  • Fixed – Course Select Modal Lesson Pagination not working
  • Fixed – After apply filter from course archive show draft course
  • Fixed – Course intro video UI conflicts with Astra theme
  • Fixed – Course title special character not show issue
  • Added – Lesson Import/Export Option
  • Added – Global Announcements
  • Removed – Individual Course announcement

1.8.1 – 13/07/2023

  • Added – Academy Pro Lesson, Quiz and Assignment Auto Complete Compatibility
  • Added – Disable Right Click for learn page
  • Fixed – Learn Page local State Reset Issue
  • Fixed – Course Builder Select Items Pagination
  • Fixed – Course Builder Language Field Not keep saved
  • Fixed – Quiz Attempt Modal Text Overlap issue
  • Fixed – Embedded Player Height issue

1.8.0 – 07/07/2023

  • Added – Course Builder Select Items pagination and search
  • Added – Learn Page (Lessons Page) curriculum route
  • Updated – Revamped Learn Page (Frontend Lessons Page)
  • Removed – Popup Lesson/Topic view modal
  • Fixed – Pagination data fetching issue
  • Fixed – List Table Search not working
  • Fixed – Course Meta conflicts with third party plugin

1.7.5 – 24/06/2023

  • Fixed – Manual Enrollment Issue
  • Fixed – Course Builder Select Items Modal Item UI Issue
  • Fixed – Category and Tags Data fetching issue
  • Fixed – List Table Data search not working issue
  • Added – Added some helpful link inside plugin list
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.7.4 – 19/06/2023

  • Fixed – Assignment Submitted issue
  • Fixed – Submitted assignment button color issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Child parent Menu active issue
  • Fixed – Woocommerce Guest Order enrollment issue
  • Added – Student and Instructor Register Option in Admin Dashboard
  • Added – Server Pagination for all list table (course, lessons, quiz, student and instructor)
  • Added – Content Dript compatibility for booking
  • Added – Block Editor auto block support
  • Added – Show pending enroll course in frontend dashboard
  • Improved – List Table Topic Count Logic
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.7.3 – 02/06/2023

  • Fixed – Settings checkbox value not keep saved
  • Fixed – Table action column responsive Issue
  • Fixed – Withdraw table UI issue
  • Fixed – Course Field Empty value issue
  • Fixed – Number Field Negative value issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Attempt Error Issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Question setting data saved issue
  • Fixed – Course details topics list not show all items
  • Fixed – Course Details Line height issue
  • Fixed – Lesson and Course duration data showing issue
  • Fixed – Lessons sidebar UI improved
  • Added – New Course Prerequisites Addon Compatibility
  • Added – Lesson drip content validation issue
  • Added – Author inside List Table
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Profile Edit button
  • Added – Improve List Table UI
  • Added – New Sorting options in course archive page
  • Added – Docs link in addons
  • Added – Admin Created student role user not mark as student
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.7.2 – 19/05/2023

  • Fixed – Email Setting UI
  • Fixed – Course Duration Form data Undefined issue
  • Fixed – Get Page by title function deprecated issues
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Compact Icon UI issues
  • Fixed – Prevent Number Field Negative value
  • Fixed – Course & Lesson Total Time issues
  • Fixed – Update Media heading
  • Fixed – Assign instructor role for administrator users
  • Fixed – Fix content drip UI issue
  • Fixed – Lessons page hide element for non logged in users
  • Added – Available Seat info in course details
  • Added – New Settings for disable/enable instructor price update
  • Update – Error Render Logic
  • Update – Nested Sub Menu UI
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.7.1 – 10/05/2023

  • Fixed – Lessons UI issue
  • Fixed – Quiz item select issue
  • Fixed – Course filter issue
  • Fixed – Zoom meeting edit issue
  • Added – Academy Pro Course Expire compatibility
  • Added – New Lesson settings Tab
  • Added – Lessons custom logo upload option
  • Update – eCommerce engine settings
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.7.0 – 05/05/2023

  • Fixed – Paid Course Payment Status issue
  • Fixed – Hide empty lesson time
  • Fixed – Course Intro video url empty issue
  • Fixed – List table dropdown menu toggle issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard user profile info
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard booking data facing issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Add new course route issue
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard category and tags pages
  • Added – Flash rewrite rules after every new update
  • Added – New Paid Memberships Pro addon compatibility
  • Added – filter hook inside enroll form
  • Added – filter hook inside enroll content
  • Added – filter hook inside course type
  • Added – Separate Course Type Settings inside course editor
  • Added – Lesson uncompleted option
  • Added – Course Favorite option
  • Added – New Payments Settings tab
  • Added – Lessons Next/Prev Button with topics title
  • Update – Revamped Lessons Page UI/UX
  • Update – Assignment table column
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.6.6 – 22/04/2023

  • Fixed – Loco Translation Issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Route Issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.6.5 – 21/04/2023

  • Fixed – Quiz Multi Select Issue
  • Fixed – Auto modal open issue
  • Fixed – Academy Popup Login Redirect issue
  • Fixed – Always keep open admin instructor menu
  • Fixed – html5 video full screen issue fixed
  • Fixed – Lesson, Quizzes and Assignment data fetching issue inside frontend dashboard
  • Fixed – Total course number in Analytics
  • Fixed – Modal UI issue
  • Fixed – Fronted Dashboard Wishlist UI
  • Added – WP 6.2 Compatibility
  • Added – Nested sub-menu
  • Added – New Tutor booking addon compatibility
  • Added – Initial Preloader inside react based pages
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.6.4 – 29/03/2023

  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Redirect Issue
  • Fixed – Popup Login Redirect Issue
  • Fixed – Text Spelling Issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.6.3 – 17/03/2023

  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Block Editor Conflict with third party Gutenberg Plugin
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.6.2 – 14/03/2023

  • Fixed – Theme Compatibility UI Issue
  • Fixed – Embedded Video Not Loading Issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.6.1 – 13/03/2023

  • Added – Block Editor
  • Added – New 3 Quiz type compatibility (Image Select, Short Answer and Fill in the blanks)
  • Fixed – Quiz Attempt query
  • Removed – TinyMCE Editor
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.6.0 – 27/02/2023

  • Added – Automatic WooCommerce Order creation system
  • Added – Academy Pro Public Course Compatibility
  • Added – Drip Content Support for Academy PRO assignment addon
  • Added – Course QA disable/enable option
  • Added – Course Announcements disable/enable option
  • Added – Academy Login compatibility added for wishlist
  • Added – Course Auto Complete
  • Added – Popup Course Review
  • Added – Hide Wishlist and Social Share Button control
  • Added – Ajax based course Enroll and Complete functionalities
  • Added – Make student if user registered by student form
  • Fixed – External Video Source download issue
  • Fixed – Topbar responsive issue fixed
  • Fixed – enrollment and course complete not working if disable wp-dashboard
  • Fixed – Preview able lesson responsive issue
  • Fixed – Multiple Form Submit issue
  • Fixed – Login Shortcode logout link issue
  • Fixed – Responsive issue
  • Update – Improve Assets Loading
  • Update – All API Request
  • Update – Improve Attachment Preview
  • Update – Frontend Dashboard info
  • Update – Course Builder UI
  • Update – Student Table title issue
  • Update – Revamped all popup modal
  • Update – HTML5 Component UI improved
  • Update – Course Editor UI
  • Update – List Table UI
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.5.2 – 11/02/2023

  • Fixed – Course Details Popup Login Not working

1.5.1 – 07/02/2023

  • Fixed – Lesson Modal Undefined Props Error

1.5.0 – 07/02/2023

  • Added – Gutenberg Editor support for course
  • Added – Academy Pro Assignment Compatibility
  • Added – New Settings for Academy Login functionalities
  • Added – New Settings for Paid Course Force Login functionalities
  • Added – Register Info inside Login Shortcode
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Styling option inside Customizer
  • Added – Lesson, Quiz, Zoom and Assignment button inside course builder
  • Added – Cancel Enrollment Compatibility
  • Added – Added Continue Learning Button if a student already complete at lest one topics
  • Added – New Store Dashboard Settings
  • Fixed – Multi Instructor Course Query issue
  • Fixed – Hide Course Product Settings Not working
  • Fixed – Zoom Modal conflict with table dropdown menu
  • Fixed – TinyMCE Editor assets loading issue.
  • Fixed – Zoom Docs link not opening new tab
  • Fixed – Enrolled Course Image Size Issue
  • Fixed – All Modal Responsive issue
  • Fixed – Woo auto order complete settings not keep saved issue
  • Fixed – Course Builder topic button responsive issue
  • Fixed – Zoom Host Mail not show inside course builder
  • Update – Enroll Now Button Template functionalities
  • Update – Lesson Video type selection field
  • Update – Keep false for auto complete order Settings
  • Update – API Update for course, quiz, zoom, categories and tags
  • Remove – Ajax Rotate Icon
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.4.1 – 19/01/2023

  • Fixed – New course edit issue
  • Fixed – Html5 Video upload issue
  • Fixed – Course builder drag and drop UI Break issue
  • Fixed – Bulk action Default value removed
  • Fixed – Modal data fetching issue
  • Fixed – Embedded lesson height issue issue
  • Fixed – Status ui issue
  • Fixed – Course builder icon issue
  • Fixed – List table ui issue
  • Fixed – Theme compatibility issue
  • Added – Auto order complete option (WooCommerce)
  • Added – Reset password notification
  • Added – Option to remove any instructor
  • Update – Lesson Video type selection field
  • Update – Quiz question answer field ui
  • Update – Lesson Quiz answer filed ui

1.4.0 – 08/01/2023

  • Added – Frontend Course Builder
  • Added – Academy LMS Pro Zoom Compatibility
  • Added – Active Course, Complete Course Tab Inside Frontend Dashboard
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard all form auto saved option
  • Added – Add collapsible toggle menu for frontend dashboard
  • Added – Canva Support for lesson and course intro
  • Update – Purchase History Table UI
  • Update – Profile information
  • Update – Wishlist UI
  • Update – Withdrawal Table UI
  • Update – Revamped Mark as complete functionalities
  • Update – Improve Admin Tools Page UI
  • Update – Withdraw Modal UI Update
  • Update – Improve Quiz and Withdraw Request List Table
  • Fixed – Given and Received Review data facing logic
  • Fixed – Modal Scroll not working for firefox browser
  • Fixed – Quiz step issue fix for firefox browser

1.3.6 – 18/12/2022

  • Fixed – Last Enrolled Ajax Callback issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.5 – 17/12/2022

  • Added – Academy LMS Pro Advanced analytic compatibility
  • Update – All Popup Modal UI/UX
  • Update – Make Course Title as required
  • Fixed – Question Body not showing inside admin dashboard
  • Fixed – Student Registration Page UI breaks
  • Fixed – Total Lesson analytic not working properly
  • Fixed – Lesson & Quiz list table data faceing issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Image preview issue fixed
  • Fixed – Single/multiple Quiz Question form break issue
  • Fixed – Minor UI Issue Fixed
  • Fixed – Student Lesson prerequisite item not clickable issue
  • Fixed – Drip Content admin settings now working properly
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.4 – 28/11/2022

  • Fixed – Student Lesson Page UI issue
  • Fixed – Disable Youtube Related Video
  • Fixed – Lesson attachment and video meta not updating
  • Removed – SVG Icon
  • Updated – Icon pack
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.3 – 16/11/2022

  • Added – Academy Pro Compatibility
  • Fixed – Course Fatured Image streach Issue
  • Fixed – Lesson Modal Video Popup issue
  • Fixed – Login Modal Responsive Issue Fixed
  • Fixed – Registration form Not check allow membership
  • Update – Addons Page UI
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.2 – 05/11/2022

  • Added – WP 6.1 Compatibility
  • Fixed – Hello Elementor Theme Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – Astra Theme Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – OceanWP Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – WP 6.1 Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – Popup Login Modal Responsive Issue
  • Fixed – React Select UI issue
  • Update – Academy Icon Pack
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.1 – 30/10/2022

  • Fixed – Multi Instructor DB Query Issue if disable Multi Instructor Addon
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard WooCommerce user purchase history wrong info showing issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

= 1.3.0 – …