Ads.txt Manager


Create, manage, and validate your ads.txt and app-ads.txt from within WordPress, just like any other content asset. Requires PHP 5.3+ and WordPress 4.9+.


Ads.txt是互动广告局的一项举措,可让发布商控制谁可以销售其广告资源。 通过我们10up与各种发布商的合作,我们创建了一种在WordPress中管理和验证ads.txt文件的方式,无需上传文件。 插入到插件中的验证有助于避免格式错误的记录,这可能导致最终缓存达24小时的问题,并可能导致广告收入下降。


  • 需要PHP 5.3+。
  • 需要WordPress 4.9 +。旧版本的WordPress不会显示任何语法高亮显示,也可能会导致JavaScript错误和/或无法本地化该插件。
  • Ad blockers may break syntax highlighting and pre-save error checking on the edit screen.
  • 需要启用重写。没有重写,被要求时WordPress不知道供应/ads.txt
  • Your site URL must not contain a path (e.g. or path-based multisite installs). While the plugin will appear to function in the admin, it will not display the contents at This is because the plugin follows the IAB spec, which requires that the ads.txt file be located at the root of a domain or subdomain.


我们正在密切关注广告欺诈领域的持续发展,并且将此插件视为创建和管理ads.txt文件的一种方式,同时也为将来的更改和规格升级做好准备。 Ads.cert仍处于非常早期的阶段,所以我们没有看到实施ads.txt的任何直接问题。

Can I use this with multisite?

Yes! However, if you are using a subfolder installation it will only work for the main site. This is because you can only have one ads.txt for a given domain or subdomain per the ads.txt spec. Our recommendation is to only activate Ads.txt Manager per-site.


  • Example of editing an ads.txt file with errors and a link to browse ads.txt file revisions.
  • Example of comparing ads.txt file revisions.
  • Example of comparing two disparate ads.txt file revisions.


  1. 通过插件安装器安装插件,通过搜索或上传.zip文件。
  2. 激活插件。
  3. Head to Settings → Ads.txt or App-ads.txt and add the records you need.
  4. Check it out at or!

Note: If you already have an existing ads.txt or app-ads.txt file in the web root, the plugin will not read in the contents of the respective files, and changes you make in WordPress admin will not overwrite contents of the physical files.

You will need to rename or remove the existing (app-)ads.txt file (keeping a copy of the records it contains to put into the new settings screen) before you will be able to see any changes you make to (app-)ads.txt inside the WordPress admin.


Très bon plugin, simple, rapide. Pas d'infos superflues, ça fait le taf. Je recommande.
I am wondering what is keeping away 80k users from hitting the five stars and a few words of appreciation. Lovely plugin.
Thanks for your excellent plugin. I really didn't want to add yet another plugin just to deal with Google Adsense ads.txt but this is the only thing that has worked for me after spending a long time trying to make a straightforward file in the root directory work. Thanks again.
Despite the opinion of the previous speaker, I decided to install this plugin. Google stopped swearing at the absence of the required file, and the file itself was accessible via the necessary link. Author, thanks for the plugin!
Plugin failed to create the ads.txt file in the location Google requires. It was assumed this plugin would achieve this simple task, and as a result revenue was lost, not to mention the strained relationship with Google for not complying with them. My advise is to just follow the simple instructions from Google. You don't need this plugin.


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  • Added: Support for app-ads.txt filetype (props @helen, @westi, @p0mmy)
  • Removed: Stop attempting to show an error notice about an existing ads.txt file due to too many false positives. We will bring this back later in a better way.
  • Changed: Bump WordPress version support to 5.4 (props @tmoorewp, @jeffpaul)
  • Changed: Switched to using GitHub Actions instead of Travis for Continuous Integration (props @helen)
  • Changed: Updated plugin screenshots and FAQs (props @jeffpaul, @helen)
  • Fixed: Update capability check when saving ads.txt (props @eclev91)



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