Easy WP SMTP允许您通过SMTP服务器配置和发送所有的站点外发电子邮件。 这样就可防止您的邮件进入收件人的垃圾邮件收件箱。

Easy WP SMTP 功能

  • 使用SMTP服务器发送电子邮件。
  • 可以使用Gmail、Yahoo、Hotmail等SMTP服务。
  • 将您的 WordPress 博客与电子邮件服务器无缝连接以处理所有外发邮件(就像已经在您的电子邮件账户内预编写好邮件一般)。
  • 安全地向收件人发送邮件。
  • 启用调试日志选项以查看邮件是否成功发送。
  • 能够指定回复电子邮件地址。
  • 可以选择导出和导入 SMTP 设置。

Easy WP SMTP插件使用说明

安装该插件后,您需要在插件的设置中配置一些选项(从您的 WordPress 仪表盘中进入设置-> Easy WP SMTP)。

a) Easy WP SMTP常规设置


  • 发件人电子邮件地址。 用于向收件人发送电子邮件的电子邮件地址。
  • 发件人名称:收件人在收到您的邮件内容时将在“发件人”或“发件人”值中看到的名称
  • SMTP主机:您外发邮件的服务器(例如:smtp.gmail.com)
  • 加密类型: 无/SSL/TLS
  • SMTP端口:用于将发出邮件递送到邮件服务器的端口(例如:465)
  • SMTP认证。 否/是(此选项应始终选中 “是”)
  • 用户名:用于登录邮件服务器的用户名
  • 密码:用于登录邮件服务器的密码

有关如何配置这些选项的说明文档,请访问Easy WordPress SMTP插件页面。

b) Easy WP SMTP 测试和调试设置

本节允许您执行电子邮件测试,以确保您的WordPress站点已正常将所有发出的电子邮件递送至您配置的SMTP服务器。 它包括以下选项。

  • 收件人:将用于向收件人发送邮件的电子邮件地址
  • 主题:您的邮件主题
  • 内容:用于编写信件的正文区域。

灵感来自 WP Mail SMTP 插件



  1. 转到WordPress管理区域中的“添加插件”屏幕
  2. 点击上传选项卡
  3. 找到插件文件 (easy-wp-smtp.zip)
  4. 单击立即安装,然后激活插件
  5. 现在,转到插件的设置菜单,按照说明操作





easy, simple to install and configure. Without any subscription upgrade or similar, nice light and functional.
It it not the first SMTP plugin we tested but the best. Reliable. No hassle and easy to set up. Thanks very much to the developer!
Not only was setup easy and not full of spam but the email was delivered to the personal folder and not the spam one. I appreciate that, thanks. I have a small business and that's helpful. I wish all the success to your company :).


“Easy WP SMTP” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“Easy WP SMTP”插件已被翻译至25种本地话语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。

将“Easy WP SMTP”翻译成您的语言。





  • A timestamp is now added to the debug log file output.


  • Fixed a typo in the description of a settings option.


  • Made another change to the debug logging functionality to only output the email header (instead of the full email).
  • We understand that having the full email in the log file (when debug logging is enabled) to do troubleshooting is helpful but some users can forget to disable the logging feature afterwards. This change was necessary to ensure that sensitive info cannot be exposed unintentionally in the future.


  • Debug log is now reset when plugin is activated or deactivated.
  • Debug log file is now in the logs folder and is hidden (it’s name starts with .). It is additionally protected from public access by the .htaccess file. Thanks to @mathieg2, @burkingman and @shadowdao for their reports and input.
  • Added swpsmtp_log_file_path_override filter that can be used to override debug log file location.


  • Added empty “index.html” file to this plugin’s folder to prevent anyone from browsing the files (even if the Option -Indexes is missing on that server).


  • Improved compatibility for sites using older version of PHP and WP5.5+


  • Added an option to specify BCC email address for the outgoing emails.


  • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.5 (regarding changes to PHPMailer in WordPress Core).
  • Fixed a conflict with the Clicky for WordPress plugin’s user interface.

  • Removed unnecessary SQL queries execution on every admin page (thanks to @r33d3m33r for reporting).

  • Removed the warning: Undefined index log_file_name
  • Added “substitute mode” option for the “Reply-To” field. Thanks to @idave2012

  • Settings are exported in JSON format now.
  • Added additional sanitization to some actions on the settings page.
  • Regenerated .pot file.

  • Fixed potential vulnerability in import\export settings.


  • Added Export\Import settings functionality.
  • Added option to delete all settings and deactivate plugin.

  • Fixed incompatibility with WP versions older than 4.7.0 (thanks to stevendigital for reporting).


  • Set reasonable timeout for SMTP server connection attempt. This prevents admin area from being locked up for too long if your SMTP server refuses connections.
  • Added spinner to indicate that test email is being sent.
  • “Send Test Email” button is now disabled if there are unsaved settings changes.
  • Minor settings page adjustments.


  • Renamed SSL and TLS to what they actually are.


  • SMTP Username and SMTP Host fields are no longer multiplying slashes (thanks to jstepak for reporting).
  • Added option to encrypt password using AES-256 encryption. This requires PHP 5.3+ and OpenSSL PHP extension to be enabled on the server.
  • Added clear message to indicate if test email was successfully sent or not. Now you don’t have to figure this out from debug log 🙂
  • Disabled browser autocomplete for username and password fields to prevent them from being replaced by WP login credentials (if those were saved in browser).
  • Removed duplicate items IDs from settings page to comply with HTML standards.


  • Added configurable option to force replace From Name. The plugin was force-replacing it regardless before, now you can configure this (thanks to daymobrew).


  • Fixed “Allow Insecure SSL Certificates” option was ignored (thanks to bogesman).
  • Added password gag explanation to SMTP Password field.
  • Added Support Forum link.
  • Some minor improvements to Settings page.


  • Added option to allow insecure SSL certificate usage on SMTP server (thanks to ravipatel and bradclarke365).
  • Changing fields on Test Email tab is no longer shows “you have unsaved settings” notice.
  • Plugin is compatible again with WP version 4.3+ (thanks to lucrus for reporting).


  • Hopefully fixed inability for plugin to save settings in some circumstances (thanks to all who kept reporting this issue).
  • The plugin is no longer failing if PHP mbstring extension is not installed on the server.
  • Settings page is using tabs now.
  • Fixed default settings were not set upon plugin activation.
  • Fixed some lines that couldn’t be translated to other languages.


  • Fixed potential issue with passwords that had special characters.
  • Check if variables are set before interacting with them (removes PHP notices when WP debug mode is enabled) (thanks to rubas and matward).
  • Test email message body is no longer having excess slashes inserted (thanks to tdcsforeveryone).
  • Added option for plugin to block ALL emails if Domain Check option enabled and domain check fails (thanks to erikmolenaar).


  • Plugin will display an error message if log file is not writeable when “Clear Log” is clicked.
  • Actual SMTP password is replaced by a gag on the settings page.
  • Fixed minor bug in Reply-To option handling (thanks to arildur).
  • Some improvements in developers-related options (thanks to erikmolenaar).


  • Added additional setting option to deal with email aliases (thanks to bradclarke365).
  • Fixed “Reply-To” option wasn’t saving if it is blank.


  • New settings option to specify a reply-to email address.
  • There is a new settings option to enable debug logging.


  • Added extra debug info (when test email function is used). This debug info will show more details if anything fails. This will be helpful to debug SMTP connection failure on your server.


  • Some special characters in the password field were getting removed when the text sanitization was done. This has been improved.
  • The settings configuration will not be deleted if you deactivated the plugin. This will prevent configuration loss if you accidentally deactivate the plugin.


  • Fixed possible XSS vulnerability with the email subject and email body input fields.


  • 改进了管理界面。
  • The test email details now gets saved after you use it. So you don’t need to type it every single time you want to send a test email.


  • Easy WP SMTP 现在兼容 WordPress 4.5。


  • Easy WP SMTP 现在兼容 WordPress 4.4。


  • Set SMTPAutoTLS to false by default as it might cause issues if the server is advertising TLS with an invalid certificate.
  • Display an error message near the top of admin pages if SMTP credentials are not configured.


  • 将邮件字符集设置为utf-8以测试电子邮件的功能。
  • Run additional checks on the password only if mbstring is enabled on the server. This should fix the issue with password input field not appearing on some servers.


  • Easy SMTP现在与WordPress 4.3兼容。


  • 现在,Easy SMTP 从 “发件人姓名 “字段中移除了斜杠。


  • 对编码选项做了一些改进。


  • 修复了测试邮件功能的一些字符编码问题。
  • Plugin will now force the from name and email address saved in the settings (just like version 1.1.1)


  • Fixed a typo in the plugin settings
  • SMTP Password is now encoded before saving it to the wp_options table


  • Plugin will now also override the default from name and email (WordPress)


  • Removed “ReplyTo” attribute since it was causing compatibility issues with some form plugins


  • “ReplyTo” attribute will now be set when sending an email
  • The plugin will only override “From Email Address” and “Name” if they are not present


  • Fixed an issue where the plugin CSS was affecting other input fields on the admin side.


  • “The settings have been changed” notice will only be displayed if a input field is changed


  • Fixed some bugs in the SMTP configuration and mail functionality


  • Plugin now works with WordPress 3.9


  • Plugin now works with WordPress 3.8


  • Plugin is now compatible with WordPress 3.7


  • “Reply-To” text will no longer be added to the email header
  • From Name field can now contain quotes. It will no longer be converted to ‘\’


  • Plugin is now compatible with WordPress 3.6


  • Added a new option to the settings which allows a user to enable/disable SMTP debug


  • Fixed a bug where the debug output was being displayed on the front end


  • First commit of the plugin