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Embed SharePoint OneDrive Library/Documents/Files

Embed SharePoint OneDrive Library/Documents/Files


WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents plugin allows you to embed share OneDrive documents/files on your wordpress site. It also allows you to synchronize your sharepoint/OneDrive/Office365 user details / documents /files to the WordPress site. Your employees can create and view sharepoint OneDrive documents from the wordpress site.

The Embed SharePoint OneDrive Document plugin also allows effective file management of SharePoint OneDrive folders / Files / Media in your wordpress site using integrations with 3rd party plugins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, MemberPress, Paid Membership pro, etc.

You can also use sharepoint onedrive Integrator plugin to configure Microsoft365/Office 365 apps like Power BI, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics CRM, Power Apps, Yammer, OneDrive, etc. with WordPress using Microsoft Graph APIs and User Sync for Azure AD/Azure B2C plugin for seamless Power BI integration, SharePoint integration, Dynamics CRM integration, and integration for other Office 365 apps.


Embed SharePoint Online Library Documents

  • Use sharepoint files as wordpress Media with support for file types like PDFs,Images,Videos,etc.
  • Use SharePoint files on the WordPress with ACF media fields.
  • Display Sharepoint files to the Users based on the domain
  • Display SharePoint files to the users based on the roles
  • Display SharePoint Files to the Users based on the WooCommerce Membership Subscription

Embed SharePoint Online Folders

  • Display SharePoint Folder on specific page/post using ShortCode.
  • Display specific Sharepoint Directory to the Users based on the domain
  • Display specific SharePoint Directory to the users based on the wordpress roles
  • Display specific SharePoint Directory to the Users based on the WooCommerce Membership Subscription

Restrict Direct Acess to Sharepoint Files/Folders

  • You can restrict direct URL access to SharePoint Files using our Embed sharepoint onedrive Document plugin. The URLs will be masked behind WordPress.
  • You can restrict direct URL access to SharePoint Folders using our Embed sharepoint onedrive Document plugin. The URLs will be masked behind WordPress.

WordPress Page/Post Creation

  • Create new post in WordPress on new document in Microsoft SharePoint and vice versa.
  • Create new comment in WordPress on new doucment/task in Microsoft SharePoint and vice versa.
  • Create new user to WordPress from New List in SharePoint
  • Delete Custom post type from in WordPress when new List is created in SharePoint

WordPress Pages / Posts

  • Notify members in the sharepoint groups on new post in the WordPress
  • Notify teams in the SharePoint on new Page / Post / Comment in the WordPress

Integration with 3rd Party Plugins

  • Integrate with WooCommerce, WooCommerce memberships, WooCommerce Teams
  • Integrate with MemberPress
  • Integrate with Paid Membership Pro
  • Integrate with Ultimate members and many more.

Sync User Profiles, Sites from SharePoint

  • You can synchronize the user profile attributes like SharePoint About me, Skills, etc. to the WordPress Site.
  • Sync Office 365 Delve user profile attributes like About me, Skills, etc. to the WordPress site.
  • Synchronize user details from WordPress to SharePoint
  • Create new users in SharePoint once Registered in the WordPress

Search SharePoint Files / Change View

  • You can search sharepoint files throughout the directory using search filters
  • Change the SharePoint Directory View / Display SharePoint Files in thumbnail view

Links for SharePoint File Download / Preview

  • Generate link to download the sharepoint files and embed it in your application or wordpress site
  • Generate link to preview the SharePoint files and embed it in your application or wordpress site

Edit / Upload SharePoint files from WordPress

  • Embed sharepoint onedrive Documents / Directory / Files plugin allows you to edit sharepoint files from your wordpress site.
  • Embed sharepoint onedrive Documents / Directory / Files plugin allows you to Upload new files to the sharepoint storage from your wordpress site.
  • Embed sharepoint onedrive Documents / Directory / Files plugin allows you to delete files / directories from the WordPress.

Integration with SharePoint Sites

  • Retrieve/Synchronize list of all sharepoint sites in the WordPress
  • Retrieve/Synchronize metadata for single site in SharePoint to the WordPress
  • Synchronize SharePoint items to the WordPress site
  • Create new SharePoint site from the WordPress

Integration with SharePoint Social Feeds

  • Sync SharePoint social feeds like news and articles into the WordPress posts.

Integration with OneDrive

  • Upload an existing file or attachement from WordPress to OneDrive
  • Create a new folder in OneDrive and add files from the WordPress
  • Create new text file in OneDrive from the post created in the WordPress
  • Find file/Folder by name in the WordPress

Onedrive file sharing:

*Enable onedrive file sharing for collaboration and easy access to documents directly from WordPress.


  • Automatic App Connection Settings.
  • Manual App Connection Settings.
  • SharePoint Files/Folders Preview.
  • Embed SharePoint library into WordPress pages/posts using shortcode.
  • Embedded view on WordPress page/post.



  • Sps Custom Cta
  • Sharepoint Library


From WordPress.org

  1. Download miniOrange WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents plugin.
  2. Unzip and upload the WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents from your Plugins page.

From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents. Find and Install WordPress Embed SharePoint OneDrive Documents.
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page.

For any query/problem/request

Visit Help & FAQ section in the plugin OR email us at info@xecurify.com or (Contact us)[https://miniorange.com/contact].


I am not able to configure the plugin

Please email us at office365support@xecurify.com or Contact us. You can also submit your app request from plugin’s configuration page.

How to resolve “Token type is not allowed” error in the Documents/Files tab

This issue sometime may occur because new SharePoint subscription Grant App Permission is disabled by default. You can click here to resolve the issue.


2024 年 6 月 17 日
This was basically the only plugin we could find that would let us embed a private SharePoint directory on the WordPress website. We had great support to get the plugin setup when we ran into some issues and even got some customizations to better suit our need. Highly recommended for feature set and great support team.
2024 年 6 月 12 日
After looking for the right plugin to use SharePoint with Wordpress we finally found the one that checks all of our boxes! We use it to sync a Sharepoint document tree to our website and it is working very well! The ease at which we can now update documents and files on our site is impressive. Our end users only need to update the file in SharePoint and the website updates instantly. No more messing around with having to update links on the WordPress site. The directory listing capability is also quite handy. Having the Media Library synced to the SharePoint makes accessing images and videos a breeze! The ability to have view/download permissions on a by file or folder basis is handy as well. Lets you have granularity with the files and folders. Special thanks to Keshav Agrawal, who is incredibly responsive and supportive! He has been an amazing help to us. We highly recommend this plugin to anyone seeking to integrate SharePoint with WordPress.
2024 年 6 月 5 日
After a long while of looking for the right plugin I finally found Embed SharePoint OneDrive Library/Documents/Files! We use it to show a Sharepoint document tree on a semi-public website and it is working very well! We have had a couple of small issues but the support team is fantastic! They are very quick and have even added a feature I lacked. Super responsive guys!
2024 年 3 月 14 日
One of our customers is using the plugin. They are exited because it is so user friendly.(They have an academy build with Learndash en BuddyBoss Platform.)The only wish they had, was the possibility of embedding single documents without date and size.After mailing with the team, they offered to fix it for us.Within half a day we had a new version of the plugin and it works perfect.Keep up the good work!
2024 年 3 月 6 日
We absolutely love this plugin and the seamless functionality it offers with minimal configuration. The ability to push selected documents from SharePoint or OneDrive directly to the WordPress media library is truly a game changer. Our experience with Mini Orange over the past couple of years has been nothing short of excellent. Their support and kindness never fail to impress us. Despite being located offshore, their responsiveness and availability for support has never been an issue. We always feel well taken care of. Special thanks to Aditya Thakur, who is incredibly responsive and supportive in resolving any issues that may arise. We highly recommend this plugin to anyone seeking to integrate SharePoint with WordPress.


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  • Important bugfix in automatic connection.
  • Updated plugin description.


  • Fixed issue with the manual test connection.
  • Menu image included.


  • Fixed the preview for searched documents and resolved issues with breadcrumbs.
  • Added a search feature for OneDrive Personal, and displayed required permissions for connect and its justifications.
  • Implemented folder-specific search functionality.


  • Fixed a warning related to general exceptions encountered when connecting with new SharePoint users.
  • Display default drive size and resolved an issue where email IDs were not being displayed in the connection.


  • Resolved automatic connection issue and loading problems with default sites and drives.
  • Improved UI elements such as tooltips, connection dropdown, and preview documents/files tab.
  • Fixed refresh issue in the preview documents/files tab, particularly when connected with Personal OneDrive.


  • Fixed the issue with redirection after activation.
  • Major UI Fixes.
  • Fixed issue related to error code MO_SPS_ERROR_001.
  • Updated the setup guide.
  • Added a feature to display shortcodes for logged-in users with any role.


  • Made plugin compatible with the WordPress version 6.5.
  • Fixed the issue with settings in installed plugins section.


  • Fixed the issue with migration while connected previously with manual connection.
  • Fixed the issue with preview documents button in test connection window.


  • Fixed the issue with the migration feature and resolved all warnings.
  • Fixed minor bugs for the connection tab reload.
  • Fixed the issue with Breadcrumbs while connecting with Onedrive business.


  • Added support for Automatic Connection via SharePoint, OneDrive Peronal and OneDrive Business.
  • New Banner design with book a meeting and forum link changes.


  • Made changes in the setup guide.
  • Added resource links for SharePoint / OneDrive integration knowledgebase.


  • Made plugin compatible with the WordPress version 6.4
  • Changes in UI and Search functionality.
  • Load default Site and Drive automatically.


  • Fixed the document embed view UI.
  • Added feature to preview and download files.
  • Enhanced the connection and search functionality.


  • Fixed an issue where folder name, breadcrumbs were not visible because of the theme


  • Added Search option for selecting the sites and drives
  • Fixed an issue where plugin used to throw critical error while activating the Elementor Pro License
  • Migrated localization scripts to inline js


  • UI Fixes.


  • Fixed scrolling UI problem in the plugin settings page.


  • Fixed blank screen issue in the settings page for languages like italian, russian, etc.


  • bug fix for js issue
  • notice for onedrive personal & business accounts.


  • Direct File Preview Module added.


  • Bug fix for error while loading js file in the plugin.


  • Bug fix for Update shortcode settings.


  • API framework migration from CSOM to Graph API.
  • Major UI changes.


  • Fixed an string compare issue with php7.2


  • Added feature to open files in sharepoint


  • Changed the configuration flow
  • added notes and descriptions for input fields
  • Client Secret validation and some UI fixes


  • Simplified Sharepoint Configuration
  • Bug Fixes


  • Search files & folders through document library.
  • Bug fixes for embed document library using Gutenberg block feature.
  • Bug fixes in SharePoint User profile mapping feature.


  • minor bug fix in support form


  • Add SharePoint library on WordPress pages/post using Gutenberg block.
  • Added support for custom document library folders other than Shared Documents.
  • Bug fixes for file names having special characters like {#,$,*,&,`,’}


  • shortcode support to embed SharePoint Online Library into pages/posts
  • Added a support for viewing documents from specific SharePoint site other than main site.
  • UI improvements


  • Updated setup guide


  • Document sync tab improvements
  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Support For Embedding Documents, Files


  • Manual user profile sync from SharePoint to WordPress.
  • User Profile Mapping (SharePoint -> WordPress)


  • Test SharePoint Online Connection
  • Fetch SharePoint Online User Attributes