Add incredible versatility to your editor without bloating it with tons of one-dimensional Gutenberg blocks. With GenerateBlocks, you can learn a handful of blocks deeply and use them to build anything.

GenerateBlocks works hand-in-hand with GeneratePress, but is built to work with any theme.

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用先进的排版技术制作丰富的文字内容——从标题到段落 – 完全控制您的文字。



Query Loop

Build a list of posts from any post type using advanced query parameters.


Add static or dynamic images to your content to make a visual statement.


我们认真对待性能。只会为所需的区块生成最少的 CSS ,我们的 HTML 结构也会尽可能简洁,同时保持最佳的灵活性。

Coding standards


Fully responsive





有两种方法可以安装 GenerateBlocks。

  1. 转到仪表盘菜单下的“插件>安装插件”页面,并搜索“GenerateBlocks”
  2. 从 下载 .zip,并通过 FTP 将该文件夹上传到/wp-content/plugins/目录。

In most cases, #1 will work fine and is way easier.



  • 创建新页面或文章
  • 添加新区块并找到 “GenerateBlocks” 分类。
  • 选择您的区块并开始构建。
  • 建议从容器区块开始入手。


GenerateBlocks was built to work hand-in-hand with GeneratePress. However, it will work with any theme you choose.


2023年12月12日 3 回复
Impossible to use a full width container if you're using with fse theme. Nice...
2023年9月15日 1 回复
Love this and have been using it for years. I use it together with the theme Generatepress, a great and perfect combination/extension. The blocks were a little more beginner-friendly to use before the latest re-build. But when I learn the new flex-controls I understand this is better, leaner, faster and more flexible. The people behind this, developers and support staff are amazing!


“GenerateBlocks” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“GenerateBlocks”插件已被翻译至17种本地话语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。






  • Fix: Border colors not showing when old attributes are set.
  • Tweak: Add support for the newly created core function “wp_img_tag_add_loading_optimization_attrs”


  • Fix: Icon padding controls order
  • Fix: Global styles overwriting local attributes
  • Fix: Editor controls spacing using RTL languages


  • Feature: Add flexbox alignment matrix component to Container toolbar
  • Feature: Add new Borders panel with width/style/color options for all four sides
  • Feature: Add new dimensions components in Spacing panel
  • Feature: Mix and match padding/margin units across sides and devices
  • Feature: Add more available units to all options that accept them
  • Feature: Allow text values (calc(), var(), etc…) in options that accept them
  • Feature: New “Add to Container” icon added to the toolbar of all blocks
  • Feature: Allow removal of Container block around innerBlocks
  • Feature: Display text field to allow user to replace image URL
  • Feature: Headline block show text in List View
  • Feature: Button block show text in List View
  • Feature: Image block show alt/title in List View
  • Feature: Add Block Label option to label Container, Query Loop, and Grid blocks in List View
  • Feature: Only show one dimension field if synced
  • Feature: Add option to disable Google fonts
  • Feature: Allow all unit types in UnitControl
  • Feature: Add help icon to unit list
  • Fix: Attributes merging incorrect values when multiple blocks are selected
  • Fix: Color and Background panels are visible/accessible on responsive views
  • Fix: Template lock system not applying to inner blocks
  • Fix: Button with dynamic content not displaying the aria-label
  • Fix: unique id not regenareted correctly on widgets editor
  • Fix: React createRoot warning
  • Fix: Double-click when selecting Grid template
  • Fix: Query loop parameter delete button size
  • Fix: Advanced select jumping when near the bottom of the page
  • Fix: Triple captions using static image with dynamic link
  • Fix: Flex icons based on direction in device previews
  • Fix: Container appender icon spacing
  • Fix: useDeviceType state was one state behind when triggered from core buttons
  • Fix: Use unit in UnitControl if value starts with decimal
  • Fix: Remove trailing spaces from UnitControl numeric value
  • Tweak: Require at least PHP 7.2
  • Tweak: Move block alignment to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Remove help text from Grid vertical alignment
  • Tweak: Remove the Button Container variation
  • Tweak: Clean up UnitControl display across all browsers
  • Tweak: Show all Google fonts in font family dropdown
  • Tweak: Remove top/bottom margin from Query Loop in the editor
  • Tweak: Force lowercase units in UnitControl
  • Tweak: Improve UnitControl unit visibility
  • Tweak: Show units in 2 rows
  • Tweak: Use same unit list for all UnitControl controls
  • Dev: Rebuild how block migrations run
  • Dev: Migrate spacing attributes to new spacing object attribute
  • Dev: Migrate typography attributes to new typography object attribute
  • Dev: Migrate icon padding and size attributes to new iconStyles object attribute


  • Fix: REST API warnings
  • Fix: Old block deprecations


  • Fix: Non-registered onboarding keys were breaking root container
  • Fix: Block styling in block theme templates


  • Tweak: Add link to documentation under legacy layout toggle
  • Fix: Container width migration for old blockVersion: 1 blocks
  • Fix: Container padding migration for old blockVersion: 1 blocks
  • Fix: Missing block styling with some third-party plugins


  • Feature: Add flexbox controls to all blocks
  • Feature: Add sizing controls to all blocks
  • Feature: Add global max-width option to sizing
  • Feature: Add position option to all blocks
  • Feature: Add overflow options to Container block
  • Feature: Add flex child controls to Headline and Button blocks
  • Feature: Add Button Container variant using Container block
  • Feature: Deprecate existing Button Container block
  • Feature: Remove inner container div from newly added Container blocks
  • Feature: Add manual migration for existing Container blocks with inner container
  • Feature: Add insert inner Container button
  • Feature: Allow adding singular Button blocks
  • Feature: Allow grouping of singular Buttons inside a Container
  • Feature: Add z-index options to tablet and mobile
  • Feature: Add order option to desktop
  • Feature: Add text alignment to Button block
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_dynamic_source_id filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.addButtonCurrentColors filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_block_css_selector filter
  • Feature: Add button type option
  • Feature: Accept ID-only searches in dynamic content post selects
  • Feature: Add template selector system
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.renderBlock hook
  • Feature: Add onboard system
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.settingsPanel filter
  • Feature: Use row-gap for Grid vertical gap option
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_block_one_time_css_data hook
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_before_container_open hook
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_after_container_close hook
  • Feature: Allow “auto” as value in margin controls
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_use_visited_selector filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_query_loop_editor_posts_cap filter
  • Tweak: Improve typography font family select
  • Tweak: Improve Container block appender
  • Tweak: Migrate flexBasis to use one value with unit
  • Tweak: Move z-index to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Add Flex Child panel to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Improve Typography section layout
  • Tweak: Move Container alignment to typography section
  • Tweak: Change panel icon color
  • Tweak: Update block icons
  • Tweak: Move device buttons above block name
  • Tweak: Remove transition from Button block
  • Tweak: Remove block description from inspector controls
  • Tweak: Improve advanced select results
  • Tweak: Use new editor_script/style_handles
  • Tweak: Re-order panels
  • Tweak: Move Headline tag name control to Advanced
  • Tweak: Ignore button hover colors on current buttons
  • Tweak: Remove :visited pseudo selector from CSS
  • Tweak: Remove tag name from CSS selectors
  • Tweak: Load CSS later to prevent specificity issues
  • Tweak: Allow “0” as HTML attribute value
  • Tweak: Replace gb-button__current class with gb-block-is-current
  • Tweak: Add pointer-events: none to pseudo backgrounds
  • Fix: Responsive placeholder not showing 0 value
  • Fix: Excerpt spelling mistake
  • Fix: Image placeholder position
  • Fix: Missing source ID in excerpt
  • Fix: Pagination buttons missing generateblocks_query_loop_args filter
  • Fix: Dynamic Button tag name with no link
  • Fix: Prevent faded background image in editor
  • Fix: Pass $block to generateblocks_parse_attr function
  • Fix: WP Filesystem error missing credentials


  • Feature: Add support for FSE styling
  • Feature: Improve dynamic select components performance
  • Feature: Add necessary filters and actions for ACF integration in GB Pro
  • Fix: Missing styling when blocks added outside content
  • Fix: Missing styling for blocks within loop content
  • Fix: Removing icons without text does not display text back again
  • Fix: “Sticky posts only” not displaying correctly in the frontend
  • Fix: Pass dynamic container link to settings variable
  • Fix: Color picker behavior when manually changing value
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component if set to 0
  • Fix: Remove gb-*-text class from dynamic blocks with icons
  • Fix: Dynamic content conflict with icons and custom classes
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component
  • Tweak: Enqueue inline embedding stylesheet using wp_enqueue_scripts
  • Tweak: Remove block-editor-block-list__block class from root wrapper
  • Tweak: Headline transform to core Heading keep the level


  • Fix: Non hierarchical taxonomies with broken REST API calls


  • Feature: Added necessary filters for related posts
  • Feature: Add option to include/exclude term children in query
  • Fix: Dynamic image placeholder border radius
  • Fix: Duplicated block options in Query Loop when selecting links
  • Fix: Inherit query option in Query Loop
  • Fix: Keep the order in which query loop parameters are added
  • Tweak: Move Post Template list view label to Container


  • Feature: Add option to exclude or ignore sticky posts
  • Fix: Container gridId attribute not updating correctly
  • Fix: Broken dynamic author image block when avatars are disabled
  • Fix: Properly reset postdata after queries
  • Tweak: Set hasUrl attribute when adding URL to button


  • Fix: Require WordPress version 5.9 or higher


  • New: Dynamic data
  • New: Query Loop block
  • New: Image block
  • New: Add inline background image option
  • New: Add default container width option
  • New: Number component
  • New: Block icons in the editor
  • Fix: Button link redirecting outside editor
  • Fix: Nested block post excerpts
  • Fix: Button block causing window confirm on refresh
  • Fix: Shape panel spacing issues
  • Fix: Headline link hover color in editor
  • Fix: Outer container width in editor
  • Fix: Error in FSE when adding a Container to the front page
  • Fix: Color picker autocomplete when typing in color
  • Fix: Inherit box-sizing on gb-inside-container in editor
  • Tweak: Full code refactor in the editor
  • Tweak: Move button URL options to toolbar
  • Tweak: Switch all blocks to apiVersion 2
  • Tweak: Require WordPress 5.6
  • Tweak: Rebuild color component
  • Tweak: Rebuild dimensions component
  • Tweak: Rebuild typography component
  • Tweak: Add memory to open editor panels
  • Tweak: Make device buttons sticky
  • Tweak: Improve container width label
  • Tweak: Use compiled assets in script registration
  • Tweak: Improve button CSS selectors in the editor
  • Tweak: Allow more decimal places in background image opacity


  • Fix: Grid layout selector in WP 6.0


  • Fix: Error when opening Headline color pickers in WP 6.0
  • Fix: Button URL field not selectable in WP 6.0


  • Fix: Missing responsive editor styles in Firefox


  • Fix: Color picker UI in WP 5.9
  • Fix: PHP notice when first saving Dashboard settings
  • Tweak: Make Container appender relative positioned in WP 5.9


  • New: Add flex (flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basis) options to grid item containers
  • New: Add “auto” width option to grid item containers on tablet and mobile
  • New: Allow CSS variables in color picker component
  • New: Use built-in color transparency in color picker component
  • Tweak: Improve design of empty Container blocks
  • Tweak: Remove Container padding defaults
  • Tweak: Remove grid gap default
  • Tweak: Remove gradient defaults
  • Tweak: Remove grid item width defaults
  • Tweak: Make Button Container stack & fill options device-specific
  • Tweak: Stop auto-adding z-index to Container when using pseudo gradients
  • Tweak: Only output shorthand CSS values if all fields are set
  • Tweak: Add missing tablet “order” property from editor CSS
  • Tweak: Improve unique ID generation
  • Tweak: Remove GeneratePress full width option from Container block
  • Tweak: Replace advanced typography attribute with local storage
  • Tweak: Allow for empty Container padding values
  • Tweak: Check for FS_CHMOD_FILE constant in external css file
  • Tweak: Force inline CSS on single posts
  • Tweak: Remove “Select Grid” button from grid item Containers
  • Tweak: Allow for no value in grid item width field
  • Tweak: Allow zero values for minHeight on devices
  • Tweak: Add new block on Enter key in Headline block
  • Tweak: Remove relative protocol from Google Fonts requests
  • Fix: Responsive border-radius when using pseudo backgrounds
  • Fix: Buttons alignment in the editor
  • Fix: Container tag name accepting any value
  • Fix: Missing align wide/full options when using block themes


  • Fix: Error saving classic widgets in Customizer
  • Fix: Console error in widget editor due to core/edit-post
  • Tweak: Remove wp-editor dependency from widget editor


  • New: Integrate with the new widget block editor
  • Fix: Memory leak when reusable blocks try to render inside themselves
  • Tweak: Use new block_categories_all filter in WP 5.8


  • Fix: Constant re-rendering of SVG icons in code editor
  • Fix: Broken CSS when empty/non-published re-usable blocks are on the page
  • Tweak: Add missing text domains


  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.buttonDisableFormatting filter
  • Fix: Error when using em unit on a div headline
  • Fix: Icon button spacing in WP 5.7
  • Fix: Responsive block borders when no desktop border is set
  • Tweak: Prevent Global Styles (Pro) from regenerating unique ID
  • Tweak: Integrate Grid block with Global Styles (Pro)
  • Tweak: Always inline CSS on AMP pages to avoid needing to fetch
  • Tweak: Adjust editor grid class name to prevent Sass build error


  • Tweak: Apply generateblocks.editor.cssAttrs filter to backgrounds


  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.cssAttrs filter
  • New: Add generateblocks_headline_selector_tagname filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.panelContents filter
  • New: Add Add generateblocks.frontend.containerTagName filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.headlineDisableFormatting filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.beforeHeadlineElement filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.urlInputMoreOptions filter
  • New: Admin header
  • Fix: Fix gradient when no stop value is found
  • Fix: Translations in the editor
  • Fix: Force inner container z-index when pseudo in use
  • Fix: Headline text input when has icon but no text
  • Tweak: Merge bg image and gradient controls into one tab
  • Tweak: Prepare for Global Styles in Pro
  • Tweak: Remove duplicate .gb-container class from CSS
  • Tweak: Add script translations file for settings JS
  • Tweak: Hide color picker label element if no label
  • Tweak: Update domPurify
  • Tweak: Import WP packages instead of defining them
  • Tweak: Add border-radius to pseudo background image elements
  • Tweak: Change Element Tag label to Tag Name
  • Tweak: Add placeholder to Headline block
  • Tweak: Remove add grid item button from toolbar when selecting layout


  • Markup change: Remove headline-wrapper element from Headlines with icons
  • Markup change: Change button-text class to gb-button-text in Button block
  • Markup change: Only output inner gb-button-text span if using an icon
  • Markup change: Output Button block as span element if no URL exists
  • Markup change: Add gb-headline-text span if using an icon in Headline block
  • New: Shape dividers in the Container block
  • New: Make all blocks fully responsive when using editor responsive previews
  • New: Add option to apply gradient as a pseudo element
  • New: Add option to choose background image size
  • New: Add border radius options to Headline block
  • New: frontend.insideContainer filter in editor for Container block
  • New: frontend.beforeContainerClose filter in editor for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_after_container_open filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_inside_container filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_before_container_close filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_container_tagname filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: Add div as Headline block element choice
  • New: Add span as Headline block element choice
  • New: Add inner z-index option to Container
  • New: Aside option as Container tag name
  • New: generateblocks_dynamic_css_priority filter
  • New: Add support for desktop/tablet-only CSS
  • Fix: Stacked button alignment in the editor
  • Fix: Broken background image upload when using official AMP plugin
  • Fix: Button mobile border-radius
  • Fix: Check if grid data is an array before looping
  • Fix: Container tablet/mobile font size values
  • Fix: Button text not selectable in editor using Firefox
  • Tweak: Bump required WP version to 5.4
  • Tweak: Make Container block wrapper HTML dynamic
  • Tweak: Make Grid block wrapper HTML dynamic
  • Tweak: Make Button Container block wrapper HTML dynamic
  • Tweak: Move custom classes to core CSS classes field
  • Tweak: Move custom ID to core anchor field
  • Tweak: Remove deprecated isLarge prop in editor
  • Tweak: Better stacked button alignment on frontend
  • Tweak: Remove old browser prefixes
  • Tweak: Update DOMPurify
  • Tweak: Don’t strip protocol from dynamic stylesheet URI
  • Tweak: Move controls from our Advanced panel into core Advanced panel
  • Tweak: Move text alignment options in all blocks to the Block Toolbar
  • Tweak: Remove block margin in the editor
  • Tweak: Reverse grid gap when using RTL
  • Tweak: Add default inherit option to tablet/mobile Headline icon alignment
  • Tweak: Change frontend.insideContainer filter to frontend.afterContainerOpen
  • Tweak: Update color picker component UI
  • Tweak: Make icon sets filterable
  • Tweak: Move Container element tag option to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Move Container z-index options to Spacing panel
  • Tweak: Disable fixed background images on mobile
  • Tweak: Rebuild Headline Element toolbar component
  • Tweak: Add tag name to Headline CSS selector to improve CSS conflicts
  • Tweak: Changed order of generateblocks_block_css_data params
  • Tweak: Use device-specific media queries for remove vertical gap option
  • Tweak: Change generateblocks.editor.desktopCSS filter to generateblocks.editor.mainCSS
  • Tweak: Rebuild settings area using React
  • Tweak: Remove placeholder text from Headline block
  • Tweak: Move GenerateBlocks admin menu item to top level
  • Tweak: Regenerate static CSS files after plugin update
  • Tweak: Adjust unit picker default styling
  • Tweak: Rebuild background image upload UI


  • Fix: Set background image selector default if undefined
  • Fix: Set background image opacity default if undefined
  • Tweak: Remove parsed content caching


  • Fix: Undefined index notice when using background images


  • New: Persistent responsive controls across blocks
  • New: Filter all HTML attributes
  • New: Filter Container tagNames
  • New: Add containerAfterElementTag filter
  • New: Add option to apply background image as pseudo element
  • New: Add support for alignwide/alignfull in Container block
  • New: Display color palette by default in Color component
  • New: Add option to choose default view in Color component
  • New: Add aria-label option for Buttons into advanced panel
  • Tweak: Deprecate background image overlay option
  • Tweak: Move hexToRGBA to utils
  • Tweak: Fix repeated common CSS
  • Tweak: Re-design normal/hover state buttons
  • Tweak: Filter default background image size
  • Tweak: Cache parsed blocks on front-end
  • Tweak: Better display of admin notices in Dashboard
  • Tweak: Change Container Width label to Contained Width
  • Tweak: Add future framework for migrating/updating old options
  • Tweak: Don’t allow single button to be saved as reusable
  • Tweak: Don’t allow element tagName to be filtered
  • Tweak: Allow all standard richText formats in Headline block
  • Tweak: Better iconSize responsive placeholders
  • Tweak: Allow decimal values in gradient start/stop
  • Tweak: Move block name to the end of editor.desktopCSS filter args
  • Tweak: Add buttonColorsHover to editor.controls filter
  • Tweak: Change editor.insideContainerWrapper filter to frontend.insideContainer
  • Tweak: Pass attributes to frontend.insideContainer instead of props
  • Fix: gridId value in nested grids
  • Fix: Use inline-block for inline headlines with no icon
  • Fix: Missing text domains
  • Fix: Display Headline highlight option in Headline block only
  • Fix: Headline icon center alignment in IE
  • Fix: Headline highlight background color in IE
  • Fix: Mobile selector for width in min-height container
  • Fix: Add box-sizing to min-height container on tablet/mobile
  • Fix: Headline text alignment when using an icon
  • Fix: Allow 0 as iconSize value


  • Tweak: Minify/compress all dist files


  • Fix: Add wp_set_script_translations() to translate block editor
  • Tweak: Add spacing to update nag in Settings area


  • Initial release