Jetpack 由 出品



Design and Customization Services

自始至终创建并定制您的 WordPress 站点。Jetpack 为您提供以下帮助:

  • 适用于任何类型站点的数以百计的专业主题
  • 直观且功能强大的自定义工具
  • 无限的高速图像和视频内容交付网络
  • 延迟图像加载以获得更快的移动体验
  • 集成官方 WordPress 移动应用程序

Marketing and Performance Services

通过您的网站来衡量、宣传和获得收益 。Jetpack 为您提供以下帮助:

  • 站点统计和分析
  • 自动在社交媒体上发布和预发布文章
  • 由 Elasticsearch 提供支持的相关内容和站点搜索
  • 适用于 Google、Bing、Twitter、Facebook、以及 的搜索引擎优化工具
  • [付费] 广告项目,包括 AdSense、Facebook 广告、AOL、Amazon、Google AdX 和 Yahoo 的优质项目
  • 简便的 PayPal 付款按钮
  • Optimize: Activate Jetpack’s site accelerator to load pages faster, optimize your images, and serve your images and static files (like CSS and JavaScript) from our global network of servers. You’ll also reduce bandwidth usage, which may lead to lower hosting costs.

Security and Backups Services

不再担心数据丢失、停机和黑客攻击。Jetpack 提供:

  • 强力攻击保护、垃圾邮件过滤以及停机时间监控
  • 整个站点的每日备份或实时备份
  • 使用可选的双因素验证确保安全登录
  • 恶意软件扫描、代码扫描和自动威胁解决方案
  • Activity: a record of every change and update on your site
  • 来自 WordPress 专家的快速、优先支持






安装免费、快速、简单。通过我们的站点安装 Jetpack 只需要几分钟时间。


  • 主题:从数百款自定义的专业主题中挑选。
  • 性能:免费的高速内容交付网络供您上传图像。
  • 应用程序:使用免费的 WordPress 应用程序,即可从任意设备上更新您的站点。
  • 分析:简单明了的站点统计数据和浏览量数据分析。
  • 共享:将您的站点与社交网站关联,实现自动共享至社交网站。
  • 收益:出售产品并通过简单付款按钮收款。
  • 停机时间监控:在您的站点出现故障时收到通知。
  • 安全性:防止暴力攻击、垃圾邮件和恶意软件。按需备份和恢复。



安装免费、快速、简单。通过我们的站点安装 Jetpack 只需要几分钟时间。


或者,通过插件目录安装 Jetpack,或将文件手动上传至您的服务器,然后按照屏幕上的说明操作。如果您需要其他帮助,请参阅我们的详细说明


Jetpack 是免费的吗?

是的!Jetpack 的核心功能永远是免费的。

这些包括:站点统计、适用于图片的高速 CDN相关文章停机时间监控、强力攻击保护自动共享至社交网站、边栏自定义以及各种其他功能。


Jetpack 的付费服务包括实时备份、安全扫描、高级套餐主题、垃圾邮件过滤、视频托管、站点获利、搜索引擎优化工具、搜索、优先支持以及更多内容。


为什么我需要 帐户?

由于 Jetpack 及其服务由 提供和托管,因此必须提供 帐户,Jetpack 才可正常运行。

我已经有 WordPress 帐户,但该帐户无法使用。我该怎么办? 帐户与登录自托管 WordPress 站点所用的帐户不同。如果您可以登录,则说明您已经有 帐户了。如果不能,您可以在安装时创建一个,步骤非常简单。


安装 Jetpack 后,您即可在、官方 WordPress 移动应用程序和 Jetpack 控制面板上查看统计信息。

如何参与 Jetpack 开发?

所有级别的开发者均有机会参与开发。详细了解如何参与 Jetpack 开发,或考虑加入我们的测试项目


Dramatically slows down site

With Jetpack activated, 22% google page speed test result.....deactivated 92%. Then used debug with selected options activated with same result. I hope the creators and managers of this plugin will actually attempt to try to fix this major ongoing issue instead of constantly pointing either to user error or other plugins. This is an issue within the Jetpack plugin itself.

Ultimate plugin definitely A+

This package of functions is really huge advantage which create wonderful possibilities. Thank you for such tool! This is first plugin which I install to every blog.
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Contributors & Developers

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  • Release date: March 06, 2019
  • Release post:


  • General: avoid conflicting with other plugins when suggesting Jetpack features on the Plugins screen.
  • Publicize: avoid errors when the feature is not active on a site.
  • Widgets: improve performance of the Top Posts and the Blog Stats widgets on high-traffic sites.
  • Subscriptions: fix an issue that prevented displaying subscribers count in the subscription forms.
  • Tiled Galleries / Slideshows: ensure they can be displayed properly in Internet Explorer 11.


  • Release date: March 05, 2019
  • Release post:

Major Enhancements

  • Block Editor: this release introduces 6 new blocks:
    • the Ads block allows you to insert different ads from our WordAds program within your posts and pages.
    • the Mailchimp block allows your readers to easily subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter.
    • the Video block supports VideoPress videos if you’ve purchased our Premium or Professional plan.
    • the Slideshow block allows you to insert beautiful slideshows in your posts and pages.
    • The Business Hours blocks is useful for companies who want to display their business’s Opening Hours on their site.
    • The Contact Info block is useful for any business who may want to display useful information on a post or page.


  • Admin Page: move Carousel settings from Performance to Writing section.
  • Ads: include search results pages under the Archive toggle.
  • Block Editor: improve block registration structure for better management of block availability.
  • General: remove IE8 support fallbacks.
  • General: add feature suggestions to the plugin search screen.
  • Image CDN: add new mode that disables the creation of resized images, thus saving disk space.
  • Instagram: update embed to support Instagram TV URLs.
  • Post Images detection: add support for alt text.
  • Plans: clarify upgrade prompts in the Jetpack dashboard’s Plans page.
  • Publicize: remove the Google+ interface as the Social Network is now deprecated.
  • Related Posts: update block to allow for up to 6 related posts.
  • Social Menus & Icons: add Discord Support.
  • Support: add additional tests to check when Jetpack isn’t working as expected and ensures all current debugging platforms use the same testing list.
  • Simple Payments: add generic currency fallback symbol.
  • Sync: further performance improvements in PHP 7+ environments.
  • Woocommerce Analytics: include product type with analytics data.


  • General: replace all .dev TLD references by .test as the .dev TLD will soon become available for registration.
  • PHP 7.3: introduce automated testing for PHP 7.3.
  • Site Accelerator: ensure compatibility with the AMP plugin.
  • Twenty Nineteen: fix Top Posts and Pages Widget image list margins.
  • WordPress 5.1 Compatibility: update usage of wp_schedule_single_event to match changes in WordPress.


  • Copy Post: ensure the feature can be used when using non-standard post formats.
  • Infinite Scroll: fix vertical spacing for new posts loaded with Infinite Scroll.
  • Internationalization: fix minor problem affecting translations in the block editor.
  • Mobile Theme: fix PHP notices when trying to display gallery images.
  • Mobile Theme: fix redirection issues when clicking on the “Desktop version” links.
  • Photon: add to the list of banned domains, as this domain already relies on a CDN.
  • Publicize / Subscriptions: do not show message at the top of the editor when creating a private post.
  • Spelling / Grammar: fix error when spellchecking the contents of a Classic block in the block editor.
  • Top Posts: allow fetching posts from a long timeframe when using the jetpack_top_posts_days filter.
  • Related Posts: avoid display a dulplicated set of related posts when using the Related Posts block.
  • REST API: fix a bug causing Likes settings on a post to sometimes be flipped.
  • Security: avoid bypassing Protect’s Math Fallback challenge.
  • Security: fix an XSS vulnerability in the “My Community” widget.
  • Site Stats: do not show the Jetpack logo in the Stats dashboard widget title in the Screen Options tab.
  • Theme Tools: support alternative Pinterest domain extensions in the Social Menus tool.
  • Widgets: support alternative Pinterest domain extensions in the Social Icons Widget.
  • Widgets: update the Cookies & Consents Banner to be fully accessible on mobile devices.

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