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Web3Press – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT

Web3Press – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT


The best product for your fans, is your IDEA. Web3Press publishes your posts to the blockchain, enabling you to write as usual but publish differently.

Web3Press provides a creative business model, especially for open content. No paywall or advertisement anymore. Your readers buy your posts because they love your words. Readers’ collections add a touch of class to their web3 portfolio. If you are looking for ways to monetize, build communities with your readers and preserve your content, this plugin is for you.

Web3Press is based on LikeCoin, an application-specific blockchain that the community and infrastructure focus on the creator’s economy.

Why Web3

The Internet has been evolving in the past decades and becoming increasingly decentralized. In Web1, information was 1-way-broadcast; in Web2, information was user-generated. In Web3, the concept of ownership is applied to every piece of data. Echoing “Democratise Publishing”, the vision of WordPress, Web3Press pushes one more step forward: the freedom to OWN. Oh yes, it’s free, as in freedom.


Let readers support you by buying your posts while reading. A mini NFT Widget is embedded into your WordPress posts to let readers collect their favorites.


Share your NFT portfolio to show-off and sell your published articles.


赠送附上温馨问候的 NFT 礼物回馈你的粉丝。自动将内容佈到 Matters.news 等博客平台。


在 LikeCoin 链上註册内容元数据 (ISCN),将文章储存在 IPFS 和 Arweave,备份到 Internet Archive,一次过完成。


LikeCoin 是开源项目。若你是开发者,欢迎于 Github 贡献代码到 LikeCoin 外挂。


  • 于文章中的 Writing NFT widget
  • 文章内的 LikeCoin button
  • Plugin Options
  • Editor Blocks



  • Writing NFT Widget Writing NFT widget with customable size and style
  • Writing NFT Collect Button Writing NFT minimal collect button


Installing the Web3Press plugin is easy-peasy. It takes only a few steps, within one minute.

Follow the below steps to install the Web3Press plugin:

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and log in ( For example, if your website is www.abc.com, the admin panel address is usually www.abc.com/wp-admin).
  2. Click on the menu on the left, go to “Plugin”, and click “install plugin” on top.
  3. 以 “LikeCoin” 关键字寻找 LikeCoin 外挂,点击 「立即安装」并让系统自动完成安装,最后点击「启动」。
  4. After installation, there will be a “LikeCoin” option in the menu. Congratulations, the installation is done!

安装外挂后,请安装一个 Chrome 浏览器的扩展应用程式 – 支援 LikeCoin 的密码货币钱包 Keplr 。请在此处参考安装 Keplr 的详细教程。您需要密码货币钱包来发布和保存 Writing NFT。

Configuring Web3Press plugin

You are ready to publish your post as Writing NFT after finishing the Keplr installation. However, if you want to enjoy the like-to-earn feature further, you can also register a Liker ID. After finishing Liker ID registration, follow the below configuration steps:

  1. 在选单中点选「你的 LikeCoin button」,然后填上你的 Liker ID。
  2. Click “Confirm” to finish setting up your Writing NFT widget. The widget will appear at the bottom of each post.

Configure the LikeCoin button to appear anywhere in the articles – use the shortcode [likecoin] to display extra LikeCoin buttons.


欲进一步了解详情,请浏览 liker.land产品文档


如何收集 Writing NFT?

Collect via the “NFT widget” embedded in the content or on the user’s portfolio page. Readers can pay by Credit/Debit card but need to install Keplr wallet to collect Writing NFT.

如何上架出售 Writing NFT?

After installing the Web3Press plugin, writers can publish their posts as NFTs, and readers can then collect via the NFT widget.

On what basis does the price of Writing NFT changes?

The price changes dynamically based on the supply and demand of the NFT. Writers do not need to set the price and quantity. Readers do not need to set the bidding price, too; collect when the price feels right. The market price will decrease when someone sells in the secondary market.

I do not have Liker ID. Can I buy or sell Writing NFT?

Yes. Readers can buy Writing NFT by credit/debit card or LikeCoin, but they must have Keplr installed to keep the NFT. Writers can mint and hence list NFT for sale as long as they have enough LikeCoin in their Keplr wallet. In both cases, Liker ID is not mandatory.

我可在哪裡查看 NFT 藏品?

NFT 详情 页面。

How to sell Writing NFT in the secondary market?

Mark the price of your NFT for sale on the NFT portfolio page. Readers can then collect at any NFT widget.


There is no upper limit in principle. However, as the market price increases as sales continue, the minting of NFT will stop automatically when the price reaches a point that is out of the market’s expectation.

如何转赠 NFT?

It can be done at the NFT portfolio page, detail instructions here.

如何查看我的 LikeCoin 馀额?

Users can check their LikeCoin balance by:

Keplr wallet

Cosmostation 钱包

Liker Land mobile app



如何注册 Liker ID ?

For users who are familiar with cryptocurrencies, you can register a Liker ID by Keplr wallet, which you can have complete control of your wallet private key.
However, an easier way to register a Liker ID without any crypto knowledge is to register via email/password or social accounts such as Google or Facebook. Read the guide here.

如何把 LikeCoin 兑换成法定货币?

Can change LIKE at Osmosis DEX to other coins such as ATOM first, then trade ATOM to other coins such stable coins (e.g., USDC、USDT、BUSD) that can then be changed to fiat currency on Centralized Exchanges such as Kraken or Binance.
LikeCoin can be converted to other currencies in some other exchanges. For details, please refer to this guide.


Civic Liker is a movement to reward good content and encourage openness. You can become a Civic Liker by staking at least 5,000 LikeCoin to the “Civic Liker” node with a Liker ID tied to the staking wallet address. The node takes 100% of the stake reward to let you distribute the reward to the creators you “like” via the LikeCoin button.
For details, please refer to this guide.

How to earn a bonus from Creator’s Fund?

Creators Fund will be distributed daily according to the claps via LikeCoin buttons by Likers. You can add the LikeCoin button to your works by installing LikeCoin WordPress plugin. Note that Civic Likers’ claps have a much heavier weight for the fund distribution.

Possible to have a different Liker ID within the same WordPress site?

You can configure this function under the Web3Press plugin setting.

LikeCoin button is not shown after I edited the other’s post?

The post author’s account must be linked to a Liker ID for the LikeCoin button to show in posts. Please login to the LikeCoin plugin with the author’s WordPress account once before editing with another editor account. You can also use the “Site Liker ID” option to force all posts to use


2019 年 7 月 20 日 1 回复
不好意思 謝謝你們給予如此棒的機制 不過我下載一堆文件之後 依然不會安裝 想請問是否能幫忙拍安裝影片呢 感謝您
2018 年 10 月 22 日
好用又好看囉~ 如果可以的話想要shortcode功能,有時候文章長可以把like button插在中間的話效果應該不錯


“Web3Press – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


「Web3Press – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT」插件已被翻译至 4 种本地化语言。 感谢所有译者为本插件所做的贡献。

将“Web3Press – Decentralize Publishing with Writing NFT”翻译成您的语言。





  • Show widget from [likecoin] shortcode even if widget display is disabled


  • Fix metabox js not enqueued properly


  • Fix undefined restful API path issue
  • Fix duplicated import of sidebar js


  • Update NFT Widget block icons
  • Allow overriding ISCN related post metadata in sidebar


  • Migrate to app.like.co for the whole publishing flow.
  • Add Writing NFT Widget, Writing NFT Widget (Mini) and Writing NFT Collect Button blocks in Gutenberg editor.


  • Add widget settings in editor sidebar. Please allow per post widget settings in plugin advanced settings first.


  • Fix too many tags error when submitting post to matters.


  • Fix invalid array index access when post images contain redirect
  • Mitigate API crash when PHP DOM extension is not installed. Note that DOM extension is required for image upload to work properly when publishing.


  • Add newsletter section in getting started and about page
  • Add welcome notice on plugin activation


  • Update Web3Press icon
  • Fix admin setting checkbox layout
  • Update sidebar wordings and icons
  • Improve admin setting menu navigtion experience


  • Fix plugin name was not replaced in metabox and sidebar


  • Web3Press is now the new name for LikeCoin WordPress Plugin


  • Fix a case where published post cannot be updated when auto publish to Matters.news is enabled
  • Fix an issue where ISCN ID is not updated after published
  • Support updating NFT Class ID in ISCN publish flow
  • Update query string format in app.like.co NFT portal


  • Fix broken action links in plugins page
  • Auto redirect to Getting Started page on activation
  • Add feedback form on deactivation


  • Update getting start page and tutorial video
  • Improve UI layout in admin pages
  • Add likecoin html meta tags to posts
  • Add likecoin and open graph html meta tags to posts on decentralized storage


  • Add auto publish to Internet Archive
  • Simplify publish setting page


  • Fix LikeCoin button not shown when option is set to post only.


  • Redesign simplified plugin settings pages
  • Remove site Liker ID override feature


  • Add web monetization to revamped other setting page


  • Add license field when publishing to ISCN
  • Remove matters and IPFS column from post list
  • Remove web monetization settings
  • Move ISCN badge option into main setting page
  • Move Liker ID settings into a single setting page
  • Simplify editor sidebar layout
  • Update copywriting


  • Improve support to WordPress < 5.7
  • Add ISCN update from metabox
  • Fix an issue where non character image name might cause Arweave upload error


  • Improve feature image and general image upload reliablity when uploading to Arweave.


  • Change LikeCoin button iframe size for NFT widget support
  • Reorganize LikeCoin button/NFT widget display settings to allow enabling site LikeCoin button without forcing site Liker ID


  • Improve Writing NFT minting UX. Support postMessage NFT class ID update event when minting Writing NFT


  • Add Writing NFT Support


  • Fix issue with login to matters


  • Refactor restful API
  • Use ISCN ID as key for LikeCoin button if exists
  • Fix ISCN description would be missing if excerpt is not set
  • Move Web Monetization into Other Settings


  • Use custom excerpt as description if available
  • Fix ISCN information was not passed correctly to widget
  • Fix ISCN description might contain HTML escape code
  • Fix strange NaN/0 in sidebar UI
  • Fix site LikeCoin button display setting was not respect if per post setting is enabled
  • Fix broken layout in LikeCoin button setting
  • Add plugin information in iscn record note


  • Add update function to DePub, you can now update metadata in ISCN after a post is updated.
  • Fix ISCN title might contain esacpe string when using DePub
  • Fix LikeCoin button default display behaviour. Now after setting a LikerID and without explicitly disable LikeCoin button, it will default to display.
  • Fix unable to see Matters and ISCN column name when using filtering in admin post list page


  • Fix metabox DePub does not work
  • Fix Arweave ID not updated after submission
  • Use app.like.co for all ISCN popup
  • Add featured image into DePub post


  • Fix DePub did not use latest post information.


  • Revamp ISCN publising flow with new iscn-ar widget
  • Improve publishing UX and performance for metabox and sidebar
  • Fix issue with Matters draft saving and auto image uploading
  • Improve Matters auto draft/publish performance
  • Allow user with post editing right to set their own LikeCoin button LikerID
  • Update ISCN badge link to app.like.co ISCN viewer
  • Known issue: Distribution subpanel in post editor sidebar does not reflect actual Matters auto-publish settings
  • Known issue: LikeCoin button per post setting does not work in post editor sidebar


  • Revamp post editor interface and publishing flow
  • Add Gutenberg siderbar for DePub.


  • Fix confusing default select in LikeCoin button and ISCN badge display settings


  • Fix matters publish settings does not work


  • Added error message when ISCN widget popup is blocked by browser
  • Allow re-triggering popup widget after refresh


  • Improved user experience for Arweave and ISCN submission
  • Fix broken admin settings links
  • Fix ISCN button was not available if Matters options are not enabled
  • Fix missing i18n string
  • Added ISCN description


  • Fix handling of files already exist Arweave
  • Fix restful API error handling
  • Fix parsing of post image src with querysring


  • Fix invalid error notice in post editor
  • Fix wrong license in ISCN for Arweave integration


  • Integrate upload to Arweave + ISCN feature


  • Fix matters CORS issue


  • Revamp plugin admin pages


  • Fixed an issue where matters publish status won’t auto refresh when entering post editor


  • Support url field in ISCN widget


  • Add ISCN status column in post list
  • Support ISCN FoTan upgrade


  • Fix buggy LikeCoin button display logic


  • Add display of ISCN badge in posts submited to ISCN testnet.
  • Simplify Matters and IPFS column in admin panel post list.
  • Fix a bug that affects parsing of post tags to ISCN transaction.


  • Add publish to ISCN testnet feature


  • Fix “Illegal string offset ‘matters_id’” error
  • Fix invalid noopener syntax


  • Add refresh publish status button in post metabox
  • Add Web Monetization setting


  • 於 metabox 及文章管理列表中添加 Matters 和 IPFS 状态显示
  • 添加 class 到 LikeCoin button


figure> 允许客制化 CSS


  • 修复於 Twenty Twenty-One 布景主题內 LikeCoin button 显示尺寸问题


  • 修复Matters 工作阶段过期讯息难以理解的问题
  • 同步文章标签到 Matters


  • 统一 Matters.news 的品牌名称
  • 改善使用传统编辑器发布到 Matters 的表现
  • 加入发布时添加原文连结的选项


  • 修复发布到 Matters 复选框无法正确显示的问题


  • 修正 Matters.news 简介的错字
  • 修复用户的 LikeCoin button 设置无法更新的问题


  • 尝试修复储存草稿到 Matters 时的标题解码
  • 修复於发布文章时并未於 Matters 储存草稿的问题
  • 改善 Matters ID 显示样式
  • 为 Matters.news 加入简短介绍


  • 於设置页显示目前登入的 Matters ID
  • 添加赞助信息


  • 添加发布到 Matters 功能 beta 版


  • 加入成为赞赏公民按键并更新帮助连结


  • 在 [likecoin] 短代码中添加 liker-id 参数
  • 重新命名 Like Rewards Banner 为 LikeCoin button


  • 使用 LikeCoin 錢包更新用戶資料


  • 容许直接输入 Liker ID
  • 移除 Metamask 相关代码


  • 修正使用站点 Liker ID 时无法显示赞赏键的问题


  • 增加显示赞赏键的 [likecoin] 短代码


  • 修正编辑文章时,赞赏键的设置与目前设置不同步的问题


  • 修正安卓 Facebook 浏览器可能会在重定向后卡死的问题
  • 更改为只在 AMP 模式为 iframe 增加沙盒属性


  • 支持 Metamask 的私隐模式


  • 更新品牌名称
  • 在文章有密码保护时不显示赞赏键


  • 移除预览文章時 LikeButton 的参照网址


  • 支持 AMP 插件的「並行」和「原生」模式


  • 新增支援 like.co 内的 LikeButton 显示设置
  • 优化对 php 旧版的支援
  • 增加帮助和设置捷径


  • 优化对 Elementor Builder 和 Beaver Builder 的支援
  • 优化 LikeButton 的显示优先度和默认设置


  • 修正翻译问题


  • 修正错字


  • 新增 LikeCoin 插件设置页面
  • 新增站点 LikeButton 功能
  • 全新用户界面


  • 缩减档案大小
  • 更新在地化支援


  • 新增在地化支援


  • 初始版本