Loco Translate


Loco Translate提供了WordPress翻译文件的浏览器编辑。



  • WordPress管理员内置翻译编辑器
  • Integration with automatic translation APIs
  • 创建和更新语言文件直接您的 主题或插件
  • 从翻译字符串的提取你的源代码
  • 本机MO文件编译,而不需要您的系统上的 Gettext
  • 支持PO功能,包括注释,引用和复数形式
  • PO源视图与可点击的源代码引用
  • 用于保存自定义翻译的受保护语言目录
  • Configurable PO file backups with diff and restore capability
  • 内置WordPress区域设置代码

Official Loco WordPress plugin by Tim Whitlock.
For more information please visit our plugin page.



  • 完成和下一个: Ctrl
  • 下一个字符串 Ctrl↓
  • 上一个字符串 Ctrl↑
  • 下一个未翻译: Shift Ctrl↓
  • 以前未翻译: Shift Ctrl↑
  • 从源文本复制: Ctrl B
  • 清楚翻译: Ctrl K
  • 切换模糊: Ctrl U
  • 保存PO /编译MO: Ctrl S
  • Toggle invisibles: Shift Ctrl I
  • Suggest translation: Ctrl J



  • 使用Loco PO 编辑器在浏览器中翻译字符串
  • 显示主题语言文件的翻译进度
  • PO源视图与文本过滤器和可点击的文件引用
  • Restore tab showing PO diff view with revert function
  • Showing access to translations by installed language




  1. 创建受保护的语言目录 wp-content / languages / loco / themes
  2. 确保该目录可由Web服务器写入
  3. 找到列表中的主题Loco翻译> 主题
  4. 点击 +新语言 并按照屏幕提示进行操作。


  1. 创建一个 语言子目录在你的包的根目录
  2. 确保该目录可由Web服务器写入
  3. 在任何一个找到捆绑 Loco翻译> 主题 要么 Loco翻译> 插件
  4. 点击 +创建模板并按照屏幕上的提示来提取您的字符串。
  5. 点击 +新语言并按照屏幕提示添加您自己的翻译。


  1. 将所有文件解压缩到 / wp-content / plugins / loco-translate 目录
  2. 登录WordPress管理员并通过“插件”菜单激活“Loco Translate” 插件
  3. Loco翻译> 家 在左侧菜单中开始翻译



Please visit the FAQs page on our website for the most common issues.

How do I use Loco Translate?

Try our Guides and Tutorials.

How do I get more help?

If you have a problem using Loco Translate, please try our help pages.
There’s a lot of information there to help you understand how it works and the most common pitfalls to avoid.

To report a bug please start a new topic in the support forum,
but please check the FAQs for similar issues first.
If you decide to submit a bug report please post enough relevant detail for us to reproduce your issue.

Is my data protected?

We don’t collect your data or snoop on you. See the plugin privacy notice.


Excellent plugin that solves a lot of headaches. Thank you!!!
I’ve used this plugin to translate my site, as my language is usually not included in most plugins and themes. It has saved me hours of searching through the files, and manually replacing strings. It is also one of the few plugins that I’ve never had any problems with, and one that is very very very /very/ convenient and easy to use, and allows you to translate plugins that do not originally support multiple languages.
Perfekt Plugin, does exactly what it should do and nothing more. This is what i like! Bit hard for the beginning, but if you understood how it works, it works fine.

Contributors & Developers

“Loco Translate” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


“Loco Translate” 已翻译成28 语言环境。 感谢译者的贡献。

将“Loco Translate”翻译成您的语言。

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


= 2.4.0
* Added support for third party translation APIs
* Added file references to editor source pane in code view
* Added fuzzy matching during editor Sync operation
* Style changes including rearrangement of editor buttons
* Elevated warnings when scripts are tampered with
* Removed remnants of legacy version 1.x


  • Updated translatable strings
  • Added missing template recommendation
  • Alerting in debug mode when scripts are tampered with
  • Fix for Hello Dolly being installed into a folder
  • Removed translation column in POT edit mode
  • Added setting to prevent ‘translating’ of POT files
  • Enabled some linkable translations using wp_kses
  • Bumped WordPress version to 5.4.1


  • Fixed fatal error when class not found


  • Removed login/email from default Last-Translator credit
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.4
  • Fixed PHP 7.4 deprecations


  • Default POT getter now looks in “lang” directory
  • Not calling deprecated magic quotes functions under PHP 7.4
  • Fixed issue with conflicting page hooks
  • Ajax file uploads now enabled by default
  • Removed legacy option migrations from 1.x branch
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.2.4


  • Added experimental support for multipart uploads
  • Added relocation tab for moving translation sets
  • Creation of missing directories when writing new files
  • Fixed duplicate file addition when iterating over symlink
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.2.1


  • Security fixes for reading sensitive files
  • Fixed old PHP version error in data files
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 5.1.1


  • 修复了多个标签未显示RTL的问题
  • PO解析器的各种改进包括。更好的字符集处理
  • 默认情况下排除node_modules和供应商目录
  • Transients now have maximum lifespan of 10 days, refreshed after 24h
  • Symlink fix for followed theme paths detected outside theme
  • Deprecated config repository lookup
  • WP兼容性达到 5.1


  • 获取复数规则时修复空语言代码
  • 为生成的Gettext文件添加了X-Loco-Version标头
  • 为mbstring.func_overload madness添加了健全性检查
  • 在缺少的模板页面上添加了“分配模板”链接
  • 添加了JavaScript字符串提取(实验)
  • 当javascript格式标签出现时,编辑器支持sprintf-js
  • 在结束标点符号不同时修复重复注释
  • 在编辑器视图中更清楚地标记msgctxt
  • 添加 loco_admin_shutdown 动作钩
  • 与WP的兼容性达到5.0(测试版)


  • Updated locale data
  • Minor fix to file reference resolution
  • Fixed windows paths with trailing backslash
  • 修复了ssh-key切换问题
  • 在Ajax期间重新调整缓冲区处理
  • WP兼容性达为4.9.8


  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.6
  • Hooked in privacy policy suggestion


  • Added loco_locale_name filter and updated locale data
  • Fixed editor column sorting to update as values change
  • Supporting RTL text in editor preview rows
  • Minor refactor of debug mode routing check
  • Minor PO parser improvements
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.5


  • Fixed undeclared property in admin hook
  • Fixed incompatibility with older WordPress
  • Fixed incorrect millisecond reporting in footer
  • Removed locale progress column for en_US locale
  • Tweaks to debugging and error logging


  • Setting Project-Id-Version on new POT files
  • Added source view to quick links in file tables
  • Supporting only WordPress style locale codes
  • Editor screen tolerates missing PO headers
  • Ajax debugging improvements for issue reporting
  • Added loco_parse_locale action callback


  • Add fs_protect setting to avoid overwriting system files
  • Fixed bug in connect dialogue where errors not redisplayed
  • Minor improvements to inline notices
  • Removed downgrade notice under version tab
  • Fixed extraction bug where file header confused with comment
  • Resolved some inconsistencies between PHP and JS utilities
  • Added Restore tab with diff display
  • Added loco_settings hook
  • Prevented editor from changing PO document order
  • Added default string sorting to extracted strings
  • Added “Languages” section for grouping files by locale
  • Fixed bug where translations loaded before user profile language set
  • Added loco_locale_plurals filter for customising plural rules
  • Allowing PO files to enforce their own Plural-Forms rules
  • Added loco_allow_remote filter for debugging remote problems
  • Updated plural forms from Unicode CLDR
  • PHP extractor avoids repeated comments
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.4


  • Unofficial languages showing in “Installed” dropdown
  • Fixed extraction bug where comment confused with file header
  • Fixed issue where src attributes requested from server during HTML strip
  • Added loco_admin_init hook into ajax router for consistency
  • Added warning on file info page when file is managed by WordPress
  • Minor help link and layout tweaks
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.9.1


  • File writer observes wp_is_file_mod_allowed
  • Fixed progress bug in editor for locales with nplurals=1
  • Made plural form categories translatable for editor UI
  • Sync-from-source raises warning when files are skipped
  • Added hack for extracting from .twig as per .php
  • Added warning when child themes declare parent text domain
  • Added option to control PO line wrapping
  • Bumped WP compatibility to 4.8.2


  • 永久删除旧版本1.x
  • 修正编辑器代码视图在调整大小时未重绘的错误
  • 修正了模糊标志引起格式标志被忽略的错误
  • 修复了自动装载机响应很长的类名的错误
  • 活动 插件列表更改时清除WP对象缓存
  • 在POT信息选项卡中添加实验源字数
  • Bumped WP兼容性为4.8.1


  • 编辑改进公司 列排序
  • 增加了旧版本将被删除的警告
  • 添加PO源视图文本过滤
  • 为4.7.5兼容性添加了_fs_nonce
  • 迁移到规范文本域
  • 删除了wp类自动加载


  • CSS冲突修复
  • 添加了UTF-8字节顺序标记的选项
  • Printf突出显示no-php格式标志
  • 修正了翻译角色丢失“读”权限的问题


  • 根路径配置的小修正
  • 添加了替代的PHP扩展设置
  • 突然WP版到4.7.3
  • LoadHelper修复核心文件
  • 允许从翻译角色撤销权限
  • 允许网络管理员拒绝访问站点管理员


  • 额外的调试记录和错误诊断
  • 在Ajax刷新之前强制清除输出缓冲区
  • Bumped WordPress版本为4.7
  • 实验通配符文本域支持


  • 允许在plugin_locale过滤器中丢失域参数
  • 恢复编辑器更改,禁用只读文本
  • Added invisibles and coding editor switches
  • 通过文本查询添加表过滤
  • 添加了Last-Translator用户首选项


  • 最低限度的WordPress版本为4.1
  • 瞬态缓存的一些优化
  • 固定哈希表设置错误


  • 来源参考修复未知子集中的文件
  • 向PHP警告降级PO格式化异常
  • 重命名函数前缀以避免PHP 7警告
  • 更好地支持php格式和无php格式标志
  • PO源和编辑器UI调整
  • 本地化字符串并在js中实现


  • 修复prototype.js冲突
  • 更多Windows文件路径修复
  • 添加了loco_current_translator过滤器
  • 在额外的文件测试中修正了假阳性


  • PO包装bugfix
  • 降级的源代码bugfix
  • 容忍无标题POT文件
  • 核心包元数据调整


  • 延迟丢失标记器警告
  • 允许在未配置的集合中编辑文件
  • 添加了最大的PHP文件大小来提取字符串
  • 在Ajax期间显示PHP致命错误


  • 减少会话失败来调试通知
  • 增加了wp_roles支持WP< 4.3
  • 固定域名侦听器错误


  • 增加了对Windows服务器的支持
  • 删除了bundle概述上的不完整的配置警告


  • 修正了绝对路径用于获取插件的错误
  • 添加了loco_plugins_data过滤器
  • 添加主题模板名称头提取
  • 小副本修正


  • 在设置页面中添加了帮助链接
  • 修复了遗留代码中的opendir警告
  • 在初始化期间捕获会话错误
  • 当找不到插件时删除元行链接


  • 首次发布完全重建版本2