Nimble Page Builder


What is Nimble Page Builder ?

Nimble Page Builder is a fast and agile page builder plugin for WordPress. Nimble Builder uses the live customizer which is the native and powerful WordPress interface for real-time design.
The plugin allows you to easily drag-and-drop modules like text-editor, post grids, images, contact forms, maps, icons, or beautiful pre-built sections with a parallax background, into any page of your site. You can edit your sections in real-time, and then click “publish” when you are happy with the result, or save for later.

Watch the video below to see how this demo page has been built !

Works on any page of your site and with all WordPress themes

Nimble Builder allows you to insert sections in any context of your site : home page, single post or page, category or tag page, even search results or 404 pages. No only that, but you can also decide to start designing from a blank page on any page of your site, and even create a custom header and footer. Nimble Builder uses native WordPress action hooks, which makes it compatible with all WordPress themes.

Live demos

Features overview

  • Drag and drop neatly pre-designed sections and customize them in real-time preview.
  • Works in any WordPress contexts : home, pages, posts, custom post types, archives, author pages, search page, …
  • Create content, style, move / duplicate / remove elements in real-time preview.
  • Includes many content modules : classic text editor, image, column layouts, contact form, button, icons, map, html code, WordPress widget area, menu, and more.
  • Insert engaging post grids on any page, looking great on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Use full width image or video backgrounds for your sections, and enable a parallax effect.
  • Easily customize your content specifically for mobile devices : change the responsive breakpoint, adapt font-size, spacing, alignment, column layouts, in real-time preview.
  • Customize any text with Google Fonts.
  • Add custom CSS to any specific page of your site ( and only to this page ) : post, page, archive, 404 page, WooCommerce product, etc.
  • Export / Import : re-use your sections in other pages and between sites.
  • Embed shortcodes from other plugins, and see the result in real-time preview.
  • Nimble Builder automatically generates responsive HTML markup for a pixel-perfect rendering on smartphones and tablets.
  • Nimble Builder leverages the WordPress live customizer features for auto-drafting and schedule publishing. You can safely build and save drafts of your content before deploying in production.

Content modules

  • Headings
  • WordPress text editor ( support blocks and shortcodes )
  • Image
  • Button
  • Icon
  • Post Grid
  • Image Carousel
  • Contact Form
  • Google Map
  • Menu
  • Social Profiles
  • Divider
  • Spacer
  • Columns
  • Quote
  • Widget zone
  • Accordion
  • Shortcode
  • Tabs ( coming soon )
  • … and more to come !

Getting started

Once installed, Nimble Builder can be accessed in the WordPress live customizer. You can start creating your first section !


You’ll find a growing online knowledge base for Nimble builder here : Nimble builder documentation.


  • Creating a page with 3 sections
  • Dragging and dropping a pre-designed section
  • Editing content in live preview
  • Creating columns layouts
  • Customizing a section with an image background
  • Using the section navigator


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen. Or download the plugin, unzip the package and upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Navigate to the WordPress live customizer
  4. Look for a drop zone candidate in the previewed page and click on the “+” button to start building your first section of content
  5. Drag a module from the left panel and drop it in a drop zone of the previewed page


How do I use Nimble Builder ?

Getting started with Nimble Page Builder for WordPress.

Can I use Nimble Builder with any theme ?

Yes, Nimble builder works with any WordPress theme. If you experience any problem with a specific theme, please report it in the plugin support forum.

How to troubleshoot problems with Nimble Builder ?

  1. Use the latest software versions : make sure WordPress, Nimble Builder and your theme are all up to date.
  2. Documentation : try to find a possible solution in our documentation pages.
  3. Search the forum : use the search field on top of the topic list with keywords describing your issue. Another user may have had a similar problem already resolved.
  4. Cache plugin : if you use a server cache or cache plugin, please clear it’s cache content and disable caching via it’s settings. It is recommended to disable your cache plugin when customizing your site.
  5. Check for plugin conflict : deactivate all of your plugins. If it fixes the issue, re-activate your plugins one by one, until you identify the plugin in conflict.
  6. Browser : clear your browser’s cache / history. Switch to another browser if needed. Make sure you do not use a browser extension that conflicts with the plugin.
  7. Theme : try to switch to another WordPress theme, like the default WordPress theme. If you use a child theme, activate the parent theme instead.

We have also published a detailed troubleshooting guide for Nimble Builder.

If you can’t troubleshoot your issue, please open a new thread in Nimble Builder support forum.


I like using this plugin, especially, if a customer knows exactly what he wants. You can put any type of content into each site. It is much easier to handle than the Gutenberg Blocks. And it has more functions.
It really makes things easy and simple. I like simple things 🙂
This tool is so much fun to play with. You end up with profesionnal looking pages without any effort!
Memakai plugin nimble harus menonaktifkan plugin cache terlebih dahulu. jika tidak atau lupa menonaktifkan maka akan sangat bermasalah dan merusak dengan tampilannya. beberapa kejadian tampilan web jadi tidak dapat dilihat. ini sangat merepotkan sekali. mungkin fitur ini harus diperbaiki atau setidaknya nimble membuat otomatis plugin cache menjadi nonaktif atau menyediakan tombol nonaktif. karena repot sekali bolak balik dari dashboard panel ke tampilan penyesuaian nimble.
The website builder is pretty good but it seems to lack essential things such as I really wish they had an option to make the header continuously scrolling. Would love this update, if I could do it I would give it a 5/5.

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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


2.1.5 July 20th 2020

  • fixed : [compatibility with WP 5.5] wp_make_content_images_responsive is deprecated, replaced by wp_filter_content_tags
  • fixed : [compatibility with WP 5.5] adapt customizer color-picker script with latest version of WP 5.5
  • improved : [performance] limit the number of transients created by Nimble Builder + clean old unused transients.
  • improved : [icon module] added a default line-height of 1em to the icon wrapper

2.1.4 July 18th 2020

  • fixed : [Customizer UI][device switcher] limit scenarii when preview is automatically set back to desktop, while user customizes mobile or tablet preview.

2.1.3 July 17th 2020

  • fixed : [CSS generation][performances] empty stylesheets not always removed from upload sek_css folder. Introduction of a new folder ‘nb_css’ in /upload to store Nimble dynamic stylesheets.

2.1.2 July 7th 2020

  • fixed : [performance][css] don’t generate CSS for inactive locations on a page
  • fixed : [menu module] submenu items won’t inherit user defined text styles
  • fixed : [menu module][mobile menu] make sure users can scroll down mobile menu items if menu wrapper is higher than vh
  • fixed : [lazy load][performances] image parsing can break srcset and sizes attributes
  • fixed : [UI][Content Picker] Fix all content type displayed in some cases + make sure the content picker is set to “section” when user creates a new section

2.1.1 June 17th 2020

  • fixed : [options] prevent duplicated dismissed pointer in user_meta
  • fixed : [admin] wrong url for NB icon in options title
  • improved : [developers] allow filtering module params from a plugin
  • improved : [developers] allow filtering of NB header CSS classes
  • improved : [developers] the way section CSS classes are printed + add a way to filter from a plugin

2.1.0 June 9th 2020

  • fixed [Grid module][Pagination] anchor link can prevent navigating posts pages
  • fixed : [modules][customizer] when customizing introduce a script tag detection, similar to the shortcode one
  • fixed : [HTML module] when customizing, make sure the html module as a minimal height so we can access it
  • improved : [customizer][js][performance] defer loading Nimble ccat-sek-control.js when api is ‘ready’
  • added : [sections] save and reuse sections

2.0.20 May 28th 2020

  • fixed : [CSS] specificity too low for divider and spacer modules
  • fixed : [CSS] improved style for NB debug notice
  • improved : [Section width] increased the range of input for inner and outer section widths, so that it’s easier to set a width in pixels
  • added : [Options page] display a NB icon next to NB settings menu item in admin

2.0.19 May 28th 2020

  • fixed : [Grid module] pagination breaks when using a grid on home when set as a static page
  • fixed : [Grid module] improve performances of post queries on large blog sites
  • fixed : [customizer] a module just dropped in was not ready for .scrollIntoView() and it broke javascript.
  • improved : [performances][lazyload] prevent lazyloading images when in header section
  • added : [SEO] compatibility with SEOPress plugin
  • added : [shortcodes] shortcode with broken javascript can prevent users opening the customizer. Introduction of a new option allowing users to deactivate shortcode parsing when customizing
  • added : [troubleshooting] new “Debug mode” option in WP admin > Settings > Nimble Builder

2.0.18 May 26th 2020

  • fixed : [CSS] Nimble Builder CSS reset can create inconsistencies with theme style

2.0.17 May 25th 2020

  • fixed : [column background][performance] a column image background could be loaded even when off window
  • fixed : [social icons module] default color could be overriden by the theme links color
  • added : [accordion module] accordion content now supports WordPress shortcodes
  • improved : [customize preview] if an edited element is offscreen, automatically scroll until it becomes visible
  • improved : [html module][performance] add lazyload support for images embedded in HTML code
  • improved : [CSS] implemented a better CSS reset

2.0.16 May 19th 2020

  • fixed : [accordion module] default title background color is not consistent with default customizer value (#ffffff)
  • added : [plugins compatibility] added support for Memberpress plugin
  • added : [admin] introduction of a new option page located in WP admin > Settings > Nimble Builder
  • improved : [admin] moved system info in the new Nimble Builder option page

2.0.15 May 16th 2020

  • fixed : [NB edit button] prevent printing Nimble edit button on post types that are not post, attachment and WooCommerce product
  • fixed : [template import] critical bug when importing a template

2.0.14 May 13th 2020

  • fixed : strip script tags when relevant to prevent customizer breakage
  • fixed : [performances][lazy load] images with using relative path for src attribute are not lazy loaded

2.0.13 May 6th 2020

  • fixed : [section width] zeroing inner width of a section could generate a php notice
  • fixed : [column width] column width can be broken when a custom margin is set and a custom breakpoint is used

2.0.12 May 5th 2020

  • fixed : [Form module][reCaptcha] possible error on submission
  • fixed : [Lazy Loading][IE11 browser] lazy load is broken on IE11
  • added : introduction of a debug mode, enabled with url param ?nimble_debug=1, in order to prevent javascript breakage when troubleshooting

2.0.11 May 1st 2020

  • fixed : [password protection] prevent printing multiple password protection forms in a single page / post
  • fixed : [customize ui][column width] Fix possible error when trying to set a column width
  • added : implemented compatibility with “Members” plugins
  • added : implemented compatibility with “Paid Membership Pro” plugin
  • added : implemented compatibility with “WP Members” plugin
  • added : implemented compatibility with “Simple WP Membership Protection” plugin
  • added : a default filtrable message when content is restricted for membership plugins

2.0.10 April 24th 2020

  • fixed : [Password protected pages/posts] Nimble Builder content ( excluding header and footer ) should not be revealed before password submission
  • fixed : [RTL][customizer][nimble top menu] broken in RTL mode => all items are in the same place
  • improved : [grid module] updated pagination urls to ensure user focus on grid module when navigating post pages
  • added : [shortcode module][performance] lazy loading can break shortcodes

2.0.9 April 24th 2020

  • fixed : [slider module] lazy loading broken, leading to extra space on top and bottom of the slider
  • fixed : [PHP compatibility] PHP notice with PHP 7.4.2 ( Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated )
  • fixed : [import/export] Site wide import/export doesn’t work
  • fixed : [Lazy load][Performance] make sure images are lazy loaded when dynamic content is inserted in the DOM ( via ajax )
  • fixed : [Lazy load][Performance] when images are set to display:none; lazyload is fired even when an image is off the viewport
  • fixed : [search] the found_posts number updated with Nimble Builder results is not correct when search results are paginated
  • updated : name of the WP editor module to Rich Text Editor
  • added : [performance][shortcode module] support for image lazy loading

2.0.8 April 17th 2020

  • fixed : [column][responsive] custom margins on columns not considered when calculating responsive width for mobile devices
  • fixed : [column][responsive] custom margins should be inherited if not set for a device, when calculating responsive width for mobile devices
  • fixed : [customizer][spacing input] when switching device, the unit of the input value is inconsistent with the one actually active
  • fixed : [customizer] make sure the font-size of “Insert a new section here” is set by Nimble Builder

2.0.7 April 15th 2020

  • fixed : [grid module] pagination broken when used on home when home is a static page
  • fixed : [grid module] lazy loading images might break when customizing grids. Disabled when customizing.
  • improved : [grid module] better pagination CSS design

2.0.6 April 14th 2020

  • fixed : [customizer] modules visibility settings should gray out hidden modules instead of removing them during customization
  • added : [Import/Export] new option to skip image import

2.0.5 April 12th 2020

  • fixed : [performance] prevent trying to register modules when is_admin()
  • fixed : [HTML][CSS] custom css class name broken in the module markup
  • fixed : [Grid module] pagination could be broken in some cases.
  • added : [SEO] Nimble Builder content is now included to Yoast SEO analyser’s tool when editing a page or post