Safety Exit


This plugin will insert a safety exit button onto your site. A safety exit button is ideal for websites dealing with sensitive subjects such as domestic violence, rape, child abuse and others. When the user clicks the button they will instantly redirected to a URL of your choosing and a new tab / window will be opened to a URL of your choosing.

The button is customizable with options to change the color of the button and font, pick an icon from fontawesome’s free icon library, update font size, change what the button says and more features coming in the future.


  • Button floats in bottom corner of screen
  • Back end configuration of the button


  1. Search for ‘Safety Exit’ in the plugin directory
  2. Click install then Activate.
    OR to install manually
  3. Download the plugin
  4. Upload to the wp-content/plugins/ directory
  5. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Once installed and activated you will see a new menu item for “Safety Exit”. That is where you can customize the button.


Is there an option to delete the browser history?

No. Due to security measures taken by browsers, websites can not delete browser history. If this ever changes or if browsers support a new function that will let websites control history you can expect it to be added to the plugin ASAP.

Can I request features?

Yes! I love feature ideas and requests to make this thing better. You can submit a feature request under the support tab.

Can I customize the button more than the options you gave me?

You can! If you know some CSS you can insert custom CSS and target \”#sftExt-frontend-button\”. In the future there are plans to add support for custom HTML and CSS as well as more options to tweak the button more.

Why cant I put the button in the menu or at the top of the page?

Currently there are only two options for button placement. \”Bottom Left\” and \”Bottom Right\”. There are plans to add support for other button placement options such as in the menu, as a widget, a banner at the top of the page, and more.


2022 年 2 月 7 日
Thanks for doing this! We are using this on a website with sensitive subjects exactly as you describe. Works great with ELementor.
2021 年 12 月 8 日 1 回复
Not sure why there aren’t more quality reviews…yea, maybe a small demographic, but this plugin was EXACTLY what we needed for a domestic abuse intervention website we created. Thanks again for a great product!
2019 年 3 月 2 日 1 回复
Perfect plugin! Complies with what is promised in a good way and is very easy to customize. I have not found another plugin that offers the same features. Very practical to redirect the user to other pages with a custom URL through a button. —- El plugin perfecto! Cumple con lo prometido de buena manera y es muy fácil de personalizar. No he encontrado otro plugin que ofrezca las mismas características. Muy práctico para redirigir al usuario a otras páginas con un URL personalizado mediante un botón. Como feedback constructivo: igual cambiar el titulo a “Panic Button” que es como habitualmente se conoce el concepto para recibir más búsquedas. Y que incorpore la función de centrar el botón a parte de derecha y izquierda, aunque entiendo que eso puede entrar en temas de responsividad y ser más difícil.


“Safety Exit” 是开源软件。 以下人员对此插件做出了贡献。


将“Safety Exit”翻译成您的语言。




– Fix: Security fix
– Refactor: Completely reworked how the button is rendered. It will try to render via HTML first. If it cant it will render with JS. This should finally fix all theme related problems.
– Improved: Got some unit testing in place. When the plugin’s admin UI gets refactored this will help ensuring nothing breaks on the front end.
– Removed: I removed the contrast checker. It was large, annoying and didn’t work very well. I will be replacing it with something better in V2.
– Fix: Button will no longer appear on the print view.
– Tweak: Bumped up the minimum PHP version required from 5.2 to 5.6. Really you shouldn’t be on anything less than 7.4.
– Refactor: Build pipeline
– Improved: Accessibility
– Fix: Fixed Divi bug
– Fix: Fixed bug with login
– Fix: Instead of depending on the theme to run fire the wp_body_open hook, we now run it in the plugin’s init method.
– Tweak: Switched from injecting the button in the footer to injecting it to the wp_body_open. This fixes a bug with certain page builders that use a post / page to create the footer.
– Improved: Stopped font awesome from loading on frontend if icon is turned off
– New: Added the ability to hide the button on mobile.
– Maintenance: Ensured plugin worked with latest version of WordPress
– Fixed: Merged PR#1 to add support for bedrock hosted WordPress sites.
– Fixed: Added quick test to ensure required core files exist. If the test fails it wont initialize the plugin.
– Fixed: Updated CSS for round and square buttons to center icon.
– Fixed: Removed random options file that was hanging up server cron jobs.
– Improved: Added some needed security to protect against attacks.
– Fixed: Hot fix for the page selection tool
– New: Added ability to show safety button on all pages or specific page.
– Tweak: Updated Read Me to include new tags and include a road map
– Fixed: removed debug bug
– New: Added option to change border radius on the rectangle.
– New: Added option for square button
– Tweak: Moved the settings link to the main menu and out from under the settings tab. This should make it easier to find.
– Fixed: The round button had a bug where it wouldn’t display the icon correctly. That is fixed and should display correctly
– Tweak: Made it so you aren’t forced to have all uppercase text. Now to control the font capitalization you just type the word with the capitalization you want to be displayed
– Fixed: 404s on frontend
– Removed: Menu option for now (not ready for prod)
– Fist release